Identity Crisis 02


Again, I would like to thank Kriskrossedup for helping me to edit this chapter.

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At 6 A.M., a hand shook my arm and it startled me awake. I felt dazed and foggy and confused when the girl who woke me up introduced herself as Sarah. I mumbled a 'hello' and turned over.

"I know you're a boy."

My eyes popped open. "Of course I'm a boy," was the first thought to jump into my head. But then I remembered all the events of the past day -- especially the ending! "Shit!" I exclaimed. I shot up into a sitting position and looked at my new roommate. "How'd you..."

She smiled at me and nodded in the direction of my lap. "You're not exactly wearing the most concealing underwear. And plus, you snore like a guy," she told me.

I looked down at my lap and found that my morning wood making a tent under the white cotton panties, stretching the cotton. As quick as possible, I grabbed my pillow and covered myself. My face turned scarlet red. "I didn't think you would be here this early..." I said through a nervous stutter.

She smiled and informed me, "Early morning is the best time to move-in! There is no one around and, normally, you get to pick which bed is yours. But you beat me." Sarah winked at me, and then her face sobered. "What I don't understand is why you are in a girl's dorm? Don't guys who dress like girls normally like guys? Why wouldn't you just go into a male dorm?"

If it were possible, my face would have turned a few shades darker. "It's not like that," I said. "I didn't want to be in a girl's dorm, but the lady at the dorm office said that this was all that was available. And it's not like I wanted to dress like a girl." This part wasn't exactly true, but it was when I moved in, so I went with it. "All they have in the cabinets are girls' clothes. And I was told they would supply all clothing, so I didn't bring any from home besides the ones I wore yesterday. And it was so hot outside and I got so sweaty, I just couldn't put them back on after I showered," I rambled.

Sarah looked confused for a moment, but recovered quickly. "Wait, so you're saying that you have to wear girl clothes to stay at Woodvale because they can't house you anywhere else?"

I shrugged. "Something like that."

Sarah's face lit up. It was a beautiful face, pale and spotted with freckles. Her rosy lips began moving with a smile. "That's so cool! I can totally help you look like a girl! I can do your makeup and help you stuff your bras!" She chattered on about what she could do, helping me sound more girly even.

I just wanted to carry on my sleep, since I didn't have to wake up till seven, so I nodded hastily and flopped back down in bed as Sarah unpacked her stuff. At seven fifteen, my alarm rang and I noticed that Sarah was already reading a textbook.

"Good morning again, sleepy-head!" she said when I began to get off my bed. "I know you have swimming lesson at nine o'clock, so how about we go for breakfast together while you tell me more about yourself?"

I still wanted to sleep, but time (and Sarah) wouldn't allow it.

Sarah continued talking, "Victor, you know I'm supposed to be hazing you because you're new, but I'm letting you go because, honestly, you're going through way worse than I could ever do. And trust me, all I am going to do is help you. Come get breakfast with me, and let's get to know each other. We will probably be spending lots of time together!" She smiled at me again, and her teeth were so perfect. I was jealous. "Oh," she continued, "And don't forget to wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes so you don't have to rush around later." She unfolded herself from the bed and closed her textbook, ready to go down to eat.

"I need a shower first."

"Okay. I can wait," she said as she got back on her bed and cuddled up to the wall with her book.

I went to the drawer to take out a black one piece leotard that was three quarter my size and headed for a shower. Like the day before, the bathroom was empty, so I quickly stripped out of the white panties and T-shirt.

After the shower, I pulled the leotard up my thin legs and tucked my small dick backwards between my legs, and apart from a little lump left there, which was not obvious unless closely examined, and my lack of any boobs whatsoever, I looked just like a girl after wiggling the rest up my chest and get my hands through the arm holes. I smiled in the mirror, proud of my accomplishment. I wear a blouse and a skirt over the leotard, the padding on the leotard made me look like I have a pair of realistically looking boobs.

I returned to the dorm room and saw that Sarah is still reading her textbook. She looked me over and smiled.

"If I hadn't seen what you are capable of this morning, I would ask you if you really even had one!" She giggled and I cringed.

"Not again," I thought. "I really don't need this ridicule. I came here to wash my hands of it."

Sarah must have seen something in my expression, because she quickly amended her statement. "I just meant to say that you did a good job, Victor. Honestly, I didn't mean anything by that."

I smiled half-heartedly. "It's okay." My practically hairless legs made me look even more unmanly. I felt my heart twinge again.

Sarah and I went to breakfast together and we talked about everything from school to family to hobbies. She mentioned that the seniors would often haze the junior class. When she was a junior, her roommate made her sleep naked for three months and her do chores, often naked. During these humiliating three months, she was treated like a slave.

"Don't worry, Victor. I'm not going to do that to you. I'll be the first to break that tradition!"

