tagErotic CouplingsIf the Couch Could Talk...

If the Couch Could Talk...


I remember our first time together. It was mid-August 2007, and hotter than usual- the temperature still approaching 110 around 8pm. Arizona was often stupidly hot like that, and this summer had certainly been no exception.

We hadn't been together very long, but I already felt closer to you than I'd ever really felt to anyone else- a feeling I cherished; perhaps foolishly. We were still deep in the stage of perfection: no fights yet and the belief that there would be none, and as we snuggled together on the couch, I knew I wanted you then and there.

I wasn't sure how to say it though: despite not being a virgin, I was still pretty inexperienced in the world of sex. But that night, with the air conditioning going full-bore in my small apartment, things would change.

I burrowed closer to you with a shiver, trying to figure out how to express what I was longing for. Finally, I settled on a kiss.

Normally when we kissed, it was just that- a kiss. More than a peck on the cheek, to be sure, but certainly less than devouring each other with our mouths. Tonight, however, the kiss, though nervous on my end, was full of a hunger I was almost unfamiliar with.

I've never met a kiss that sent electric chills down my spine, like the sort of crappy clichés romance novels are so fond of, but this kiss was close. Starting strung with nerves, it quickly developed into something more: a soul-deep hungry taste-fest of sensation that left me panting when we finally pulled apart, and wet with sweat and arousal. I wanted you, and more by the second, so when your hand led mine to the opening of your jeans, I undid the zipper without even a thought and reached in to caress your slowly hardening erection. It felt amazing in my hand; hot and stiff and silky-smooth, and I found myself licking my lips imagining the feel of it inside me.

Then, suddenly, I realized your hand had reached under my skirt as I felt you rubbing your fingers against my sheer white panties, pushing them in between my shaved lips and stroking them in circles around my clit. I moaned and arched into your fingers as your mouth came down on mine, still running my hands across your now completely hard cock. The light friction against my clit increased in pressure as your head traveled from my mouth downward to my sensitive neck, leaving me moaning and gasping for air against the multitude of rushing sensations.

You pulled away for a moment, but before I had a chance to be worried, I discovered why. My shirt disappeared quickly, followed shortly by my bra, skirt, and panties. I hadn't stopped rubbing your hardness, and with you moaning I quickly slipped the jeans and boxers off your wonderful body.

Then, with no thought but your satisfaction in my mind, I slipped your rock-hard cock into my warm, wet mouth.

Licking all around it and moistening it for what I was about to do, I suddenly and unexpectedly swallowed your whole length deep into my throat. You let out a sharp moan of pleasure, and I bobbed my head up and down your entire length for a few moments, lapping and sucking; pulling back until only the tip was in my mouth, then driving it deep into my throat and pulling back again. Your moans were becoming frantic, and out of the corner of my eye I could see you holding the couch with a death-like grip. That was when I slowed the pace down.

Taking you leisurely in and out of my mouth, and more shallowly than before, I increased the suction to near-unbearable pleasure and swished my tongue rapidly over the underside of your cock, right where the head joins with the shaft. Then I swallowed you completely again.

You shook at that, moans becoming louder and louder as I rubbed my myself against your leg and continued sucking, varying between shallow and deep and fast and slow. For a while I kept you on the edge but didn't let you cum, knowing though it was torturous for you, it would make the orgasmic pleasure all that much more enjoyable when it did begin.

Then, suddenly, I swallowed you deeper than ever and let the muscles in my throat massage you to climax. I could feel you coming so hard your whole body shuddered and shook, and I stared into your eyes in passionate delight and swallowed every last drop.

I continued licking until your cock softened in my mouth, then let it go with a moan of disappointment. I wouldn't have long to wait until my pleasure began though, because once you recovered the ability to move you began to slowly fuck me with one, then two and three fingers, rubbing them gently against my most sensitive spot while another finger played with my clit.

I had never felt pleasure like this before, and it was overwhelming. I began shaking against your hands, moaning so loudly I was sure the neighbors could hear, but you didn't stop. Instead, you sped up the motion of your fingers until they were a blur of penetration and pleasure, and I felt my pussy clenching against you as I came. Still you didn't stop, though. With mind-bending precision, you continued to drive me wild as I hit a second, then third orgasm. Finally, you pulled your fingers loose from my still-pulsing wetness and licked them clean, then licked every inch of my cum from my center and thighs, sending me into another orgasm as your tongue flicked my clit.

I was still delirious with pleasure when you led me to my bed. I fell onto it almost haphazardly, staring up at your beautiful hard shaft as you flipped me over and instructed me to get on my knees. I obeyed instantly. I would do anything for you at this point.

I arched my back downward as you shoved your hard, hot cock deep within me, burying yourself in one powerful thrust. I could feel your balls slap hard against my clit, and I wondered how long I would last like this.

You fucked me hard and rough, pulling fully out and slamming back in at an amazing rate while grabbing my hips and forcing them into yours. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life. My eyes rolled back into my head and I came so powerfully I passed out, but not before feeling you shooting spurt after spurt of cum deep into my womb.

I woke up about an hour later, seeing you hard yet again as you stroked your long, thick cock with your hand to full hardness. When you noticed I was awake and staring with flushed cheeks, you picked me up off the bed and lifted my body over your dripping cock, then, when I let out a moan, dropped me onto it.

I could feel it spearing deep into me; deeper even than before, and it was almost more pleasure than I could handle. But you kept lifting me off of your erection, then dropping me down again upon it, until I came with a scream.

"Oh god! Fuck me harder!" I cried, and you did, moving me faster and faster until we both came again with delirious moans and collapsed onto the bed and into sleep, curled up against each other.

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