tagMatureIf You Go Down To The Woods Today

If You Go Down To The Woods Today


Trevor reached his front door with little recognition of how he had gotten there. His thoughts lingered on the events of the evening. One moment he was elated the next deeply guilty he had become so pre occupied that his feet had switched to auto pilot and had guided him safely back home. He slipped his house keys from his pocket and with a shaky hand fumbled for the right one as he slipped the key into the lock Trevor sighed with relief that his wife was not home.

Once inside the safety and familiarity of his marital home the full brunt of the evening's proceedings hit him hard. He moved on unsteady legs to the settee and dropped onto it, the frame work creaking and the settee moving an inch back. What had started out as a crusade had led to curiosity and from there quickly into participation, had his wife been home Trevor was certain he would not have gone out, she would fanned the flames of his righteousness, made him see sense. But Karen had gone out for the evening leaving Trevor to mull over his idea, which after two scotches had fortified him, sent out him out the front door to help put an end to the terrible things that were apparently happening in the neighbourhood woodlands.

It had all started innocently enough a few days earlier while Trevor and Karen were visiting her parents' home. They had stopped for dinner and while there the local vicar had come to the door with some rather vivid leaflets he was posting through as many doors as possible. Peter, who was Karen's father, invited him in. The vicar was nearing his seventies, his face contained more wrinkles and liver spots than Trevor thought possible or even healthy. Peter held a small leaflet that the Vicar had handed to him at the door which he passed over to Trevor while he called for his wife.

Jane came out of the kitchen and Trevor caught himself staring again, forcing his eyes down to the red paper of the leaflet, though within a couple of seconds his eyes had strayed up again focusing on the ample rear of his mother in law. "What is it?" Karen asked walking over to Trevor from the kitchen a blue and white checked towel in her hands drying them absently.

"Filth!" The vicar replied and Trevor was unsure for a moment if he was referring to the leaflet or to the unsolicited look Trevor had given Jane as she bent forward giving the Vicar a cup of tea. "In our woodlands to boot," Trevor's brow furrowed and he looked down at the leaflet this time paying closer attention. The bulk of it was made up of lines from the bible followed by what started off as a neatly written opening statement which by the end had become almost a scrawl filled with anger.

"Apparently there has been some incidents in the woods during the night," Peter continued while the Vicar sipped his tea, at sixty his was not only younger than the priest but physically and mentally younger to boot, his skin showed age for certain but far fewer wrinkles and no liver spots. "Visitors of an unsavoury nature." Peter looked over at Jane who's smile seemed forced, trying to hide her embarrassment by what they were discussing Trevor thought.

"Dogging they call it," the vicar blurted out and Karen sniggered uncontrollably only catching herself a second later, when she realised no one else was laughing. Trevor looked over at Jane, her face held the tight tiny smile, she really seemed nervous and a little more than embarrassed, her eyes darting to her husband then back to the old man. "The parish nature walk came across a clearing strewn with tissues and condoms." The vicar's face reddened as he spoke. "And then two nights ago a group had gone out bat watching and had stumbled across a group of them...doing...things." The vicar's voice had raised an octave as he spoke almost reaching high pitched by the time he finished talking, he lifted his cup and took a deep gulp of tea.

"Did they recognise anyone? Go the police?" Jane asked.

The vicar shook his head then lowered his now empty cup, "The police filed a report apparently and have said they will keep an eye on the area, but as no one was recognisable and no one took any of the car's licence plates there was not much they could do." He said sounding depressed and defeated.

Trevor looked about him, at the vicar staring at him earnestly, at Peter and Karen and a moment or two longer at Jane and realised that perhaps the vicar turning up was not just a coincidence. Trevor felt the truth cogs rolling in his head their teeth connecting allowing him to realise that he had been dined into a trap, he sighed to himself then said "I could do a story on it, see if we can embarrass a few people into stopping," though he knew this was more than likely going to draw more people to the woods than drive them out, but the priest smiled happy with the response.

The vicar left declining another cup of tea and Peter showed him the door, "Do you think the story would work," Jane asked Trevor as Karen headed back into the kitchen to wash the remaining dinner plates.

