tagMatureIgnorance is Bliss Ch. 08

Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 08


Chapter VIII - Ray's Saturday

I got up late, showered and put on the hotel supplied dressing gown. I went to the connecting door and tried it. It was locked. I knocked gently. Ray opened it and peered around it at me, "What? Oh, Roberta, good morning," he stuttered.

"Call for room service to get us a late brunch. I have some more things to show you this morning, you might want to dress lightly." I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him. "Ready in ten minutes!"

I returned to my room and quickly slipped into the flesh coloured bra, see-through blouse and wool skirt we had purchased yesterday. Then I checked my makeup and went through to Ray's room. Breakfast was sitting on a tray waiting.

We quickly ate before I presented him with the second list. Foreplay: touching, kissing, caressing, undressing.

"Ok, don't get too excited yet. Tell me what you think each one means."

"Well, that is obvious. Touching means that I touch you."

"Where? When? How?"

"Uh... on your hand... uh... when I... uh... help you from the car," he said, stumbling over his words.

"Ok. How would you touch?"

"Uh... grab your hand and lift?"

"Ouch. I hope not. I would hope you would offer your hand in case I wanted your help getting out of the car and that it would be a firm but gentle grasp that I could use to assist me. I don't expect you to drag me out of the car."

"Oh. Ladies don't like cavemen?" he grinned.

"Nope. Can you give another example?"

"Well... let's say we are standing on the roof of the hotel and I want to show you something. I might take your shoulders in my hands and turn you - gently - and point from behind to show you where to look."

"That is better. What about kissing?"

"I press my lips to yours?"

"Maybe, can you tell me five or six levels of kiss?"

"Hmm. There is the cheek to cheek air kiss like my mother-in-law does to me. Then there is the lips to cheek that Sylvia sometimes does when we are hurrying to work." He paused, thinking. "Then there is the quick lip to lip kiss for public consumption. Let's see... then there is the lip to lip passionate kiss that blows your head off like the one last night. Finally there is the tongue lashing, spit swapping, tooth cracking French kiss that curls your toes up to your knees. How's that?"

"Excellent!" I had to take a deep breath to continue. "Now, what about caressing?" "Caressing. Hmm. Is it not just a moving touch like I stroke your arm with my finger tips?"

"Yes, but it doesn't have to involve touch."

"What do you mean?"

I leaned over and slid my hand down from just beside his cheek all the way to his crotch, never once actually touching him. Then I slid my tongue out and ran it around my lips.

His jaw fell slack, his eyes widened, his pants tightened and he gulped. "I see your point."

"But I have two points..."

"Yeah, I see those too..."

I giggled and sat back. He took a deep breath.

"Last is undressing. What do you think of that?"

"Sounds like a fine idea. No. Undressing. Um.. means taking off clothes."


"Ah... I take off mine..."

I sat shaking my head. "It means getting rid of the barriers to having sex. Who does what is only important to the moment."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if we were dancing, how might we begin to undress?"

"I could take off my jacket?"

"I could trade you for my panties."

He gulped again.

"Now, there are two concepts that go along with all these ideas. Slow and gentle. You don't start by touching a breast and don't grab. Women are generally smaller and softer than men. They need to be treated with tender care. Watch your lady carefully. She will give you signs that she wants you to touch harder or in a more intimate manner. You can look for cuddling, moans, signs of arousal such as her nipples peaking. Any comments?"

He shook his head.

"Ok. We are going to D_ Gardens this afternoon. You may touch, but remember, slow and gentle.

* * * * *

He touched. Everywhere we went, he took every opportunity to guide me with his hand in the small of my back, a touch on my arm, or his arm stretched over my shoulder, finger pointing. After the first few minutes, I began to touch him back, my hand on his, my arm on his, or my hip against his. I even stroked his arm as he pointed over my shoulder at a particularly beautiful flower. Half way through the garden tour, I had my arm tucked in his drawing him close so I could rub my breast against his biceps.

Three quarters of the way through, he was holding my right hand in his, behind my back, gently rubbing my ass as we walked along. My left arm was around his waist, my left tit tucked into his pectoral muscle. He reached across me to point to the right and bent his head to my ear. He whispered how the petals on an orchid looked like my lips when I smiled, then nipped my ear lobe with his teeth.

