'If' - possibly one of the saddest words in the English language, in some contexts, especially when combined with 'only'. In others? Well, read on ...

If the party hadn't broken up early because the restaurant had a kitchen fire accident and we were asked to leave before we'd finished our meal -- but at least we weren't charged! - then I wouldn't have been on my way home a good two hours before I'd said I'd be back.

If the gas main in the next but one street to ours hadn't broken, so that the cab couldn't get into our street, I wouldn't have asked the cab driver to drop me where we were, "as I live just around the corner."

If the emergency vehicles weren't blocking the way, I wouldn't have let myself in by the back gate, and if I hadn't let myself in the back gate, I wouldn't have found out about Rob's secret desires.

Rob? He's my son. Robert Patterson Kincaid, just coming up to twenty years old, an even six feet tall, and home for the summer after completing his first year of college. I'd told him not to expect me home until about midnight and it was only just coming up to ten, which was probably why he was watching the porn film on our big-screen TV rather than on the PC in his room, or on his laptop.

After I let myself in through the back door to our house, I'd realized that the house was in almost total darkness, except for the low-wattage lamp we usually left burning in the hallway, and the blue, flickering glow from the TV.

About to call out, I heard voices and thought, 'he might have a girlfriend with him', so I tiptoed to the living-room door to check. No, Rob was alone. Not only alone, but naked, naked and masturbating, and I could see that he looked to have plenty of what might satisfy a horny woman, sending a pulse of heat through me, concentrated in the area of my pussy! A quick glance at the screen showed a naked woman skilfully fellating an equally naked young man. When she lifted her head I realized she was an older woman, looking to be near my own age, early forties. She smiled at the young man, licked her lips and then her head went down again, and I felt another pulse of heat through me.

"Yes, Mom, suck my cock!" With a shock I realized that as well as the actor's it was Rob's voice I was hearing! Shit! MILF porn, but not only that, mother-and-son-incest MILF porn! I eased back, my mind whirling, feeling my body heat up even more, heat still centered in my pussy area. What to do? Not confront him, not yet, because that would only embarrass us both, and I wasn't ready for that. Ah, yes! I let myself quietly back out of the house and took out my cell phone. Rob answered on the third ring, and I stifled a probably hysterical giggle at the thought of me interrupting his self-stimulation.

"Hi, Mom, what's up? You want a ride?"

'Yes, on your cock!' I thought, startling myself. Aloud, I said, "No, sweetie. I'll be home in about ten minutes, there was a fire in the restaurant kitchen and we were asked to leave, so I decided to just come home. Some of the others wanted to check out the clubs but I'd rather be at home. See you soon."

"Okay, Mom, see you soon."

I smiled to myself at the vision in my mind's eye, let myself back out of the gate, locking it behind me, and made my way slowly to the front of the house, waiting out of sight for five minutes, and then passing the time of day with a neighbor, Mrs Elton, out as usual, walking her dogs. I glanced at my watch. Nine minutes gone, time to appear.

Rob must have heard my key in the lock because he was waiting in the hallway for me when I opened the door. Tee-shirt and shorts, barefoot. He hugged me, and kissed my cheek, his usual greeting.

"I didn't see a cab, Mom?"

"No, there's a gas leak a couple of streets away, and the road was blocked, so I walked from there."

"Okay. Um, bummer about the restaurant, huh?"

I laughed. "At least we'd all but finished the main course, and we weren't charged, so there's a bright side."

"You always did see the bright side of things, Mom, it's time you had some good karma."

"Yeah, right. You had supper?"

"Certainly did, Mom, did myself a burger with some mushrooms."

"Well, since we didn't get around to dessert in the restaurant, I'm going to have some of that apple pie I made, with some ice cream. How about you?"

"Sounds great, Mom, I'll have some as well."

It was the work of moments to set us out two dishes of apple pie and ice cream and we sat in contented quiet as we wolfed it down. Rob takes after me, we both love apple pie and ice cream. I studied him covertly as we ate, wondering. Wondering about his apparent incestuous desire for me. I needed to talk about it with someone. Well, that wasn't a problem, because my best friend Karen only lived two doors away with her son Ken, a good friend of Rob's, and Karen had not only a very practical mind, but she was also a good listener. Not only that, but we'd discussed sexual themes, including mother-son incest, the way only two women who trust each other implicitly can. Okay, that was for tomorrow, but I had a question for Rob first.


"Yes, Mom?"

