Identity Crisis 09


Next morning, Sarah woke up earlier than I did. She put on a slip and woke me up. I was still wearing her panties. My lower body was still sore from last night's ejaculation.

Although I did not have any wet dream the previous night, my pad was soaked with urine. Last night, in the middle of the night, I wanted to go to washroom, but Sarah was hugging me so tight that I don't want to risk waking her up. Eventually, I didn't go to the washroom and I did my business right on her bed. Luckily, for me, it was a heavy-duty pad, the pad managed to contain all the urine in it and none leaked out.

As my groin was soaked in urine for quite a long while, rashes began to surface. It was very uncomfortable that I walked awkwardly to the showers with the towel. I came back from the shower with a towel wrapping around me. I'll be starting my lesson with physical education today, so I had to wear sports kit.

Sarah had already worn her normal school attire. Like all other mornings, Sarah purposely picked for me my attire for the day. This time round, she picked a school regulated pink panties and pink sports bra. She also helped me with inserting a pair of silicon insert that made me look like I have a decent B cup. The sports kit is a combination of a white t-shirt, a black shorts and a white sports shoe.

Before I get to wear anything, Sarah made me lie down on my bed and powdered my groin. She did not leave any inch that would be covered by the panties left not powdered. She helped me into the pink panties and the bra. I wore the sports kit myself after that.

"Victoria, if I remembered correctly. Few years back, our first physical education was simple as well. You'll be made to run few rounds around the track, then play some games. Once that is done, you'll get to change and go to the next class."


"Yea, do make sure you're not the last few in the run. Or else the teacher will punish you by making you run more than what is required and it is really boring to run alone."

"What's your class later?" I asked.

"English lesson and that is another really boring class."

"Wouldn't all your class be boring then?" I giggled.

"Indeed. That would be the perfect word to describe all my classes. Victoria, let's go for breakfast. Or else we will be running late later. Remember to pack clean clothes and underwear."

We went to cafeteria to have our breakfast before we parted ways.

I headed to the school multipurpose field for assembly. There were about one fifty student.

Jenny saw me right away and tapped my shoulder. "Hi! Victoria!" I was caught by surprise that she noticed me. She was wearing similar white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. I could notice that her purple bra lines underneath the white t-shirt.

"Hey Jenny, how's life?" I replied.

"As usual, when are you going to return my stuff to me?" She was referring to the panties.

"I've not washed it yet, I'll return after washing. Is that deal?"

"Deal!" She grinned. I have totally no idea what's on her mind at that instance, and I do suspect something really wicked will happen today.

"Are you wearing non-regulated underwear again?"

"Uh..." She paused for a while and said, "Is purple that obvious?"

I nodded.

"Let's hope that they wouldn't check today. Purple is my favorite color." She giggled.

A teacher shouted across the assembly area with a loudhailer. "Year 1 ladies, please gather in 5 minutes. If you are not ready in 5 minutes, you will be deemed late."

As more people started to gather at the assembly area, another announcement was made. "Ladies, you have another 3 minutes to gather. If you are not ready by then, you will be considered late. I repeat myself again, you have another 2 minutes."

I wondered why the teacher wants to keep making announcement when most of the students had already gathered at the assembly area. A middle aged athletic female teacher wearing a pink sports bra and black tights stood in front of the fifty students.

"Attention ladies, you can call me Sunny. Welcome to the first lesson of physical education. Before every class, you'll be made to run two rounds around the track over there. If you are slower than six minutes, you'll be made to run another two rounds. After that, you'll be break up into several smaller groups to play games. You are not allowed to miss any physical education unless you are sick or you have valid reason, and all reasons are to come with proper documentation, for example, a sick note signed by none other than school doctor herself. Now, ladies, stand up and do some warm up. Stretch properly because cramps will not be an excuse not to run."

After the warm up, we started our run and lucky for Jenny and me, both of us finished within the six minutes timing. The game today was tennis. I paired up with Jenny and we were against Stephanie and Macy from another class. Sunny showed us some basic techniques to serve and return the tennis ball. After that, we were left to our own to practice while Sunny walked around the place to rectify our techniques.

