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Iffy Gig


With my shift over, I made my escape through the gauntlet of leering bus boys and cat-calling prep cooks. Sighing in relief as I reached the back door, I pushed it open and stepped into the afternoon sun. I blinked and squinted and raised a flattened hand to shade my eyes. I could see nothing. Has she stood me up again? I wondered. A flash of panic tickled the base of my brain.

"Over here, dummy," came Maddy's voice with a hint of a laugh.

I melted in relief. "Heeey!" I cried out as I followed her voice.

As my vision returned I could make out her yellow Camaro with the twin black stripes running up the hood: a twentieth birthday present from her parents. I could see her face in the driver's side window; bobbed blonde hair bracketing big Dolce and Gabbana sun-glasses, themselves bracketing a perfect little freckly chip of a nose: all also gifts from her parents. But best off all was her big, toothy smile: her gift to me.

"Hi Maddy," I said as I dropped down into the passenger's seat. I looked at her, but the big sunglasses told me nothing. Tentatively, I leaned in for a kiss, but she pushed me back.

"Hey, we're in public," she said.

I looked around. The back of Oak Glen Plaza was sprawled around us: dumpsters, grease traps, employee cars, delivery vans. No people. I looked a question at her, my eyes betraying just a fraction of my hurt feelings.

"Besides, you stink," she added.

"I stink?"

"Like shitty food. Grease and onions, you know."

"Well, let's go to your house. Let me use your shower." I leaned in closer. "Maybe we..."

"My dad's home. Why don't we just go to your place, it's closer?"

"Our shower's broken, I'd have to take a bath and I always still feel greasy after a bath."

"Your shower is broken again?"

"No, still. Our landlord is worthless."

Maddy shook her head at the low-rent annoyances of my life. "OK. But if my dad asks where we're going, don't tell him."

"I thought we were going to your uncle's," I said. Not that I particularly wanted to meet her uncle, but at least that wouldn't be the type of situation where she'd be spending all our time trying to convince me to try a three-way with some jerk.

"Yeah," Maddy rolled her eyes. "You know how it is... family drama. Just don't tell him."

I gave her a questioning look but she said nothing.


Forty minutes later, my skin was rid of its greasy sheen and my thick, dark hair lay wet and heavy against my back. Maddy confirmed I no longer stank and handed me a small wad of clothes.

"Put these on."

She liked to dress me up. I didn't mind. She had much nicer clothes and I liked when she thought I looked sexy. The only problem is that Maddy has a short, willowy gymnast's body and I'm taller and curvier, so anything of hers is both too short and too tight. The little yellow tank top that ended well above my navel and the stretchy pink mini skirt that barely came down to my mid thigh were a particularly bad example. And the high heeled pumps certainly didn't help. She wanted me to go braless too, but that was where I drew the line.

"Jeez, Maddy, I look like a hooker!" I said, looking at myself in the mirror.

"I think you look great," she said as squeezed my ass and kissed me wetly on the neck.

Well, what could I say to that? I followed meekly as Maddy escorted me downstairs, though the marble-tiled foyer into the kitchen, where her dad sat at the breakfast nook reading his iPad. The light reflecting in from the pool outside was sending crazy wavy snakes of light dancing around him, but I could still see his eyes pop open lasciviously when he saw me nearly bursting out of his daughter's clothes.

"So where you girls headed?" he asked as he sat down his tablet and forced his eyes away from my tits.

"Out," said Maddy.

"Damn it, Madeline," he said. "I'm your father. Tell me."

Maddy rolled her eyes. "We're gonna do some crack and bang a bunch of black guys. We're both ovulating so..."

"Jesus! Don't kid around like that."

"What? The crack part or the black guys part or the ovulating...?"

Cold stare.

"We're going shopping." I said, improvising. "I got paid today."

"A young woman with a job!" said Maddy's dad. "Those are pretty rare around here," he said, turning a baleful eye towards his daughter.

"Screw this, I forgot my phone," said Maddy. She strode out of the room, leaving me behind.

There as an awkward silence as he tried (and failed) not to let his eyes linger on my body. It made me feel uncomfortable, especially because he looked so much like Maddy that I actually felt a little echo of attraction to him. And I wasn't even into guys anymore.

"You work at that Mexican place, Dos Perros, right?" he finally said.


He looked at me like a specimen. I could read his face as he gauged how 'ethnic' I looked. I really hoped he wouldn't ask me. Truth is, I'm not really sure. My mom says my father "looked Latino" and that's as much as I know.


