tagMind ControlIdentity Theft

Identity Theft


"Ohh... Unnhh... wha-wha's going on?" Bonnie slowly woke up, a headache behind her eyes. She tried to rub her head, but could move her hands. Opening her eyes, she found herself in a dark room facing a wall-sized projection t.v. A low-level white noise hum filled the room

Trying again, she couldn't move her arms. It was then she realized they were bound above her head. Checking her feet, she found they were also bound to the ultra-high-backed leather chair she sat in. Her head was also bound, with just enough movement to let her see she was naked.

"Wha... what the Hell's going on here? Where the fuck am I?" The petite, demure 24-year-old was both scared and angry enough to let the profanity fly. Realizing that her thighs were also bound to the chair in a way to expose her most private areas only compounded the language.

"All right, what the FUCK is going on here? Who's out there? Why are you doing this?"

"Ahh," answered an unseen voice. "You're awake, Bonnie. So good to see you up and about, so to speak. Are you enjoying this visit?"

"What the fuck do you mean, 'enjoying this visit?' I've never been here before, wherever 'here' is. Why am I sitting naked and trussed up in this oddball chair? Do you have any idea who you're dealing with here?"

"Ahh, yes, that's right. You, Bonnie Marie Fisher, probably don't remember your earlier visits. But Malinika certain does."

"Malinika? Who in the blue blazes is Malinika?"

"Let us show you."

"Us? Who the hell..." Bonnie's voice froze as the t.v. screen flared to life. There, in larger-than-life crystal clarity, Bonnie saw herself sitting in the chair she was in now. Except on screen, Bonnie was wearing powder blue panties and brassiere, and she wasn't bound or harnessed in any way.


"I am Malinika." Bonnie shivered, but not from the cool air striking her bare skin. Seeing her body on screen and hearing a muted version of her voice fill the room, Bonnie felt a fear she had never known. It wasn't just kidnapping, she realized. Whoever had her here had somehow pulled the ultimate in identity theft. They'd replaced Bonnie Marie Fisher's personality with this Malinika construct


"My purpose is to serve the colony."


"I serve other members of the colony as directed by the Enlightened Ones."


"When I am summoned." Bonnie shuddered again. These simple, direct answers had been delivered in an increasingly excited voice. The voice Bonnie Fisher used only when in throes of sensual ecstasy.

"Why are you doing this," Bonnie asked. "What do you want from me?"

"What we already have," replied the unseen voice. "Watch, and you will see." Try as she might, Bonnie could not pull her eyes away from the images of herself on the screen.


"The colony is my sensual home. It allows me sexual and sensual freedom, and gives me peace. It defines my purpose, to please others and be pleasured in return."


"No, I do not seek pleasure. I am here to provide pleasure to others, not to receive pleasure. Any pleasure I receive is secondary to my purpose, and a reward for fulfilling my duty."


"Only those who belong, the Enlightened Founders and those they have Accepted into the colony. Not even my outsider knows." Her outsider? thought Bonnie. My God... I'M her outsider! What have they done to me? What will they do next? And is there any way I can fight it?


"I am a Class 2 slave. My duty is to provide pleasure to others as directed by an Enlightened One, Master or Mistress. I am to follow their commands without question, and perform as directed."


"You are one of the Enlightened Ones that Accepted and Educated me. You have given me true life and true meaning. In return, I am yours for as long as you desire, whenever you desire. I am here for your use."


"As you command." Bonnie looked on in shock as her apparent alter ego stood up and followed the command to masturbate. The shock turned to horror when Bonnie realized that Malinika, despite furious activity, showed no change in her expression.

"Oh my holy fucking God," she half said and half breathed. "What in the world have you done to me? And why are you doing this?"

"Don't worry, Bonnie," the first unseen voice replied. "You haven't been harmed in any way. We've simply educated you about a new and very happy life. As to why, we're creating a small but very happy, sensual mini-society... our own Colony of Sensuality, if you will. You are still leading a normal, productive, happy life as an attractive single woman. We've just given your life a new and happy purpose. And tell the truth... don't you get excited seeing yourself this way?"


"You're saying you're not even a little bit sexually excited by seeing yourself in the throes of self passion? We know better than that." A humming vibration started inside Bonnie's vagina, then stopped. "Actually, you're quite wet now, Bonnie. Much more so than a few minutes ago."

FUCK! she thought to herself. What the Hell did they put inside me? What's betraying my reactions? Bonnie could no longer deny that seeing herself masturbate, even in someone else's identity, had sexually aroused her. What was more surprising for Bonnie was finding out she no longer wanted to deny her excitement. "Just what the Hell did you --"

"You've got a very special vibrator inserted in you," replied the unseen voice. "Not only does it stimulate you and provide sensation, it also measures your reactions. A very handy tool in the Education of our Acceptants. Now, to see how you react to other revelations."