After that, the teacher blew a whistle and we went to the assembly area to gather again. "Well done ladies, no one was late today and all ran within the timing given. As a reward, you ladies can have an extra ten minutes to change and wash up before your next class. The lesson is over and you may go now."

"She kept calling us ladies, but I wondered what if she found out you're not even one!" Jenny whispered to my ear.

I sat right up and remembered that I'm a boy in girl's attire here. "Don't," I pleaded.

"Give me your school regulated panties and bra later. You can take mine or continue to wear the sweaty and stinky ones." Jenny demanded.

I took at least five seconds to think through the consequences and replied. "I'll take your panties but I'll wear the sports bra. I don't think your bra is school regulated right?"

"Bingo! It's bright red in color!" She literally shouted. "Let's go grab a cubicle before there's no more space. You can't use the community shower with your fake boobs and the worm between your legs." I blushed.

"Let's hurry up."

At the changing room, it was fully packed with people. Some were in their bras and panties, while others were still in their kits. I guess they have the decency not to be fully naked in changing room as well.

There was only one empty cubicle for showers left. Jenny grabbed my hand and dragged me into the cubicle. "Let's shower together. It'll be easier for us to swap clothes as well." She already removed her t-shirt and put it in her bag. Then she hung her bag at one of the hooks. "What are you waiting for?"

I reluctantly remove my shirt as she was already in her bras and panties. "I'm not going to let you have advantage unless you remove everything!" She demanded.

Jenny suddenly squat down and yank down the shorts and panties together. My bare penis was right in front of her. I almost shouted but she quickly covered my mouth with her hands. "You're slower than my great grandmother that I had to do this."

I removed all my clothes and the two inserts and put them inside the bag one by one. Then Jenny removed her panties and bra. With such little space between us and even though I've saw her body before, I didn't touch any inch of her skin before. Right after both of us were fully naked, Jenny turned on the shower head and ice cold came out.

"The heater doesn't seem to be working in this cubicle. We need to shower quick before we freeze!" Jenny said.

Actually, in such a small cubicle, it is unavoidable that we touch each other accidentally. Moreover, in fact, I tried to brush her nipple accidentally with my elbow and forearm while rinsing. My penis had also touched her thigh several times in its active state. I'm not sure if these actions are due to accidents or she was trying to be provocative. Nevertheless, I tried to act as normally as I could.

"I'll help you scrub your back." Jenny offered. I turned around and she used her smooth hand to help me massage my shoulder and back. Her skills for that was very relaxing, I closed my eyes and enjoyed her massage.

"It's my turn now." Just when I was enjoying her scrubbing, Jenny turned herself around and let her back face me. I trembled as I touched her back. Then she said, "We don't have all day, hurry up!" I picked up all my courage, but I don't know why I need courage to scrub someone else's back. Soon, we used our own towels and wiped our bodies dry.

She covered her back with a towel and looks for a set of clean bra and panties in my bag. She opened my bag and take out the clean set of pink bras and panties. She puts the bra and panties on the hook, took out a pair of very small tight purple thong from her bag, and hands it over to me.

"Are you sure you don't want the bra?" She asked.

"Yeah, it's too obvious to wear purple bra under our white school uniform. It is very visible under the blouse." I replied.

"You're so scared of the system. I'll wear my bra while you wear yours then." She said sarcastically. Jenny took out her purple bra from her bag and wore the bra. "I knew you have something extra between your legs, that's why I picked the smallest thong I have. I bought the wrong size few months back and such a pity that I can't fit. You can choose not to wear it, but you can't wear back your panties as it is going to be quite wet." Jenny reached inside my bag and took out the panties, which I wore earlier and dropped it on the wet floor. The panties soaked up most of the water instantly that a large area of the panties became damped.

I was surprised that she did that, but she knew my secret and I can't do anything to her. If she were to go to the teachers, I would face disciplinary actions and probably being expelled. I wouldn't want to disappoint my parents, so I had to go according to her plans. I can't risk any chances of her going to the teachers.

Looking at the size of the panties, I knew she had this idea since yesterday, because I had forgotten to bring the panties after the swim. Smaller panties would help me hold my dick but smaller panties would also cause discomfort. I took the thong and tried to wear it anyway. I managed to pull it up although I think it strained the thong material a little.

