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If It Feels Good


I've never been to a club, but I like to imagine that my school dances are a good place to go off as well as what I've seen on the television and in films. Hot, sweaty, loud. Bodies moving in tandem to the heavy beat of music. That's where this fantasy takes place-- in a club, dancing the night away.

I'm wearing this skirt that isn't exactly trashy, but it isn't very modest either. Jean cut off with 'decorative' zippers up the the sides of the front. 'Decorative' because they actually work; one of them is loser than the other, and I constantly have to tug it back down or risk flashing everyone the panties I'm wearing-- black lace with pink ribbon boyshorts. It matches the strapless bra that I've got underneath the off-the-shoulder top.

Again, just enough skin to be sexy, but not enough to be slutty. It's a deep red; it shows off my collarbone and shoulders. The back is cut into strips, allowing peaks at the pale skin underneath-- if someone were to place their hand there they would be able to meet flesh.

My feet are aching in the shoes I'm wearing, but I'm having too much fun to care. My friends are scattered throughout, but I'm not worried. They know how to take care of themselves, and I know how to take care of myself. I've been dancing with a girl-- gorgeous little brunette of a thing-- for the past couple of songs. We're touching, just shy of inappropriate. She's got this playful glint in her eyes, and I'm playing right back.

She's just a little shorter than me. Golden skin-- like she spends a lot of time in the sun, and it makes me wonder if she has tan lines or not. She's in these tight jeans that don't leave much to the imagination, and her top isn't much better. It swoops low in the front and the back, revealing inch after inch of skin and she's not wearing a bra; it's a gold color that just makes her look more exotic. She has this wicked smile on her glossed lips-- dark and alluring-- as her fingers grasp my hips and a thigh slides between mine.

My breath hitches as my skirt hikes up a bit, revealing more of the soft cream of my legs, but I don't stop her as we rock to the heavy beat thrumming around us. Fingers skirt up the inside of my shirt, just barely brushing over my sides as she pulls me closer, and my own hands move over her. One curls at the back of her neck, fingers tangling in her hair slightly as the other slips up her arm. She leans in, lips brushing against my ear as she speaks to me, voice low even over the sound of the music. Husky. Inviting.

"If we're not careful we'll make my boyfriend jealous." She tells me, and I laugh.

"Well if we're making someone jealous," I reply, short breath ghosting against her skin, and she shivers pleasantly against me. "we might as well do it right. Give him a show."

She pulls back just enough for me to see how dark her eyes have gotten-- pupils blown wide with want as she licks her lips and suddenly they're on mine. Her gloss is slick and sweet; our tongues meet somewhere in the middle. My fingers tangle in her hair, tugging to angle her head right so that I can deepen it. She tastes like the tart tang of apples and the heat of alcohol.

We kiss like that for a while, grinding against each others thighs, sending just the right amount of pleasure through our systems to make us damp. Her fingers slip around, slip higher, nails biting softly into the skin at my back, and it makes me buck slightly, moaning into her mouth. She eats it up with a wry, predatory smirk, and suddenly there are more hands.

It breaks apart as I startle when a grip tightens at my hips from behind. I think that it's her boyfriend. That he's angry and pulling me off of his girl. I'm right on one front. Wrong on the other. She follows me as I'm tugged back against a broad chest, and I find myself plastered between two bodies, swaying to the beat blasting through the club.

It's dark, but there's just enough light flashing for me to see the warmth in her gaze as she speaks over my shoulder. "Hey, baby."

His voice is affectionate, but strained when he greets her in response. It's no wonder why when I feel the hard length of him through his pants and my skirt. Not angry. Interested.

The woman's eyes flicker back to mine, still dark with lust, and I shudder as rough fingers push my hair off my neck. There's the burn of this unknown man's scruff against my skin as he places a few sparse kisses along my neck and shoulder. My eyes are wide, but my hips are still rocking, my fingers still buried in her hair, and my other falls over his at my hip.

"Mind if we share?" She asks, and I don't respond. I don't really know how. They want to share me? Where? How?

