Identity Crisis 07


Editor: Tracey and Emma

In the morning, the alarm rang. Sarah had already woken up. As usual, I went to shower and wore whatever she picked. I was made to wear a racer back sports bra, a pair of school issued white cotton panties and the school uniform.

We had breakfast together and I went for class directly from the cafeteria. There were only two lessons today and the rest of my day would be free from lunch onwards.

I reached the class slightly earlier than the lesson. Jenny was already there, sitting at the seat beside mine. Intuitively, I sat beside her.

"Vicky, let's have lunch together later. After that, we'll head towards the pool. You promised me yesterday that you'd teach me how to swim."

I had totally forgotten about it last night. I didn't pack my swimsuit with me. "But I've forgotten to bring my swimsuit. I need to return to my room and get it."

"Oh, I'm already wearing mine." She looked down, seemingly disappointed.

"I'll be quick. After lunch, you head to the pool directly and wait for me over there, alright? I promise that it won't take long."

"I'll go with you to your dormitory."

"Sure, that would be great." I replied.

A young Asian female teacher came in wearing a white blouse and a black skirt. Jenny and I stopped our conversation as the teacher introduced herself politely as Miss Karen. Miss Karen took our attendance and we began our lesson. It was all introductions to a programming language and it was really boring, as I already took that during the dark times in secondary school.

I couldn't help but notice her black long hair and, that underneath her blouse, she was wearing a tank top. Her chest looked quite flat with her petite frame. I was admiring her body, as that would be the kind of girl that I like. I might be wearing girls' clothes and trying to act feminine, but I'm still a guy.

"Victoria, can you do these questions on the board?" She said. I woke up from my day dreaming. I stood up and said out the correct answers proudly.

"Well done. Excellent answers!" She said as I sat down.

Jenny nudged me. "You're good at a lot of things!" She said.

"Just luck." I replied humbly.

Miss Karen continued her lesson for next few hours, picking people randomly to answer her question. But no one could answer her questions except me. I had to thank those bullies in my previous high school, because of them, I joined computer club and had a head start with this computing science class.

Miss Karen left the class after 3 hours and we had another 2 hours of Math. I don't really like the teacher because she had spanked me yesterday.

Mrs. Moore came into the class wearing a black one piece sleeveless dress. This time, she wore a bra as her nipples were not as visible as yesterday. She taught for the next hundred and twenty minutes and thank god that nothing happened. We just sit still and listen to her lesson attentively.

Halfway through the lesson, Mrs. Judy knocked on the door from outside. "Moore, sorry to interrupt you, but I have an important announcement to make."

"Go ahead." Mrs. Moore replied.

"Class, this is your third day in school and I would like all of you to pay attention to this announcement. During lesson time, you are not allowed to wear non-school regulated clothes, including underwear. Now, those who are not wearing school issued underwear will have to stand up and surrender your bra and panties and we will not have any disciplinary action taken against you. Or else, you will be subjected to a short meeting with our discipline mistress."

Three girls stood up including Jenny. All three of them walked out to the classroom and returned ten minutes later holding on to their underwear. Jenny in particular was holding to purple nylon panties and a light grey sports bra.

"Ladies, put your underwear in this box." She took out an empty Tupperware box and opened the lid. Jenny and the other two girls put their panties and bras into the box.

"Now, for the remaining ladies, take out your panties from underneath your skirt and raise it up high so everyone can see. The three of you may return to your seats."

Shuffling sounds could be heard as the class began to reach under their skirts and pulled down their underwear. I followed suit and removed my cotton panties from under skirt by pulling it down directly. I'm glad that Sarah did not make me wear one of her non regulated underwear. After a few panties were raised up high, I raised mine with my right hand as well.

"Madam, I wasn't wearing underwear." One girl, sitting at the rear corner of the room shouted.

"You, come in front of the class." Mrs. Judy pointed at the small framed girl.

The girl stood up and walked towards Mrs. Judy. She touched the girl's crotch and the girl took a step back. Mrs. Judy raised her skirt, so that her clean shaven pussy was in view by everyone in front, including me. The girl without panties tried to push the skirt down but Mrs. Judy wouldn't allow it.