"It's your birthday next week, so what would you like?" I phrased the next part of the question carefully. "Any desperate needs or secret desires?" I laughed to suggest I was joking but Rob's open face turned serious. He stood and gestured towards the door.

"Just going to get something from my room, Mom, something I want to show you, okay?"


He gave me a quick smile and hurried out, returning in moments with a folded paper in his hand. He held it out to me.

"Read this, Mom, and promise not to get mad."

Curious, I held my hand out and took the paper. I opened it up and then gasped. A flier for the nude beach at Hay Cove.

"You want to go to the nude beach? You're an adult, honey, I can't stop you. I wouldn't try to in any case, you know that."

"I know Mom, but read the flier more closely, read what it says about National Nude Day."

I looked at the flier again, then realized what Rob was getting at. Free admission for family groups on National Nude Day, July 14, which just happened to be Rob's twentieth birthday. I arched my eyebrows in mute query, and Rob gestured at the flier.

"Free entry for family groups, Mom, for me and you, we're a family."

"Let me get this straight. You want me to go with you to Hay Cove, where we'll get in free, as your birthday present?" I was surprised at how steady my voice was, because I was more than slightly startled.



Rob looked away for a moment, then back at me, heat in his cheeks. "Forgive me for this, Mom, but I really would love to see you naked, and if we're among others at a nude beach it will be less awkward for us."

A shock went through me at his words, closely followed by a flash of what I suspect was pure terror, but then my sense of humor kicked in. "Well, it's certainly an inexpensive birthday present," I said, laughing. I studied him, thinking hard. "You want to see me naked, do you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Any particular reason? Apart from the obvious male curiosity?" Devious bitch, you know why!

"Because I love you, you're a beautiful woman -- you are, so don't pretend otherwise -- and I want to spend time naked with you. I just thought that it would be less awkward at Hay Cove, among other naked people."

"That was thoughtful of you, but why naked? It's not proper for a young man to see his mother unclad." So why am I thinking that I want him to see me that way?

"Except at a nude beach! It's normal there, and lots of families are nudists, young guys like me often see their mothers naked, so it's not unusual." He grimaced. "Well, will you?"

I took a deep breath, wondering at myself, but I knew I was going to agree. "Yes, I will. We'll take a picnic basket, spend at least a couple of hours there, okay?" I gestured vaguely. "There are probably all kinds of Freudian reasons I shouldn't do it, but for some weird reason, it appeals to me. Now, what do you really want for your birthday?" Your Mom in your bed, perhaps?

"Mom, if you go with me to Hay Cove, I will be one happy son. I think I have everything else I need," he said, fighting what I was sure would be a wide grin.

I laughed. "Well, if anything else comes to mind, let me know. For now, I think I'll head for bed. I'm tired." Yeah, and I need to think.

Sleep was a long time in coming that night, and I fell asleep still wondering, still wondering about how I felt when I'd heard Rob say, "Yes, Mom, suck my cock!" Try as I might, I couldn't rid myself of the notion that my primal reaction had been 'yes'!

I'm a widow, and the insurance money that came our way after my husband's death in a helicopter accident supported me, and Rob, quite comfortably. However, I need to do something and a couple of days each week I worked as a part-time cashier at our local electronics store. It gave me something to do, let me keep my social skills working and got me out of the house for a couple of days each week. It was the girls from work I'd been to the restaurant with. However, today was a free day and I telephoned Karen.

"Hi, Julie! What's up? Anything interesting?"

"Want a coffee? I need to talk."

"Be there in five. Unlock the gate, please."

"Already done. See ya."

Probably four minutes later there was a tap at the back door and Karen let herself in. Tank top and shorts, no bra, because I could see the thrust of her nipples against her top. She gave me her usual hug, took the cup of coffee I handed her, and followed me into the sitting room.

"So, Julie, what's the problem?"


"Rob? How come?"

So I told her about coming home and catching him masturbating, what he was watching, and what he'd said. She nodded and gave me a wry smile.

"So your son wants to fuck his mom. No surprise there, you're a tasty piece of ass, Julie Kincaid. Lots of guys his age are attracted to their moms and want to fuck them, and I wouldn't mind betting that quite a few of them succeed in getting them into bed. Question is, how do you feel about it? Do you want to fuck him?"

"I don't know, not really, but I just can't get the notion out of my head. But there's more."


"I asked him what he wants for his birthday ... "


" ... and he wants me to go with him to Hay Cove."