Trevor shrugged, "It might do, but..." he shrugged again he doubted it very much. With no one around Trevor found himself freely taking in his mother in law. Jane was fifty six and a nurse, her auburn hair was cut in a short bob easier to dye the grey out she had said when she first revealed her new look. Having three kids had left its mark also, she was curvy in the waist, a stomach that had some weight to it and breasts that hung large and heavy even in a bra.

Trevor had found himself lusting after her soon after Karen had introduced her parents, now ten years later that lust still simmered below the surface. He had been so careful in that time, the feelings constantly buried deep only bubbling to the surface when he was alone and manifesting in languid masturbation as he imagined scenario after scenario of himself and Jane. The highlight or down point depending on how Trevor felt at the time was the sneaky theft of a pair of Jane's Knickers, a pink, delicate pair that he had lifted one Christmas day when he had been particularly tipsy and shoved into his trouser pocket. He had felt shameful the next day, yet when Karen had left for work at the department store he had rushed upstairs and slipped the knickers on rubbing his cock through the material until he exploded inside them. The knickers were still at home two years later and still received punishment.

Peter returned to the dining room and Trevor averted his eyes from the unsuspecting Jane, "Sorry about that Trev' he cornered us at church on Sunday," Peter said holding his hands out palm facing as he spoke, "I knew if I gave you the heads up you would have found a reason not to turn up." Trevor nodded, it was certainly true even as a small town journalist Trevor tried to steer clear of the parish, their views and ideas of what made news worthy stories were just not up to scratch. He had been cornered on this one and now felt obligated to atleast turn in a story to his editor. "But look you don't have to do it," Peter said.

"Pete's right love," Jane interjected, "If you think you've been hoodwinked we'll just pretend you did a story and it got rejected." Jane gave him a very soft warm smile, "If people have seen them chances are they will have gone somewhere else by now."

Trevor nodded at her thought process and felt relief at knowing that any pressure to do the story was now off his shoulders. "Thanks guys, I just don't think my editor would go for it."

But on the ride home the story kept cropping up in his thoughts, as they drove past the turn off that would take you five minutes later to the woods he started to plan the story in rough in his head. Trevor had grown up in town and part of growing up was going to the woods. Before he was a teenager the trips there were for animals and the beauty of the woodland itself. Post teen it was somewhere to hang out without adults bothering you. Trevor's first time with a bottle of gin had been in the woods, the first time he had felt up a girl had been in the woods. The woods were the town's history and Trevor was starting to feel his feathers being ruffled by the strangers who were turning up and destroying that history.

Karen could sense something was up Trevor's mood had turned from happy to broody the longer the drive had gone on. When they got out of the car in front of their house Karen said, "You are not thinking of doing something silly are you?"

Trevor shook his head his brow furrowed deep, "No nothing too audacious, just that well there might be a story there after all."

Karen's eyes widened with surprise, "Really? A story about some perverts in the woods?" she stopped and fumbled in her handbag for her keys.

"Not just perverts, out of town perverts." Trevor said with a smile hearing his own thoughts made solid as he spoke, "I know it sounds stupid, but I was thinking the whole community thing, bringing everyone together."

"For a mass dogging session?" Karen laughed.

Trevor laughed back, "No of course not, but small town fighting back against the wicked outsider." The story seemed to be building itself as he spoke he could see interviews, pictures possibly a full page spread. "I might have to head up to the woods," he said more to himself than to Karen.

Karen dropped her keys in surprise, she bent down scrambling to pick them up, "Oh no you don't mister!" she said and stood back up, "you are not going up there alone, if you get into trouble and they get a little punchy no one will be able to come rescue you." She headed to the front door and put her key in the lock, "Speak to Matt first," Matt was the newspapers main editor and go to guy for juicy stories, "see if he gives the go ahead on the story then you can head up there with someone to watch your back."

Trevor knew Karen was right and had agreed with her request...up to a point. That morning he had mentioned the story to Matt who dropped the hammer on it straight away. "It's all hearsay and possibilities; I need concrete not just what a bunch bat fanciers think they might have seen." Trouble was the only way Trevor could get the go ahead on the story was by going to the woods which had already been kyboshed by Karen. But what she didn't know wouldn't kill her, surely.

