tagMatureIgnorance is Bliss Ch. 01

Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 01


Chapter 01 - Moving In

The moving truck arrived at the empty house next door on a Saturday. My wife Roberta and I were home and had time to kill so we went over to see who was moving in. It was a young, newly married couple, Ray and Sylvia. Ray was just out of college on his first job as accountant in the local branch of his bank. Sylvia had just graduated from a two year nursing program.

Ray is in good physical condition. He stands about 5' 11" and probably weighs 180 pounds. He is an intense person who needs to be doing something all the time. He took two loads into the house for every one that the rest of us took.

Sylvia is also in good shape. She and Ray jog a few miles every night. Her light brown hair generally hides at least part of her face and hangs down to her shoulders, She tends to wear baggy clothes that hide her figure. On the moving day she was wearing baggy jeans and a sweatshirt.

After working hard most of the afternoon, we invited our new neighbours out to dinner to get to know them better. We chatted about all sorts of different topics and found that this was the first time either of them had lived further than a few miles from their parents. It was also their first venture away from city life. We have large cities about four hours drive to both the east and the west, but there isn't much in between. This would be a new and different life for them!

Roberta and I are an older couple in our late forties. We have lived in this town for over ten years, so it wasn't too long before we became the confidants for Ray and Sylvia. Roberta and Sylvia would go shopping together, to the hairdresser, and just about everywhere else. Ray and I would work around the yard together, help each other fix the house and have the occasional brew.

Things were fine for the first few months and then a tension between Ray and Sylvia began to become very clear. Ray and I were in my workshop putting the finish sanding on a new cutting board for Sylvia's kitchen when the topic of sex first came up. He kind of blurted out between strokes with the sander, "What the hell do women want in bed any way?"

The question kind of caught me off guard, "What do you mean?"

"Ah, never mind, I'll have to work it out." Ray went back to his sanding and I didn't feel that I could push it, so I went back to work too.

The following weekend, I was outside chopping wood kind of lazily as there was no rush and I didn't really need a lot, just enough to keep the fireplace burning once in a while. Ray came over and took the axe that I had set down so I could stack what I had split. He grabbed the biggest, ugliest piece of knotted up wood that he could find and began to hack at it as if he was going to split it in one stroke. All he did was get the axe buried in so deep that it would not come out. He began to curse under his breath and heaved at the axe handle. I watched for a moment and then ducked in to the shop to get a couple of beers. When I came back he was sweating and swearing at the piece of wood. I held out a beer and waited.

Finally he flung the axe away from himself so that it rocked the piece of wood back and then forward. The axe handle hit him in his knee as he was turning toward me to take the beer. He yelped, swore again, and limped to sit on a stump beside me. I handed him the beer and he downed most of it in one gulp.

"What has got you so fired up?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just that god damned wife of mine."

"Hmm. What's the problem?"

"Well, one minute she is all warm and gushy, the next minute you could make ice on her butt."

"Sounds like a woman. What happened?"

"Well, we were talking about the changes in the bedroom. I was standing next to her and suggested we put a big mirror on the wall next to her dressing table. She was all for it. I figured it would be great when we - well - you know - the bed is right there. Anyway, she was planning how she could use it and then I put my hand on her back. She froze up solid. Stopped in mid sentence and went rigid. Christ, you'd think it was the first time I'd ever touched her. I guess I got mad and yelled and stomped out of there to came over here."

"Sounds like you haven't had much of a sex life lately."

"Nope. Haven't done it for about two weeks now."

"You must be getting pretty frustrated!"

"You better believe it!"

I had seen Sylvia crossing the driveway to our house, so I presumed she was in talking to my wife. It was sad to see this young couple having sex problems so early in their marriage. I remember Roberta and I had had some great fights early on, usually about everything but sex. We had always left our arguments out of the marriage bed. Sex was just too good to waste.

Ray stayed for an hour or so. We went into the shop and he did some more hand sanding on a bed side table he was making. I thought about what he had said and wondered what we could do to help him and Sylvia.

