tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersIf Your Heart Surrenders Ch. 02

If Your Heart Surrenders Ch. 02


(Musical credit to: Ace of Base, "Don't Turn Around," written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren.)

Henry got out of Al's truck, taking care not to damage his 'Tin-Man' costume. He put his tin funnel back on his head and turned to see Charlie standing by his side dressed as the Scarecrow.

After a moment, Al sullenly came stumping around the front of the truck with a wicker basket in his hand. On his head he wore an auburn wig with braided pigtails that were tied with blue ribbons. He was dressed in a pale blue blouse and blue farm-girl dress that was seductively cut to mid thigh. He had white thigh-high stockings that were firmly clipped to their garter belt. Also beneath his dress, he chaffed inside a frilly baby-blue g-string and was now, less than enthusiastically, sporting a perky set of A-cup stick-on falsies that were supported by a tasteful but shear baby-blue scalloped lace brassier. On his feet he wore sparkling red slip-ons with demure one inch heels.

Henry and Charlie smiled supportively as Al walked in an exaggeratedly hesitant gait.

Charlie whipped out a tube of lotion and empathized: "Still a little sore from the Brazilian wax or, is it the full body shave that you finally let me do for you?"

Al shook his head sourly, "Yeah. If there ever is a next time, you have my permission to 'do' me a few days in advance!"

Charlie snickered none too sympathetically, "A rookie mistake!"

Al grumbled, "So tell me again: why I have to be Dorothy?"

Henry smiled, "Well this is your 'Coming-Out' costume ball and this IS the Fantasia!"

Charlie twisted the knife a little by reaching under Al's dress and pinching Al's butt cheek, "You make such a cute little 'Deb' too!"

Al grumbled as another of the Velcro strips let out an ominous ripping sound, "I mean: Why isn't Marlene dressed as Dorothy; look, this dress is hardly big enough for me, I keep ripping open the Velcro!"

Charlie locked up one of Al's arms in his and tutted, "Now Al! Everybody gets their costumes assigned to them and Marlene is working so hard to make your first gala at the Fantasia one that YOU will never forget!"

Al looked up at the brightly decorated façade at the far end of the parking lot and mumbled, "Yeah well, I get the feeling I won't be the only one who will never forget this little party!"

Henry locked up Al's other arm and positioned the basket on Al's arm, "Now remember: Marlene is counting on you to stay in character all night and don't worry what her costume is. She wanted for her character to be a secret; so just follow the Pink Painted Road and have some fun!"

Al looked down and saw a strip of pink paint, about six inches wide at his feet. "Yeah but my Mom drives down this way sometimes to go shopping and what if someone that I work with sees me in this get-up?"

The Scarecrow consoled, "Oh there won't be anybody that DOROTHY knows inside the club will there Tin-Man?"

The Tin Man considered for a moment, "Only Flamers..., Cross-dressers... and Dykes..."

Al eyed the Scarecrow and deadpanned, "Flamers...?"

Scarecrow added with a touch of fear in his voice, "Cross-dressers...?"

Tin man nodded sagely, "...AND Dykes!"

Both the Scarecrow and the Tin Man waited for Dorothy to add her part to finish the line.

Al rolled his eyes and moaned sarcastically, "Oh my!"

Both Scarecrow and Tin Man started to pump Al's arms up and down gently while they chanted, "Flamers, Cross-dressers and Dykes!"

Dorothy added in time to the chanting, "Oh my!"

They stood and pumped each other's arms up and down and continued to chant: "Flamers, Cross-dressers and Dykes... Oh my!

Flamers, Cross-dressers and Dykes... Oh my!"

Scarecrow and Tin Man started to skip across the car filled parking lot with the somewhat less reluctant Dorothy looking down to keep each sparkling ruby slip-on stepping carefully inside the Pink Painted Road.

"Flamers, Cross-dressers and Dykes... Oh my!

Flamers, Cross-dressers and Dykes... Oh my!

Flamers, Cross-dressers and Dykes... Oh my!"

Soon the trio arrived at the front doorway and found a bright gaily colored ribbon hanging from over the top of one of the double doors.

Dorothy innocently looked up and pulled the ribbon. Immediately, a chime of bells rang out.

A short muscular woman, with tattoos all over her arms, dressed only in a tight fawn leather vest, tight fawn leather pants and black engineer boots, opened the door. The woman tossed her head full of butch, spiky, bleached-blond hair and looked up at Dorothy as she bellowed: "Who rang that bell?"

The three chimed in pleasantly, "We did!"

The butch dyke snorted derisively while pointing at the door, demanding: "Can't you read?"