It wasn't the first time that I wore a thong, but this thong is so much smaller. Sarah's thong was just the right size as she and I could share panties as we're about the same frame and around 29 inches waist. Jenny on the other hand, has a much smaller waist and if the thong doesn't fit her comfortably, I don't think it can for me. Now the thong is stretching my inner thigh and my ball sack. With the rashes caused last night, I find it painful to walk few steps.

I put on another pink racer back bra followed by the blouse and the skirts. She opened the door and we stepped out of the cubicle one by one. Few girls glanced at us. Their expression told me that they must have thought that we were lesbian.

We went to our class together. We were ten minutes early for class. Only a couple of students arrived. We sat down and then our Physics teacher, Mrs. Judy came in.

"Class, take out your textbook and flip open to page forty six. We will talk about Newton's Three Laws and we will discuss in depth about the third one."

Mrs. Judy went on for an hour. We were given a simple in-class work that is several calculations and we have to discuss that. Mrs. Judy walked around the class and observed while we were doing our work.

"Jenny, please stand up." Jenny stood up and everyone eyes were looking at our direction.

"Miss Jenny, are you wearing school panties?"

"Yes Madam." She replied. With that, Mrs. Judy untucked Jenny's blouse and look through the holes of her waist to verify that she was wearing school regulated panties.

"Then why are you not wearing school regulated bra?"

"I lost it."

Mrs. Judy shouts at Jenny, "Why don't you lose yourself? Don't you have other bra? You girls are student and you ought to have discipline as a student. The school bras and panties are part of your uniform and there is absolutely no reason not to wear it." She shook her head before announcing her punishment.

"Remove your blouse and your bra. You'll go topless for my lesson today." Everyone including me was shocked of what had she said.

Jenny hesitated to remove her blouse. "Do you want to do it yourself or would you prefer me to help you with that?"

Jenny slowly unbuttoned her blouse starting from the bottom one. Then, she removed her blouse. Everyone could see her purple bra. She unhooked from behind and removed the bra. Mrs. Judy took a box for her to put her blouse and bra. Then Mrs. Judy brought the box to the teacher's table right in front of the class.

"Class, I repeat, I do not want to see anyone wearing non-regulated underwear. For those who are wearing anything that are not school regulated, own up now." Two girls put up their hands and of course, I didn't. Mrs. Judy passed the box to them and said told them to put their panties inside.

"Class, now, everyone take out your panties and raise it up high. If you are wearing school panties, you have nothing to be afraid of. However, if you are not, you have one last chance to own up. But you'll be going bottomless for my class."

I panicked instantly. I could have owned up and just removed the panties, now I had to take off the skirt as well. What could I do? Mrs. Judy would definitely mark me as she did with Jenny.

I boldly pretend to remove my panties, but in fact, I reached into my bag to retrieve the pink damp panties and raised that up.

"You, stand up." She pointed at a girl behind me. "Take off your skirt. That is obviously not your school panties." Mrs. Judy walked around the class and catching people effectively.

When she was near my seat, she signaled for me to stand up. "Why are your panties soaking wet?"

"I dropped it while showering just now." Topless Jenny looked at my resourcefulness.

"Stand up."

I stood up and the moment I did, she reached for my crotch beneath the skirt and start feeling. My penis hardened but I think the thong was holding it back. I'm quite sure that she felt my penis. Then she stopped feeling my groin but used her hand to cover my dick and try to feel the mound of my manhood under the thong and the skirt.

"See me after class." She stopped and said. By the end of the inspection, Jenny was topless, two girls did not wear panties and three girls were totally naked waist down. I was almost caught by this inspection. The class had another thirty minutes before it ends.

Ten minutes before the class ends, Mrs. Judy returned everyone their skirt and Jenny's blouse, the bras and panties that violated school regulation were all confiscated. The class breaks up for lunch.

"Victoria, follow me to the dean's office. I believe the dean would like to meet you, for you are a special student."

