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If Only...


Slowly she awoke from the dream she had been having. It was one of those amazing dreams which makes you want to hold onto sleep for a just a bit longer, but something was insisting she wake up. An itch. On her head. But when she went to scratch it, she discovered her hands couldn't move.

It was funny, she knew she should be startled at this but she wasn't. Just puzzled. Had she fallen asleep with her arm under herself again while studying? Were they tangled up in the blasted duvet cover again? It took her awhile to realize they were tied behind her back.

"Wakey, wakey" There was someone trying to wake her up. But why? Why was her head so foggy? She could barely form a single thought. Opening her eyes, she saw a person in front of her. The first thing she noticed was that they were wearing a mask. The next thing she noticed is that he was rather well built man.

"Good, now I need you stand up and bend forward for me so we can really get started. Good girl, up you go."

She simply complied. It made her happy to comply. But it also confused her to notice that she was naked from the waist up. 'How had that happened?' she wondered to herself. As she stood up and bent over at the waist, her DD tits hung down invitingly. And the man before her took the invitation to heart as he began teasing her nipples. It wasn't long before they were both erect and she just stood there watching the entire process with fascination. She had never been able to get them to stand out too much on her own but this man, he obviously knew what he was doing.

'I should resist. This isn't right. This isn't me.' But it felt so good to let him continue. And he took his time with them. Slowly working each one to a sharp peak before gently closing the clamps over each of them. He wasn't ready for her to gain all of her awareness back just yet. Next he grabbed some rope and began wrapping at the base of first one and then other. Just tight enough to be begin to be uncomfortable but not enough to cause any real pain. Not yet. The entire time he just kept telling her what a good girl she was and she just kept watching in fascination. Now that her tits had been bound, they had started to swell, making them firm and sensitive to the touch.

"Ok, my good girl. Time to stand up straight." She followed his request, only really thinking about how her bound tits reacted to the change in position. "Close your eyes for a second my good girl...go back to your dream for a moment." Oh yes, the dream. It was still there, floating around the edges of her mind. She closed her eyes to see if she might be able to get back to it.

But as it is with dreams, you never really get right back into it. The wonderfulness of it was there but now she was climbing to reach some new height. A great reward awaited her at the top but she needed to stretch to reach the next step of the climb. It was hard work and she was starting to have trouble catching her breath from the work and the altitude.

While she was in dream land once again, the man had retied her hands to a bar above her head which caused her to stretch out almost to the point of being on her toes. Again, he didn't want her to be fully aware just yet. Keeping her a bit in dreamland, he knew, would make the experience so much better in the long run. He began to pull a corset on her and slowly tighten the laces. When it was all said and done, it would reduce her waist by nearly three inches. Starting at her waist and going up to just under those beautiful bound tits, it would give her curves more emphasis than she had ever known they could have.

Then he put on the posture collar. Snug, but not tight. The corset would already pose enough of a challenge in her quest to get enough air into her lungs. He just needed the collar to keep her head still. With this done, he whispered into her ear, "congrats my good girl. You have earned your reward. Open up."

Thinking she had reached the top to discover her dream man had made her a mountain top picnic, she opened up expected to taste one of the delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries. But it didn't taste right. It was too hard. Something was wrong. She started to wake up to try and figure out what has happening to discover that the man was real, but the mountain top and strawberry were very much a dream. Instead they were in what appeared to be a darken room and he was putting a decent sized ball gag into her mouth.

Suddenly her brain began to fight against the fog. He could see it in her eyes. He knew she was afraid of gags because her sinuses often became suddenly stuffy preventing her from being able to breath properly. But he gave her a moment to realize that while this gag filled her mouth, it also had a hole in the middle for air to get through.

"I see the fog is starting to lift. You are probably wondering how you came to be here, with me, in your current situation. It's simple really, you asked to be here."

While she was starting to feel like she could think again, this information didn't help her at all. She wouldn't ask for something like this to happen. Would she? No, how would she even know to ask? This was all new to her.

