tagMind ControlIf Music Be The Food of Love

If Music Be The Food of Love


Jennifer Cross had walked away from her boyfriend of four years; she had caught him in bed with another girl in their flat. She had arrived home unexpectedly due to a power out due to some electrical fault at her office. When Jennifer arrived home she used his key to open the door and was greeted by the unmistakable sound of someone having sex. She had walked to the bedroom door which was half open and she had been greeted with the sight of Joe's bare backside clenching in the throes of his climax as he thrust deep into a stranger's spasming pussy, her back arched up against Joe as he climaxed deep inside of her. Jennifer gave a cry of disbelief and Joe who had turned to see who was there jerked away pulling his shaft out of the unknown blonde, Jennifer could see he was not wearing a condom and he had ridden this unknown woman bareback, something she had never allowed him to do.

Jennifer had screamed at him and he had pulled his penis from the struggling blond beneath him, spraying his seed over her breasts and neck. He had begged Jennifer to forgive him and she had flatly refused. She told him he could keep everything and she wanted no more to do with him. She was secretly heart broken; she had committed everything to him over the previous four years, and had been so shocked she could have died. She had spent the night, at her mothers, crying her eyes out until the early hours of the morning. When she woke she realised she was better off without him; better to find he was not faithful before rather than after they were married. She spent a long time over her makeup and felt strangely resigned to the fact that Joe would no longer be a part of her life. She felt like an open book with blank pages waiting to be filled. She went to work, feeling alone and in the mood of depression she found herself in; she believed mistakenly that everyone knew about her break up with Joe.

It was about mid morning when for the first time she became aware of the soft background music playing in the office, it was the latest thing her boss had installed. Jennifer let herself sink into the music and her hands seemed to fly over the computer keyboard, if it was supposed to make everyone concentrate on their work, it was certainly doing the trick.

The Young handsome technical guy who had installed the system looked around the staff; they were mostly women, all of them seemed to be fairly young, some of them were quite pretty and obviously intelligent; as his eyes roamed over each one in turn he spotted Jennifer, she looked so sad her face was concentrating on her work as though nothing mattered in the world other than her completion of the work in hand. The subliminal voices on the tape, unheard and unnoticed to the casual listener, but hidden below normal hearing, were a set of instructions. In Jennifer's case the secret messages had affected her far more than the others. Stanley knew at once that she was the perfect woman to try out his new tape. The subliminal messages on the tape ordered by her boss were illegal, but the messages to work hard, to avoid all other distractions, would be absorbed by the staff over the next three months. It had done so in every office Stanley had installed the system in. But with Jennifer the effect had been almost instantaneous; she was the one Stanley decided would be the ideal person to try out his own experiment.

Stanley had been amazed at how subliminal messages worked, when he had been employed by "The new sound Generation Music Co Ltd", he had not believed his bosses as they explained how the system worked, during his interview and throughout his probationary period at his new job. Subliminal messages to shoppers had increased sales in many of the major supermarkets and his bosses were now branching out into offices, to get better output from the staff. Stanley however had other plans, he wondered if it would work on a woman's libido. He had added messages to the normal tape such as "I'm very horny", I need to remove my panties", Oh Jesus I'd love to suck Stanley's penis", "Stanley is the best thing in the world", "I'm in love with Stanley", "I want Stanley to make love to me", "I want Stanley to take me in the rest room", "I will do anything Stanley asks me to do". Jennifer had been the first woman Stanley had seen react to the subliminal effects so quickly, he did not know that the break from her boyfriend had made her more susceptible to the messages and he did not really care.

Jennifer was suddenly aware that the tape had stopped and she relaxed as it started again, she was unaware that this time that Stanley's own messages were mixed in with the others. She continued to work, her fingers covering the keyboard faster than she could remember, but there was something else in the back of her mind she could not quite reconcile. When she had walked out on Joe the previous evening and even before she had started out for work this morning she had been determined that she was finished with men forever, but now for some reason she felt horney, she was getting very moist, her pussy was on fire, she had an itch that needed to be satisfied, in addition to which she was getting very aroused and her panties were getting very wet.