By Friday the dust on the story had settled, Trevor did not mention it and Karen had not pushed knowing that if he was not talking about it then it had been given the heave-ho by Matt. Karen got ready for her evening out with her two girlfriends from work a weekly meet up at the town's classiest restaurant. Karen came downstairs to find Trevor stretched out on the settee in front of the television. She felt bad for him but also relieved that such a dirty story was not going to be written in her home. "Why don't you go down the pub and drown your sorrows?" she called to him as she stood in front of the mirror fixing her earrings into place.

"I might do in a bit," Trevor said in the most despondent voice he could muster, hoping that Karen did not look too closely at the rucksack under the coat rack.

"Good, it might cheer you up some," She walked into the living room, and smiled when Trevor did a double take his eyes widening and his tongue almost unrolling out of his mouth, "I guess I look alright then," She said doing a little spin for him.

The story was pushed to the back of Trevor's mind and his cock stiffened in his pants at the sight of his wife in her black dress, cleavage in show and the hem finishing above her knees. "Are you sure you are meeting Michelle and Tracey?"

"Actually I am meeting up with a billionaire playboy for a quickie in the back of his jet." Karen responded pleased with her husband's response.

"Well just make sure he pays for your taxi home." Trevor replied and covered his face just as Karen threw a cushion directly at his head.

Trevor waited an agonising hour in the house he sat on the last step of the stairway rucksack between his knees as he counted the minutes down to nine O'clock. He had sort of planned his mission, the hour he waited gave Karen time to get to the restaurant and into her first glass of wine, and it also meant the sun would have set for a good half hour which would give him just the full moon by the time he got to the woods.

He left the house a little after nine, proving to no one in particular that he was in control. He had put on an old dark grey hooded top and zipped it all the way up, finally pulling the hood over his head the shadowy inside covering most of his face and he knew out in the woods his face would be all but masked. He avoided using the car and instead slipped round the back of the house a small cut through led down the alley that separated the opposite facing houses, two minutes later Trevor appeared a few streets down on the main road. He walked briskly cutting across smaller streets where possible before the town slipped away behind him and he was climbing a small hill that took him to the woods.

Trevor slipped over a wood and metal link fence that was there to keep sheep out rather than people. His first stop was the car park and as he expected it was deserted. He knelt down and waited, there was only one road into the woods anyone coming here would have to drive through the car park. By eleven O'clock Trevor had begun to pace, he knew Karen would not be back until later and even if she came home early she would assume he was at the pub which gave him roughly another two hours if he was lucky.

Half an hour later Trevor had had enough, he swung the back pack on and turned to head home, muttering to himself about the inanity of it all and point blankly blaming the Vicar. He stopped after a few steps cocking his head to one side instinctively he knelt down as he turned. The low hum of an engine carried on the breeze and was getting louder and louder. Finally Trevor saw the front of a car slowly ease through the open wooden gate into the car park. The car's headlights were off, the full moon gave off enough light for Trevor to work out that the car was a silver estate it's passengers' though were not visible.

The car continued slowly through the car park, it slowed but never stopped as it turned in a lazy arc and headed for a smaller road that lead towards one of the picnic spots. Trevor moved steadily forward thankful that the car was going only a short distance and that his tracking skills would not be called into action. His hands felt clammy and Trevor breathed rapidly with equal parts excitement and nerves. It took him a further ten minutes to work his way through the undergrowth to the clearing up ahead.

He stopped at the tree line, his target was easily spottable. It was the only car there, the silver estate had turned around so that it was pointing back the way it had come, a quick exit if there was any need for one. Trevor shrugged off his backpack and grabbed the video camera inside he kept his eyes dead ahead as he did so. The scene seemed odd to him, a man was leaning across the top of the car his lower body pushed against the passenger side of the car it was the rhythmic swaying of his hips that was the give-away. The camera's night vision brought the scene into fuzzy green perspective.

