tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIf You Love Me (Let Me Go)

If You Love Me (Let Me Go)


This is my first story on literotica and I hope you all like it. This is the beginning of a series based on my personal twist of Greek Mythology, so please leave comments and rate. If you like it I will post more chapters and if not, too bad, this is the non consent section haha. ;)


Persephone's eyelids fluttered softly against her fair skin and long, blonde eyelashes. Her head lay in a pile of long, curly, dishwater blonde hair upon a plush white pillow.

"Beautiful", thought the intruder. Never had he seen a creature so innocent. He tentatively reached out a pale finger and lightly brushed it over her light pink cheek. He watched as her eyelids fluttered more, and her lips twitched. He quickly drew his hand away in fear he was causing her nightmares.

"Oh, my dear Persephone", He said in a hush voice," I speak to you now in your sleep, for that is all I can have you see of me. Soon darling we will meet and I can take you with me as my queen. I only fear you will reject me if I try. I will come for you soon". Then with that the tall, dark haired man turned his back to the sleeping girl and climbed with ease out her window and down the wall.

He trudged across the yard and climbed upon his black carriage. The ground opened up into a portal beneath the grass and soil, and he rode away from the small cottage pulled by two giant black horses. The soil reunited once again as any trace he had been there disappeared.


Slinking gently through the shadowing woodlands, Persephone trembled in fear. The cool winds had begun to nip at her neck and she knew it was getting late. An over coat she had not, for she had intended on only staying out for a short amount of time. Mother surely knew she had breached the lines of her limit. Her heart pounded in her chest as she heard her mother calling her name from afar.

"Persephone, wherever you are you had better return home this instant!"

'Oh no.' Persephone whispered to herself. Trouble found its way to her no matter how careful she believed she was being. Persephone was no careful girl. Lighthearted and adventurous since a young age, she was not easy to deal with for an overly protective mother.

She sighed as she came within range of her furious mother and prepared herself for another argument and You-don't-know-the-ways-of-the-dangerous-world lecture. When her slim, 5'2 frame emerged from the depths of the woods, her mother stormed towards her.

"Where were you? I nearly had a heart attack when the maids told me you were nowhere to be found. What were you doing out there in the woods all alone? Or were you even alone?" She seethed. Her faded brown hair fell in ringlets around her aged face. The only thing young about her was her bright blue-green eyes and at the moment they were flaring, her pupils dilating in rage.

"Yes I was alone mother! Why do you always assume the worst of things? Maybe I wanted to escape this prison of a home for once and explore the world I was put into. Did you ever think of that? Of course you didn't because you never think! You just sit at home doing the same few things over and over each day pretending that you are happy with this life of exile. I never get to see the world!" Persephone exploded back at her mother. Hands clenched into small pale fists, she shook. The wind blew her waist length hair like whips against her body lashing out. Her bright eyes that she got from her mother gleamed with a glazed coat of tears.

"Don't you dare raise your voice at me, child! I will not have this! I do this to protect you from the world! Your ignorance and defiance would get you killed as soon as you went out into the wilderness. I am protecting you and this is what I get from you! There is much to offer here as you know. You have always loved our gardens, the fields of flowers, all of your books, and the lake you swim in."

"Swim in? I am required to wear fully covering swim attire and wade in waist high water. That is not swimming. The books have all been read many times and I am tired of just attending to our small garden of vegetables. I want to go out into the world and see what else there is to offer besides home schooling, gardens, and the consistent voice of what all I am not allowed to do whispering into my ears day and night. Also I am no child!" Persephone yelled and ran off to the house before her mother could reply.

She burst through her front door and ran upstairs past one her maids, Abigail, before taking in her look of shock. Her dress flowed behind her in a light grey veil covering all the way past her ankles as she darted upstairs. The rim edge of it slightly dampened with mud. She flung herself onto her large bed of cotton sheets, buried her face in her arms, and began to weep quietly, in fear her mother would overhear. This continued until she slowly sank into a deep sleep.


Hades stood in the corner of the room watching the crying silhouette of the young female, and his invisibility turned off. She had put on quit a display and he felt bad for the dear. Her crying was a mere whimper now as she seemed to be falling into sleep. He had heard the fight between her and her mother and frowned slightly. The last thing she had said before she ran off was that she was not a child. Hades smirked at the small figure upon the bed and trudged closer, his boots thumping heavily on the wooden floor.