When the bell rings, Mrs. Judy brought me to the dean's office. This is the second time I saw the dean. The first time was on the first day of school and she gave a long talk. Mrs. Judy knocked and entered the room. The dean was working on something and I'm not sure if she noticed Mrs. Judy entered the room.

"Rose, Judy here, I think this student is special."

Her office was amazingly effeminate with a sweet perfume scent. Her walls were all in light pink, there was a three seated sofa, coffee maker and a big desk. On her desk was MacBook Pro with pink casing. Right at the center of her desk displayed a label, "Rose, Dean of Woodvale High School".

Mrs. Rose looked up and asked Mrs. Judy. "How special is this student?"

Mrs. Judy went to lock the door and the window bind. "Remove your skirt and your panties."

I just stood there and did not move. Mrs. Judy unzipped my skirt from the side skillfully and let it fall on the ground. I immediately covered my front and my back with my bare hands.

"Look like I was right, you're wearing another panties, and in fact, a sexy one too. Do you want me to remove your thong or you want to do it yourself."

She slides her fingers to the side of the thong and she tried to pull it down. I resisted and tried to pull it up. Eventually, she won the battle and the thong was pulled down to my knee level. I used my hand to cover my crotch. My penis had already beginning to hardened, but luckily, my hand is still slightly bigger than my penis and managed to conceal what was meant to be my secret. Mrs. Judy kneeled down and continued to hold on to the thong at my knee level, refused to let go.

Mrs. Rose walked in front of me and lifted my blouse up slightly. "Take your hands away." I refused, and kept on shaking my head. Mrs. Rose used her manicured hands, held my wrist, and moved both my hands away.

"You're right, Mrs. Judy. Why are you in girls' uniform? By the way, this thong is far too tight for you. I'll ask my secretary get something for you. Meanwhile, take off your skirt and thong and take a seat on the sofa."

I took off the thong and stepped out of the skirt.

"Why does your groin area has rashes?" Mrs. Judy asked. At the same time, Mrs. Rose walked back to her desk and picked up the phone.

Mrs. Rose picked up her phone, pressed some numbers and said. "Sandy, bring in a pair of panties, around your size."

"Well... I think the thong was too tight. I dropped my panties on the floor while changing and I had to borrow from a friend." I can't tell her that I wore pads and peed on the pad to sleep so I had to come up with something.

Mrs. Judy gave me the signal to sit on the sofa beside her. I sat on the sofa. My butt tingles the moment it was exposed to the cold surface of the sofa. Mrs. Rose came back and sat on the other sofa.

"Open your legs." Mrs. Judy said. I opened my legs slightly. Mrs. Judy wanted to see the severity of the rashes, but couldn't get a good view. She held on to my knee and opened it like a door.

"Rose, do you have rash cream here? This poor guy here needs some rash cream." Mrs. Judy asked.

"Give me a moment. I know I had it somewhere." She opened one of her drawer and brought the rash cream as she walks over.

"Remain like this." Mrs. Judy commanded. Mrs. Rose passed Mrs. Judy the rash cream and Mrs. Judy put some on her fingers. Then she started to apply it on my rashes. My penis was erected into its full two inches length. She applied some cream around the shaft of my penis and the ball sack as well.

"Don't wear anything; you need to air your groin area. Take this cream and apply it when you're alone, after that air it. The rashes will get better that way. I'm confiscating the thong as it is not within school regulation."

After that, both of them asked about what happened and I told them everything starting from the day I enrolled and the fault with the admin. I also told her how my roommate helped me with bras and taught me how to do simple make up to avoid suspicious. However, I skipped the part where I was bullied by Sarah and Jenny. Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Rose listened attentively to my story.

"Do you remember the name of the admin who did this to you?" Mrs. Judy asked

"Nope, I don't."

"If you were given a choice, would you like to join the boys' class and be a boy once more? But as we did not have any uniform left for you, you need to be in girls' uniform until the start of next intake."

Before I could answer, a young office lady knocked the door and came in. Sarah walked towards us and passed a pair of school regulated pink nylon panties to Mrs. Rose. When she noticed that I had a 2 inches penis pointing upwards, her face blushed red immediately and turned around.

"Madam, here are the panties. It was from lost and found. I'm not sure who it belonged to, but it looked clean to me."

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