Later that night, after the dishes were done and my wife and I had some quiet private time, we decided to play one of our games. I got us each a drink of Scotch, turned on some soft music and she came out of the bedroom with a deck of cards. The rules are pretty simple. Cut the deck for high card. The winner gets to ask the loser to do whatever. We usually start slow and end up tossing the cards while we make mad passionate love.

This night I decided to tease her. She was wearing a skirt and blouse that buttoned up the front with lots of little buttons. I won the first three draws and told her to unbutton one button each time starting at the bottom of her skirt. The fourth draw was in her favour. She asked for my socks. Next, I got two more buttons on her skirt. She asked for my shirt and then for my watch. There were still three buttons on her skirt, so I asked for her panties. She managed to get them off without showing anything. I won again and asked for a button on her blouse. She won the next two rounds, off with my pants and my underwear. Now I was naked and she was still fully covered.

She won again. She said she wanted a kiss. I stayed where I was and she had to lean over me to get her kiss. She decided to grab my cock as she leaned into the kiss. Our tongues were duelling like mad and the temperature was rising - so was my dick. When we broke the kiss, I cried foul!

"You played with my cock when you only stated you wanted to kiss! I guess that means I get five spanks to use when I want to!"

"Oops, guess I got carried away!" she replied.

My wife likes a spanking, occasionally.

She won again. She decided I should play with her breasts through her blouse and bra. I massaged them heavily and she began to breath a little faster. I tweaked her nipples and pinched them through her blouse. She moaned and asked for more. I claimed another foul because she asked for two things in the same round. She didn't argue.

I won the next round and asked for her bra. She managed to get it off without showing anything, but now there was nothing under her blouse and skirt but bare skin.

She won again. This time she asked for a number. Now you have to be careful when asked for a number. It could be the number of spanks or the number of strokes in her mouth. I decided on twenty. She told me to count out loud while she took my cock in her mouth. This is a good way to get a foul - if you miscount...

My wife is great at giving head. Twenty deep strokes was going to be good. She knelt in front of me and took my whole cock into her mouth. Slowly she drew back and used her tongue to lick the underside of the swollen head of my prick. Quickly down again right into her throat, her nose pressed against my pubic hair. Again and again, quickly down, slowly back with lots of tongue slipping wetly over and around the head. It was very hard to concentrate, but I managed to keep the count.

I won a round. My turn. I told her to take off her blouse and play with her tits while dancing to one song of slow music. I leaned back against the couch with my still wet cock standing erect, shining in the dim light. My wife began to sway slowly to the music and run her hands all over her blouse. Over her breasts, over the buttons (which seemed to magically become undone) and up over her head into her long hair. Gradually, as she writhed to the music, the blouse seemed to float away from her and I could see her breasts. They peeked out from between her fingers as her hands continued to massage those soft, resilient tits. The nipple grew to hard little buds and turned a darker shade of red. For a woman over forty five, they still looked good - no sag. There are advantages to smaller tits. Finally the song ended.

I won again. I told her to play with both her tits and her crotch but not to touch her clit while dancing to one song of slow music. This was awesome. She reached one hand beneath her skirt after undoing the two of the last three buttons. I could see her hand moving, stroking her thighs and pubic mound. She was careful not to touch her clit. Her other hands was massaging her breasts. She would fondle one breast, pinch the nipple and then move over to massage the other. Then with a quick pinch of the nipple she would move back. Her hips swayed slowly in time to the music and the hem of her skirt brushed gently back and forth. Two fingers slid into her well-moistened cunt. Then three. Her skirt fell to the floor. She was moaning as she danced.

The music ended and I saw her quickly run her thumb over her clit as she pulled her fingers from her cunt. I cried foul! Another five spanks. I also pointed out that her skirt was missing. Another five.

