tagGroup SexIf It Feels Good Ch. 02

If It Feels Good Ch. 02


I slowly awoke and looking at the clock saw it was close to noon. I was alone in my bed and began to wonder if it had all been just a dream? I pulled myself up and went into the bathroom and after 'taking care of business' stepped into the shower. Pulling on a clean pair of boxers I went into the kitchen and saw that the coffee was already made and there were a couple donuts on a napkin next to it.

Glancing around I saw a note on the table. 'Morning Sleepyhead, Thought you might want coffee, made it about ten. Check your email, then come upstairs. Love Jan.' p.s. Bring that pink tube thingie too, it looks interesting.

Pouring a cup I took it and the donuts then went in to the computer. After logging in I saw I had sent a letter to myself, so opened it up. What I found was what Jan had sent to Jim, it read:

Good Morning My Sweet Lover,

I guess by the sound of you jacking off and cumming that you enjoyed my phone call last evening. Tim and I certainly enjoyed hearing you get off, at least I know that his cock was as hard as yours because he really fucked my cunt good! One of your fantasies finally came true, it's just too bad it had to be over the phone, but I do think that you will enjoy coming home this evening.

You know my favorite fantasy? And we've talked about? Tim told me last night that he has played with and sucked off another guy's cock before. I didn't really believe him until he pulled his cock out of me and came all over my breasts, THEN!! He licked them clean! Damn Jim! He licked his cum off my breasts and nipples! We took some pictures, look at them. I know you'll jack off before you go to your meetings this morning. We'll see you tonight...I love you, Jan.

"Damn!" I whispered to myself as I scrolled down through the pictures we had taken. By the time I finished I knew that if this email affected him as much as me that he would certainly be jacking off before his meetings! I found my own fist wrapped around my turgid prick, squeezing and stroking!

Taking my coffee cup I went up to see what Jan wanted. I paused at the computer and picked up the 'pink thingie' as Jan had called my masturbator sleeve. My cock had returned to normal size but as I held the sleeve in my hand I felt it begin to stir in my boxers, and going up the stairs to Jan's I tried 'willing' it to go back to its normal state, but didn't have much luck.

I knocked and heard Jan tell me to 'come in'. Shutting the door behind me I stood in their kitchen.

"I'm in here! Come on back." She called out.

I had been upstairs a number of times and followed her voice back to the bedroom. She was standing on a chair hanging her clean curtains. That wasn't what I was looking at though! Wearing one of Jim's old white dress shirts she wore no bra and the dark areoles and nipples were quite prevalent, and each time she reached up the shirt tail rode up exposing a sheer pair of pink panties. They looked like the kind you see advertised by Hanes that are cut high and expose about half of each cheek. That and her long tapered naked legs I felt the urge to step up and caress them.

She looked over her shoulder and seeing my gaze smiled down at me. "Easy there big guy!" She laughed. "You better put that 'rock' back in your pants. Oh! Good! You did bring that thingie with you."

I realized my cock was hard and standing naked out the opening of my boxers. I pushed it back inside my boxers and laughed, "Oops, sorry 'bout that! NOT!" Then held up the sleeve. "Your note told me to, and it's called a masturbator sleeve." The thick soft gel like sleeve wiggled in my hand.

Jan hopped down off the chair and walking over took it out of my hand. "I've seen them advertised but had never seen one. Where did you get it?" She examined it closely. "You lube the inside of it then slide it over your cock?" She looked at me half-questioningly. Then walking over by her bed, picked up a bottle of scented oil and squirted a few drops in it. As she came back towards me she pushed a couple fingers inside of it. "Oh, it has little nubs in there!"

I nodded and went on to tell her that I had found it at an Adult Bookstore in town, and yes had discovered that it was quite useful for self-pleasure. As I explained she had knelt in front of me and pulled my boxers down. Holding the base of my erection she pushed it down the length. Slowly she began pulling it up and down, watching how it slipped back and forth along the shaft. "It feels really good doesn't it? It forces your precum right out of the tip." She looked up at me and smiled. "Can you take me into town so I can get one for Jim? We'd love this!"

"S-s-sure-e-e, but you better stop-p-p.." I had always enjoyed the sensation of using the sleeve, but watching and feeling Jan do it was overwhelming!

She smiled wickedly and standing up pushed me back onto the bed. "I know!" In a split second she shed her few clothes and crawled up onto the bed. Her breasts swung free as she moved, the areoles taut forcing the nipples into full erection. I reached down and took my sleeve-covered cock in my hand. Damn! I was close! "NO! Not yet! PLEASE!" Jan slapped my hand away.