I almost couldn't control myself as my dick got excited. If anyone was observant enough, they would notice a slight dent beneath my skirt.

"I don't want to catch anyone else not wearing underwear." Mrs. Judy said as she continued to hold up the skirt. "What is your name?" Mrs. Judy asked the girl without panties.


"Felicia, write three hundreds lines of 'I, Felicia, will wear school regulated panties to class every day.' And submit tomorrow to me by noon."

"Yes Madam." She replied.

"All of you may wear your panties back. And as for the other three girls, your panties and bra are being confiscated. You are not allowed to have them back. Ladies, this will be what's going to happen if you wear non-school regulated underwear." Everyone started to put their panties back on, and there was quite a lot of noise for awhile.

The noise eventually subsided and Mrs. Moore began to speak.

"Thank you. It almost lunch time, it would be too short for me to give a lesson. I guess I'll let you girls go for lunch early as your reward for being attentive."

Mrs. Moore left the class soon after with the panties.

Jenny turned to me and started complaining. "I never liked Mrs. Judy anyway, I think she is coming after me. Let's head to the dormitory straight, I'm not in the mood for lunch. I'll treat you snacks after the swim."

"Sure, I had a heavy breakfast too." I replied.

Both of us walked back to the dormitory and first, we went to her room. Her room was very untidy, clothes lying everywhere.

The moment she reached her dormitory, she started striping down. I wanted to leave the room, but she stopped me and said that I'm silly and we are all girls, there is nothing to be shy about. First, she removed her skirt and then her blouse. She wasn't wearing any panties or bra because they were confiscated earlier. She had a small triangular patch of canopy? hair. She took out her black lycra from her school bag and wear it. Then she removed her bra and her 28B breasts reached out for freedom. As she was facing me, her nipples were totally in my line of sight.

Jenny said earlier tht she was already wearing her swimsuit, I suggest reworking that earlier convo, to keep this, and the underwear scene intact.

Just before she was about to pull the strap of the swim suit up, I called her.


"Yes?" She responded while pulling up the left strap.

"Uh, actually I have a confession to make."

"What? We're good sisters."

"I'm actually a boy." She looked shocked at me as she brought the left strap up.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" She covered her right breast with her palm as her right strap wasn't up yet.

"No, I'm not. I was assigned here due to an error and I had to stay here for at least a year as a girl."

"Jesus. Can you fucking turn around while I wear this?" She exclaimed.

I turned around with my back facing her. "Sorry. I didn't mean to see everything. But you told me not to get out."

Then she was sobbing and crying suddenly. I turned around facing her. She sat down on her bed and I sat down next to her.

"I wanted to keep my body for my future husband. Now you've seen everything. I hate you! I hate you!" She pounded her fist lightly on my stomach. I grabbed her hands before she pounded further.

"I'm really sorry, I don't like to wear skirt and cross dress like a girl. I had to do it so the school wouldn't kick me out."

"Do you have to go all the way and wear panties? Where do you get your breasts from?" She was still sobbing but no longer crying.

"I didn't bring extra underwear as they said school regulatory uniforms are provided and that includes all underwear. The breast is a pair of silicone inserts and I think they belong to my roommate."

"Your roommate knew about it too."

"Yup." Then I go on telling her the story about how I got mixed up. But I skipped the part on how Sarah showered me and dressed me like her Barbie doll.

"You need to go up and get changed to your swim suit right?" She asked.

"That is if you still want me to teach you how to swim."

"Yeah, you promised me that, didn't you."

"Okay, you can stay here. I'll be right back."

"No, I want to go with you." Jenny said.

"Come along then."

She took a pink bathrobe and wrapped it around her body.

"Let's go." She said. Somehow, I had this feeling that she was up to no good, but, nevermind about that. I had to follow or else she might let the cat out of the bag.

We walked up the stairs to level 6 whith her wearing nothing but her swimsuit, then I unlocked the door. Everything was tidier than Jenny's room, at least clothes are not laying everywhere, but hung up nicely. I went to my drawer and took out my swim suit.

"Wow. Looks like you're really into it."

"I don't have much choice, do I?" I shrugged.

As we walked towards the door, Jenny stopped me.

"Wait! Hold on. You've seen me changing to my swimsuit. I think it's only fair for me to watch you change."