Whoever was in the passenger seat was sucking the cock of the man outside the car. Trevor caught his breath as the scene played out before him, partly shocked at the antics but also turned on by the blatant show. A murmur followed by a low groan carried on the wind the man pulled away from the car and muttered something before slinking off into the tree's putting his cock away as he went. It took a few seconds before another figure appeared, this one walked lazily towards the car, his cock already out as he approached. He leaned into the car talking to the passenger and, Trevor realised, to the person sat in the driver's seat.

Trevor zoomed in trying to get some faces but they were all grainy and the lack of resolution deteriorated as he zoomed made it all but unusable, he zoomed back just as the man reached into the car with one hand while his other hand started to wank his cock. Trevor cursed himself for staying so far away he grabbed the rucksack and moved around turning the camera off as he did so. He could sense others about him but every time he looked he could see no one, deciding finally that his mind was playing tricks on him. Trevor came to a stop about ten feet from the car, when he flipped open the camera and hit record all he could see was the back of the man, his hand working frantically at his cock, "Let me cum on your tits?" Trevor heard clearly as the man thrust his hips forward followed by a moan. "Fucking lovely," he heard a few seconds later as the man did up his jeans and walked boldly down the road.

Trevor knew it was now or never, he had to see who these people were. If he approached with the camera would they get spooked and drive off, he did not want to take that chance and loose his front page story. He closed the view screen on the camera and shoved it into his back pocket hoping that he could grab it and start filming instantly once he was close enough. He reached up and pulled his hood even further forward, the fabric straining on the back of his head. His heart pounded in his chest as he stepped out from the tree's his first few steps seemed hurried and he was closer to the car than he thought he would have been. The passenger window was down, the internal overhead light was on, as he got closer he caught the glimpse of the driver but not enough, finally at the window he looked down and let out an audible gasp.

His mind screamed at him to run but the rest of his body wanted to stay. The woman in the passenger seat was wearing a pale blue nurse's uniform, the top half had been unbuttoned large fleshy breasts tipped with pale areola and thick hard nipples were splayed out sliding to either side of her ample frame the heavy load from the last man smeared across the heavy globes of flesh. The bottom half of the uniform had been pushed up, meaty thighs clad in black sheer stockings were partly spread to reveal a dark matted bush of pubic hair beneath which labia puffy and sticky with juices were visible. "Hello lovely," Jane said sweetly.

Trevor had no doubt had his hood not been pulled so tightly over his head he would have been recognised, as it was Jane glanced at him occasionally her eyes going to the mass of hard cock that strained at the front of his jeans more often than not, he knew he should turn and run forget the story and everything that he had just seen...but that was the problem, he had never thought he would every get to look at everything he was seeing there and then. Even in his wildest fantasy with Jane's pink knickers rubbing against his cock he had never thought up anything like this. Her breasts were far bigger than he had thought her nipples so thick his mouth watered at the thought of taking them. And her sex, oh god Trevor wanted to dive head first into that meaty, wet mass burying his head deep, smelling and tasting her until she came in a heavy sticky flood all over his face.

"I think we have a shy one hubby," Jane said teasingly and Trevor heard the unmistakable laugh of Peter. "You've seen mine now show me yours dirty boy," she chided Trevor and reached through the window with one hand cupping his crotch firmly, "Oh he feels big," Trevor licked his lips his mouth opening though the words failed to come, "Shall I play with my cunt for you?" his mother in law asked demurely.

"Yes," Trevor rasped out then shook his head, his perverted lust overriding his sensible side, before he could revise his answer, the hand that was cupping his crotch slipped back into the car and down to her waiting pussy. Trevor watched as Jane touched her pussy sliding her hand down her pubic hair a finger sliding between her labia and disappearing inside her with a soft moan from her mouth. How had he gotten into such a situation as this? Watching his fifty six year old Mother in law masturbating in her car! Now he understood their gentle push not to go ahead with the story, the funny glances he had seen when the vicar was in the house. Had they believed no one had seen them? A longer moan from Jane brought the harsh, cold reality home to him. He could turn and walk away or he could continue anonymous and live out his deep fantasy for just one night.

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