Identity Ch. 03


I tried to block the images of last night's tryst from my mind and began my painful journey to the bathroom. Ochisuité, Asato. Relax.

By the time I stepped out from the shower, Chet was completely forgotten.

"Ohayou, Asato. You look...yummy." Or not.

I tightened the navy-colored bath robe around my waist and pretended nonchalance. I had no idea what to say to him. I took advantage of a drunken dude, for fuck's sake!

"Morning," I mumbled, as I sat carefully at the dining table and noticed the extra addition of a white rose in my mini antique vase. "Why aren't you gone yet?"

He looked utterly scrumptious with his black corporate glasses and messy dark blonde hair. I shoved down the urge to reach out and straighten it. "You're not going to pretend last night never happened, are you?" Chet arched a brow in my direction.

"Depends," I mumbled through mouthfuls of scrambled eggs on toast. "If you're finally willing to relinquish some of those classified mysteries of yours."

I turned to face him. "Look. Whatever happened in the past is over. If you want to be with me, now, then tell me about us. Because I want to know more about the person I used to be."

I gathered all of my courage and looked him in the eyes. Those beautiful sea-green eyes. "Suki da yo. Daisuki da."

His eyes widened at my declaration, throat constricting to form a reply, but to no avail. I snickered at the comical expressions flitting across that nerdy face. "You should see yourself. You look as though I just told you that today's Judgment Day."

A scowl darkened his features. "Sou ja nakuté! It's not like that, asshole. You just...caught me off guard."

He held my arm and gave me a soft kiss on the lips; it was sweet and gentle, but it turned my world upside down, much more than those passionate kisses he'd given me before. "Me too. I love you, too."

He chuckled and licked his lips. "But I think I tasted bacon. Oily and greasy and-" I punched him on the arm.

"-and addictive, was what I meant." We sniggered, yet another dumb new couple sharing a private joke.

Half an hour later, we were curled up at my sofa, watching an episode of Merlin on my flat screen TV. Chet reached for the remote control and turned it off. I turned to frown at him. "Hey, man! I was watching that."

"Not anymore, you aren't. And I'm ready to tell you now, about us." He slung an arm around my shoulders, staring off into the distance.

"It happened a few years ago, back in February..."

Japanese terms:

Ocha. A general term for Japanese green tea, popular among the Japanese.

Nasaké nai desu. I'm so pathetic.

Baka mitai. Just like a fool.

Sayonara. Goodbye.

Asato. Ore no mono. Asato. You're mine. (Literal translation: You're my thing/person)

Chet, chotto matté. Oré- Chet, hold on. I-

Kuso! Chet! Fuck! Chet!

Mada da yo. Not yet.

Motto. Motto, Chet! More. I want more, Chet!

Chotto, Chet! Kitanai da yo! Hold on, Chet! It's dirty!

Mada mada, Asato. Not yet, Asato. (Literal translation: Not yet not yet, Asato. It's just slang.)

Chikara o nuité. Relax your body.

Oré wa- I-

Da mé. No.

Da mé. Hontou ni...dékai da. I can't. It's really...too big.

Sou da yo, ii ko da né. That's right, that's a good boy.

Motto! Hayaku! More! Faster!

Da mé da. Iku! Oré wa iku! I can't. Cumming! I'm cumming!

Naka ni dashité hoshi. I want you to cum inside me.

Ii ka? Is it okay?

Daijoubu? Are you alright?

Ochisuité, Asato. Calm down, Asato.

Ohayou, Asato. Morning, Asato.

Suki da yo. Daisuki da. I love you. I love you the most. (Literal translation: could also pertain to "I like you. I like you a lot.)

Sou ja nakuté! It's not like that!

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