"Hostess. I show people to their tables, work the register..." I could hear Maddy's heels tick-tacking back across the foyer towards the kitchen, so I let myself trail off.

"Yeah, the fat perv who owns the place always puts the girls with the big tits up front," said Maddy as she walked back in. "Obviously, Lily was a shoe-in." She reached around me and squeezed my breasts at her dad, twice. "honk, honk," she said.

His face turned beet red. He turned away, grabbed his tablet and walked out. "Have a good time ladies," said his voice, retreating into the labyrinth of his house.

"God, he's such a fucking wimp," said Maddy under her breath.

I said nothing. I'd learned to stay out of Maddy's family shit.


We'd been driving for about twenty minutes when Maddy finally got the hint. "OK. What's wrong Lily?"


"Bullshit. I can tell... come on, don't be an asshole."

"Well...Are we gonna get any time alone today?"

"We're alone now."

"You know what I mean."

"God, you're such a horny slut."

"I'm not..." I started to protest but stopped myself. Maddy liked to pretend that I would sleep with anyone, perhaps because there was a time when that had been more or less true of her. I wasn't a virgin or anything. I'd had a couple of regrettable hetero experiences before I gave that up and I could count my total sexual partners on one hand. But if I tried to protest that fact to Maddy she'd just make it worse. It was best just to let her nurse her weird little fiction. "It's just been, like, two weeks since we..." I finally said.

"OK, you big lezzie slut, let's see what we can do for you."

Maddy pulled off the highway and turned under a dilapidated bridge into a sketchy industrial-looking area beside an ugly, brown river. She pulled into the weedy parking lot of an old abandoned warehouse and parked around back. She turned to me, her smile hot and wicked. My heart jumped in my chest.

"Look at you. You just can't wait for it, you dirty bitch," she cooed at me. Her left hand found my lap and slid beneath the hem of my skirt..

"Mmmm," I said. "Yesss."

"Oh. There's that hungry lil' kitty," she said as her fingertips brushed aside my panties.

I moaned and leaned back.

"Come on kitty, come, come, come," she said teasingly as her fingers danced up and down along my moistening lips before dipping into my wet slit. I opened my legs wider and she slipped two fingers inside me while she began to thumb my clit.

"Ohhhhh," I moaned.

"I wanna see those gorgeous tits of yours," she said as she pushed the shirt up my chest. I eagerly popped the clasp on my bra and she brushed the cups aside. Maddy's face sank into the pillowy valley of my chest as her tongue quested over, beneath and around my breasts. Finally, her teeth settled on my left nipple. As she bit down lightly on the tender flesh, she flicked the tip with her tongue. I pushed myself back into my seat as I felt my whole body start to tingle.

"Such a hungry fucking pussy, Come on, you dirty, horny, fucking lezzie slut. Come on," She growled through her teeth.

I was so close. My back arched and I bit my lip as I felt the climax begin to engulf me as the warm tingle spread beneath my skin... but, suddenly, Maddy pulled her hand away and sat back in her seat.

My eyes popped open. "What's wrong?" I sat up with my fingers over my nipples, my head turning this way and that.

"Nothing. I just don't want to let you come just yet."


Maddy laughed. "Look, you got me all slimy," she said, holding up her left hand, which was indeed very wet looking. "Tell you want," she said as she shoved her fingers into my mouth. "I'll let you taste your pussy, slut."

She made me taste myself all the time. I usually didn't mind but I pushed the hand away. "Pleeease, Maddy. You're torturing me."

"Trust me girlie, when I finally let you come, it's gonna change your fuckin' life."

"When?! Why not now?"

"'Cause were late," she said as she took out her phone. She placed a call, saying only, "Hey! I'm right outside."

"This is where we're going?" I asked, looking up at the boarded-up brick edifice.

Maddy just smiled. "Trust me."

I didn't, but what could I do?


The big door rolled up and we pulled inside. The building wasn't abandoned, but only barely. Inside there were a few cars and a motorcycle parked along one side of the room and several tables with multicolored stacks of garments toward the back. A couple of guys were setting up some kind of equipment by the tables while another stood watching. In the center of the floor stood a steel shipping container where a big guy in a welder's mask was using a blowtorch to scorch the serial numbers off the surface. They all turned to watch as we got out of Maddy's car.

"Hey Frankieeee!" squealed Maddy across the empty space.