She won the next draw. She asked for a number. I said five. She told me to lie on my back and that she would take five strokes of my cock in her pussy. I lay back on the carpet. She straddled my hips and sank down until the tip of my cock was at the opening of her cunt. Slowly, ever so slowly she sat until I was buried deep inside her. She stayed there for a couple of seconds before rising off my cock until once again its head was just touching her pussy lips. She sank again, faster this time, then waited before slowly moving up. This time she sank quickly and didn't wait before she moved slowly up. Twice more, she quickly moved up and down and finally off my overheated prick. We were both breathing hard at this point.

We decided to take the game to the bedroom. We took our drinks and the cards and moved.

I won. I decided it was time to heat things up. I asked her for a number. She replied with 25. I told her to present her ass to me. It was time to use all those spanks. I got my broad leather belt and folded it two. She knelt on the bed with her ass in the air, her face in a pillow. The first stroke left a broad red mark across well rounded cheeks. I quickly gave her four more which left her gasping. Then I pointed out that she wasn't counting and that I wouldn't start until she counted. Then I began again. I gave her five strokes across both cheeks. Then I alternated. First five to the right cheek, then five to the left. She carefully counted each one out loud. For the next five strokes, I tried to get the belt down between her thighs, across her dripping pussy lips. She counted each stroke carefully. Five strokes to her left thigh, Five to the right. Her voice was strained, but she faithfully counted each stroke. Her bum was a bright red now, and her pussy was dripping sweet juices down onto the bed. The next ten strokes were across both cheeks, left, right, between, left thigh, right thigh. The last five were harder, across both cheeks, until she cried out on the last one and collapsed on the bed. I debated a foul because of the whimper that was 45, but then decided it was enough. Back to the cards.

She won. She asked for a number. I gave her 10. She told me to get behind her and put my dick in her cunt, but only ten strokes. I slipped in without any problem. I began stroking. At ten, she said to keep going. I began to pound into her. Quickly her moans and her hand stroking my balls and her clit, brought us both to the brink. I grabbed her hips and pulled them hard into me. I yelled, "I'm corning!" and she moaned again. I shot my seed deep into her cunt. She pushed back until both of us were drenched in ecstasy. Slowly we calmed down and collapsed on the bed.

We moved up the bed until we found the pillows. We were lying side by side cuddling quietly. The first thing she said was, "Sylvia came to talk to me today."

"Yeah, Ray came to talk to me," I replied.

"Sylvia is scared of him."

"Oh? How so?"

"She feels like he rapes her every time they have sex."

"He thinks she is the original ice queen."

"She was a virgin, you know, on their wedding night. He just wants to get it in and out. She wants a little romance."

"Hmm. Sounds like he is the original 'Wham, bam, thank you mam' type of guy."

"She is thinking she may have to leave him."

"Hmm, that's too bad."

"We need to help them."

"What would you suggest?" I began to play with Roberta's exposed nipple at this point. She was running her hand up and down my leg as she thought.

"They each need a good teacher. Someone who can show them how to enjoy sex." Her hand skimmed over my cock, which jumped up in response.

"Where would they find a person like that? They need two different things. He needs to learn how to put on the brakes and she needs to learn to accept her sexuality and go with it. It would have to be someone they trusted intimately."

"Someone they respected and could be free..." My voice ground to a halt as her hand began to stroke my stiffening member.

I should mention here that I tend to be a kind of once a night guy - at least for the last few years I had not cum twice in the same day - old age and all that....

"What about us?" Roberta murmured.

My hand sought for and found her moistened clit. I began to stroke it slowly as I thought about what she had just said. The possibilities were rather exciting. She was probably referring to me teaching Ray and her making over Sylvia. But what if I was to teach Sylvia. Could I handle the thought of her teaching Ray? Judging by the attempt by my cock to stretch above my belly button, I probably could. I thought I would try it out.

"What, you teach Ray and me teach Sylvia?" I tentatively suggested.

Her small hand squeezed tightly on my rod. "You got a problem with that?"

I reached over and kissed her hard. Our tongues fought until we needed air. Our hands were very busy lower down.

"No problem here," I gasped.