"Oh gawd Jan! You don't understand!" I practically whined, the pressure of the sleeve, her hand doing me, her breasts. Those same breasts that I had covered with my cum just hours ago! "Oh Jan, I have to cum! I'm so fucking close!"

Jan straddled my belly and leaned towards me. "Tim, I do understand but please try and relax a little." She smiled softly and her lips met mine. Gently her tongue parted my lips and danced against my tongue. Her kiss was intoxicating, and not being able to reach my throbbing prick, I felt the heat begin to subside from my balls. Slowly my body relaxed. "Are you better now?" She broke the kiss and smiled at me, with a softness in her eyes.

Sweat beaded on my forehead. "Y-Y-yes-s-s I think so-o-o..." I had lost the immediate need and didn't feel like I was going to explode at that moment, but my cock throbbed in the tightness of the sleeve.

"Since seeing this 'sleeve' last night I haven't been able to get a thought out of my mind, and if it works you're going to see Jim begging tonight just like you are now." She smiled and moved her hips down over my stomach.

"What? What! Oh FUCK! What are you doing?" Using two hands she hovered over my cock. Holding her cunt open she grasped the base of my cock and held it so the head felt the heat from her wet outer lips. "Ohgawd-d-d-d-d..." I squeezed my eyes shut willing myself not to feel what I knew she was doing!

"Ugh! Oh-h-h-h yes-s-s-s-s!" I had to watch! As if in slow motion Jan impaled herself on me. "Damn that makes it so fucking big!" As her muscles accepted the intrusion she slowly, ever so slowly, took more of me... us...my cock and sleeve slipped up inside her.

"Oh fuck! Oh FUCK ME!!" Slowly, a fraction at a time, I disappeared up inside her. As each inch entered her muscles gripped me, as if I was being squeezed by a vise with jaws made of gel and muscle. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" The dark thick hair of her pussy contrasted sharply against the vivid pink of the sleeve!

"Oh gawd! I feel like I'm being split in half!" Sweat beaded on her upper lip and ran down her cheeks. "Now my love. Now cum in me!" Her hands flat on my chest she supported herself. Sweat dripped from her cheeks and onto her breasts, finally dripping from her nipples onto my chest. She looked directly at me and spoke through clenched teeth. "I can feel you everywhere inside my cunt."

I nodded, my whole body was throbbing! I thought I could feel her clit and looked between our bellies. Jan was spread so wide that her erect pink bud was touching my pubic bone. "Rock back and forth Jan." She started to pull up. "NO!" I grabbed her hips and held her down tight against me. "Back and forth. Slowly...yes that's it." I watched, as she understood what I was saying, and began to rub her clit against me. '

"Oh yes. Oh gawd yes!" Each time her clit rubbed against me her muscles tightened around my cock. It took only a few moments. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth opened into a scream but there was no sound. Her body said it all as it suddenly convulsed in climax. Then, "AAAHHH-I-I-I-I-I-E-E-E-E-E-E-G-G-G-G-A-A-A!!!" Her screamed filled the room! Her fingernails dug into my chest as her hips began long, seemingly intentional pounding, up and down my cock.

I didn't move! My cock didn't move! The sleeve, gripped tightly in her cunt DID! It started deep in my throat! I erupted, "OOHH-H-H-H-H-H-N-N-O-O-W-W-W!!!" There was no holding it back, nor any attempt to stop it! It felt as if the head of my cock was split in half as with each heartbeat I shot one hot load after another of cum! "No more-e-e-e..can't any more-e-e-e..." I had nothing left in me. I was empty.

Jan's arms gave out and she fell down onto my chest. We both lay motionless except for trying to catch our breath. Minutes passed without a word as we panted into each other's ear. Finally Jan rolled off and lay next to me. Slowly our breathing returned to normal.

"Can we go to town now?" She giggled again. "That is after a shower and putting some clothes on."

I went down to my place and showered then got some clothes on while Jan did her 'thing'. We headed into town and I took her to the Adult Bookstore, she shopped quickly but still walked out with not only 'the sleeve' but a number of other things. Stopping at the grocery store we hurried in and got some steaks and things for salad. As I stood in line with our cart she hurried off and returned with oysters and olives, making some smart remark that Jim and I 'would be needing them'.

