Identity Crisis 03


The next morning, the alarm woke both of us up. I felt something really sticky on my thigh, and when I lifted up my blanket, I was horrified to see that my panties were soaked in cum again! It must be the aroused me. My hard-on from the previous night would not go down.

Sarah sat up on her bed and looked at me with blurry eyes. She followed my eyes to my lap, at the cum stained slip. The damp stain was just too obvious.

"What's that wet patch on your slip?" Once the question was asked, realization hit her face. "Oh my god, did you just wet the bed?" she asked incredulously.

I shook my head and continued to look down. It was so embarrassing.

Sarah got out of her bed and stood near mine. She bent her head near my crotch and took a deep sniff. I was so nervous, yet my cock twitched with the excitement of her leaning over me.

"It doesn't smells like pee to me. Is that...semen?" She giggled unsympathetically.

I hung my head, not knowing what to say.

Sarah took her desk chair and sat down in front of me. "Did you have a wet dream?" she asked me seriously.

I nodded. My face turned tomato-red. What could be worse than waking up in a feminine slip and a pair of cotton panties, both stained with cum?

"You're such a baby!" She shrieked.

I was so overwhelmed by her questions that I simply nodded in agreement. The stench of cum was definitely not helping. I was humiliated.

"Were you fantasizing about me?" Sarah wiggled her eyebrows and winked. "Or was it just because you were dressed like me?"

"I don't know." I shrugged because I couldn't remember my dream.

"Come with me," she said seriously. "You need to get yourself clean." She held out her hand and dragged me out of bed, right into the one of the bathroom stalls. I was about the slightly shorter than her, but nearly the same build, yet the stall was still too little small for both of us. "Take off your slip," she directed. I lifted the slip up and toss it into our laundry basket. Sarah held open the waistband of my cotton panties and glanced inside. I didn't know that she was doing at first, but when I tried to react, she let my panties go and they snapped back onto my skin.

"Ouch! That hurt!" I screamed.

Sarah yanked down my panties and globs of semen were all around my small hairless dick. I bent down so I put the panties on again, but just as my hand reached the panties, Sarah slapped my hands away.

"I told you wouldn't haze you, but getting my slip dirty was so not cool! Don't forget that I am a senior and you're just a junior. Now listen up! I can be really nice or I can be the devil, and since you got my favourite slip dirty, you'll be doing laundry for me tonight!" Sarah shoved me in the stall. "Let's clean you up. You look like a mess."

"Yes, Sarah." A tear fell, and I used my right hand to rub it away before Sarah saw.

Sarah took the showerhead and washed me down, from head to toe. I didn't move a muscle because I was afraid of her wrath. I had thought she was so nice yesterday...but now she was angry.

She rubbed my torso with soap and suddenly my penis sprang to life again. No one but my mother ever washed me. Even then, she stopped bathing me when I was five. She kneeled down in front of me and held my dick and rubbed all my cum off, with soft motions up and down.

I couldn't control myself anymore. My cock jerked and a fresh load landed on her freckled face.

I was so surprised by my body's reaction, I didn't know what to do. "I'm Sorry," I said.

She looked up at me from her position near my dick. Then she smiled.

As shocked as I was by my own actions, I was even more surprised by her. She licked my cum from her face and wiped the rest into her mouth with wet hands. She continued rubbing my flaccid dick. After using the shower head to give my whole body a final rinse, she wrapped me in a towel. Her slip was half soaked with water and her hard nipples were visible under the silk.

We went back to our room. Sarah opened up another towel and laid it across my bed. She made me sit down, then came and sat beside me.

"You're so cute!" she said. She hugged me and I could feel her breasts pressing on my arms. "Be a good boy, alright? No more wetting the bed." She winked rubbed her hand through my hair. "Yes, Sarah." I gazed at her, amazed. She was so enchanting. And very moody.

She directed me to lie down on my bed, and unwrapped the towel I wore. I felt like I was her slave, lying stark naked on my bed, paralyzed. She took talc powder and pounded my dick, and sprayed some perfume. She made me stand up again as she went to my drawer and took out a new pair of pink cotton panties and a matching bra.

I stood up as Sarah bent down and held the panties open at the waist with her slender fingers. I lifted my left foot and put it in one of the panties holes. I put my hands on her shoulder to steady myself. Sarah deliberately leaned forward and shook her hair a little, so her long soft hair tickled my dick. My overactive cock decided once again to get erected. Shyly, I lifted up my right leg and placed it into the hole.

As I bent down to pull the panties up, she stopped me by touching my chest with her hand. She forced me to stand up straight again. She slowly pulled the panties up my body, and did the intimate job of smoothen them down on my butt.

Sarah made me stand there while she helped hook my bra. I missed the racer back bra – it was easier to put on – but there was no going back from here. Sarah slid in a pair of silicone paddings once the pink bra was firmly in place. Then she helped me tighten the strap, it was not an easy task I thought.

Sarah helped me into my blouse and skirt. I didn't wear undershorts. My dick was as hard as steel, but fortunately hidden under the skirt.

Sarah helped me tie my shoulder length hair with her bands. She used a pink clip to clip it on. I felt like her Barbie doll when she did that.

Sarah looked at her alarm clock on her night stand and almost jumped. "Victor, we're running late for breakfast now. Once I take a shower we'll go to the cafeteria, okay?"

"Yes, Sarah."

"You're very welcome," Sarah said with a wink. She grabbed her towel and her clothes for the day and went to shower. I waited for her in our room, reading a book. Within fifteen minutes she was back, wearing her full uniform.

We arrived for breakfast in the crowded cafeteria. We ordered our food and ate quickly because we were going to be late for class.

"Victor—ia," Sarah stumbled over her words, "what time does your last lesson end?"

"It's three o'clock, if I'm not wrong," I replied.

"Make sure you're in the room by three-thirty. You need to hand-wash my slip and the bras and panties, so you'll need all the time you can get."

I blushed. "Why can't they just go into the washing machine?" If the dorm saw me hand-washing those...intimates they would be appalled. Boys don't wear those. Then I remembered how I was dressed – no one would think it weird at all.

"Because they will get ruined, silly!" She rubbed my hair and stood with her tray. We walked in different directions to our classes.


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Thanks for reading!

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