I had a familiar ache deep in my belly and could feel the moisture gathering below. This boy learned fast.

We ended the tour back at the gift shop. We were dismissed after a short question period and told that we could either spend time wandering the paths or we could shop and then leave. Ray took my hand and led me out on a new path.

We wandered for a short time until we came across a bench hidden in a bower of pampas grass. Ray gently pulled me over to the bench. I sat at one end and Ray sat near the centre.

"So how are we doing," he asked, "are you enjoying yourself?" He moved our hands from between us on the bench to the top of my thigh.

I smiled at him. "You seem to have the idea, your touching was done... gently and with taste."

He smiled at me and before I could move away, he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. My smile disappeared as I thought of a good cutting remark. He smiled at me and asked, "What next?"

I looked him in the eye for a moment then smiled again. He was moving on to step two. "We take the tour bus and see the city. Let's go and catch it."

He stood and extended his hand. I took it and he gently pulled me to my feet. We walked back toward the gift shop. I hugged his arm and rubbed my breast against it.

The bus was waiting when we returned. We got on to find that most of the other tourists were sitting close to the front so they could hear the driver. We moved to one seat past the last person and sat down. The driver closed the door and began his spiel as he moved the big vehicle out into the traffic.

Before long, Ray had his arm around my shoulders, his hip touching mine and was using his free hand to point out whatever the driver was talking about. Twice he stopped as I turned to him and he turned to me and gave me a gentle kiss. Constantly he caressed my ear and neck with his breath as he whispered to me.

We were nearly back at the gardens when he bet I wouldn't remove my bra in the bus at my seat. I still can't remember how it came up, but he bet his underwear. I glanced around and noticed that the rest of the passengers were trying to see a sight out the opposite side of the bus. Quickly I dragged my arms out of the bra straps under my blouse. Then I slid my hand up my back and freed the hooks. I pulled the bra out under the front of my see-through blouse and handed it to him.

Ray took my bra and folded it neatly in his hands, then he pressed his face in and took a deep breath. He folded it back up and stuffed it into his back pocket.

"So," I said, "I win. Where is my prize?"

"What? Oh, you mean my underwear..." a big smile grew on his face, "I don't have any. I guess you will have to get it when we get back to the room."

"What?" I hissed, "that is not fair. Pay up now or else..." I scowled at him.

"Not fair?" he chirped. "I can't pay right now..."

I crossed my arms, "Then I guess I will have to take a forfeit."

"Oh? What forfeit?"

"Prove you don't have your underwear."


"Drop your pants for let me check with my hand." I dangled my fingers over the zipper to his pants.

Sitting as he was, next to the aisle, I don't think he expected my attack. I reached over and grabbed his zipper. Before he could move, I had the zipper down as far as it would go. I slipped my hand in the opening and began feeling around for any signs of underwear. I couldn't find any, but I did find a large warm log which I wrapped my hand around and gave it a couple of slow strokes. He groaned and began spraying cum all over the insides of his pants. He groaned and grabbed my hand trying to pull it out of his shorts. I glanced up to find his face bright scarlet with embarrassment.

"Shush," I whispered, "I'll get some tissues." I slipped my hand out and reached over to my purse where I pulled out three tissues and then slipped my hand back in his pants. The log had disappeared. I wiped up as much of the mess as I could, but there was a big wet spot in the front of his shorts. "Don't worry, just stay behind me. No one will notice."

The bus stopped soon after and he followed me off and over to the Men's Room. He came out a few minutes later and there was no trace of the wet spot.

As we walked arm in arm to catch a taxi back to the hotel, I asked, "How did you dry it so quickly?"

He glanced at me for the first time since it happened. "Hot air hand dryer."

I giggled.

Back at the hotel, I stood in front of the door to my room and turned to him before he could go to his room. "Ray, I didn't realize how quick you are to... well, you know... but don't worry. Take me somewhere nice for dinner in an hour and..." I turned him fully to me, put my hands on his shoulders, pulled him to me and kissed him. Hard. At least a four. Then I ducked into my room to get changed.

* * * * * After a short nap and a shower I was ready for the evening.

I wore a front closing black lace push-up bra that left my nipples hanging over the top edge. I pulled on the matching black lace panties that were cut high on the sides. Over these I slipped into a form-fitting deep purple dress that buttoned from neck to to ankle in the front. I hung a silver linked belt on my hips. A touch of makeup and into my high-heeled sandals that had straps up my calves. Elegant but simple.

