tagMind ControlIf Only... Pt. 02

If Only... Pt. 02


So Familiar

This place felt so familiar to her, but she couldn't figure out why. When could she have possibly have been here before? She didn't even remember arriving here. And as she walked around the room, sipping from the water bottle in her hand, she couldn't help but be curious. There were not any windows. The lights were set bright enough to be able to see comfortably but still dim enough to create a calm and relaxing feel to the room. There was a bathroom in one corner but perhaps the owner was doing some work as it had no door. Soft carpet under was felt under her feet as she walked around.

'Interesting' she thought to herself, 'maybe I've seen pictures of this place.' As she turned around, she noticed the latex mask sitting at the foot of the bed. It looked like a good prop to use to scare whoever when they came back to the room. Unbeknown to many of those her met her, she had a bit of a mischievous streak when it came to scaring people. She loved to cause a good jump and scream and this mask presented a perfect opportunity.

She picked it up and took a moment to examine it. The openings for the eyes and mouth included zippers would could close them off and the nose included small tubes which she assumed would go up her nostrils. Not something she was excited about but she figured it would just be a for a short while. For surely someone would be coming soon, right?

He smiled to himself as he watched on the screen from the next room. It had been nearly a month since she had been here. It had taken two weeks just for the bruises to fade from their last session. It had taken two weeks for her to start to slip into the programming once again. He had used his time wisely, deepening her programming as she shared more and more about her dreams and fantasies only to forget all about them until she would find herself living them out. Today she would find herself doing just that once again.

Despite the mask being tighter than she expected, she was determined to get it on and make the prank work. So focused was she on her task, that he didn't even notice that she still had her earbuds in from the walk over. The technology which had allowed them to be wireless also allowed them to be easily forgotten when one's mind was focused on other things. She discovered a hole to pull her hair through on the top and then worked the mask slowly down over her face, marveling at how tight and yet comfortable it felt. Once it was on, she suddenly found herself forgetting all about her plans to scare someone and simply stood in place as she felt her mind to empty and blank. It was time, master flipped on the camera and started the live feed as he switched on the audio in her ear buds.

"Hello good girl, welcome back. I've been looking forward to more games with you my good girl. Those clothes you're wearing look so uncomfortable, don't you want to be comfortable? Show me how sexy you can be while you get comfortable." He had once again set a subconscious trigger in her to let him know how far she was willing to go. He was pleased to see that she had left the panties at home and had invested in the black lace bra. Today was going to be another fun day with his toy.

She couldn't help but agree with the voice. It was good to be back to play more games. Games were fun. She wondered what games she had played her before. But first the clothes had to go. They just felt so wrong to have on here. She slowly started to stripe in time with the music being quietly played in her ears. She pretended she was being watched from the shadows, that she was trying to make her lover hot while she ever so slowly revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties. Leaving the bra till last, she slowly reached behind her to free her large tits. And the while receiving soft encouragement in her ears from master.

"Good girl, you're so sexy. I bet that got you all worked up, didn't it? Why don't you get on the bed and show me how horny that made you, how me how wet you are." Yes, that sounded like a perfect plan, she realized. She got up on the bed and started playing with herself. Displaying her open cunt to the camera set up to get the perfect view. She worked herself up the very edge but couldn't bring herself to orgasm. She just got more and more aroused. "Oh good girl, you look so horny and wet. Is that needy cunt of yours ready to play?"

"Yes, please. Oh please play with your horny fuck toy. Please, please help me cum." She begged and called out, not caring that no one was in the room with her, just wanting the voice to do something to push her over the edge.

"Good girl. So horny. So wet. So needy. If you are ready to play, look over at the nightstand and put on what you need to play." She looked over at the items on the night stand and realized that she was being asked to put herself at the mercy of the voice in her ears. She was surprised to realize that she didn't care. She was too horny to care. Somehow she knew she was safe. She started with the cuffs around her ankles.

