tagSci-Fi & FantasyIce Wars Ch. 01

Ice Wars Ch. 01


Gabriela unveiled her hood as she approached the tent pitched in the dark. The wind was howling—swaying the enemy flags through the crisp, ebony air. The snap of tent flaps flickered warm firelight glow into the barren, snowy plain.

The Royal basecamp was in the heart of Barbarian territory. The two leagues of rogues were at war; each as wild and merciless as the other. Gabriela was a Barbarian, and she walked invisible among the enemy basecamp, avoiding the eyes of the guards on the edges.

She slipped into a small tent in the center, occupied by only one resident. Sydney jumped to her feet when Gabriela walked through the tent flaps. The other girl's eyes were relieved.

"You made it," Sydney whispered. She spoke in a low whisper, afraid their voices might carry through the wind. The leaders of the Royals were asleep in another large tent not twenty feet to their left. The firelit stove on the far end of Sydney's tent made the inside toasty and it tingled comfortably on Gabriela's snow-bitten fingers and toes in leather boots and gloves. The peach-colored light illuminated Sydney's female shadow as she sat on the edge of her cot, a fur blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

A playful smirk played on Gabriela's lips. "I wouldn't miss seeing you," she said.

"I was worried the guards would have caught you. We had to put up more reinforcements since the Barbarians attacked the other day." Sydney's breath was frantic, her eyes wild and ferocious. She was dressed in a skimpy shawl, very different from her usual wardrobe of animals skins and thick, iron armor. Gabriela's pale skin shone like sandstone in the warm light, whereas Sydney's dark skin looked like warm chocolate. Sydney watched carefully as Gabriela untied her outermost layer of fur coats and set them onto the ground near the fireplace to keep warm. She sat down on the edge of the cot next to Sydney and untied her boots, setting them neatly aside. Sydney's warm body was heavenly and Gabriela felt the bitter cold of the outside world slipping away.

Sydney's hands gently caressed Gabriela's strong shoulders, shrugging away her under layers and exposing bare skin. The girl's touch sent goosebumps to her skin. Gabriela trembled as she grasped Sydney's hands and wrapped them around her. A comfortable sigh escaped from Sydney's lips before Gabriela touched them with her own. The two girls played with each other's lips, soft like rose petals.

Sydney opened her mouth and guided Gabriela's tongue into her crevice, snaking her way to meet her velvety tissue. Gabriela seized Sydney's waist and pushed her back onto the cot, their mouths never parting. Gabriela settled atop the other girl, fitting like a glove into her well-curved, muscular body. When she broke away, she kissed under Sydney's jaw as she wrapped her fur blanket around both of them, enveloping them into each other's warmth. The bitter wind whipped through the icy countryside outside, but within their shelter Sydney and Gabriela remained well and warm. They felt buried into a separate world—if only temporarily.

Gabriela lifted Sydney's shawl away from her skinny body, revealing her chocolate skin. Seeing Sydney's beauty always took Gabriela's breath away. She feasted upon it with her eyes as she pulled away from the other girl to lift her remaining shirt over her head. Sydney's body was so lean her ribs showed, every last muscle of her well-toned torso and her iron thighs rippled under her coffee skin. Her curves were luscious and plentiful, the perfect hourglass shape as she arched her back against the cot and trapped Gabriela's hips between her thighs.

Sydney's naked breasts lie upon her chest, spilt and free, a few handfuls at most, but round and baby soft to the touch, yielding like warm water balloons. Her darker, ebony nipples hardened at Gabriela's touch as Sydney gasped with arousal and arched her body closer. Gabriela flicked her tongue across the hard nipple points as her hand caressed her thigh and massaged the bottom of her round, clenched ass. The tips of her fingers inched around until she brushed her clinched asshole, which twitched loose and tightened again with Gabriela's tickling. Sydney moaned, her hands knotting into Gabriela's hair as the two girls kissed again.

"Touch me, baby," Sydney pleaded, using one hand to guide Gabriela's hand up her crack to slide between the folds of her pussy. It was oozing wet and hot, her juices dripping from her hole and covering the slick, sensitive folds. Gabriela used her middle and index finger to stroke between the lips, teasing, before she pinched them gently around Sydney's clit and she moaned again, tensing her thighs.

Sydney's mouth fell open and she shuddered her hips forward in a desperate thrust as Gabriela prodded her clit with her index finger, pushing it in circles before relentlessly back and forth. Sydney's moan turned into a desperate whimper, her eyes fixed on Gabriela's, as she dipped her index finger, and then her middle finger, into her tight, steamy hole. Already, Gabriela's hand was soaked in Sydney's juices.