We got back to the house with a little less than hour before Jim was expected home. During our trip to town and as Jan got dinner together she shared some of their experiences. Before Jim's business had begun to take so much of his time they had been quite active in some 'extra activities'. From what she told me they were a well matched couple, and although Jan had many fantasies it was Jim's that she enjoyed seeing come true.

His two favorites were of seeing her with another woman or man. She had had a female lover for many years. As for Jim watching her with another man, that had happened only a couple times, but something they both seemed to enjoy.

The phone rang and it was Jim. He was on his way home and would be here in about twenty minutes. Jan handed me the platter of steaks and I made my way out onto the deck and put them on the grill. I had been a little nervous earlier with Jim coming home, but from what Jan had shared it had somewhat eased my mind.

Besides from overhearing pieces of their conversation I could tell that Jim was just as excited. To hear them talk I began to wonder if we would even get through dinner before Jim was ravaging Jan's body. I had to chuckle listening to Jan trying to calm him down and not get a speeding ticket.

The steaks were done to perfection as Jim pulled in the garage. "Hey Tim! How you doing?" He gave me a slap on the back. "Been getting your ashes hauled from what Jan tells me." He laughed as he went on into the house.

"Evening Jim" I laughed. "Steaks are ready and coming right in."

Dinner was quick with very little conversation. We all knew what the evening was going to bring and we hurried to finish our meal.

"I'm going to go down and get a quick shower." The dishes were picked up and I walked to the door.

"Me too. Just come on in when you finish up." Jim waved and headed back towards the bedrooms.

I got my shower and shaved and grabbing a robe made my way back upstairs. From the hard on that was evident during dinner I had no doubt where Jim and Jan would be, and wasn't surprised to find them in their bedroom.

"Hi Tim." Jan sat naked on the bed next to her equally naked and erect husband. "Slip your robe off and come sit with us." I dropped my robe, and with my cock bobbing in front of me walked over and sat down.

I hadn't paid much attention to what she had bought at the Adult Store, but this was interesting! Padded handcuffs held his wrists to the headboard. She had placed a pillow under each of his knees, which raised them slightly, and with his ankles about eighteen inches apart were cuffed to the footboard.

His cock was fully erect and not much larger than mine just as she had said, although thicker. What caught my eye was the mushroom head! It was round, yet somewhat pointed and looked just like the top of a mushroom. At the moment it was erect and laying against his belly in a pool of precum that dripped freely from the cock tip.

Jan smiled as she reached across and wrapped her fist around my hardness. "He has always wanted to watch me get fucked, and that's going to happen. Besides he has always had other fantasies as have I, so we're going to make them come true." Leaning across his belly we watched as she took my cock to the back of her throat.

"Ummmm...damn!" Holding the base of my cock she made loud slurping sounds as she sucked my cock. Her other hand stroked Jim's erection. I looked over at Jim, "Are you sure you're ok with this?"

He forced his gaze away from Jan going down on my cock to look up at me, and smiled. "Hell yes. It's a dream coming true!"

I lifted Jan's head off my cock. "Get on your hands and knees over his head. He wants to see me fuck you!" Jan worked her way over his head until her pussy was just inches away from his face, her knees between his arms and head. Her arms supported herself on the headboard.

Straddling him my balls grazed his chest as I moved forward. Grasping her hip with one hand I tilted her slightly and using my other hand to aim my cock pressed the head of my cock between the wet inviting lips. With my cock firmly embedded I took her hips in both hands and pushed forward.

"OHHHH GAWD!!" Jan gasped and caught her balance as I slammed fully into her. "Oh shit! He's licking my clit! OH FUCK!" Jan moved one hand off the headboard and pushed Jim's head back onto the pillow. "Oh no, not yet. You want to see me get fucked, so watch closely."

Working my hands up under her I held a breast in each hand. Caressing each mound and nipple as I withdrew I would grip them firmly and pull her back towards me each time I slammed into her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Jan picked up my cadence and met my every thrust.

Her cunt gripped me tightly as I pumped my hardness in her. With her in this position I could stare down the crack of her ass and see the little puckered hole that I had fucked only hours before. "Jan! I'm going to cum!" Mental pictures of my cock fucking that tight hole flashed through my mind.

"Yes! YES! Fuck my cunt!" Jan gasped. "Fill my cunt just like you did my ass! FUCK ME!"

"He REALLY DID?!?!" Jim's voice, somewhat muffled, called from underneath us.

"Yes-s-s-s. He-e-e did-d-d-D-D-D-D-D!!!!" I felt my balls tighten and then release my load. "He's cumming! Jim he's filling MY CUNT!!"