Knowing that he was planning to push her limits more this time, he had worked in a second level of choice and confirmation to her experience. The more she put on, the more she was willing to be pushed. He watched as she put on the cuffs and locked them on with the locks provided. Next she put on the nipple clamps and then grabbed the rest of the stuff to have beside her as she moved towards the foot of the bed to lock her cuffs to the chains already at each corner. Next came the waist cinching belt, it wasn't nearly what a corset would be like but she could get it on herself which is what mattered at this point. Then the gag came with the hose, which would eventually lead to an airbag, attached to it along with the posture collar. Finally, she put the pads over her eyes and zipped the eyes of the mask closed before she laid back and clicked both of wrists into the waiting locks. Master was pleased with it all.

"Hello my good girl. Such a horny slut, aren't you? Only the horniest of sluts would lock themselves up to be played with by a stranger in front of a camera. So horny, the world needs to see just how horny a slut can be. That camera is broadcasting on the web. Thousands of people are watching you right now. So horny, so wet, so desperate to cum, and all you can do is squirm and wait. They are going to watch you beg for my cock and cum over and over. They are going to watch you beg to be abused in multiple ways. You're such a slut, that the very thought probably just makes you wetter, doesn't it fuck toy.?"

It was true. The thought of thousands of people seeing her dripping cunt on display, hips trying desperately to find something to grid against as she was gagged, clamped and bound by her own hand simply made her more desperate, hornier, more willing to do anything to have a cock buried in her needy cunt. It was all she could think of. All other thoughts were driven from her mind by her arousal.

Now that she was bound and ready, master entered the room. Watching her strip, masturbate, and bind herself had left him more than ready to pound his cock into her waiting cunt. More fun could be had later, now he had to bury himself into her cunt and find release so he would be able to concentrate for the rest of their time together.

She felt his presence as her climbed over her and grabbed her hips. Then he slammed into needy cunt all the way, stretching her once again. But before she had a chance to adjust, he pulled back and slammed in again, and again, and again. He drove his cock into her cunt like a man possessed and she couldn't help but cum as he exploded into her, filling her with his cum. Knowing that thousands where watching her enjoyment at the hands of a stranger just drove her arousal higher, making her cum even harder.

Having emptied his load into the fuck toy for the moment, it was time to introduce some discomfort to her situation. He first tightened the clamps on her nipples until she was desperately trying to squirm away from him. Then he tied a string to each one, looped it over a hook above, and brought it back down to more clamps which were then attached to her pussy. She now had to choice to lift her ass a bit and relief the pressure on her clamped tits, or rest it down and pull on the clamps. Next he grabbed a vibrating egg, turned it on low, and put it into her waiting cunt. Finally, he fashioned a crotch rope of sorts and used it to hold a vibrator right on her clit, also turning it on low. It would be enough to keep her desperate and on the edge, humping the air trying to get more sensation to drive her over the edge which would have the added bonus of additional abuse to the tits and pussy lips clamped and tied together. The entire time, she would be reminded of the camera capturing every desperate whimper and moan and sharing it with the world.

Meanwhile, master worked on a couple of final preparations for the rest of their time. Her choice of restraints had confirmed that she was ready to be pushed in a couple of different ways during their time. The clamps told him she was craving pain, especially to her tits and cunt. The cuffs told him she wanted to be restrained in various positions, to be stretched out to her limits. The gag told him she didn't want to be able to voice a protest and the tube attachment told him he had control over how much air she needed. But the most interesting for master was the waist cincher. It told him he could keep her for a full 24 hours, packed away, deprived of as many senses as he wished to take away from her, made to believe she had been buried or forgotten. And that while she was packed away, he could bind her as tightly as he wanted to.