The three looked and saw only the door; they looked back, "Read what?"

The butch dyke looked and saw only a nail in the door. She shook her spiky head as she tisked loudly. Then she reached behind the door, pulling a sign out and hanging it on the nail. Then she went back inside and slammed the door.

The three read the sign in unison, "Bell out of order. Please knock."

Dorothy looked down to make sure that she was still safely inside the Pink Painted Road and that the road did in fact lead through this door. Then she stepped forward and knocked.

The butch dyke opened the door and smiled a jovial smile, "Well. That's more like it!" Then she scowled menacingly and demanded sharply: "Now state your business!"

The Scarecrow ventured timidly, "We've come to see the Wizard!"

The Tin Man added helpfully, "We brought Dorothy just as we were instructed!"

The butch dyke sucked in a horrified breath and fell back against the door jamb as she looked horrified at the dark sky. Her ample bosoms strained the buttons of her leather vest and they threatened to pop out as she breathed, "The Witch's Dorothy?"

Both Tin Man and the Scarecrow nodded in woeful affirmation.

The Butch Dyke nodded grimly and let the three in past the narrow door and into the dark foyer.

The Scarecrow shook his finger and cautioned: "Now Dorothy, don't let those ruby slippers off of your feet for a moment."

The Tin Man patted Dorothy's hand reassuringly, "And never leave the Pink Painted Road! Nothing and no one can harm you if you just keep the ruby slippers and stay on the Pink Painted Road!"

Dorothy blinked to let her eyes get accustomed to the dark. She saw the narrow Pink Painted Road glowing reassuringly under the toes of her sparkling pumps.

The butch dyke bowed deeply and intoned with an air of finality, "The Witch's Dorothy has arrived!"

Suddenly a huge head appeared in flames on the opposite wall of the open coat room and grumbled with a patronizing tone: "Thank you Leona, you three may go."

Leona scurried into the club, while Tin-Man shuddered and followed, rattling with each step.

Only Scarecrow remained, "Your worship, please be gentle with our little Dorothy, she just had a Brazilian wax and a full body_"

The horrifying but oddly familiar figure roared as the flames leaped all the way to the ceiling, threatening to set all the coats on fire. "I SAID GO!"

Dorothy watched as the Scarecrow ran off into the club and steeled herself for her doom.

Dorothy curtsied meekly and stammered, "Mr. Wizard, I have come to_"

The apparition grumbled, "I know EXACTLY why you have come. It seems that you are having trouble fully enjoying your HOMOSEXUAL proclivities with your more MACHO, public image."

Dorothy's eyes grew wide. She opened her mouth to object, but quickly shut it.

The Wizard waited for a moment before demanding: "Look at you: the big football; returning now as a WAR Hero! And all the while you have been nothing more than another swishing, prancing little faggot!"

Dorothy looked up hurt, "Don't say that. I am the same person that I have always been. I just didn't know that I loved her."

The Wizard sneered, "Love? You know nothing of love! Why you are nothing more than another swishing, cum sucking, little anal slut! I have seen YOUR kind many times before: PRETENDING to me a man and all the while lusting to take a real MANS' DICK between your trembling lips!"

Dorothy squeaked defiantly: "Of course I love her! I am happier than I have ever been, she is all that I want_"

The Wizard prodded, "And yet, you make no effort to take an ACTIVE role in your love making; tell me DOROTHY, do you intend to let HER take the lead for the rest of your life?"

The Wizard waited as Dorothy blushed and said nothing.

"And were you thinking of how much you love her when you FAILED to please her just last night, gagging and hesitating to do ALL that she eagerly did to please you?"

Dorothy just looked down bashfully at her sparkling ruby slippers.

The Wizard asked with a tone that stated plainly that he already knew the answer, "And what of telling your Mother Dorothy, how PROUDLY will you tell your Mother that you EAGERLY let HER ram that big fat dick of hers up your quivering little butt-hole?"

Dorothy blushed an even deeper shade of red.

The Wizard summed up condescendingly, "I thought so. Well, if you REALLY WANT my help, you must bring me back the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West!"

Dorothy wondered, "Her broomstick?"

The Wizard absently chuckled, "Yes, it is the source of her POWER; once I have that broomstick back, I will have all of the POWER that she has used to defy me for all of these years; all of the POWER that I need to solve ALL of your little problems."

With that the apparition disappeared and Dorothy found herself standing alone in the darkened foyer meekly toeing the glowing Pink Road.