Sarah seemed to be a very nice girl, and she treated me well, even though she was a senior. In the cafeteria, I saw a lot of students who were in the same class as me, being ill-treated by their senior roommates. One senior was making her younger roommate crawl on a leash. Another senior made her roommate eat spicy food until she cried. There was even a girl who had to wear only her swimsuit for meals. I could see that she was very cold wearing nothing but swimsuit.

Once we were done with breakfast, Sarah led me to the swimming pool. When we got there, she turned a serious face on me. "Victor, you need to remember that you change in the girls' locker room, not the boys. Just go into a bathroom stall and claim to be shy, so you can change without anyone seeing" She quickly flashed her eyes down to my pubic region then back up. "During my year, this lesson is quite relaxed, so you don't have to worry. All you have to do is complete 10 laps in the pool. But if you don't know how to swim, the instructor will help...which may not be a good idea in your case. Good luck!" Sarah smile at me, the trotted off in the other direction.

She left me alone near the swimming pool. Girls start swarming in and I began to get nervous. Would they notice that I wasn't like them? We were all strangers to each other, so no one spoke. My heart started pounding harder.

"Girls, please line up for attendance to be taken," a middle aged woman shouted, catching me off-guard and nearly knocking me over with fright. She was in a black tube and a bikini swimsuit.

"I'm Mrs. Bull and I'll be your swimming coach. You can call me Mrs. Bull or Coach. First things first: I expect full discipline from each and every one of you. Every week during your first year, you have swimming lesson at this time. There will be no misconduct from any one of you. I have 50 students on my roster, and I have counted 50 of you here, so let's move on from attendance bullshit.

"Since this is the first lesson, we'll start with finding out if you can swim. Raise your hand if you can." I rose up mine with a few other students.

"For those of you who raised their hands, you have twenty minutes to make five laps in the pool. Your 20 minutes starts now!"

I ran as fast as I could to the pool, dove in, and swam freestyle. I swam as fast as I could and easily lapped the other girls. After the last lap, I went to Mrs. Bull and told her I was done. The girls who didn't know how to swim were doing stretching exercises, getting ready for their dip in the pool. Mrs. Bull gave me a nod and told me to change.

"You're free to do whatever you want until lunch," she said, walking away to start the lesson with the other girls.

"That was easy," I thought to myself.

I went to the locker room and into one of the stalls. I was glad that the stalls came with doors so I could have my privacy.

I took a quick shower and got ready to change to the clothes I brought with me. When I wiped myself dry, I put on white cotton panties and the uniform skirt. I looked at the training bra that I had stuck into my bag the night before. I was ready to try it on, thinking to myself that maybe it would turn me on just like the panties did. Lucky that the training bra was racer back, it wasn't that difficult to put it on. Next, I put on the blouse and then the skirt.

When I was finally done putting on my uniform, I opened the cubicle door. Outside the door, there were girls either still on their swimming attires, changing into their uniform, or completely, stark naked. I knew I had to leave the locker room before my erection started to become visible under my skirt.

I quickly walked back to Foxtrot, avoiding all the crowds that I could.

When I burst into the dorm room, Sarah was reading a romance novel in a white slip with a blanket was covering her legs. She looked up and smiled when I opened the door. She was gorgeous. I could see the outline of her nipples showing through the thin material of her slip.

I took an elementary mathematics textbook off my shelf and pretended that I was studying. I tried to divert my attention from the erection Sarah was giving me, but then she sat up and her nipple slipped out from under her dress. It was in my view for a split second. I couldn't help the raging boner under my skirt. It was almost painful.

She saw me staring at her and set her book down. She stood up, adjusting her slip, and came over and sat on my bed, opposite of me. "So did you get a good view at the girls this morning in the locker room?" she asked, breaking the silence.

I nodded my head sheepishly, unsure if she is referring to the view in the changing room earlier or her bare nipples.

"Since you're a guy, and I'm a girl, we need to set some ground rules. You have to be wearing something at all times. And when I'm changing or indecent, you have to get out of the room, like now!" She gave me a playful glare, but it still sent chills right down my spine.

I got up and left the room quickly. Within minutes, she shouted, "Victor, you may come back now."

I opened the door and she was already dressed in her uniform, the mirror image of mine.

"Victor, you look too flat for a girl," she said with a wink, "of your age. Have you ever used the silicones?"

"What's that?" I replied, questioning.

"Of course you don't use them, you're a boy," she muttered to herself. "Silly me." Sarah smiled, as she walked over to her drawers and took out two gel-like boobs. "Take off your shirt. Your wardrobe has A-cup bras, but you're like size negative A. And obviously the contour of your training bra isn't helping you much either..."

She kept mumbling to herself, and I couldn't really hear her. I stripped down to my skirt and a training bra, along with the school issued panties.