"But..." I stammered.

"Or else I'll let all the girls know you're a freaking crossdresser."

I had no choice but to comply. I unbuttoned the blouse, removed the bra and the silicon paddings. It was a racer back bra, so there wasn't any hook for me to unhook. Jenny stared at me as I removed my skirt, waiting for what was about to happen. She saw the shape of my little member underneath the cotton panties. She brought up her right hand so she could touch it, but I took a step back. I turned around and removed the panties.

"Turn around and face me. I want to see." She was curious.

I turned towards her reluctantly. I stepped in and slid the swimsuit up as fast as I could and put the two straps over my shoulder in seconds. Again, I was in this swimsuit.

To be honest, I enjoyed the funny feeling of lycra hugging my body. I observed my crotch and this time, I couldn't believe what I saw. The tightness of the swimsuit squeezed my penis into a very feminine mound and my penis literally flattened. I put a T-shirt over my head and wore tight?FBT shorts?.

I packed my school bag with my swimming accessories, and we headed down to collect her bag before we went to the pool.

The pool wasn't crowded at this point of time. I taught her how to float on water in few simple steps which I've learnt from my coach during primary school.

We had a quick one hour lesson. She wasn't a quick learner as I did a lot of demonstration till we're both tired.

Then Jenny and I went to the showers. Girls were all over the showers, some were in their bras and panties while others were just wrapped around in their towels. Somehow, no one was fully naked. Jenny walked in front of me and blocked my view of the girls.

We went inside a cubicle each. I hung my bag on one of the hooks, and took a quick shower and started to get erect again. I took out the towel and dried myself. Then, I reached inside to take out my clothes, shorts, T-shirt... Wait, the bag is empty now. I tried to search for any form of underwear fanatically but I couldn't find any.

I only had a towel, the shorts and the T-shirt which I had worn earlier. Given the tightness of the shorts, if I were to have any erection accidentally, it would be very obvious.

I don't have much choice left but to knock though the cubicle wall.

"Jenny, can... can you help me, and go back to my dormitory... to retrieve my underwear?" I stammered.


"I..." I swallowed some saliva and said, "I've forgotten to bring my underwear. If I were to go out in those shorts, it would be too obvious."

"I'm lazy. Have you tried wearing just the shorts yet? Why don't you wear the shorts and let me see, we'll decide after that."

I knew I couldn't, but I wore the shorts anyway. I put on the T-shirt and opened the cubicle. Jenny was right outside waiting for me, in a tight T-shirt and a blue skirt. Beneath the shorts, there was a little tent pointed directly at her.

"Don't come out." She said. "You're right, it's kinda creepy. You need something to keep it in place. I have an idea! I'll go to the lost and found to see if I can get you something, so I don't have to go back to your room. It's really far."

She walked away while I closed the door behind me. Five minutes later, she returned.

"Open the door. There's a pair of pink panties. I have no idea who they belonged to. It is the cleanest pair of panties that I could find." I opened the cubicle door, she stood there holding up the pink panties with white polka dots which were obviously too small for me.

"But these are too small." I told her.

"The others were too dirty. Suit yourself, if you want to stay in that cubicle. But let me remind you that more girls will be flocking in later when the water polo team finished their training."

I take the panties from her and close the cubicle door. She stopped the door from closing by putting her hand on the door. "I want to see."

'Haven't she seen enough?' I thought to myself.

I removed the shorts and hang them up beside the bag. I stretch one leg hole wide enough to put my leg in. She was watching my every move. She was enjoying it, to my dismay. I'm sure she'd enjoy it further if she had a big cup of popcorn or a cozy couch.

I put my other leg in and pulled the panties all the way up. It was made of nylon so it was pretty elastic. Soon, the panties made me squirm as they were too small. I tried to position the panties so they wouldn't be so tight but nothing I did really helped. Just as with the swimsuit, my penis was not very obvious as compared to when I wore the shorts. I could feel the panties between my butt cheeks.

"Wait, let me get you a bra as well. You look too flat to be a girl. I saw a bikini bra that could fit you. And to prevent you from running..."

Jenny came inside the cubicle and squeezed in with me. She took my shorts and ran away. She knew I couldn't chase after her without wearing any shorts.