Gabriela curved her fingers to stroke the inside of Sydney's pussy before she extracted them, plunging them again, and heavenly rubbing against the ridged g-spot. Sydney cried out in delight, one hand flailing to Gabriela's neck and pushing the girl's mouth down to kiss her, while the other found Gabriela's wrist and followed her hand down to where her fingers were penetrating her. Sydney's nimble fingers grasped hers and thrust them faster, triggering another cry which burst through their kiss. Gabriela plunged her fingers faster, until Sydney's cry caught in her throat, her grip went rigid and them limp, as her juices sprayed her thighs and Gabriela's hand and she trembled in waves of orgasm. The inside of her pussy clenched and released in upmost ecstasy, milking Gabriela's fingers with joy. Sydney was always easy to come, while it took Gabriela a lot of foreplay and coaxing to reach her climax.

Sydney gasped in a breath again, grunting softly in the back of her throat as the afterwaves of orgasm still rippled through her hips. A smile played in her lips, her eyes glistening with happiness. Breathing heavily, Sydney clutched at Gabriela's head with both of her hands and sealed her mouth, grasping her tongue. She pushed against Gabriela's body until both girls sat upright, tangled into each other. Sydney mounted the other girl's lap and pushed her back all the way against the cot. She gripped the waist of Gabriela's shorts and yanked them down her legs, the silky fabric easily falling through her feet and lost among the blankets and other articles of clothing.

Gabriela moaned delicately, the soft cry slipping over her lips as Sydney stroked her hot cunt once it was free. Sydney's eyes went brighter with surprise.

"You're already wet," she whispered with delight. "Baby...it feels good."

Gabriela moaned in contentment, closing her eyes and arching her back a little.

"Yes," she whispered. "I missed you..."

Sydney's smile was blinding, a mere two inches away from Gabriela's eyes, and the girl brushed her lips against hers. Gently, intimately, Sydney stroked Gabriela's tender pussy to vibrant arousal, and all the nerves under her skin grew hot, the pink flushing in her peach cheeks.

Sydney admired Gabriela's brilliant body—gold, shining with lean, muscular splendor. She did not have the hourglass shape that flattered Sydney, but she was even leaner than her, the highly toned muscles intimidating. Gabriela's blond hair was the antithesis to Sydney's silky, ebony black hair, her pale skin the opposite of Sydney's chocolaty skin. Sydney was stunning in her ebony beauty, but Gabriela was a precious, flawless gem of female attributes, every asset more glorious than the last. Her breasts yielded plentiful on her chest, the coral nipples pointed and in the center of the plush, warm bulges.

"I missed you, too," Sydney cooed. "So much."

Gabriela grunted loudly in surprise, a cry catching in her throat as Sydney carefully placed a single finger in Gabriela's soaking pussy hole. Her juices were abundant now, thick and slippery as it coated Sydney's finger and much of her hand, spreading to the inside of her ass cheeks.

"Careful Syd," Gabriela panted. Sydney's warming smile pressed against Gabriela's nervous lips.

"I will, sweetheart, I always do." Sydney was always very careful when penetrating Gabriela's tender pussy. Tighter and more sensitive, Gabriela couldn't hold more than two of Sydney's slender fingers at a time. This was true no matter how wide Gabriela stretched—she always molded back into her tiny, original hole that wrapped so securely against anything that penetrated it.

Sydney stroked lovingly against the prominent ridges on the forward inside of her pussy. Gabriela whimpered delicately, her muscles encouraging the touch. Her hips twitched a few times, her pussy opening wider and then clenching tightly when Sydney ventured a little deeper. Finally, Gabriela's pussy loosened enough for Sydney to insert another finger and begin to thrust faster. The pleasure was so intense Gabriela squealed.

"Oh...fuck," she whispered. "Oh...ye...yes... Keep going..."

"I'm never gonna stop," Sydney promised.

Gabriela groaned and pressed against the cot behind her back, arching her back and grinding her hips against Sydney's palm. Sydney kissed each of Gabriela's breasts before she crawled lower and Gabriela spread her legs wide in appreciation. As she thrust her fingers inside Gabriela's coaxing hole, Sydney licked at her clit, flicking her tongue across it and then pinching it gently between her lips and massaging, licking, relentlessly pushing Gabriela to come.

Gabriela was whimpering, moaning as her body succumbed to the pleasure and slowly the feeling solidified into an urgent heat pooling under her skin. It grew hotter and hotter until her body trembled and the pleasure pushed her into the valleys of satisfaction. She lost her breath, the cry trapped in her throat, as her hips gyrated and clenched at Sydney's fingers frantically.