"Oh my gawd! Oh fuck! Oh damn!" Jim moaned as he was forced to watch, just inches from his eyes, my cock violate his wife's open cunt. Although I don't really know how you can force the willing!

"NOW-W-W-W!!" Holding her breasts my thighs slapping against hers I continued to unload in her until my balls were empty. "OHH damn-n-n-n." I pushed up into her and held myself tight against, and deep inside. I felt my final spasms, as what cum was left, was milked from me by her cunt muscles squeezing me. "Ahhhhh sweet mother..." I began to soften but she held me tight.

"Ok baby, it's all yours." I heard the click as she undid the cuffs that held his hands. "OH DAMN! YES!!" She turned quickly, dislodging me, and grabbing my shoulders pressed her clit down tight to Jim's lips.

I sat back leaving a trail of my cum and Jan's juices along Jim's chest and belly. We looked into one another's eyes as his lips and tongue worked over her clit. They took on a glazed look as he brought her to the peak of orgasm.

"Yes! Oh my gawd! Yes! Oh my gawd!" I watched as Jan pressed her clit tighter and tighter to his open lips. Her hips moved in short rapid jerks as he tongued her hard nub. "I'm going-g-g-g to cum! CUM NOW! A-A-A-I-I-I-E-E-E!!! FUCK-K-K-K!!!"

Holding onto my shoulder with one hand she dropped her other between her thighs and pushing Jim's mouth away began jacking herself to completion. With a slight forward motion her full, leaking cunt was against Jim's mouth.

Slowly her body ceased its shaking and her fingers gently played around her satisfied clit. "Yes lover. Oh yes, that's right..." She smiled at me. "Suck my cunt. Get all of Tim's cum."

Jim's body shook with lust as he greedily and noisily sucked and swallowed the mixture of cum and juices from Jan's pussy. He held her tight to him and would push her away momentarily only to take a breath and return to sucking out her cunt.

It was then that I first felt him moving under me. Together Jan and I looked down, then back up at one another. When I had sat back I had settled on Jim's erection. He was humping against my balls and spent prick, and I could feel his heartbeat from the underside of his throbbing shaft against me. The big mushroom head engorged with blood dripped clear sticky precum freely onto his belly.

Jan smiled softly and reaching down I felt her fingernails gently scratch my spent prick, and then her hand closed around me and Jim's turgid manhood, holding them tightly together. From beneath her Jim groaned audibly and he pushed up against her hand.

Everything went into slow motion. Jan lifted off Jim as she bent forward, moving closer and closer to the two cocks she held in her hand. Her hair fell forward hiding her face. I looked down and knew Jim was watching also. Her tongue caressed my softness then circled Jim's hard throbbing cock. Slowly she licked his precum from his belly. Her hair lightly brushing my thighs as her head moved over us.

Rising up she cradled the back of my neck with her hand and pulled my lips to hers, the same soft smile on her lips but a pleading look in her eyes. I met her lips with mine and tasted the sticky lubricant from Jim's cock. She gasped as my tongue parted her lips and searched the recesses of her mouth.

Backing away from me she moved over beside Jim and pushed me to his other side. Wrapping her fist around his cock, she held his cock up and her hand slowly slid up over the mushroom head then back to the base. She looked to Jim then back to me. "Please, we want to see."

I quickly looked at Jim, his eyes darted from Jan and me and down at his throbbing prick. He nodded. Jan held him as they both watched my head drop down. It had been years since I had felt the hard/soft fleshy head of another man's cock in my mouth. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling nor one that at the moment I wanted to deny Jim experiencing. I watched their facial expressions as I took in the large mushroom head and only stopped when my lips closed around the shaft, meeting Jan's fingers.

"He is! You are! I...never..." Jan gasped! Jim's mouth hung open as he stared down at me, his hips rising wanting more of his cock in my mouth. Pushing Jan's hand away I took two fingers and my thumb to take the base of his prick. It was evident that he was close to the point of no return.

My mind flashed back to the night in our dorm room. My buddy and I had fucked his girlfriend in every way imaginable and she had wanted to us get each other off. Much to her pleasure he had given what she desired and had brought me off. She had then pleaded with me to do him, as her fingers worked between her thighs. I had had an idea and she screamed in ecstasy as I went down on him. Although it had been years, I remembered as if it was just yesterday. Slowly I lifted my mouth off Jim's cock while bringing my fingers and thumb up the shaft.

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