tagNonHumanIf You Were An Angel Ch. 2

If You Were An Angel Ch. 2


Angela was about finished catching her breath by the time the stranger had gotten dressed and left. As she got onto her feet, Serena stepped up to her, beaming. "Well, if you've rested up enough by now, I think it's time we left."

Then came the inevitable question: "Where are we going?"

"To your new home, Angela. To Angel Haven. That's where all angels live. You'll love it there!"

Angela looked unsure. Serena practically read her mind, and said, "Don't worry about your parents. We played with their minds a bit, and they think you moved out last night. They're expecting that you won't be here when they get back."

"Oh," Angela shrugged. "Well, then, maybe I'd better get dressed or something…"

"Don't bother," said Serena. "Clothes are for humans."

In a strange way, that made some sense. She'd never been overly fond of clothes, nor had she ever understood why other girls got so excited about them. "But how are we going to get there?" Angela asked.

Serena smiled wider. "I thought you'd never ask! Come with me." She led Angela out into the back yard, then turned to face her. Serena's wings began flapping, and her feet drifted up off the ground. "First you need to get into the air," she instructed, the ground four feet beneath her. "Just relax, let your instincts do the thinking for you."

Though at first slightly astonished, Angela relaxed her muscles and closed her eyes, and focused on flying. Almost as if on their own, her wings began to move, and she gradually began to feel the ground leaving her feet. She slowly opened her eyes, now seeing the world sinking down below her as she arose to meet Serena. "Wow," she quivered, looking shakily down at the pavement below her as she slowed to a hover, "this is too weird!"

"Watch me and listen," Serena instructed. She stretched out her arms to the side to illustrate. "Hold out your arms and start to spin around. Start spinning faster and faster, then very quickly curl yourself up into a ball, close your eyes, and wrap your wings around you like a cocoon."

Angela carefully nodded, not totally sure what to expect, and extended her arms as Serena had directed. She found spinning around in midair to be a bit easier than it sounded, and she sped up little by little. Finally selecting a random moment, she quickly did all the curling up Serena had described. She felt an odd sensation for a split second, and warily slowed to a stop. She nervously opened her eyes and started to uncurl. Her wings cleared away from her eyes to reveal an astonishing sight: She was no longer in her back yard! She had never seen this place before, she knew that, or the people that were gathered to greet her. All of them were girls and young ladies, just as attractive as she was, all of them stark nude, and all with angel wings.

A spinning white ball suddenly appeared beside her that instantly grew, then stopped spinning and unwrapped to reveal Serena standing there to join her. "Everybody," Serena called to the crowd, "this is Angela!"

A bunch of hubbub arose with the assembled angels speaking out their welcomes. Serena ushered Angela forward into the throng, and she walked forward through them, receiving their physical welcomes as well. Those within reach of her when she passed all did one of a number of things, from simply putting a hand on her shoulder to licking her neck or pressing a perky pair of breasts against her.

As she cleared the happy throng, Angela was now able to get a better look at the room she was stepping into. It was a very vast place, with what looked like a ceiling at least half a mile above her. The room was rounded and gold-like, with wide balconies extending from the walls in many places. Soft, cloud-like cushions hung in from shiny cables in midair at various heights, and in the middle of the room was a huge, beautiful fountain. Other angels were everywhere above her, some flying, others sitting on the balconies or cloud cushions where they talked and gossiped, and in some cases, were engaging in lesbian sex for all to see! It was beautiful.

All of a sudden Angela felt a shock between her legs. She looked down to discover one of the angel girls devouring her pussy! "Don't be surprised," Serena explained. "The new girl always gets a lot of attention for a while." But Angela barely heard her, in the throes of slowly mounting ecstasy and over her steadily rising gasps. The girls around her cheered on the girl giving her the attention, becoming a group shout of "Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" The others had to practically hold onto her to keep her balance as her hips started to buck wildly and her gasps started becoming as loud as the shouting group. At last, Angela threw her head back and let out a deafening squeal as her juices gushed forth, met by a final triumphant cheer from the crowd.

"All right, everyone, that's enough," said a woman's voice. "Let's give our new sister some room."

The other angels began clearing away from her, and another who looked slightly, but not much, older than the rest of the angel population floated towards Angela. "This is Delilah," Serena explained. "She's the oldest angel alive. I'm not sure exactly what her age is, but she's somewhere over a hundred, despite what she may look like."

Angela's eyes widened in surprise. "Wow, you weren't kidding about that eternal youth thing!"