"The nude beach?"

"Yes. So that we can be naked together."

Karen snorted. "You could be naked together here! You've got the pool, and the privacy fence."

"True, we could, but I think he thought I'd be more comfortable with other naked people around."

"Thoughtful of him. So, did you agree?"

"Yes, I did. I said we'd take a picnic and spend at least two hours there."

"Do you want company? Apart from Rob, obviously."

I was surprised. "You?"

"Yeah, me, and possibly Ken as well. Safety in numbers, and it would give the boys two naked MILFs to drool over," said Karen, laughing. She sobered. "I always wondered if I'd ever have the nerve to be naked in public."

"Me, too! Yes, I'd love company, someone to hold my hand, but if you don't mind, I'll clear it with Rob first."

"Of course, but let me know ASAP, so that I can get Ken in on it," she said. She sobered, glancing at me. "In confidence?"

I mimed zippering my mouth. "Absolutely," I said, then made a fist, extending my little finger. "Pinky swear."

Karen laughed, mimicking my action and we hooked our pinkies together. "Pinky swear." She frowned. "Just recently, I can't get the thought of fucking Ken out of my mind, but couldn't think of a simple way to let him see me naked, and hint that I'm available if he wants me. Maybe, if we go to the nude beach I can get the message across. Maybe."

About to answer her, I paused when my cell phone rang. It was on the coffee table beside me so I picked it up. Rob.

"It's Rob. I'd better take it." Karen nodded. "Hi, son. What's up?"

"Nothing really, but can we eat a little later this evening? Say at eight instead of seven. I'm helping Mr Eisel with something and we won't be finished until after seven."

"Not a problem, son, dinner will be duly delayed, but while you're on?"


"Is it okay with you if Mrs Miller -- Karen -- and possibly Ken, too, come with us to Hay Cove?"

"Of course it is! Two good-looking, naked older women to drool over, what's not to like?"

"Okay, son, see you later," I said, laughing. "I'll give Karen the good news, she's here with me now."

"Okay, Mom, see you later."

I switched the phone off and turned to Karen. "If you want to come with us to Hay Cove, then you're welcome. As Rob just said, two naked older women to drool over! We're going on the fourteenth. Two reasons, well, three, really. One, it's National Nude Day, and that's sufficient reason for Ken to see his naked mom, surely?"

"Yes! And for us to see our naked sons as well."

I laughed, and nodded agreement. "Very true, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the boys can offer us. Anyway, to continue. Two, it's free admission on that day for family groups. Me and Rob, you and Ken. Three, and most important, it's Rob's birthday that day."

"I knew that date was in my mind for a reason. Must remember to get him a card."

I laughed. "Me, too. Now, I've just had what is probably a mad idea. What are you doing this afternoon?"

"Nothing special planned, why?"

"As you said, we have the pool, and the privacy fence. Come back here after lunch and we'll work on our tans. Rob won't be home until late, so we can be naked. No tan lines, at least, no added tan lines."

"Julie Kincaid, you are ace! I'll be back at what? Two?"

"Two is fine. Just yourself, I have plenty of towels, but bring your sunblock. It's forecast sunny all day."

Karen drained her coffee cup and stood, hugging me when I was standing as well. "See you at two, sister-MILF."

"See you at two." I was grinning as I locked the gate behind her. What to do now? Ah! Yes!

It took me a while to find the DVD Rob had been watching, but I knew quite a few of his hidey-holes. I'd never disturbed his glamor magazines or, later, his small collection of erotica, because I figured it was part of growing up, and he'd had no father to turn to since he was twelve, when my husband Robert had been killed. I knew I'd found the right DVD as I recognized the woman in the cover illustration. Studying her, I realized that the actress reminded me slightly of myself. The young man with her didn't look much like Rob but I guessed from his viewpoint it was the woman who mattered.

Thirty minutes later -- it wasn't a long DVD -- I had a soaked pussy and an inner conviction that in all probability, on his birthday, my son was going to fuck his mother. I put the DVD back in its hiding place, and took myself off to my bedroom. I stripped naked and rummaged in my underwear drawer. Yes! One dildo, not used for ages but just what I needed. Now for some fun ...

