Ice Cold


I felt the need to write a straight-forward sex piece (with more than a little humor.) This is a highly predictable little ditty I just needed to get out when I'd gone a little too long without any. Enjoy!


"But he's such a dickwad!"

"That's not your concern," Brian asserted levelly, "Who she chooses to date is up to her."

"But..." I want to argue more, but Brian holds a hand up. He's right, of course. My best friend and roommate, and secret love of my life, has every right to date whoever she wants. She just keeps picking losers.

"Fine. I won't talk about it anymore," I acquiesce.

"Thank you," Brian sighs with relief. "Why don't you just tell her how you feel."

"Because she's my best friend. She doesn't think of me that way."

Brian shrugs and goes back to drinking his beer and watching the game. I finish my beer and stand up.

"St. Louis has it tied up. There's no point in watching anymore. Goodnight."

Brian gives a half-hearted wave as he remains glued to the game.

The drive home is painful because, chances are, dickwad is going to be there fucking Laney, and I don't need to hear that. I should have stayed at the bar, but I'm drawn like a mindless moth to a flame. Laney is going to be moving out soon, and I want to spend as much time with her as I can before she goes.

When I get home, the lights are off, so I was probably right, they're somewhere fucking like rabbits. Dropping my keys in the bowel and hanging my coat on the rack, I head for the bathroom to get ready for bed. At least they aren't in the living room this time.

I open the bathroom door and go to flip on the light when I notice there are candles lit in the room. Looking up, I see Laney, head fallen back, eyes closed , draped over the claw-foot tub. Terror grips me. She can't be dead! God no!

I drop to my knees and feel for a pulse. It feels kind of weak, but even. Then I notice how cold her skin feels and I dip my fingers in the water. Brrr! Ice cold.

"Laney!" I whisper, nudging her. Nothing. I push her shoulder a little harder and she starts to slip deeper into the icy water. "Laney, wake up!" I shout. Still nothing.

Pulling the plug, I start to lift her from the water before I think it through. She's sopping wet and I didn't even pull out a towel. Holding her cradled in my arms, I squat to reach a towel and with a little flick of my wrist I toss it onto her belly. Not really doing much good, but fuck it, I need to warm her up.

Once in her bedroom, I figure I can sit her in her chair and dry her some, but she slumps so much I'm afraid she's going to slide right out. A few quick wipes with the towel and I lift her again to get her in her bed. Should have pulled the blankets down first, but I do the best I can.

"Laney? Can you hear me, honey?" I try again. She turns her head a little, and I take that as a good sign. I've always heard the best way to warm someone is with body heat, so I strip off my clothes and get in the bed with her, pulling the blankets over us both. I wrap as much of her body in mine as I can.

Up until now I've been acting on adrenaline, but now I realize I'm naked in bed with Laney. Not how I'd always imagined it, but still.

"Laney, wake up sweetie," I murmur in her ear as I draw her tight to me. "Come on, honey, speak to me."

She turns her head again, and mumbles something. I keep talking to her as I rub my hands briskly along her arm, then her thigh. My brisk strokes turn into caresses without my conscious decision, and my hand circles her flat stomach before cupping one of her pert breasts.

"Oh my God! What am I doing? My best friend is hypothermic and I'm molesting her! What kind of wanker am I?" I go back to rubbing her briskly. She's started to shiver, which I think is a good sign.

"Mmphm" Laney says, turning to nuzzle into my neck, planting a little kiss just below my ear.

I try to tell myself she said my name, but even I can't believe myself. "Laney, wake up. Come on baby girl."

This time I really think she did say my name. It sounded a bit more like "Logger" than "Logan", but close enough.

"Yeah, Laney, that's it. Come back to me, honey."

"Wha- what...Logan?" she mumbles, trying to open her eyes and reaching up to clumsily touch my face.

"Yeah, it's me. I found you passed out in a tub full of freezing water. I know some people fantasize about dead bodies and stuff, but I don't think it works when you're alone," I try to keep it light, to hide how worried I've been about her.

"So cold," she says, starting to shiver violently now. She pulls into my body seeking heat, and I groan as she brushes her thigh up between mine. I guess I'm warmest in my crotch because she pulls even tighter to me, arching right up against my thickening manhood.

Now, in my dreams she isn't freezing when she does this, but still my imagination goes into overdrive. I automatically wrap my arms tight around her body and draw her as close against me as I can. When she lets out a little purr, I can't hold back and actually rub my now-rock-hard erection against her cool belly.

"What 'r ya' doin', Logan?" She mumbles.

Damn! I can't exactly pull away now, but there's no hiding what's sandwiched between our bodies.

"I'm just trying to warm you up," I state lamely. Problem is, I'm the one warmed up.

Teeth chattering, she replies, "Yeah. I need warm. So cold."