Strange she thought, I need to go to the rest room and wash, I'm sure I'll find some relief there. She stood up and walked briskly to the rest room where for no other reason than she felt uncomfortable with her panties on, she took them off and slipped them into her handbag. She looked up as the door opened and was surprised to see a man walk into the ladies rest room. As he locked the door behind him read the name tag on his white coat and read the word "Stanley".

It was as if Jennifer lost control and she began to undress infront of this stranger, she not only felt horny, but she wanted him to take her there and then. It seemed perfectly natural when he began to undress in front of her. She glanced down as he dropped his trousers and under shorts and was pleased to see he had an erection. The size of his penis surprised her, it was much bigger than Joe's had been and as she ripped off her bra she knelt naked before him and to her own surprise she took his rigid penis into her mouth, something she had never done in her life before. Her mouth moved over the purple head and her tongue swept around the underside, she could smell the man's odour, she could savour the tangy taste of him as her vagina was almost swamped with her own juices. God she thought to herself I can even smell myself. Stanley stood with his penis inside Jennifer's mouth, she was an amateur at giving head and although it felt OK he decided if the suggestion on the tape had been strong enough he would much prefer to cum inside of her wet pussy. He did not know how long the subliminal messages would last as he had not been told to install a speaker in the rest room.

Stanley, who was now very hard and fully erect, pulled Jennifer to her feet; she had magnificent breasts they were firm and pointed with dark areola and pink nipples that were simply begging to be sucked. He pushed her back until she sat on the couch, provided under the firm's health and safety rules, for female staff if they felt faint during working hours. Jennifer offered no resistance as Stanley lay her back on the couch and knelt down between her thighs; he pushed her lags wider apart, she watched as though in a trance as his head went down and he began running his tongue down towards her sex, quickly arousing her immature passion. Jennifer's breathing became ragged and she raised her hips up off the couch, as Stanley's tongue touched her outer lips, her body began undulating, and she pushed her now wet vulva against the probing flesh. It slid inside her and swirled in her soft interior.

Stanley eagerly pushed deeper into her and she began to moan and thrust her swollen pussy lips against him, taking the swirling tongue in to its limit. Easing back Stanley let his tongue run over her hooded nub and it folded back, opening like a flower, revealing her erect clitoris. Jennifer moaned loader and gasped, her climax was almost upon her. Stanley felt her muscles clench his tongue and Jennifer's orgasm ripped through her young body. She moaned aloud and her legs which had now closed around Stanley's neck gripped him like a vice. She came onto his tongue and he tasted her sweetness. The moment passed and feeling her begin to relax, Stanley moved his face away from her vagina and up over her mound, past her stomach and his lips sought and found one of her nipples which had ripened to a new level of hardness, as he did so he moved his hard member towards her open and available love nest.

Knowing now that the messages had successfully embedded themselves in young Jennifer's mind and that she would not resist; Stanley pushed her knees up against her chest and lined up the throbbing hard flesh. To Jennifer, Stanley's Prick looked huge now, the veins covering the swollen shaft seemed to pulse, as he rubbed it up and down between her swollen pussy lips; soon it was covered with her juices and the fluid leaking from the mouth like slit in the purple head was almost bubbling as it mixed with her own. Jennifer was nervous, but her pussy needed filling, she felt heady as though she had been drinking wine. Her vulva started to pulsate, further lubricating itself in preparation for the invasion to come.

Jennifer's fingers wrapped as far around the throbbing shaft as she could, she could not close her hand around the huge, thick, column of flesh as she gently helped him rub it nearer the core. "I don't have a condom" Stanley said almost apologetically. Jennifer knew it was dangerous, but for some reason she could not fathom for the life of her, somehow, regardless of the risk, she had to have him inside of her craving vagina, she knew she should push him away, but the craving was driving her to a point of no return. Her hand began to pull the throbbing flesh closer to the inner entrance of her yearning pussy which by now was extruding copious amounts of her juices in anticipation of what was to come.