She was a child, but not for long. He knew in 2 days she would turn 18. That was what he had been waiting for. He sat on her bed and towered over her in his long, black coat and his coal-black hair fell into his eyes. 'So small, beautiful, and delicate' he thought, 'Finally, I will have you'.

He reached out and gently touched her soft hair. For years he had waited for her to become old enough to take with him back to his castle. It would be slightly sooner than he thought. He had noticed her one day while she was playing out in the flower gardens. She had been only 14. He saw her potential to grow into a beautiful woman and her ambition in everything she did astounded him.

As his hands brushed against her flushed face she became pale. He lowered his body to her face and kissed her lips gently and allowed his hand to cup her cheek. His eyes closed and he waited for her to awaken. She stirred slightly from the breathing on her upper lip and realized she was being touched.

Persephone's eyes flew open and she saw a tall, dark haired man with creamy white skin laying half way on her. She screamed a muffled cry from beneath him and his eyes flew open in shock. She looked into his deep, brown eyes for the first time and saw golden specs flare through them almost in reaction to her. This made her body tense, as a prey to its hunter.

He pulled away from her and released her from their bond. Her tensed body began to spring to life and she opened her mouth to scream. That was not the reaction he thought he would get. He quickly covered her mouth with one hand that appeared massive compared to her features. 'Damn it' he cursed himself, 'I should have known she wouldn't give in to me after never seeing a man in her life time and suddenly being kissed by one'.

Beneath him she squirmed fearfully and tugged at his arm that covered her. He leaned in closely to press his chest to hers. "Calm now, child." His voice broke the silence in the room as his deep bone chilling voice echoed throughout the room. She froze at his command and began to tremble.

'What is wrong with his voice?' she wondered in the back of her mind, but returned to the present quickly.

"Persephone," he stated barely above a whisper and let her name linger in the air, "Don't be afraid." Her trembling calmed a little as he spoke. "You say you want to leave this place and I am willing to offer you your freedom."

Persephone gasped lightly under his restrictive hand. She wondered if it could be true. 'Had he not come here to hurt me? Why would he be touching me if he meant me no harm' she contemplated, 'Mother said men were cruel and lustful creatures"?

In a louder voice he spoke to her, "If I remove my hand will you relax and not scream or run?" she nodded her head yes slowly.

When his hand withdrew from her she took in a gasp of cold, fresh air. She sat up and moved away from him to the corner of the bed. For a second, he thought she was going to run, but when she sat still he stopped himself from grabbing her and shoving her down to stay still on the bed.

She stared at him in near bewilderment and he chuckled, "You are not use to seeing men are you?"

She shook her head, her blonde curls swaying softly. Persephone's petite fingers rested upon her full pink lips. "Why did you kiss me?" she questioned, "and why will I get my freedom."

"Because I want you" Hades said as if it was nothing of importance, "and you may have your freedom if you come with me to my home where you will as my queen and rule the underworld by my side. I will make you the woman that you so desperately want to be. You are an adventurous child lost in the confinements of exile." He stood and walked towards her. She looked up and backed away. When he advanced and reached her he rested his hand on her shoulder and ran the other threw her locks. The top of her head barely reached his chest and she looked up at him nervously.

"You will make a beautiful wife" he smiled and whispered under his breath. Her eyes widened as he pushed her softly back into her wall and began to lean over and kiss down her neck. He nipped at her flesh and she yelped and jumped sideways away from him.

"No, no! You must leave! You are obviously insane! I don't know what you speak of as this underworld and being queen, but I will not be involved. Please leave." She breathed frantically and backed away.

He sighed and glared at her. "Don't be difficult, Persephone. You are going home with me." He took a stride forward and she ran across the room. He lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist. Hades pulled her towards him easily and cupped his hand over her mouth as she tried to scream. She struggled furiously in his arms and he lifted her off the ground.

"I had hoped it wouldn't have to go this way little one, but you leave me no other choice. You're going home with me to my kingdom... and now," he paused, "You must sleep." With that he gently grabbed a pressure point around her neck and sent a powerful surge though her body. This sleeping spell sent her limp in her strong arms.

"My little one I wish you wouldn't have struggled" Hades whispered into her ear as dreams began to fill her head.

Hades directed his open hand down at the floor beneath him and it opened to show a large, dirt tunnel-like portal merge into her bedroom floor. His large, strong horses emerged from the portal galloping and stopped when the carriage was above surface. Hades patted them on the head and climbed into the carriage with his long black coat hanging behind him. He laid Persephone's warm body next to him. Then they submerged into the depths of the kingdom of the Underworld with his new prize sleeping soundly at his side.

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