Seeing her confusion in her eyes, the man continued, "I know, you don't remember anything previous to this and you won't until you are ready to. But be assured, you are safe. I won't go beyond any boundaries previously stated. But being the good girl you are, you just get ready to enjoy the experience." She couldn't remember much of what he said, but when she heard the words good girl, some part of her knew that what he said was true.

"Now my good girl, shall we see how wet you are for me?" And for the first time, she became fully aware of several things. First, that she was in a corset, had her nipples clamped and her tits bound, and that she was standing nearly on tip toe with her hands abound firmly to a bar over her head. She had never been this exposed to a guy before in her life. Not even at the doctor's office as she had always had female doctors for her exams. She suddenly wanted very much to cover herself.

But she was also suddenly aware of how aroused she was. And yes, she was soaking wet down there. She could feel it soaking her jeans. Which also made her aware that she was not wearing any underwear. That she had chosen to take it off before leaving the house. With a package. Realizing that she had done something so out of character and so associated with a porno flick increased her embarrassment but it also increased her arousal.

And she suddenly realized there was nothing she could do to stop the man from finding out just how wet and aroused she was. He slowly moved towards her, eyes sparkling and a smirk on his lips which could be seen despite his mask. He took his time unbuttoning her jeans, sliding down the zipper, and easing them off over her hips, ass, and thighs. All she could do was look up to the ceiling and feel the heat creep up her face as she blushed crimson at the thought of what this stranger was about to discover.

After her jeans were all the way off, he came around behind her, circling her around the waist, as he slowly brought his hand ever closer to her pussy. Her soaking wet pussy the scent of which was now starting to fill the room. He slowly parted her lips and his fingers crept into her folds finding the moisture that made her level of arousal abundantly clear to him.

He chuckled. "Ah my good girl, I see we are on the right track. That's good to know. Let me just get something to entertain your hot little hole while we play other games, shall we?" Slowly he pushed something into her needy cunt. It was bigger than various items around the house she had improvised with throughout the years and it hurt as it popped her cherry but with all her juices, it still went in rather easily. It felt odd to have something filling her hole in such a way. Amazingly enough, she was still a virgin. Trusting men was hard for her so she had chosen to focus on her education and career instead of pursuing any sort of relationship.

She grunted with the pain but he knew it was coming and added some attention to her swollen clit to distract her. By the time he had the vibrator nearly all the way in, she was already starting to subconsciously thrust her hips looking for more stimulation. He smiled to himself knowing it was only the start. He took his hand away and settled the rabbit ears of the vibrator right up against her clit but refraining from turning it on.

Next her grabbed the plastic wrap and began by ensuring the vibrator would stay in place. Then he came around in front of her. "Ok my good girl, time to start at the top. But no more dreaming." She could do nothing but stare at him as it slowly dawned on her what he intended to do next. If she tried to kick, it meant taking all the weight on her wrists. The posture collar prevented her from shaking her head. The gag prevented her from mounting an effective verbal protest. Her hands were uselessly trapped above her head.

He placed some ear buds into her ears "to be sure you can hear me when I need to talk to you" he explained. He put some soft pads over her eyes and taped them on so they wouldn't move, effectively taking away her sight. And then she felt him begin with the plastic wrap around her head. She did her best to not panic but as he covered it with more and more layers which got closer to her mouth and nose, she feared she wouldn't be able to stop herself. And being in the corset, not being able to get a good deep breath, was not helping matters.

Then she felt something poking into her nostrils and through the hole in the gag: tubes. After which he fully wrapped her face in the plastic wrap. Next he wrapped her torso, at first around her bound tits and then compressing them into her body. She squirmed as they had now become swollen and sensitive and the nipple clamps hurt being compressed into the hard breast tissue. Then he worked his way down her legs. First he did them individually and then bound them together all the way down to and including her feet leaving her momentarily thankful her hands were fixed to the bar above as she had very little sense of balance left to her.