"Welcome to your new home, Angela," Delilah beamed. "Come with me, and I'll give you a bit of briefing." Delilah lifted off the ground and floated off, as Angela followed close behind. "I'm sure Serena already explained a few things to you."

"Yes," Angela nodded. "She told me that I'm an angel now, and that I my body needs sex to survive. She told me I've been given eternal youth, and she told me I can't have any children."

"Those are the basic essentials about yourself," said Delilah. "Now let me explain some of the basic essentials about this place. A little while later, I'll have Serena show you to your room. For right now, here's a little run down of the haven. You are free to roam as you please here, almost anywhere you want. The few off limits areas will be clearly marked. We have a cafeteria, a video room, a pool, a toy room…"

"A toy room?" Angela exclaimed.

"Oh, that's where we keep all the vibrators and strap-ons and dildoes and double-dildoes. When you live here, it's kind of an essential."

Thinking about that brought another question to Angela's mind: "Where are all the guys? Don't we need guys to screw?"

Delilah smiled impishly. "I thought you'd never bring that up. We have two ways of handling that, both involving the Angel Servers."

"The what?"

"The secret male society that I'm sure Serena mentioned. The society of men who offer their services to us, asking nothing in return."

"I guess they kind of get what they want in return just by doing it," Angela mused.

"Right! So it works pretty well for both us and them. Now what we generally do is go down to the calling wall when we need a cock, and check the orders that have been placed. The Angel Servers, whenever they feel horny, send orders to us saying how many of them there are and what kind of angel they want, or how many angels they want. Then each girl finds one that fits her, which no one here has ever had a problem doing, and warps to their location."

"You said there were two ways we dealt with it," Angela added.

"The other," Delilah continued, "involves the slave system."

Angela's eyes popped wide. "The slave system?"

"On the first day of every month, a few angels and Angel Servers volunteer to become somebody's sex slave for the next month. Then those from both sides who want to own slaves for the next month meet with the volunteers in the trade hall, and then they choose who will be whose master of mistress."

Angela breathed and ran her fingers through her hair. "That's just bizarre."

Delilah shrugged. "Well, you'll get used to it. But for right now, I think you need some more service."

Angela suddenly noticed that she had unconsciously begun masturbating, and began to realize her sudden craving for more. "Gosh, I just had sex before I came!"

"It's natural for angels to be especially horny on their first few days," Delilah explained.

"Why don't you come with me?" Serena's voice said off to the side. "I'm off to the calling wall myself right now."

Angela turned to look at Delilah, almost as if to ask for permission. It was clear just by looking that she didn't need any. It sounded lovely.

Serena guided Angela through the haven, pointing out a few localities along the way, finally stopping in front of a large metal wall with digital message screens posted all over. Several other angels were inspecting the wall, taking little card-like objects from it, and then warping away as Serena had taught her to do already. Serena told her to wait while she went and made a selection. Serena floated across the wall, inspecting each message screen carefully, finally pressing a button under one and floating back to Angela, holding two metallic cards. She handed one to Angela, saying, " I found a good one. Two guys wanting two girls. This will take you to where they are, you just do that warp technique I taught you. Come on, let's do it together this time."

Angela took the card, and keeping in sync with Serena, floated back and held out her arms. The two began to whirl simultaneously, and curled up until she felt the same sensation as when she arrived. She hesitantly unfolded her wings again, this time floating in mid-air with Serena in an apartment somewhere. Two guys, somewhere in their early twenties, turned eagerly from their chatting to greet the girls.

"Hi," said the taller guy with a bright smile. "I'm Jack!"

"I'm Eddie," said the other.

Serena gently lowered herself to the floor. "I'm Serena," she beamed at them. "This is Angela." Why were they wasting time on introductions? "So who gets who? I mean, who gets who first?"

Angela didn't care who she got first. She just wanted one of them now!

"Which one do you want?" Jack casually asked Eddie.

"I don't know. Which one do you want?"

This was ridiculous! Why couldn't they just pick already? All right, if they couldn't pick, Angela was just going to pick for them. She walked over to the two guys who were busy debating, closed her eyes and randomly grabbed one head and pulled it to her in a lip-lock. It wasn't until she broke the kiss and opened her eyes that she found out she'd picked Eddie. Okay, done. She dove for him again, attacking his mouth as her fingers worked at pulling up his tee. She was just dislodging her lips and pulling his shirt off his head when another shirt suddenly landed on her. She gruffly flung it aside, and looked to her right, finding Serena having just removed Jack's shirt and know lowering to her knees to undo his pants.