Sarah took the smallest silicone insert and stuffed it under the training bra. I then put on the blouse again. I looked at the mirror to make sure the blouse was properly tucked in, but saw that for the first time today I looked undeniably like a girl. No one would be able to guess I was a guy under the uniform.

"Come over here and sit down," Sarah directed me, pushing me into the chair at her dressing table. She helped me apply light makeup and glossed my lips. Slowly, I was transformed into a girl on my face as well. She braided up my hair and tied it with rubber band.

As I looked at my reflection, I could not believe who I had become. "Thanks Sarah," I said in amazement. "You work wonders."

"Victor, I know this is unpleasant for you, but we need to pull this off if you're going to stay at Woodvale. I will help you with whatever you may need, you just have to trust me or we'll both get into trouble."

The bell rang for lunch time.

Sarah brought me to a different, smaller cafeteria for lunch, it was nicer than the one we went to that morning. After we ate, we had to part ways. Sarah had class, and I had the lecture to attend. She led me to the auditorium where the dean was about give his speech.

The dean, a middle-aged, cranky looking woman, picked up the microphone and the room went silent. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Woodvale High School.

"This year, very little male students applied and were accepted, henceforth, boys will make up one class on their own, 9E, and girls will be class 9A to 9D. Each class will have twenty five students, where you and your classmates will get to know each other very well. The administration here at Woodvale think this is the best way for each and every student here to feel welcome."

"Shit. So, I am going to be in a class with twenty four other girls?" I thought.

"One of our school values is to increase our students' abilities, mentally and physically, which is why we have mandatory swimming classes if you can't swim. On the other hand, if you can swim, you will be able to join another sport or game of your choice. Next..."

The dean went on and on for almost an hour. We were finally released for bathroom breaks. The line at the ladies' room was so long that there were at least another fifteen girls in front of me. On the contrary, the boys' toilet was very empty. I regretted why I wasn't a boy in this school. After a long grueling wait, it was my turn.

I figured that if I peed standing up I would be found out very easily, so I removed my skirt and panties and sat down above the toilet bowl. I tried to aim my cock into the hole, but it was too small. Urine traveled out of my penis and flowed into my ass-crack and dripped down from my ass. I sighed at the mess I made. No wonder women take so long on the toilet. I pulled a few toilet papers from the roll and wiped my ass dry, then yanked up the panties and skirt and I was ready to go.

The talk from the various clubs started before I reached my seat. The most popular sports to join were badminton and tennis. There were many other clubs, many of them all-girl groups, and there was no way I would subject myself to that. At the end of the presentations, I had to fill up a form indicating my choice of club. Everyone had to join a club, and my first choice was tennis; my second choice was field hockey. At the end of the week, the club assignments would be posted on the notice board.

I went back to my dorm room and saw Sarah lying on her bed and reading her novel again. We went for dinner and came back to rest. We took turns showering before bed time. When I came back to the room, I was already wearing another clean pair of white cotton panties, a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

"Actually, you should wear a gown instead of shorts, in case one of the dorm advisors comes in for bed-checks. Here, take one of mine." Sarah tossed me a nightgown that barely reached my mid-thigh.

I turn for her to see. "Your shorts are too obvious, take them off," she snapped.

"But I'm a boy..." I whined.

"I won't say that a second time, Victoria."

"I'm Victor!" I yelled.

"You don't have the balls to take off the shorts, so obviously you don't have the balls at all!" she practically screamed.

"Okay, I will!"

"Prove it!" I take off my shorts, revealing my white cotton panties. "So I was right, you were wearing girl's panties too," she said more softly. I blushed. "And you blushed like a girl too!" she said with a giggle. "Listen to me and your secrets will be safe, alright? You don't have to worry," she assured me.

"Yes, Sarah." I nodded.

"Tonight, you'll sleep like this. Tomorrow morning, we'll wake up at 6am to get ready for breakfast. Our lesson starts at 8am and lights off in 10 minutes," she ordered. "Sleep tight."

I got on to my bed and she switched off the light. I started pondering what happened in the last two days, and why I was sleeping in a silky nightgown. As I tried to roll around my bed, it was very smooth and sensual. Surprise, surprise: my foolish dick began to erect.

"Did you enjoy yourself in panties and bra today?" Sarah asked randomly, as we lie on our separate beds.

My face turned red. She was right; I enjoyed the feeling of having boobies (even if they were little), and found that dresses and skirts were actually fun to wear. I stopped having that heart-dropping moment when I realized I liked dressing like a girl.

Tomorrow classes started, and it excited me to know there was another chance to wear a dress. It hardly even felt like I was wearing a dress; it felt comfortable and electrifying, especially when the breeze came between my legs and brushed against my dick. It felt funny yet enjoyable.

I did not answer Sarah because I didn't want her to know that I did in fact like dressing like a girl. I pretend to be sleeping, knowing that I was wearing her slip.

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