"Oh," she gasped. "Oh baby, yes!"

"You gonna come?" Sydney asked around Gabriela's tasty pussy lips.

"Yes!" Gabriela wailed. "Oh, yes! I'm so...close! So good..." She clasped her hand into Sydney's hair and pressed the girl's face against her cunt. "Finish me!"

Sydney giggled and vigorously licked at Gabriela's clit, thrusting her fingers inside her quick and hard, rubbing each time against her g-spot. Gabriela wailed, desperate to be free from her rising climax that simply wouldn't come. Sydney exerted herself, pushing all of her efforts to finish her lover, kept stroking and licking, feeling her own pussy become wet with arousal. Finally, Gabriela's whimpers grew silent and her thighs began to shake. Sydney felt Gabriela's pussy muscles clench mercilessly, pushing up and away, and then sucking her fingers in. Her pulse beat quickly, the skin around her thighs trembling as Gabriela lost control and got swept through a powerful orgasm.

Gabriela groaned desperately, her orgasm lasting much longer than Sydney's and her body jerked in the aftermath. Breathing heavily, both girls came to and Sydney surfaced from Gabriela's mound, crawling back over her and wrapped into each other's limbs. Gabriela wiggled her way on top of Sydney and settled there comfortably.

"I was glad you could come tonight," Sydney whispered, stroking Gabriela's face.

"Me, too," she said. "It'd been so long."

Sydney smiled seductively. "I'd been lonely." Gabriela blinked and rolled to the side, her glorious golden face thoughtful.

"No suitors in my absence?" she asked. Sydney shook her head.

"None. Unfortunately, the war has got every warrior preoccupied. Even in the face of death, I couldn't stop thinking about you. And us." Sydney sighed. "I've been on the battleground twice since we last saw each other."

"Twice?" Gabriela gasped. "I thought the General had decided you were too valuable to be put on the front line?"

"He said that, yes," Sydney murmured. "But we've lost a lot of warriors. I'm strong, I fight well. I suppose winning this war is more important to the General than losing me."

The General was Sydney's father. The General of the Royals was a powerful man—the leader of the rogue force. Gabriela had never met him, say for a few glimpses here and there. Once, she was waiting outside the Royal encampment for Sydney to join her, and Gabriela spotted the General exiting his tent to talk to the guards. He was a tall, burly man, black-skinned like his daughter—so strong, Gabriela was sure he could crush her like toothpicks in his arms.

"You are more important than that," Gabriela assured her. "To me at least." Sydney sighed, her eyes growing sad.

"Look at this war. Look what it's done to us." Sydney lovingly pecked her on the cheek. "Torn us apart. Sworn to secret trysts once every few months... I hate it."

Gabriela's face remained placid but she felt the sorrow in her heart. She nodded. "At least we're still alive. And together." They wrapped their legs around each other to prove it.

The Ice Wars have only erupted these last five or six years. Before the wars had severed the trust between the Royals and the Barbarians, Sydney and Gabriela were notoriously best friends—the troublemakers. Their secret affair blossomed the same year the wars took hold. Perhaps it was the forbiddances that attracted them so mercilessly to each other. Sydney had promised her father she would take Gabriela's head if she ever saw her again, and Gabriela, in order to earn protection from her own people, joined the Barbarians and pledged hatred to the Royals.

Now the two lovers were forced to organize secret rendezvous to meet like this. They don't risk seeing each other more than once every few months, and it'd been a good three since Gabriela and Sydney were together.

"Have you been in battle, my sweet Gabs?" Sydney asked, her eyes cast downward and gazed upon her creamy flesh.

"Yes," Gabriela breathed, squinting her eyes shut. "Jace says I'm one the best warriors he has." Sydney's mouth went tight with despair. She pressed her cheek into Gabriela's chest.

"I knew you were strong," she said. "It doesn't surprise me."

"I don't like it," Gabriela said. "But it is my duty...for my people. For our survival. But I won't let them lay a sword on you."

"And if they do?"

Gabriela's face went serious and hard, determined, angry, stony. "I'll kill them." Sydney smiled darkly.

"And same. If any of my people were to hurt you...I'd slice their throats in their sleep."

"I love you," Gabriela breathed, kissing Sydney's smooth forehead.

"And I love you." Sydney huffed out a breath as Gabriela maneuvered on top of her. She devoured her mouth, spreading her lips and wrapping her tongue against hers. Gabriela moaned as Sydney caught her lower lip between her teeth and nibbled playfully, the sensation pushing both girls to a quick lust.