Observing Serena, Angela realized she had yet to find out what a cock in the mouth was like. She tossed aside Eddie's shirt and did like Serena. She undid his pants bit by bit, pulling them to the floor, then pulling his boxers to the floor, letting his cock spring up to greet her. She took hold of the base, took a gaze up into his eyes, then hesitantly wrapped her lips around the shaft. She began sliding her mouth up and down on his cock, slow at first, then gradually going faster, beginning to enjoy the taste of his delicious meat. She heard a muffled moan to the side, and glanced over to find Serena gorging on Jack's rod with the same hunger. Angela began to notice some muffled sounds coming from her own mouth, and some sharp grunts from above her.

She sucked on and on, bobbing her head faster and faster, getting some tastes of his yummy pre-cum. "Oh, shit!" she heard Eddie blurt. "Here it comes!" She was particularly glad her warned her. She had never tasted cum before and did not want to be surprised. Still, she clamped her lips tightly around his shaft, and accepted his wave of warm, tasty jism, greedily gulping it down. Once she had swallowed every last drop, she released his dick and sighed as if after drinking a soda.

She glanced over at Serena, who was still in the process of receiving Jack's load, some of which dribbled down into her cleavage. Serena began massaging Jack's shaft and tonguing the head, attempting to get him hard again. Angela decided to do likewise to Eddie, realizing she was far from finished here.

"Hey, Angela," Serena said all of a sudden, drawing her attention away from Eddie. "Get down on all fours!" Serena was shifting into that very position at that moment, with Jack moving around behind her.

Angela giggled and obeyed. She lowered to her hands and knees as Eddie, clearly aware of what was intended at this point walked around behind her. She felt him lay a hand on her ass as he lowered to his knees, and in her eagerness suddenly blurted, "Come on! Get in my pussy! Get in me now!" Eddie didn't need to be told twice. She was delighted as she finally felt him impale her after the eternity of the few seconds it took for him to get there. He began hammering away at her. "Oh my God!" Angela's elated words overlapped with loud feminine grunt to the side. Glancing over at Serena was almost like looking into a mirror. She was being serviced in the same manner, and having just as good a time. "Oh!" "Ah!" "Oh!" Their cries became louder and more frequent, constantly overlapping. "OH, FUCK ME!"



After both girls had already had an orgasm or two, one of the guys, she wasn't sure which one, suddenly said "Switch!" Angela turned her head to observe as the cock was withdrawn from her pussy, and was shortly replaced by another. Jack's didn't feel a lot different, but she didn't care. The important thing was that she would still be fucked some more. And so it went on, the noise resuming almost immediately.



The dual screaming went on until both girls came again. At that point both guys withdrew their cocks, neither of them having cum inside them, and coming back around to the front. Angela watched as Serena instinctively rose to her knees, mouth wide open and tongue extended, ready to receive Eddie's gift all over her face. Angela looked up, saw Jack whacking off, and again mirrored Serena's moves. The two girls gasped hungrily, and waited mere moments before their prize coated their faces.

Angela happily swallowed that which landed on her tongue, then lapped up what surrounded her lips. She felt Serena's hands on her all of a sudden, who said, "You look like you need cleaning!" With that, the two of them began lapping up the yummy cum off of each others bodies. With a show like that, Angela was hardly surprised to see the boys hard again when they finished. Serena looked at her brightly and offered, "Would you like to have them both?"

"What?" Angela gasped, hardly believing what Serena was suggesting.

"You're new. You need all the fucking you can get. I can stand to sit this one out."

That was all she needed. Angela looked up at the guys and commanded, "Come here, both of you!"

The boys obeyed without question. Angela sprang up and grabbed Jack, and pulled him down onto his back. She straddled him and impaled herself once more, hopping up and down furiously. Eddie took hold of the base of her wings to momentarily stop her, and bent her forward, allowing himself room slide his lubed up cock into her ass. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Thus the fury continued, twice as intense now. She worried her cries would shatter all the glass in the apartment. "OH! OH! AH! OOOOOOHHHHHH YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS! OH MY GOD!" The guys released their third loads into her almost simultaneously, as she went into near shock from the most intense orgasm she had had all day.

The two guys removed themselves from her, and Angela collapsed on the floor, too wiped out even to move. "Serena," she called. Serena promptly responded, floating over and looking down at her like before. Angela smiled incredulously and said, "This is what I'm going to go through every single day?"

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