"Hey," shouted a short, muscle-bound guy who looked exactly like Maddy's dad - if Maddy's dad wore a pony tail and could bench press 300 pounds. "How's my favorite niece?"

"Great, as always," she said as we reached them. She went in for a hug. I stood back and waited while they all openly ogled me. I did my best to ignore their stares although I still felt flustered. You'd think that after putting up with that shit since middle school I'd be used to it by now.

"And who's your pretty friend?" said Uncle Frankie.

"This is Lily", said Maddy. "Lily, this is my Uncle Frank."

"Hi," I said.

"So you're gonna to help us out, huh?" asked Frank.

"Uh... What?"

"I, um, haven't told her why we're here yet," admitted Maddy.

I must have looked a more than a little suspicious because Frank rushed to explain with a practiced smoothness. "Well, it's nothing really. Me and my associates have come into the possession of a large quantity of high-end designer women's fashions and we're gonna sell them on the internet. Of course, we'll need some pictures and I think we'll get best results if we had pictures of these dresses on attractive girls. My darling niece is willing to help, of course, but many of these things don't come in her petite size. And frankly, a lot would just look better in a taller girl with more... womanly features."

"So, a modeling gig?"

"Yeah," answered Maddy with a big smile, but worried eyes. "Exciting right?"

I was pissed. I'd been getting offered iffy modeling gigs from low-life creeps since I was 15 and, when I finally let my mom convince me to give it a try, my appointment with a well-regarded photographer only resulted in my reluctantly popped cherry. So I'd sworn off the biz for good. And Maddy knew that. What the hell was she thinking?

"I don't model," I said flatly, looking hard at Maddy.

"Please," she breathed as she moved up to me and took my hand. "Do it for me." She crushed her body into mine and kissed me on the nape of my neck. I pulled away in shock. Honking my tits to embarrass her pathetic father was one thing, getting openly sexual in front of her 'roided-out uncle and his seedy friends was going way too far.

I cast a concerned glance at the four men now standing around us. Other than the fact that they all appeared to be vaguely dangerous meatheads, they were a pretty diverse crew. There was Uncle Frank, of course: short, middle aged and pony-tailed. There was the barrel-chested welder guy with a bushy beard and lots of tattoos: they called him "Spider". There was Steve, a huge guy with spiky blond hair and an unfortunate face atop an elaborately muscled body. And finally there was Hal; a muscularly lithe, mocha-skinned guy with a wry smile and a head shaved in an obvious concession to early male pattern baldness. Except for Frank, who was only a little taller than me, they were a tall bunch of guys, all well over six feet. It was intimidating. There was definitely an interested look being passed among them, but at least they weren't pulling out their dicks or anything.

"Come on, Lily. Please," said Maddy.

"Can we talk about this privately?" I said, tensely.

We went back to her car. "I'm not showing off for those creeps," I said once we were inside.


"You're going to get us raped!"

Maddy laughed. "It's my Uncle Frankie, Lily. Trust me, people don't cross Frankie. We're safer here than, like, anyplace else in town."

"Well... Maybe you are."

She leaned in close now, I could feel her hot breath on my neck. "And it would be such a turn-on to see you dressed up all sexy and glamorous; posing for the camera while those dumb grunts have to watch, knowing they can never, ever dare touch you. God, just thinking about it gets me so fucking hot."

I let that thought sink in. I hated to admit it, but her scenario had my pussy drooling a bit too. "Oh really?" was all I could think to say.

Maddy smiled coquettishly and snapped the top two buttons on her shorts. I didn't object as she guided my hand inside. She was really wet. "See?" she said.


Maddy's phone bleeped. She had a text from Frank. Reading it, her face lit up. "Awesome! He says we can keep any dress we model... And this is designer shit, Lily."

Earlier, I had glanced at the table where the dresses were stacked. It looked like there was some really nice stuff. And wouldn't it be nice to have some fancy clothes? I got so tired of feeling jealous whenever we met and I was wearing stuff from Walmart while Maddy was wearing stuff from Saks. Or maybe I could sell them. I could probably get good money. Probably enough to get my car fixed... or maybe finally take some classes at the community college... or even get enough money so I could move out of my mom's apartment... Damn, wouldn't that be nice.

"So what'd'ya girls say?" asked Frank as we got out of the car.

"OK," I said. "But no funny stuff."