Minutes later, she returned with a red bikini and a purple mini skirt.

"Wear this." I took off my shirt and she handed me the red bikini. I wrapped the bikini around my chest and over my shoulder. I tried to tie a knot but it was never tight enough. It was so loose that if I were to shake my body a little, it would be out of position.

Jenny couldn't stand watching and not helping so she spun me around and tied the back strap with a butterfly knot. Then she tied the neck strings with another butterfly knot.

"Where are my shorts?"

"I put them in the lost and found." She grinned mischievously. I almost fainted.

"It should be easy for you to wear this anyway since you're already in a skirt almost every other day. It's free size and I think it will look good on you. And hurry up, I'm hungry."

I slid the mini skirt up. It was elastic so it was pretty easy, like she said. The hem of the skirt only reached my mid thigh. Any movement might cause accidental exposure, even walking up the stairs. I wore the T-shirt over me and pulled the skirt down a little.

"That should make you experience more than you would have. *Experience more of what?* Let's go back to your room and change out of those panties. It's unhygienic to wear someone else's underwear. I would go commando if I were you." She laughed.

I smiled back awkwardly. We returned to my room. I was very relieved to see Sarah wasn't back yet. Jenny went inside and sat on my bed

"I don't know if those panties are clean or not, so I guess you better change into your own. Perhaps you should shower again too."

"I know. I don't like wearing dirty underwear either." I walked to my cupboard and took out pair of white school regulated cotton panties.

"Victoria, we're not having lesson! You should really wear something different. Don't be like those nerds!"

"But I didn't bring any panties to school. It's not as if I knew that I'd become a girl here. It's because of the administration of this fucking school."

Jenny walked to Sarah's drawer and fumbled around in her stuff. She pulled out a pair of red stringed panties. It was similar to the ones I wore last night. I knew she wanted me to wear them, so I pulled the skirt down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Then I pulled the panties down and sat on my bed with my naked butt. I rose up my left leg and pulled the pink panties out.

"It seems like someone is really excited to wear these panties and they will match your bra!" Jenny shrieked as she waved the red panties in front of me.

I pulled the panties off of the remaining leg and Jenny put Sarah's panties beside me. She was staring at my cock. I stood up and tried to tie a knot, but being bad with knots, I just couldn't get it right.

"Jenny, can you help me with this?" I asked sheepishly.

"Are you serious?" She exclaimed and glared at my naked lower body. "I've never seen anyone who needs help in wearing underwear before."

"Just not this type, I only wore boxers and briefs before I came here. And just to add on, these belong to my roomie, they're not even mine." I replied.

"True, will she do anything if she finds out you're wearing her panties?"

"I'm not sure. I hope not. She's really nice most of the time. She knows I'm a guy anyway." Of course I did not tell her that Sarah actually dressed me up in her panties. God knows what Jenny would do if she were to know that Sarah allowed me to wear her panties.

Jenny kneeled in front of me and took the panties away from my hand. She slid the panties between my legs and fed them between my thighs. Jenny tied the left string first. She held my penis with her index finger and her thumb delicately, as if I was some kind of fragile rock that would disintegrate. She carefully positioned my penis behind the red fabric. She tied the right string with a butterfly knot and carefully positioned the red panties so it would provide maximum coverage.

It was pretty tight and it wouldn't be easy to spot that I have a cock. I do have a mound, but it looked totally like a pubic mound or a mons pubis that some women have.

"The boys will be jealous when they see you, you're such a beauty, I swear." Jenny said sarcastically.

I put the skirt back on and we went for lunch together (or should I call that high tea?) at a cafeteria that was about 10 minutes walk away from our dorm.

When we reached the cafeteria, there weren't many people around. Only five out of the 60 tables were filled up. We ordered our own food at the cafeteria and sat at an empty table. I had pasta and Jenny ordered rice. Jenny ate faster than me then she 'accidentally' dropped her purse on the floor. She went under the table to pick it up. Then, I felt something at my left waist, it was Jenny. Jenny loosened the butterfly knot on my panties.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I whispered at her.

"Just having some fun!" She grinned as she loosened the right one and pulled the panties out and quickly put them in her bag.

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