The man's groan rumbles as she rocks into me, causing me to press back more firmly against him, and my breath hitches. "What?"

"I'm Alex," she introduces herself, one delicate hand trailing down to my thigh, to the side zipper on the skirt. She fiddles with it and it slides up, like it always does, and she uses the touch of give in the skirt to hike my leg up a bit. My foot hooks around her calf to keep balance as she rocks again. "The man behind you is James, my boyfriend."

I stutter out my name, face warming as her hand slips up the hem of my skirt, and the zipper works a bit higher. "What are you doing?"

"Sharing," James mutters, grin matching his lover's against my skin. "We want to share you."

"I don't know if--"

"Shh, it's okay," Alex hushes me, and my fingers tighten nervously in her hair and over his hand. "No one's looking. Not really. And if they are? Then they're just jealous. Envious that we're having all of the fun. You wanted to put on a show, right?"

"I didn't--"

"It's okay." She says again. "We'll make you feel good."

Reluctantly, cheeks flush with want and embarrassment, I nod.

The next thing I know, there are fingers against my pussy, petting me through my panties. I pull her into another kiss, muffling the needy whimper that slips over my lips. When she pulls away, she glances over my shoulder at James.

"She's already wet for you, baby." She tells him, and he lets go of my hair so that he can reach down and undo his pants.

He mouths the spot just below my ear, the one that makes me melt, and I shudder, rocking against her hand. Teeth nip playfully as she pulls my underwear aside, and then I'm being filled. It's an odd angle, and I cry out and clench around him. James hisses against my neck, telling Alex that I'm tight. That she did good picking me. She hums contentedly and strokes my clit, making me jerk down onto him, filling me and stretching me more.

My skirt is up around my hips, and I don't think anyone can see. If they can, I don't care. Not with the sensations running through me. He rocks up into me, and I moan. He fucks me to the beat of the music playing, hot and thick inside of me, and Alex continues to idly stroke my clit. It's enough to make me squirm, but not enough to make me cum.

Nails bite into the skin at her back as I pull her closer, panting and writhing between them. James' breath is hot against my ear as he fucks me a bit harder, a bit deeper. "You wanna taste her, don't you? My girl?"

"Yes," I reply breathlessly. It's true. I've wanted to taste her since I'd laid eyes on her at the beginning of the night. She's just my type.

"You wanna make her cum?"

"Yes," I mewl as he thrusts in fast and harsh. Alex looks like she likes the idea; she increases the pressure on my clit, and I buck down wantonly. "I wanna hear her scream."

He groans and she sucks in a tight breath, eyes darting to her boyfriend. "Can we take her home with us?"

"Dunno," he grunts, and I'm so close to coming apart between them. "You wanna come home with us? Have some fun?"

My breath is coming in little hitches and gasps, hips rocking to meet his thrusts and her fingers. Alex gives me a scolding look, wanting my answer. "Don't cum, yet. Not yet, sweetheart. Do you want to come home with us?"

"Yes," I reply, desperation evident in my tone. "Yes, please."

"Good girl," she murmurs and pulls me into a deep kiss-- still tasting like apples and alcohol. She increases the speed, and I nearly sob with the need to release, begging against her mouth. "Cum for us, Cassie."

I cry out softly, head falling back against James' shoulder as he thrusts up into me. I spasm around the hard length of him, cumming hard and bucking helplessly. He groans against my neck again, movements faltering. He keeps fucking me, hard and uneven, until he cums too and fills me with it.

As he slips out of me, grip bruising on my hips, Alex continues to idly pet me until he's tucked away and zipped up. They kiss, deep and thorough, over my shoulder as she fixes my panties and smooths down my skirt. When she breaks away, she brings her fingers to my lips and tells me to suck them clean for her. I do, tongue dexterous around them, and I can taste his seed and my own cum on them. It's heady and I'm already aching for more.

"Let's get out of here," James says. We leave the club together and go back to their's. Alex isn't the only one who screams that night.

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