Jennifer felt herself push her legs wider apart and the head pressed harder against her slowly yielding inner portal. She gave a soft groan and whispered, "Oh God be careful. I'm so randy, Just don't cum in my pussy, pull out when I tell you, but I need to feel you inside me, just for a short time" Stanley nodded and she presumed he understood

Jennifer lay back and relaxed, she looked at Stanley's face he looked like a man on a mission; he in turn stared at the huge phallus poised at the entrance to Jennifer's swollen pussy lips and he groaned as his hips pressed forward in short firm thrusts. The huge head was now forcing its way into Jennifer's opening as she stared, open mouthed in awe, as the huge pole moved slowly inwards; it was sliding into the pussy that should have been reserved for Joe, and Joe alone. She had never let Joe inside her without wearing a condom; she had always been too scared, now she was lying on her back, letting a complete stranger push his oversize throbbing penis inside her unprotected pussy, bareback.

Stanley began slowly, thrusting in and out stretching her vagina wider than she had imagined, her pussy struggled to adjust to the penis's huge size. The fluids her own pussy was producing in addition to the pre-cum leaking from the huge purple crown were helping, but she could see Stanley was having difficulties getting all the way in, her tight pussy just wasn't used to anything so big. The struggle was watched by both participants as Stanley rocked back and forth. Jennifer had never seen or felt anything like it, to the surprise of both of them Jennifer suddenly without warning tightened around him, as one of the most intense orgasms she had ever achieved made her muscles clamp around the huge intruder.

That seemed to do the trick; the extra juices produced by he orgasm made the effort easier, as soon as Stanley felt her relax and he gave several deep thrusts, the thick veined monster slid deeper and deeper. Jennifer felt his hands under her buttocks and with a grunt of pleasure with a short thrust of his hips he slid the last two inches into her tight pussy. The head was pressing hard against the end of her slick muscle lined tunnel, pushing against her cervix. The ecstasy of being so full made her pussy feel like a vice clamping down on him, as she repeatedly orgasmed again and again around the hard column of flesh deep within her spasming vagina, she had never experienced multiple orgasms before, she knew she should remind him to be careful or to stop, but it felt so good.

Jennifer could feel his pubic hairs tickle her as they pressed up against the shaved area around her pubis mons as he hesitated momentarily letting her get used to her stretched pussy being so full. Then he began in earnest, he withdrew until only the purple head remained within her pussy and he plunged into her with one huge thrust; he repeated this again and again. Then like rutting animals they began to fuck without fear or favour. The huge shaft was pounding into her like a veritable piston. The slurping sound it made as it entered and left her pussy was the sexiest noise she had ever experienced. A huge orgasm was beginning to build again inside of her as they both moaned with erotic pleasure of their coupling, totally oblivious as to where they were.

Jennifer was having the best sex she had ever had; her next climax was building like the prelude to a gigantic storm. Her very soul was crying out for satisfaction. "I am getting close" Stanley muttered feeling the pressure in his balls begin. Even as he heard the words come from his mouth, Stanley knew it would be difficult to pull out of her as the clamping vagina around his plunging shaft seemed to be sucking him deeper. Jennifer did not want it to stop, she had to let him bring her oncoming climax to a head, she could not let him pull out yet, she had to let her tormented vagina have it's building orgasm, come what may. Her hands reached down and grasped his large swinging ball sack and began hold the swollen testes in the hope she could somehow prevent the inevitable. "I'll need to pullout soon" Stanley moaned. As the huge penis continued to plunge in and out of the gripping wetness of her warm cloying sheath, Jennifer's climax neared, but she was still not quite there.

"Just a bit longer" Jennifer whimpered to him. She could feel her orgasm building and building; she knew it was going to be an even bigger and more intense one than her last. Stanley was lost, his head was down sucking wildly on the wonderful breasts moving tantalisingly before his eyes, his teeth grazing and nipping in his urgent need to release his anguished scrotum. She looked up into his eyes as her body built up to a climax of note, the veins in Stanley's neck were like ropes as he struggled to hold back. The with a cry like a banshee Jennifer felt her orgasm peak, like a giant starburst deep in her very core, her body rose up sucking Stanley's plunging penis deeper than she thought possible. Stanley was shaking his head from side to side, until a split second later he gave a startled cry, "Oh God I'm cumming. I can't hold back any longer." Stanley threw his head back and grunted. Jennifer stiffened and her back arched upwards taking the monster into her vagina as far as it would go, she felt it begin to swell. She knew what was coming, she had to get him to pull out of her clamping, spasming pussy; but seemingly her body was on a mission of its own and she was unable to control any of her muscles. She felt the huge cock inside her sucking vagina begin to swell. Then it began to twitch and then almost immediately she felt it begin to spurt its virile semen into her waiting womb. Again and again she felt the jets of hot thick stringy pearls of life making cum burst out of the driving shaft, it spurted thick wads of Stanley' fertile sperm into her very core like a fountain.