Ray knocked just as I was loading my silver clutch. I answered the door and was rewarded with a slight smile and a widening of Ray's eyes. "Wow," he said, "you look great!"

We took the elevator up to the rooftop restaurant. Neither of us really wanted to go further.

I know there were several courses. I don't remember what they were. I could not believe how nervous I was. This was worse than on my graduation night and I was wetter.

We were sipping on one last glass of wine after the dessert when Ray asked if I wanted to dance.

I shook my head, "Let's just go back to our room."

We walked slowly to the elevator. I hung on Ray's arm, my hip brushing his as we walked. We stood side by side in the elevator. The ride seemed endless. We got off on our floor and walked down the hall to our doors. I stopped outside his door and looked up at him.

He looked at me. He had his key card in his hand I reached up, put one hand behind his head and drew his mouth down to mine. There should have been smoke. On a scale of one to five, this kiss was a ten.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" I muttered, as the elevator opened and a young couple strolled out, laughing.

Ray's keycard hit the lock and the door was open as if by magic. He drew me in and closed the door. I turned and we joined in another searing kiss. Hours (really only a minute or ten) later I pushed him away. "Let's play button for button... flip a coin, heads you undo a button on me, tails I undo a button on you... while we dance..."

Ray had a coin in his hand before I finished.

"Get me a scotch, please."

Ray went to the mini-bar and rattled around.

I went to the TV to find a music station. It only took a moment to find the station that I had found the day before in my room. It played mostly slow romantic tunes. Ray came up with a small shot of scotch from one of those mini-bottles from the mini-bar. I took a quick sip, put the glass on the dresser and held out my arms to Ray. We began to waltz. He flipped the coin. Heads.

"Start at the bottom," I suggested.

Ray smiled and reached for the neck of my dress.

I smiled back. "My turn."

I dragged out the process. I made sure we actually danced for at least 10 seconds between flips. Of course I had his jacket off before he even reached my cleavage. "Once it is unbuttoned, the next toss it has to go..." I made quite a production of removing his jacket with my teeth.

Two songs later his shirt followed his jacket. He was getting close to my waist. My dress was tight enough that it didn't gape much as we danced. He knew I was wearing a black bra but he had yet to see the cups (or lack thereof).

I flipped and won. I undid his belt buckle.

He flipped tails. I removed his belt in one long pull and flung it away.

I flipped heads. He undid another button on my dress. He had reached the silver belt.

He flipped tails. I undid the button at the waist of his pants.

I flipped tails. I undid the zipper of his pants.

He flipped heads. He undid my silver belt. It fell away. I pointed at the next button on my gown. "This is the last one... or else..."

I flipped heads. He looked at the button I had forbidden to him, sighed and bent down to the floor. He did the bottom most button.

He flipped tails. I careful removed his pants, over his shoes.

I flipped tails. No laces, so left shoe gone.

He flipped tails. Right shoe gone.

I flipped heads. Another button.

He flipped heads. Another button.

I flipped heads. Another button.

He flipped heads. Another button.

I flipped tails. Left sock gone.

He flipped heads. Another button.

I flipped tails. Right sock gone. Ray was now down to his boxers which seemed to be breathing on their own.

He flipped tails. Slowly and carefully, without touch his massive package, I removed his boxers, leaving his cock throbbing and bobbing in time with his heartbeat.

I flipped tails. "Sit," I said, "on the bed and lean back." I followed as he sat and knelt down between his legs, his tumescence an inch from my face. "Some women find this unpleasant so don't expect it!" And with that I took his man meat down into my throat as far as I could.

It didn't take much. Four strokes and he blasted the roof on my mouth with hot cum. Shot after shot, more semen than I had tasted in a long time. I swallowed it all. He whimpered and shook and finally collapsed on the bed, his arm over his eyes. I licked him clean and felt his cock slowly deflating.

I stood, retrieved my scotch and took a big sip. Great mouthwash... I put my hands on my hips. "Your flip." I held out the coin.

It took a moment for my words to penetrate. "But... I thought once a day was it..."

I smiled. "This is the second time for you today already. I'm not going to let you quit yet."