Dorothy turned forlornly to look up the Pink Painted Road. She walked timidly past the inner door and immediately saw six hulking men who wore only leather harnesses, leather chaps, jock straps and leather biker's caps on their heads.

Suddenly, all six men moved as one to flank the road, three on each side.

Dorothy saw that the road led up and over the bar to a stage with three stripper poles. Leona, the Tin-Man and the Scarecrow were dancing, teasing and egging on the roaring crowd as they stripped off their costumes while twirling bawdily around the poles.

The music stopped and the crowd cheered its approval. Dorothy stepped up to the stage as the other three gathered the discarded bits of their costumes and left the stage, disappearing into the welcoming throng.

Dorothy waited and heard the next song begin as a timid but still defiant voice whispered in pain. Then the lights went completely dark, just as the jaunty Ska rhythm began and the singer began to sing her vulnerable and defiant first verse.

Suddenly, the spotlight hit Dorothy. She slid her basket across the floor to the center pole and boldly skipped out to the first pole in time to the music. She grabbed the pole with one hand and followed the road as it looped around the first pole.

Dorothy ended up holding pole between her thighs, rising and falling lewdly in time to the music. Then she bent at the waist and slowly waggling her behind for the crowd as the first cat calls began. She flipped up the back of her skirt and kept waggling till the first verse ended.

The singer challenged in a strong voice: "_Don't turn around, 'cause you're gonna see my heart breaking_"

Dorothy stood up and turned around, leaning coquettishly back on the pole as she felt her A-cup falsies become suddenly heavier.

"_Don't turn around, I don't want you seeing me cry_"

Dorothy grabbed the neck of her flimsy blue blouse and ripped it down to her waist. The Velcro screamed as the crowd roared its approval.

"_Just walk away_"

Dorothy spread her thighs and swayed her hips suggestively while looking to see that her A-cup falsies had somehow grown.

"_Its tearing me apart that you're leaving_"

Dorothy grabbed the two suddenly larger falsies to present to the appreciative crowd; somehow, her press-on-falsies were now at least C-cup beauties that spilled wonderfully from the tiny cups of her pretty scalloped lace bra.

"_I'm letting you go but I won't let you know_"

Dorothy skipped in time to the music, following the glowing pink road that looped around the center pole while unhooking the back of her bra.

She performed another breathtaking swoop around the pole, trailing her bra in her outer hand.

"_I won't miss your arms around me, holding me tight_"

She bent at the waist, dropped her bra into her basket and waggled her gorgeous falsies for the crowd's approval as the singer continued. Dorothy grabbed high on the pole and swung her legs up, gripping the pole between her silk-clad thighs; hanging herself upside down and jiggling slowly for the crowd.

"_If you ever think about me, just know that I'll be alright_"

Dorothy stayed upside down and ripped off the remains of her dress as the Velcro groaned one last time. In one deft move, she deposited the shards of her modesty in the basket on the floor.

"_I'm gonna be strong_"

Dorothy shook her magnificently bloated falsies to and fro as she sank on the pole to the floor while the crowd roared out its approval.

"_I'm gonna do fine_"

Dorothy caught herself in a handstand and smoothly righted herself while tentatively fingering the Velcro closure of her frilly, pale blue G-string.

"_don't worry about this heart of mine_"

Just then, a sickly cloud of green smoke erupted on the stage at Dorothy's side. Dorothy startled and stood wide eyed clutching her Double D-cup falsies in her hands as the music was drowned out by a sickening, high-pitched and evil sounding cackle.

After the smoke cleared, there stood the most beautiful creature that Dorothy had ever seen, standing in a pool of light and clutching a broomstick and a magic wand. Dorothy stared wide eyed at the vision before her.

The woman was dressed in a black cape. On her head sat a tall, conical, wide-brimmed hat, from her hat cascaded the most delightfully curly chestnut hair. Her blood-red bustier presented her ample naked breasts and plainly exposed below was the reddest satin patch, which struggled to cover the woman's bulging pubic mound.

The woman smiled cruelly and carelessly flipped the magic wand with one hand. "Welcome Dorothy; I have been expecting you."

Dorothy instinctively took a step backwards.

The woman winked seductively then called out, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses and bid a fond welcome to our guest of honor: Dorothy!"

Instantly the unseen crowd in the dark club burst out in applause.

Dorothy timidly stepped forward to share the spotlight with the Witch of the West and curtsied first to the deathly beautiful Witch in black, then to the crowd.

The Witch of the West smiled sourly as she pointed to Dorothy's G-string and quickly flicked her finger away, "Think you're pretty tricksy, don't you my pretty?