"Spin around," Sydney demanded. "Let me taste your pussy again."

Gabriela ducked under the blanket and straddled Sydney's shoulders with her knees. Joyously, her pussy was spread, pink and open, for Sydney to feast upon her succulent nectar. She eagerly pressed her mouth against Gabriela's cunt and she heard her muffled moan from the other end. Sydney felt Gabriela's hands spread her thighs and her heavenly lips were kissing her pussy, her tongue stroking her clit and her fingers slithering into her increasingly dripping hole. Sydney growled in pleasure around Gabriela's pussy lips and wiggled her muscular tongue into Gabriela's super tight hole. Gabriela wailed, groaning with ecstasy as Sydney pushed far enough in so she could stroke her sweet spot.

"Oh, Syd!" Gabriela cried. She tried very hard not to buck her hips deeper into Sydney's mouth and suffocate her, but the pleasure was too deep. Sydney pushed against Gabriela's ass to keep her from moving too much and continued to lap, while Gabriela sealed Sydney's clit between her lips and stroked. It took less than a minute for Sydney to feel the climax building. She broke away from Gabriela's cunt to moan adroitly.

"Baby," she called. "I'm so close! I'm gonna come!"

"I want to come with you," Gabriela breathed. "Wait for me...please..."

"I'll try," Sydney panted.

Sydney stroked even faster, plunging her fingers in and out, in and out, swiftly and in an increasing tempo, until Gabriela's body swayed with the bewildering speed and ferocity. It was enough to send her over the edge and as Gabriela's orgasm took over, Sydney hardly needed any coaxing to let herself join. Seeing Gabriela in ecstasy like that is enough to turn her hot enough to come. Sydney's juices poured out of her pussy hole and Gabriela lapped at it, while moaning and shaking delicately in her orgasm.

Sydney stroked tenderly at Gabriela's sore, aroused clit and pussy folds as she calmed down again, and she hooked her ankles behind Gabriela's head and an appreciative, wordless embrace. The girls gathered their breath and turned to face one another. Their eyes glassy and happy, they relished in this rare moment—of pure love. It was a thing rarely seen anymore in the heart of the Ice Wars. Hatred and death shadowed every day...love was hard to come by.

Gabriela spent a quiet ten minutes embracing Sydney before she was awoken to the bitter wind outside and what was waiting for her out there.

"I must go," she whispered. Sydney clutched her scorching skin.

"You must?" she begged, her eyes fearful and sad. "Can't you stay a little longer?"

Gabriela's eyes searched Sydney's for a long time, flickering with silver in their dark blue depths, but her decision was resolute. "It's too dangerous...if they were to find me here. I need the cover of darkness to get back home."

Finally, Sydney nodded once with defeat. She let go of Gabriela's beautiful body and the other girl scrambled out of the luxurious fur blanket and found her pieces of clothing. She slipped on her under layers and it took several minutes for her to tie on her leather boots and fur jackets once again. Sydney wrapped herself in the blanket and shuffled over to Gabriela before she departed. They shared a frantic kiss before Sydney broke away with a tender stroke of her hair, an encouraging smile, and she stepped away.

"Be safe," Gabriela begged. "Please..."

"I promise I will." Sydney grinned over her shoulder as she headed back over to her cot and snuggled into its secure nest. Gabriela put on her hood, secured all the ties on her jackets, before she lifted the flap of the tent and headed out into the piercing cold. The howling wind and darkened blizzard outside swallowed Gabriela from Sydney's sights.

Sydney rolled over onto her side and tried to let sleep come, but she could only think of Gabriela, out there in the cold. She sighed heavily, wishing Gabriela could be back here to cuddle her and keep her warm.

Gabriela trudged through the snow, maneuvering carefully through the knee-deep drifts. On the outer ridges, a good number of the Royal guards were hovering near a fire sheltered by a snow cave, and so she took her chance and disappeared from the encampment unseen. She headed west for a full mile, head down and bracing herself against the wind, until she came to the first ridges of the foothills.

The mountain caverns were her home—where the Barbarians kept safe from the raging winter storms. She slipped into a narrow, deep crevasse, where this tunnel led all the way to the icy staircase that led to the heart of the caverns. Julia was keeping watch tonight, one of the many women warriors. She lifted her torch higher when she heard Gabriela's footsteps approaching.

"What were you doing out there?" Julia asked, her voice shaken. Their breaths came out of their mouths in long, white puffs because of the bitter cold.

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