I'm wrapped around her, hugging her tightly, with my head held above her at an uncomfortable angle. Using the excuse that I'm just warming her, I put my face against her neck and blow warm air across her neck. When she pushes her neck into my lips, I start kissing and nibbling at it before I stop to think what I'm doing.

"You're so warm. Oh, you feel so good," she stammers out between her chattering teeth as she runs her hands up and down my back, brushing the top of my ass as she does it. That serves to make me arch and rub that damn hard-on against her again.

She giggles. I want to say I'm sorry, but somehow my lips travel up to her earlobe and start nibbling there. It isn't all that cold, but I figure my mouth is still warmer, so it can't hurt, right?

Now, she's still shivering, and her teeth are still chattering some, but it sure sounded like she moaned when I started on her earlobe. I stop and she emits a little pouty whine. I start again, and again she moans. Is she liking this? Is she even really aware of what is taking place here?

A particularly severe shiver passes through her and she pulls against my crotch again. If she keeps doing that, I can't be held responsible for my actions. Can I?

"I'm so cold! Warm me up, Logan."

What is a man supposed to do with that?

"Laney, I only know of one way I could get any closer, or cause any more friction," and God, wouldn't I love to do that.

"Do it," she whispers.

Did she really just say that? Does she know what she's saying?

"Laney, be serious," I try to laugh but it sounds kind of choked.

"I am," is all she says, but she's looking at me with eyes that say she knows what she's asking for.

"But, Laney..." I don't know what I'm asking.

"You want to, don't you?" she asks shyly. "I mean, it feels like you want to," she says, rolling her hips against me.

'God, yes!' I think, but I just stare into her wide eyes, feeling her shivering start to calm. I lower my lips over hers, just brushing them experimentally. She flicks out her tongue to brush my lower lip and suddenly I'm a furnace. If she wants heat, I'm her man!

I settle my mouth over hers, just tasting her slightly, but she thrusts her tongue into my mouth and before I know it, were battling tongues like we've been doing it for ages. I'm still gripping her tightly to me, trying to make our bodies inhabit one space. There's only one way to do that though.

"Laney, are you sure? You'll get warm eventually."

"Logan, you can be such a pussy," she says rolling her eyes, arching her body and gripping my cock, aiming me right where I wanted to be.

Not wanting to be a pussy, and much preferring to fuck one, I slide into her wet and surprisingly warm cunt.

"Oh God, Laney!" I say before taking her lips captive once again. Our bodies fit together like I'd always imagined they would, and she's meeting my thrusts with more energy than I would have expected from her half-frozen body.

I have to feel those breasts! I've brushed against them, even jokingly put both hands on them once, but now they are under me, naked and firm. I cup one, lifting it so I can fit my lips around the pert nipple, Laney pushes it up toward me and I groan suckling that perfect nub into my mouth.

Laney has both hands on my ass, massaging my butt cheeks as she guides my thrusts. When she moans, throws her head back and I feel her pussy clenching around me, I know I'm doomed. A few more rapid pumps and I lose control of my body, it going stiff and grinding into her flesh as I blow my wad.

A few minutes later I notice Laney isn't shivering anymore. In fact, she seems pretty happy, stroking my back absent-mindedly with her fingers and smiling slightly. What do you say to your best friend who you just fucked after trying to save her from freezing to death? "Laney?" I ask. Lame, I know, but I don't know what to say.

"Yes, Logan?" she replies, not helpfully.

"Are you, you know, okay?"

She turns to face me fully and her face looks a little harsh. Oh no!

Her beautiful face breaks into a smile and she says, "More than okay."

Suddenly I have diarrhea of the mouth. "I've wanted you for so long! Why were you in that cold tub, and where is Kurt? What does this even mean?"

Laney laughs. "Kurt is probably out with the girl he's been fucking behind my back. I had a couple of shots of tequila then took a relaxing bath, I guess I fell asleep," she pauses, "And if you wanted me for so long, why didn't you do something about it, you pussy?"

I just stare at a pussy, I guess. "I was afraid you'd get mad, and being your friend was too important to me." I shrug.

"God, you're stupid! At least we're finally past that."

I just stare at her like a pussy some more.

"I thought you weren't interested," she starts to explain, "In fact, I thought you might even be gay because you never acted on my suggestions, and you hardly ever dated."

"Gay!" I can't believe she thought I was gay! "What suggestions?"

"I was always offering to take you to my room, or join you in yours," she said, rolling her eyes again.

"I thought you were just teasing..." wow, I really am a pussy.

Leaning her body around, Laney runs a finger up my 'taint and butt crease and I feel my cock twitch back to life. "That is teasing, Logan. I was propositioning, and you were ignoring me."

Resolving to never be a pussy again, I swiftly roll us both so Laney is laying on my chest. "Well now that I understand the difference, how about you start doing one. Either one, I'm not particular."

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