Two crashing orgasms later, I lay for a while, recovering, then stood and studied myself in the full-length mirror on my closet door, trying to see myself as Rob -- and Karen and Ken, come to that -- would see me at Hay Cove. Tits? Hanging a tad lower than they used to when I was younger, but still holding their shape, and if I say so myself, a nice shape. Belly? Slightly soft but mostly flat. Butt? Hard to check, but a hand mirror held so that I could check my reflection reassured me. No apparent cellulite. For a forty-two-year-old widow, I was in pretty good shape. Right, a quick shower and then something for lunch.

Two o'clock brought Karen. She'd sent me a quick text message and I was at the gate when she arrived. I let her in and locked the gate behind her. She held up a carryall she'd brought.

"Towels and sunblock. It didn't seem fair to rely on yours. Ken's been out all day so I haven't asked him yet, but I'll ask him tonight and text you, okay?"

"Okay. So, ready for some idle time?"

"Definitely. Where do I change?"

"Come on, we'll use the guest room."

"Both of us?"

"Why not? We'll be undressing together at Hay Cove in all probability."

"True! Okay, let's go and get naked."

Which didn't take long, seeing that we were both wearing minimal summer clothing. Shorts, tank top and panties for Karen, tee-shirt, shorts, bra and panties for me, both of us in sneakers. I don't know if it was a conscious decision or not, but I hadn't looked at Karen as we undressed, but once we were both naked it was natural to look at each other.

Karen was probably a few pounds heavier than me, but only a few, and I knew the boys would like the way those pounds were distributed. Like me, Karen still had her pubic hair, also like me neatly trimmed to her bikini line. She gestured vaguely towards her groin.

"Think we should shave? Not now, but before we go to Hay Cove?"

"Depends how seriously we're considering fucking the boys, and maybe especially if we expect to have them eat us," I said, feeling a little frisson of pure lust go through me at the thought of Rob's mouth on my pussy.

"In that case, I shave," said Karen, a wry smile on her face. My own smile matched hers.

"I guess I do, too," I said, "but for now, let's have a swim and then catch some sun, see if we can tone down these white patches." I gestured to my breasts and my groin, and Karen nodded.

We didn't stay in the water long, maybe twenty minutes, but it was fun and refreshing. Out of the water, we dried quickly, combing out our damp hair. Mine is longer than Karen's, down to my nipples if I comb it forward. Hers is shorter, in a pageboy bob. I twisted mine into a knot and shoved a chopstick through it to hold it. Useful utensils, chopsticks.

"Want sunblock on your back, sweetie?" said Karen. "You can do your own front."

"Please," I said, and handed Karen a part used tube of sunblock. She started to rub it in as I stood with my back to her, relishing the feel of her fingers as she worked down my back, over my butt and down my legs.

"Okay, sweetie, you're done," she said. I said nothing, but turned in place, clasped my hands lightly behind my back, and waited. A grin spread slowly across her face and she reached out and lightly squeezed my left breast.

"Oh, yes," she murmured, squeezing sunblock into her hand and reaching out to me again. It wasn't as much applying sunblock to my front as it was a sensuous exploration of my body, and we were both breathing heavily when she finished. She held out the tube to me, her hand visibly trembling.

"My turn," she murmured as she turned her back to me.

It wasn't my first time applying sunblock to someone's back, but it was the first time I'd lingered when applying it to their butt, and it was definitely my first time applying it to someone's front, especially another woman, when Karen turned around to face me just as I had done to her, when I finished her back. We were both flushed and breathing a little more heavily when I finished. Karen took a deep breath, shuddering.

"Were you imagining Rob doing that to you?" she asked.

"Yes, I was. How about you? Ken?"

Karen nodded. "Do you think we can find somewhere quiet enough at Hay Cove to let them do it?" She giggled. "It would probably give them solid erections."

I laughed. "More than likely. Anyway, we'll know when we get there." I paused. "Karen?"


"Any decision on fucking Ken?"

"Yes, if he wants me, I want it! It may be wrong, I don't care."

"Me, too. With Rob. But the boys aren't here, we've just applied sunblock, so let's catch some sun. It's another five days before the fourteenth, so how many more sessions like this can we fit it?"

Three was the answer, and when the fourteenth came we weren't quite as pale in the tits and groin areas, although it wasn't hard to tell that we'd not been tanning naked for long.

On the fourteenth, I hugged Rob, kissed his cheek and wished him happy birthday. I gave him his birthday card and waited for his reaction when he opened it. Inside the card I'd tucked fifty dollars, not knowing what to give him. There were other cards for him, too, one from Karen and Ken, one from my sister, Rob's Aunt Helen, and her family, and a couple from friends.

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