As he finished his preparations, he turned his full attention back to his horny fuck toy who was now trying to get creative in her attempts to cope with both the arousal and the abuse. He grabbed some rope and took advantage of her stretched out tits to tie them tightly off at the base, instantly causing them to begin to swell and harden. Then he released the clamps on her nipples and smiled at her muffled scream of pain as the blood was allowed back into them. Next he reached to release her wrists and discovered a surprise, in her hand was grasped the open mouth gag. It appeared that he was welcome to use her mouth if he wished as well. He had to admire her wits, even when in trance. Since she couldn't very well put both in at the same time, she found a way to choose both nonetheless. He quickly released her wrists and clipped them to the rings on her collar for the moment. Fuck toy only fought to take advantage of the additional freedom to hump harder in hopes to driving herself over the edge once again but only managed to tired herself out more quickly. Master quickly released her legs, stood her up, and led her over the anchors he had ready in the floor and ceiling for her feet and hands. He first secured one foot, then her hands, and finished with the remaining foot using the pulleys to stretch fuck toy out as far as he dared.

She felt like she was on the verge of being torn in half when the pulling thankfully stopped. Like the unremembered games of her previous visit, she knew there was more to come but she couldn't remember what. She also knew that the helplessness she felt, and the knowledge that thousands could watch her as she wantonly humped the air, desperate to cum with the ever building arousal, only served to fuel her need to be fucked until she couldn't think, couldn't remember anything but how good it felt to cum. The thinking just got in the way of the mindless bliss and joy of being fully fucked by master's cock.

"Good girl, time to take a drink." She felt the gag being removed and a straw being placed at her lips. She sucked in the cool, sweet liquid greedily. It tasted so good. Then the gag was back but it was different this time. She could feel straps going around her head and then she felt it begin to expand. She realized for the first time why the mask had the small tubes for her nostrils as this gag didn't have a hole in it for her to breath. She had to fight down the panic, reminding herself that she could still breath and the gag slowly expanded until she was sure her jaw would have dislocated if it hadn't been for the mask and straps pushing back against it.

Now that she was hydrated and fully gagged, it was time to have some fun abusing the fuck toy. He started with her ass, working it over with a variety of whips and canes. Her back received attention from the cat o' nine tails. He worked on her thighs and her stomach as well, making it all bright red with deeper welts which would surely bruise before their time was done. He slowly worked towards her exposed pussy. The tits, he had decided would be left for another form of torture.

The hits came one after another, different types of hits, different places, never really knowing what to expect next but knowing he was getting closer and closer to her most sensitive area. She was both dreading that moment and willing it come faster. As each hit both drove her arousal higher and increased the pain and sensitivity of her quickly reddening skin, was driving herself made trying to guess when that moment might come. Each hit the tiniest bit closer, the tiniest bit more painful, than the last. She thrashed in her bonds not knowing if she was trying to escape the hits or direct them to that sweet spot between her legs.

Finally, with a flick of the wrist, the whip landed right on her swollen clit. The pain and the pleasure both burst forth with an intensity she didn't know was possible. She screamed out her release of both as best as she could around the gag. But he didn't stop, he hit it again, and again, and again. Each time causing the pain and pleasure to burst forth with a bit more intensity than the last until finally it was all too much and she passed out.

He had been watching her, impressed she had lasted as long as she had. Ten hits directly to her clit before she slumped in her bonds from passing out. He quickly grabbed her, released her wrists, and lowered her down onto the waiting cushions to give her a chance to recover. It would seem she might be more of a pain slut than either of them had guessed. It would be something to explore in the future, especially as he now knew just how far he could push with the whip. After a couple of minutes, she started coming around, so he got her on her feet again.

Her orgasm had been so powerful that her cunt had ejected the vibrator he had in her from before, which was fine as he had other plans to fill her cunt for the moment. We grabbed one of the dildos which could be attached to a rod and proceeded to cover it chili oil. Then he attached it to an adjustable base and slowly raised it up to her whipped pussy. In it went until it filled her completely, causing her to just begin to stand on her toes before he secured it to the ground.