Jennifer's body was on auto as she closed her legs behind him, her ankles crossing like a vice, holding him deep inside of her quivering vagina as her orgasm pulsated through her spasming pussy. The muscles of her sucking vagina seemed to have a mind of their own as they milked the pulsating jerking shaft drawing his virile seed upwards to meet with the waiting fertile ova in her fallopian tubes.

Jennifer felt him drive the last spurt deep into her waiting womb, the heat spread like a molten mass of metal in a mould. He was still hard but softening within her, as he slumped forward, his penis was slowly being withdrawn. The full weight of Stanley was pressing down on her sore breasts which were covered with the reddened tell tale marks, which would become brown hickies in the next couple of days, where he had sucked and bitten at the height of his tirade. "Oh my God Jennifer moaned She was intending to get from under him as she pushed up at the weight pressing down on her chest, the movement of her vagina around the softening shaft seemed to work wonders; she gave a soft moan as she felt him begin to firm inside her again

"Oh God," Jennifer moaned The shaft hardened to its maximum in a matter of seconds, as she felt him slide it hard up into her again. She could feel her pussy stretch as it tried to accommodate this huge organ being forced deep inside her for a second time. Her eyes widened as she felt his cock go deep, it filled her completely and almost seemed like it would break her in half, as it just kept pushing forward. Finally, she felt the invasion end as their pubic bones met for the second time that morning and his cock touched her cervix. They lay motionless for a minute to get adjusted to the feel of each other once more, until very slowly Stanley began his thrust.

Stanley was like a man possessed as began to drive the thick shaft into her slowly while Jennifer moaned deeply as he leaned down, and taking a sore nipple into his mouth, began to suck her tender and red bite marked breasts. Jennifer seemed in a trance, unable to control her wanton emotions, she grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her breasts as he continued to suck and bite, she wrapped her legs around him as he continued his deep thrusts. He could not believe how tight she was as he continued to burrow his cock up inside of her, the pistoning flesh felt like it was contained in a velvet glove, he had no need to fear she would be dry, he had cum so much he could hear the soft wet sounds of it being expelled as he thrust again and again. "Oh God ...this is so fucking good," he moaned As he picked up his pace and began to thrust harder and faster.

Jennifer could not understand what was happening to her, her body just craved this stranger who had already cum into her fertile pussy and instead of panicking she was letting him do it again. She heard her own voice say. "Oh God Stanley...don't stop keep going, oh Jesus you're making me feel so good...oh it's so big Stanley...oh God, just fuck me Stanley," Jennifer cried out as she felt all of her inhabitations fade away and become replaced with pure lust. The sound of his body smacking against hers and the wet sucking sounds as pulled and drove into her repeatedly was erotic. Stanley could not believe his luck, he had not expected the effects to be so strong or last this long, but he took her words to heart and began to pound into her furiously, Jennifer pulled Stanley's mouth back to her breasts and locked her legs behind him, as she felt the build up of pleasure in her pussy. "Oh God Stanley, yes!, yes! Give me all of it I want it all the way inside of me," Jennifer cried out as her hips rose up and a few minutes later her next orgasm took her body to new heights of pleasure.

Stanley continued to pump until he felt his own wave of pleasure building, he felt her orgasm burst tightening her clamping muscles around him but he was still a long way off. He withdrew his monster from her with a loud sucking sound and lifted her up tuned her around and pushed her forward. "I want you from behind," Stanley said in a deep husky voice full of urgent desire. He got his foot between her ankles and pushed her feet apart. His rampant prick jerked and bucked of its own accord as her pussy appeared before his eyes stretched and gaping, but ready for more. The purple head looked angry and was covered with a mixture of his and her bodily fluids as he grabbed her and pulled her against him.

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