But that wasn't to last for long as he wrapped each of her arms, releasing each of them one at a time to wrap all the way to the individual fingers. She knew it was pointless to try and fight him. If she did, she knew would just fall over and likely hurt herself. She couldn't walk or run, scream, see, or even hear properly. And she was acutely away of her filled pussy, reminding her of her arousal which hadn't seemed to dissipate at all despite her situation. And despite feeling like she could think clearly, she knew some piece was missing as she had no idea how she had some to be in the place, with this man, and not in a blind panic considering what he was doing to her.

Next she felt something belt like across her shoulders and realized she felt more stable again. He had anticipated her lack of balance and had tethered her back to the bar above. Unknown to her, he had also moved several cushions around her to ensure a soft landing in case of an unexpected fall. With one last round of the plastic wrap to secure her arms behind her once again, he started the final stage of the bondage.

The duct tape started at her toes and slowly climbed up her legs. All she could feel was the increasing pressure at it tightened her bonds. Slowly it rose up her calves, over her knees and up her thighs, around her waist. As she felt the pressure increasing with the rising of the tape, she began to worry about her poor crushed tits. Would he skip over them or were they in for more pain in being further crushed in the bound and clamped state?

Just as he did with the plastic wrap, at first he went around them, framing them, allowing her to believe they might be spared before using the tape to mercilessly crush them into her chest. She began to whimper, hoping he would relent, but it did no good. For all the slack he had left in the plastic wrap around them, he was twice as diligent in now ensuring a tight wrap. No longer being in dream land, she felt the pain of the sensitive tits and clamped nipples in a way she could not ignore.

Until he began wrapping her head in the tape. If it was possible, the gag was more tightly compressed into her mouth and her head held more rigidly in place as it become one with the posture collar. Her only comfort was the breathing tubes in her nose and mouth. Her world focused on breathing through the pain in her tits and not allowing the panic to overwhelm her since a deep breath with the tight corset, and now double layer of wrapping, wasn't going to be possible.

Suddenly the ear buds seem to come alive. "Hello my good girl." Something about hearing him call her good girl helped her stay calm, despite the rational part of her brain being totally confused as to why that would be case. "I'm going to move my good girl now. I won't let my good girl fall." Suddenly she felt the sensation of falling backwards as, unknown to her, he had moved a tilted platform behind her and was lowering her to it. While it was a bit unsettling, she was glad to no longer be standing.

Soon she was laying down, strapped to the platform. The man was proud of the work he had accomplished for far with this one. It had gone better than he could have hoped. It was now time to help her remember a little bit more.

The earbuds came to life once again, but this time there was a second voice. She panicked for a moment until she realized the voice sounded strangely familiar. It was her voice! "I am a good girl. I asked my master to help me. I asked my master to meet me. My master sent me a package. It told me where to go to meet my master. I asked him to bind my tits, clamp my nipples and then wrap me up really tight it a vibrator in my pussy and on my clit. I hope he will force me to cum over and over while I can't move or object. I hope he will then unwrap me bit by bit. I want him to unwrap and abuse my tits. I want him to uncover and whip my ass and cunt. I want him to be sure I am fully fucked for once in my life. I don't want to be able to see him the entire time. I am not worthy to see my master's true identity. I want him to brainwash me so deeply that I don't remember even knowing what a slut was or did until I am fully bound. I want to know I have been mind fucked as well as face fucked and cunt fucked."

Suddenly her memories started to come back to her. Well, at least some of them. The nights spent reading stories and listening to files. She had started emailing someone after one of those files. They had sent some special files for her to test out. She liked them. They made her go deep and feel so relaxed and rested by the end. They had agreed that they would try a live session. And then she got the box. It had a jump drive in it with just one file on it. She listened to it as she got ready to go meet her master. If she was willing to fully submit, to fully reveal her darkest fantasy to him, she was to show up without underwear.

But some of her memories remained hidden from her. Like the fact that she had already revealed her darkest fantasy to master. It was what she was living out at the moment. They had talked about limits and safety. Once her head was covered, he was live streaming it to thousands of followers, with her permission.