She was surprised to find she was still bound when she woke up, although, not as tightly as before. She wondered how long she had been out. He was doing something different, something was pushing against her swollen lips. It hurt but she was too tired to fight. Farther and farther in went until it pushed against her cervix causing her to rise up on her toes a bit before it stopped. And then the she began to feel the burning sensation. It felt like she was on fire from the inside out. It brought her out of her post-orgasmic stupor in a hurry as she struggled to get the dildo out of her but it was too late. She was effectively stuck on it. Unable to lift herself off, she had no choice but to endure the pain as the oil soaked deeper into the walls of her cunt.

She felt something pushed against her front, just under her bound tits. She struggled as she realized that her tits had, thus far, been largely spared abuse but that this was a sign of that likely coming to an end. With the first blow from the cane landing on them, compressing them against the board, driving them into the tiny spikes below, her fears were confirmed as she renewed her screams once again.

Master continue to hit her tits until they were once again showing signs of bruising. Then we stopped and brought over his tray of needles. While piercing was out of bounds, as was anything which would cause permanent marks, a little poking and prodding was most certainly allowed. He started close the base, pushing each one in at a different pace. Her already abused tits soon looked like a pin cushion. He saved the best for last. A syringe filled with saline went directly into the center of each nipple, being pushed in as deeply as possible before injecting her with saline to encourage her tits to swell even more than they had already.

Between the pain and the arousal, her mind had ceased to think of all else but those two things. The whispers in her ear would occasionally taunt her inability to think beyond her needy cunt. "Fuck toy can't remember her name. Fuck toy will do anything for cock. Fuck toy is a slut who loves to be abused. Fuck toy loves putting on a show. Fuck toy has no idea how old she is. If fuck toy could remember her name, she would earn an orgasm. Poor fuck toy, masters cock is so much better than knowing her name."

Master stood back to admire his work, his cock once again hard and demanding attention. He released her hands and fastened them to her collar and then forced her to bend over causing her abused, pin cushions to be crushed between her and the spikes on the table he had readjusted in front of her. Next her tied her down to the table, removing her ability to stand up and relieve the pressure on her tits. He moved behind her, her cunt looking so inviting but first needing to be rinsed out. The oil would have done its job of irritating her walls, making her even tighter, but he didn't want it on his cock as well.

While a bit of a hassle, it was worth it when he was able to safely slam his hard cock into her tight pussy. If possible, it felt even tighter than when he had been the first to claim it the last time she was here. He grabbed her around the waist and pounded her, dragging her abused and crushed tits back and forth across the spikes on the table and pushing the needles further into them.

It didn't matter how much it hurt, fuck toy nearly came just by having masters cock in her cunt. Despite the pain in her abused and crushed tits, she did everything she could to push against time as he pounded away at her swollen, sore fuck hole. She concentrated on pleasing master's cock, no matter what. And at the command of the soft whispers, she came as he filled her once again with his cum. Fuck toy was so happy to have master's cock finally buried in her needy cunt. It was all she really needed in life.

He was once again amazed at how tightly her cunt walls gripped his cock. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He was almost sorry to pull out of her but her mouth had been neglected for too long. He pulled his still semi-erect cock out and went around in front of her. Deflating and removing the gag, we quickly put in the second gag she had chosen and began slowly fucking her throat as he got hard again. The harder he got the more he picked up the pace making it harder and harder for her to catch her breath in between thrusts until he felt his balls tense up as he thrust one last time to dump his load deep in her throat, forcing her to swallow it or choke. He was pleased to see that her conditioning from before had held as she took him all the way in.

Having satisfied his cock for the time being, it was time to prepare his toy for storage for the night. First, he made sure she was given something more to drink. Then replaced her gag back to the original one with the tube attached. Then he stood her up, now in a freshly fucked daze, and pulled the needles out of her tits bringing her back reality with the fresh waves of pain. Pain which was only intensified when he released the ropes binding her tits. Next he released her legs and led her to the bathroom. She was thankful for the chance but also hoping the cameras had at least granted her his moment of privacy (they had not) and was forced to allow master to clean her off.

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