He sat up and took the coin. A quick flip came up heads. He bent over and undid another button.

I flipped heads. Another button.

He flipped tails. "What now?" he asked.

"You have to do as I say. Kiss me here." I pointed to the side of my neck. He kissed me as we swayed to the music.

Two more songs went by. He had kissed my ears, my neck, my cheeks, my eyes and my mouth. My dress was unbuttoned half way up my thighs. I was so wet I was dripping into those black panties. He was as hard as rock and standing straight again, already.

He eventually reached that final button on my dress. His hands were shaking as he undid it. I nearly had to help him. And then he got to take it off. He slipped it of my shoulders and I let it slide down my arms to the floor. I stood in front of him wearing my black demi-bra and black panties.

Ray slide down to his knees and stared up at my body. I could feel his eyes feasting on my breasts, my flat stomach, my sopping wet black panties and my legs pushed into clean lines by the heeled sandals.


"Your flip," I said.

"Just a minute..." he paused, "Can you dance for me? Just like that?"

I smoothly undulated my hips and torso.

"Oh, god, I am going to cum again!"

"Not yet, I said, quickly grabbing his cock and squeezing it hard, just behind it's head. He groaned, but he didn't ejaculate. We rested for a moment for him to relax.

"Your flip," I said, with a smile.

He flipped heads. He took a sandal.

I flipped tails. I lied, "Heads." He took my other sandal.

He flipped heads. I pointed to the front hook on my bra, He reached out, hands shaking and tried to undo it it without touching my skin. I pressed his hands against my breasts then held them still so he could get the fastener undone.

"Take it off," I whispered.

His hands slid over the pale skins of my breasts as he pushed my bra back over my shoulders. "Oh God!" he exclaimed.

I dropped down and put my mouth over his cock just as he erupted with his second load of the evening. I swallowed it all. Then I drained my scotch.

He stepped back and sat on the bed. "Oh, god, that was..."

I stepped close to him and took his hands. I put them on my breasts and moved them around, tickling my nipples and brushing lightly over my areole. "Squeeze them... gently..."

I closed my eyes, the better to enjoy his gentle stimulation. "Oh, yes... just like that..."

"Whose turn is it... " he croaked.

"Forget the coin, just take off my panties," I replied.

He quickly complied, sliding his hands down my sides, hooking his fingers in the waist band as they passed on their way to the floor, his eyes never left the dark landing strip that leads to my ultimate pleasure zone.

As soon as they were off, I pulled his hand to my crotch and manipulated his fingers until he found my clit. "Rub there, gently..." I rested my hands on his shoulders and closed my eyes to enjoy his ministrations. I had to readjust them a couple of times, but he quickly got the idea.

As I spread my legs a little wider, I crooned, "slip a finger down my slit... feel the wetness... now slip it inside... like that... yes, again... and again... try a second finger..." I moaned as my knees shook and my crotch began little involuntary thrusts. "Deeper... yes, like that... thumb my clit... Oh, god... Yesss..."

I came. About bloody time. It had been a very long weekend.

I collapsed on top of Ray, who collapsed back on to the bed. We lay there for a moment recovering, then I slid off and pulled myself up on the bed. I could see that Ray was ready again so I lay on my back ready and willing. "Come on then Ray, scoot over here and do the nasty deed."

Ray scooted over and planted himself between my legs. He began to fumble with his dick, trying to find a place to hide it.

"Kiss me first," I mumbled. "Kiss my breasts. Play with my clit. Like I showed you. Mmmm... just like that."

He kissed and played with me. He even played with my clit, just as I had shown him. I reached down and began to play with his cock. It was nearly trembling in my hand. Once again it was time. "Slip it in now..." I said, pointing the head in the right direction.

He pushed in, filling me with the second cock I had had since my wedding day. "Ok, don't move. Think about bricks and mortar and hammers and things. Don't move until you calm down a little."

Ray groaned. "I don't know if I can..."

"Deep breath... count those bricks..."

We lay unmoving for what seemed like an eternity. Finally he seemed to have calmed a little.

"Now, in and out slowly. Keep dreaming of bricks."

He began a slow rhythmic pump action. Then he attacked my breasts again, kissing one, then the other. He took one nipple between his teeth and nipped gently. I moaned.


His action quickened.


He sped up some more and nipped my other nipple.

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