There was no changing room. We ended up changing out on the floor, out of view around the other side of the shipping container. We borrowed one of the lights the guys were setting up so Maddy could help me with my makeup and I could help her with hers. She posed with me when we could find something in her size, which Frank liked because we had "chemistry" together. I think was just his way of saying I acted a lot sexier when I had Maddy at my side.

After we worked though the handful of styles that came in Maddy's size I had to pose alone. I was palpably nervous as Maddy got me ready. As I was about to get in front of the camera, she trotted up to me with a smoldering joint.

"Where'd you get that?" I asked.

"Uncle Frankie," she said. I looked over and he smiled and winked.

"I better not," I said. "You know how weed makes me."

"Yeah, really horny," she said, accurately, with a sexy smile that made me feel that might be a good thing.

So I took a couple of puffs and was feeling frisky and giddy as I got back in front of the camera. Maddy - looking adorable in a little slivery cocktail dress with a ruffley skirt that would have made anyone else's butt look too big - was back among the guys, tempting smiles from me by flashing her little tits and golden pussy when they weren't looking. Or sometimes when they were.

It went well. They'd take some pictures of me then Maddy and I would go back behind the container to change, stealing kisses and caresses as she tricked me out and kept my make-up looking fresh. It seemed like the guys were getting more interested too as I got more relaxed and started modeling the sluttier stuff I'd skipped earlier; high leg slits, plunging necklines, bare backs and scandalously short hems grew more and more common as I worked down to the dregs of my pile.

And I was loving it.

For once, I was actually enjoying the power of my desirability: my ability to cause mental disruption and even a kind of pent-up physical pain in these brutes. As I brashly flaunted my sexuality they were increasingly enslaved; helpless moths pulled by biological imperative toward a hot, hot flame (me!). For once the conspicuous lust of horny men seemed like rocket fuel for my ego rather than a wearying psychological burden. Under the protection of Uncle Frank, I grew - for want of a better word - cocky.

Back behind the container, Maddy was squeezing me into the last dress; a particularly slutty strapless red thing with a dangerous neckline. We kissed for a long while until Maddy accidently backed me into our light and it tipped over with a loud clatter.

"We're fine!" shouted Maddy. We giggled and left the light laying on the floor.

"I can't believe how turned on I am," I said, still laughing as Maddy tried to touch up my lipstick. "And those poor guys, they're so horny I think they're going to pop."

"I know how they feel," said Maddy.

"Well, let's get this finished and we can go someplace to be alone. You owe me," I said hotly, although what I really wanted to do right then was spend a few long hours slowly feasting on Maddy's pussy.

"Yeah, I have an idea about that," she said as she followed me out to the camera.

My smile was big and bright with the anticipation of getting between Maddy's thighs as Frank took the last few pictures. When he said, "Great! That should do it," I turned to give her a smile but she was already at my side. She reached up, looped her hands behind my neck and pulled me down for a deep kiss.

Horny and bold now, I kissed back and squeezed her little tits in my hands. I could feel the guys watching us. I'd never been so turned on. I pulled back from the kiss to look Maddy in the eye. She looked into mine. A wordless spark of inspiration passed between us. Maddy didn't even pause. Reaching up, she took hold of the low neckline of my dress and pulled it down, spilling my tits into view. Her mouth was on them in a second, her tongue, lips and teeth working across my flesh as she forced a deep gasp from me.

"Shiiiiit," said Hal.

"Oh fuck yeah," said Spider.

The warm waves of lust we been churning up surged into a fierce, disorienting tide. Before I knew it Maddy had pushed me back to one of the tables on which lay a deep cushion of high end formal wear. I let her reach around and pull the down the zipper on my little red dress. Soon she was tugging it off me and I was eagerly helping. The men moved in closer, standing in a ring no more than a yard away as I lay back on the table, naked but for my panties, which Maddy immediately tore away. I opened my thighs and reached out with my legs to pull her to me. Her face sank down. Her lips met my labia and her tongue began to work a circuitous route up to my clit. I moaned deeply as I took double handfuls of her golden hair and pulled her tightly to my pussy.

Time was suspended as Maddy worked her magic down below. My mind was blank but for the thrilling pulse of pleasure that throbbed through my body. When she suddenly stopped (AGAIN!) I opened my eyes in annoyance and was surprised to be reminded that we were doing this in an old warehouse, for an audience. I blushed as I looked up at their strained expressions. Maddy's glistening face rose from between my thighs to catch my eye.

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