And as her memories started to come back to her, the man returned with some further information. "Some part of you knows you should be scared now, hearing you say what is going to happen to you, but my good girl is so deep in she has lost the ability to be scared about such things. Her subliminals have been playing since the earbuds went in, keeping her aroused and anticipating what it come next. She is so focused on her needy clit and throbbing cunt; she doesn't even know her name. She is just good girl. She is so humiliated that she is so horny but that only makes her hornier. Good girl knows she is just a horny, humiliated, fucktoy for master tonight."

And she realized it was true. All of it. Now that he had mentioned them, she became aware of the messages being whispered in her ear and the quiet tone which had invaded her mind driving out all thoughts except those of her desperate need to come. She didn't even care what her name was, she just wanted to cum. The vibrator came to life, teasing her, edging her, driving her arousal to heights she didn't know here possible. It moved within her, expanding and contracting, trusting back and forth, forcing her virginal walls to accommodate something larger than a tampon for the first time, the vibrations on her clit started and stopped at random, never enough to drive her over the edge.

He could see her trying to squirm in the little bit of give the wrapping had left her. It wasn't more than a fraction of an inch in either way. He smiled knowing the subliminals being pumped into her earbuds would not give her permission to cum for at least 15 minutes while the vibrator, being remotely controlled, remained set on a random tease. Then it would be switched to high and the subliminals would command her to cum over and over for the next hour.

Some small part of her brain, an ever shrinking part, tried to hang onto reality and remind her that it could have only been a short while that the vibrator had been teasing her but she was desperate to get over the edge so it felt like hours to her horny, mind fucked brain. Then, suddenly, the vibrator kicked into high and she found herself exploding into an orgasm made all the more intense by her inability to move more than the smallest fraction of an inch. But since the vibrations didn't stop, another one rolled over her before the first one had a chance to completely ebb. And then another.

The humiliation at enjoying her predicament, of knowing some stranger was watching her, grew and fed into her arousal which made the orgasms all that much more intense. Within a few moments all she could think about how her throbbing clit and needy cunt and wonder if they would ever be satisfied. She had totally forgotten about the subliminals further feeding her arousal and commanding her to keep cumming. Without realizing it, not only was her name gone from her mind but more and more of her personality and memories as her brain could only process the arousal and humiliation.

He watched her closely, knowing that if it she passed out he would need to turn off the vibrator and give her a rest but also knowing she wanted to be left for the full hour if possible. Unknown to her, he would turn the vibrator down to allow her to catch her breath but she had become so sensitive that any movement sent her over the edge once again and so didn't notice the change.

"Oh good girl. Did you enjoy your orgasms? I enjoyed watching you. You're squirming and little whimpers and moans have me so hard right now. I enjoy watching horny sluts like you embrace who they really are. And you know you are such a horny slut, I bet you still aren't satisfied. I bet your needy cunt is still wanting a good pounding. I bet you'll get even hornier and needier when I abuse your tits and whip your ass. But first we have to make sure you'll be ready for all that fun. Drink up my good girl." And with that, she felt something cool begin to trickle through the tube in her mouth. It tasted funny but she was thirsty so she shallowed until it stopped without protest.

Then she felt the sensation of the platform being tilted upwards again and soon found she was in standing position, but still firmly strapped to something which held her up. The subliminals had also changed, but without her realization, to keep her on edge once again and withhold permission for her to orgasm.

Slowly, carefully, he started to expose her tits. First her clamped nipples. Cutting away just enough space to pull the nipples and clamps to the outer shell, he first tightened the clamps and twisted and yanked on her nipples. The pain barely made a dent into the fog of arousal in her brain. He removed the clamps and abused them with rubber bands, wax, and needles. He took his time. While he was hard, he was also patient. The pain drove the arousal higher which was humiliating for her on an entirely new level. That small part of her brain trying desperately to be rational was screaming that this wasn't normal, but the humiliation it brought only served to drive her arousal higher. Once again she was desperately trying to gain any degree of movement to bring herself off but the bonds master had her in, held her tight.

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