You THOUGHT that you could win them over with YOUR LIES and with your little dance!"

Dorothy felt the last of the Velcro groan and her G-string fly away in pieces, leaving her standing in only her garter belt, her white stockings and her Ruby slippers.

The Witch cooed as she appraised the sweet virginal girl, "Much better, I find that clothes only get in the way when I have my eyes on what I truly want!"

Dorothy breathed in fear, "I should get back to my friends now_"

The woman pointed her long crooked finger and gave another careless flick of the wrist.

Dorothy instantly felt her cock rise, standing free for all the crowd to see.

The Witch pouted, "Much, much better! Oh, and there is no need to worry about your 'FRIENDS.' They are ALL being well looked after; a small payment for their having brought you here to me!

Oh but, where are my manners? You must be absolutely parched after your long journey. I have prepared a small refreshment for you; I think that you will find it to be all that you can stand!"

Dorothy watched as the Witch tore away her cape and sported her own erection, much larger than Dorothy's

The woman batted her long eyelashes and twisted so that an enormous boob popped free of its meager confines. "Dorothy, I going to CLAIM you as MY own COCK-WHORE then you will hand over MY Ruby slippers and with the power of the slippers, I will have my revenge over the one who MADE me! But first, I am going to make you MY ONE TRUE SLAVE_"

Dorothy stared at the entrancing and tempting cock as it swung at the apex of the Witch's magnificent thighs, "But I never hurt you; surely we can come to some_

The Witch of the West twirled a finger in her long, curly chestnut hair and her massive dong swayed hypnotically before Dorothy, like a snake, waiting to devour its hapless victim.

The Witch renewed her condescending smile and offered: "Perhaps you would like to try again? Tell us all my little CUM-WHORE, is something that YOU would like to try once again in exchange for my accepting the return of MY slippers?"

Suddenly, Dorothy knelt down; her mouth open and she stared at the Witch's magnificent cock. The Witch shifted her stance, ever so slightly and suddenly Dorothy found the bulbous head of the Witch's cock smearing pre-cum on her trembling lips.

Dorothy felt the delicious sensation of smooth, hot flesh pressing and moving artfully, caressing her mouth, encouraging her to open wider. Dorothy gasped and swallowed. Then she felt herself being pressed forward and the Witch's gorgeous, plump cock invading her mouth.

The Witch of the East caressed the back of the frightened girls head as she consoled, "There now, this isn't so bad is it?"

Dorothy felt her head swim as saw the Witch grasping her firmly by the pigtails then starting to thrust her hips forward. Dorothy felt the urge to gag as the huge cock head slid inexorably over her tongue.

The Witch just looked down, smiling cruelly; undulating seductively, so that the smooth, incredibly hot cock disappeared bit by bit into Dorothy's waiting mouth.

Dorothy blinked and knew that she must be wrong; she could have sworn that the Witch looked just like HER, but no! The Witch's breasts were much too big! And SHE was never this cruel; even when she lost her temper back at the hotel and began to slap Dorothy while she all but took Dorothy's virginal... Dorothy murmured dizzily, "Mmmar_"

The Witch dropped her broom and grasped Dorothy by her chin, smiling while shaking her head, "Guess again my sweet!"

Dorothy looked up in dismay.

The Witch of the West smiled and resumed ramming her cock into Dorothy's sucking mouth, "Now you_ are starting_ to understand it_ I am not HER! I am the one_ who is seducing you_, I am the one_ who is MAKING you_ my own little CUM-WHORE_ I am the one_ who WILL make you see_ that YOU are nothing_ more than a SLAVE. Then YOU will_ hand my Ruby slippers back to ME!"

Dorothy gargled as she slurped the delicious cockhead, "You are the one who hurt me!"

The Witch smiled, "Well, I will admit that I had to be a bit rough with you at first, but it was for your own good my darling!

Oh, you squealed like such a little faggot! But eventually you will got used to it; and now you have no choice!

A cruel sneer crept across the Witch's lips, "Just as soon as I pump my load down your sweet little throat, I will take ALL of what you THOUGHT was YOURS; I will have YOU and the power to take my revenge on the one who MADE me!"

The Witch indulged in a triumphant and evil cackle.

The Witch's eyes locked onto Dorothy's frightened eyes then suddenly clenched her fist before Dorothy's face, her evil and unforgiving glare and a sudden tightening in Dorothy's throat silenced the frightened captive.

"Now you are going to take all of me and you will be MY cock sucking little FAGGOT forever!"

The Witch resumed her undulations. The Witch's enormous dick sensuously caressed Dorothy's lips and her tongue.

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