"What other revelations?" Oh God, please let this nightmare end!

"MALINIKA," the second unseen voice said. "CUM!" Bonnie couldn't help but squirm in her chair as she watched her alter ego drop to her knees in orgasmic rapture. Hearing her own voice scream in ecstasy almost pushed Bonnie herself over the edge. The image on screen faded away, replaced by view of Malinika kneeling in a room of purest white. This time, she was wearing a white string bikini that clearly showed dark, erect nipples, and left little else to the imagination.

"Perhaps," the first unseen voice said, "you'd like a demonstration of how Malinika serves her fellow Colonists?"

"No," Bonnie replied. Her protest, however, had lost some of its force. Try as she might, Bonnie could no longer deny a morbid fascination with the idea of being a sexual toy.

"Hello, Malinika," filled the room, followed by Bonnie's voice. "Hello, Master. I am here as directed to serve and please you." A man walked into the picture, clad in dark blue terry cloth robe. Walking up to Malinika, he untied the top strap of her bikini top, letting it fall away to reveal her breasts. The camera moved to view both people from the side as the man removed his robe. Bonnie was surprised when the man grabbed Malinika's breasts and rubbed them against his erect penis. She squirmed again when Malinika groaned in the same way Bonnie did during heavy foreplay.

"Tell me, Malinika, what is the purpose of your throat?" Bonnie gasped when Malinika replied, "It exists for Master's pleasure." Without further words, the man put his cock in Malinika's mouth, then pumped in and out in a slow steady motion. "Reveal yourself, slut." Malinika immediately and unquestioningly untied the remaining bikini straps. Bonnie watched in both horror and fascination as she saw her body used in various ways. The most shocking moment in this for Bonnie was when she realized that Malinika was writhing in pleasure but not orgasming. God, she thought to herself, I would have came long ago. Why hasn't she?

"Malinika," the man cried out. "CUM!" This time, the scream of orgasmic rapture did push Bonnie over the edge. Bonnie was echoing her alter ego before she realized it. The image faded from the screen

"You see, Bonnie," said the first unseen voice. "You DO like sensuality. You love being sexual. We've simply given you a new life that lets you enjoy it."

"Why," she panted, "why are you showing me this?"

"To show you our power over you, and to prepare you."

"Prepare me?"

"Yes. To prepare your outside mind for more direct control. To prepare you for your mission to recruit another Acceptant."

"You mean to kidnap someone... you can shove that idea up your ass!"

"Ahh, yes. You're a feisty one outside of here, aren't you? Keep fighting, Bonnie... it will only lead to your undoing. Soon you'll enjoy being a recruiter. Believe me, Audra does."

"Audra... Audra Manchester? That's impossible! She's married! She's one of my best friends! She couldn't have --"

"Recruited you? Actually, she and her husband both did, and very skillfully. They're both long-standing members of the Colony. When they pointed you out to us, we made you their mission. You may eventually join them in recruiting others, or you may work on your own. Either way, you'll be well rewarded... and very happy. But for now... it's time to rest. You're quite exhausted and shocked, aren't you Bonnie?"

"You think I'm going to tell you?" Bonnie again tried to break out of her bonds, to no avail. In her struggle, she realized the straps around her head had grown tighter. "What the hell are you doing to me? Why is this stuff so tight?"

"We can't have you running around or hurting yourself, Bonnie. We need you right where you are. And you need to rest and be comfortable. After all, Bonnie... don't you find it hard to read when your dildo light goes out?"

"What... hard to... dildo light..." Bonnie's head drooped within it's restraints, her eyes closed. She sat that way for several minutes before the command voice from the videotapes spoke.

"ACTIVATE EDUCATION." Bonnie's eyes opened and she looked straight ahead, her face an expressionless mask. A smaller video monitor came down from the ceiling, positioning itself just inches from her eyes. Soon the monitor was filled with images and text, accompanied by verbal instructions that filled the room. Her face never changed as she watched and read the monitor, mentally absorbing everything she saw and heard. All through the lesson, her eyes never blinked. After the last image left the screen, the command voice said, "EDUCATION SESSION COMPLETE." Again, Bonnie's eyes closed and her head slumped forward. This time, the restraints around her head fell away, letting Bonnie's chin drop to her chest.


She raised her head and looked resolutely forward. With lust in her voice, she said, "I am Malinika..."

The End...?

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