"Looks like a big problem here," she giggled and spun around to take my engorged prick into her mouth. Her ass was in the air, so I stuck three fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She moaned around my salami-like member which was harder now than it had been in a long time.

Taking my prick from her mouth, she said, "We will need some ground rules." She dove down on my prick again.

I moistened my pinky with her juices and in one stroke shoved it up her asshole. She jerked and moaned again. I continued to stroke all four fingers in and out, my thumb on her clit. "Yeah," I replied hoarsely, "a stop rule will be critical."

"Mm - mmm," she replied, moving her head faster, in time with my plunging fingers.

"We'll need - - lots of - - time..." I gasped out. I could feel her cumming on my hand. She froze and groaned around my cock. I slowed the piston motion of my hand and she slid over on her side, keeping my prick in her mouth. I took my dripping fingers from her box and wiped them on a tissue.

Roberta continued sucking on my dick, but at a much slower pace. I began to play with her breasts; massaging them, twisting the nipples and giving them the occasional pinch. My other hand found her clit and began to massage it in time with her sucking.

She dropped my prick from her mouth and quickly straddled my hips. "Do you think three days is enough?" She sank down and my dick pierced her pussy. "Ohh..." she moaned, "there is a long weekend coming up."

I was lost in the moment. I didn't answer until she had set a good rhythm, her hands by my shoulders, her breasts bobbing in front of me. "It should be enough." I filled my mouth with breast and suckled greedily.

"WheRE?" Her voice rose as I reached around her and pushed my middle finger in her ass. "We shouldn't do it HEre..." I pushed my finger in as far as I could reach. She pumped faster in response.

I could feel myself beginning to peak. It wouldn't be long now. "East -- and -west...", I gasped. I sucked in the other breast. Roberta was riding me like an unbalanced washing machine.

"What about money..."

I was gritting my teeth now, trying to hold back. Suddenly I burst! "Fuck the money!" My cum was power washing the inside of her cunt.

She threw back her head while her stomach muscles bounced and jiggled. She managed to moan out, "... tell 'em tomorrow!", just before collapsing on the bed.

We slept well that night.

* * *

Sunday dawned bright and clear. Roberta and I got up and showered together. We continued to discuss the rules we needed as we made and ate breakfast. I decided to get on the computer and print up a list. Roberta called Sylvia and told her to bring Ray over at 1:00 o'clock as we had something to tell them.

At 1:00 pm we presented them with our idea.

Sylvia was shocked. She even tried crying a little. Roberta told her to quit it and stop acting like a 12 year old. That dried up the tears. Then we had a really good discussion of their problems with sex. Roberta was very blunt. She told Sylvia she should grow up and act like a woman instead of a Barbie doll. Ray snickered, so she turned on him and told him he needed to learn how to act like a human being instead of an old horny toad. You had to be there. Ray just about crawled under the sofa. I think he had serious second thoughts about spending three days with her without being able to get away.

Then we shared the rules we had made up.

1. Stop means stop. Whatever you are doing must cease instantly and any directions must be followed - 'Leave me alone!' 'Go to your room!' Whatever! Breaking this rule means the weekend is over.

2. Each person will put up $1000 toward the weekend with no questions asked as to how it is spent.

3. One couple will go east to the next large city, one will go west.

4. The weekend will start after work on Thursday and everyone must be back in their house by 6:00 pm Sunday evening.

5. No participant will ever ask any questions of any other participant about what happened during the weekend.

6. It will be a teacher-student relationship with the student doing their best to follow the instruction of the teacher, given that any request may be overruled with the stop command.

7. The teacher would hold the keys and the money unless the stop word was abused.

Around 3:00 pm., after a few strong drinks, they both agreed.

I told Sylvia I would pick her up at 4:30 pm. on the Thursday outside her house and that she should be ready with a suitcase that only contained her toiletries and one nightgown.


I just raised my left eyebrow.

Roberta told Ray to pick her up at work at 4:15. She would have her suitcase there.

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