tagLesbian SexIle des Femmes: The Blonde

Ile des Femmes: The Blonde


The name of the resort is Ile des Femmes, which is French for Island of Women. It is a fitting name since it is run by women, staffed exclusively by women and caters only to women. A true No Man's Land, as it were. It doesn't advertise. You cannot find it in any travel brochures. There's not even a website. It's strictly word of mouth. And I love coming here. I come here for world class pampering, world class dining, and world class inspiration. As a lover of women as well as an author of erotica, Ile des Femmes never fails to get my creative, as well as womanly, juices flowing.

There were no other women at the pool this morning. Still a little too early in the day and the summer season had just begun. I was just wearing my bikini bottoms and a pair of sunglasses, sipping an early morning mimosa and enjoying the hot sun and cool breeze playing over my skin. Clothing optional was the policy at Ile des Femmes and they meant it. Still, there was a nice, high privacy fence around the pool for those women who had a modicum of modesty.

Then she walked in. The first thing that I noticed about her was her breasts. They were huge and firm with not a hint of sag. Either she had found a great plastic surgeon or God had blessed her with a knockout set. And I was leaning towards God. The mystery woman glanced my way and hesitated for a second as she reached for the button to her shorts. She must have not thought of me as a threat because as she undid the button and shimmied out of them, exposing her thong bikini before untying the knot holding her top on, freeing those magnificent tits to my view. I couldn't help but smile a little as she turned away for a second, affording me a great look at her long, muscular legs and tight ass. I did my best to feign nonchalant as she walked to the water's edge and dove in. Taking another sip of my drink, I enjoyed the sight of her incredible body as it effortlessly moved through the water.

Pretty soon, however, the warmth of the sun, not to mention the effect she was having on me, caused me to be a bit overheated. Standing up, I raised my arms over my head and stretched, pushing my chest out a bit, walked over to the edge of the pool and slipped in, gasping as my body entered the cool water. I just stood there for a moment, trying to acclimate myself to the temperature when she swam over. I gasped again as she stood up. The water glistening in the early morning sun gave her body a glow. Again, I was happy that I had sunglasses on as my eyes widened at the sight. She smiled a dazzling smile before holding out her hand for me to shake. "Hey, how are ya doing? Name's Laura." I took her hand, shaking it. She had a strong grip, her fingers pressing into my skin. I started wondering what else she could do with those fingers.

"Sarah." I replied. "I'm doing well, thank you. Yourself?"

"Oh, so so." she said, laughing. "Just enjoying paradise. Arrived last night."

"First time here?" I asked. Laura nodded in reply, still smiling. "Well, I hope you love pampering and total relaxation because this place is perfect for that."

"I'm just glad that I found a place on Earth that I can be undressed and not have to worry about a bunch of men ogling my body." I chuckled at her comment.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. You don't have to worry about men here. Some of the women, on the other hand..." Laura let out a little chuckle of her own.

"Women, I can handle." I couldn't help myself. My eyebrow raised in speculation but Laura didn't elaborate further. I asked if she would like to join me lounging in the sun to which she readily agreed. After she moved her belongings over to my chaise, I poured her a drink and we chatted for a while. I learned that she had moved to Hollywood with visions of stardom dancing in her which, sadly, didn't come to fruition. Instead, she'd married an older gentleman, choosing the life of a trophy wife. All he wanted, it seemed, was to show her off to all of his friends. I shook my head in sympathy upon hearing this.

"Sorry to say but that sounds a bit lonely." Laura shrugged and took a sip of her drink before replying.

"Yeah, it can be." she finally said. We sat in silence for a few minutes. I tried to think of something to say to lighten the mood.

"So, how did you hear of this place." The resort didn't advertise, relying on word of mouth only.

"A couple of girlfriends of mine told me about it and said that I needed to come here." Again, I wondered what exactly Laura meant with the term "girlfriends". A tingle shot through my pussy and I squeezed my thighs together as lascivious images floated through my head. Contrary to what the rumors said about this resort, it wasn't a haven for rich lesbians to have wild orgies all the time. There were many straight women who came here just to relax without the stress of having men around. But, that isn't to say that rich lesbians didn't come here at all. We just had to be a little discreet and selective on who we hit on. Unfortunately, we all didn't have a scarlet "L" tattooed on our asses. Though, to be honest, it would make it easier if we did.

After a few more minutes of sitting and chatting, I invited Laura back to my bungalow for a light lunch. Honestly, it was totally innocent. Well, not totally, I'd guess. She smiled her beautiful smile and said sure. We gathered our things and walked down the path to my little house on the beach that I always stayed at when I came here. It was small but secluded with a perfect view of the setting sun. Laura whistled in appreciation when we entered. "I knew I should have rented one of these." she said, looking around. I laughed at her comment.

"Yeah, some women don't like them but I love being able to just get away from everyone when I want to." I walked to the kitchen and gathered some finger foods, grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses, and headed back to where Laura had seated herself on the loveseat. Placing the food on the coffee table, I opened the wine, poured us each a glass and sat down, facing her. On purpose, I leaned back on the arm of the chair and arranged my body so that our legs were barely touching. I was pleased when she didn't pull back and even happier when she subtly pressed her leg into mine We locked gazes for a briefest second as both of us took a sip of wine. The sexual tension was beginning to build as my gaze traveled down her body

"So." Laura said, finally breaking the silence. "You haven't told me anything really about yourself yet. What do you do for a living?" This was the question that I was both anticipating and dreading.

"Well..." I paused, taking another sip of wine. "I am an author."

"Oooooh. Anything I would have read?"

"It depends. I write erotica." Laura's eyes widened a bit at my revelation. I chuckled at her reaction.

"Wow." she replied. "I'll have to check it out."

"Not sure if you'd like it. I mainly write lesbian erotica." Laura's face colored delicately when I told her. The silence was deafening as she looked down at her wine before casting her eyes back up at me.

"Now I really will have to check it out." she said softly. I smiled inwardly at her words. Placing my glass down on the table, I took her free hand in mine. Laura nervously took another gulp of wine before placing the empty glass down. Shifting my body so that I was kneeling on the cushion, I slowly leaned down, inching closer to her face. Laura licked her full, painted lips, giving them a beautiful sheen. I felt her grip tighten a bit, her fingers pressing into the back of my hand. Then our lips touched.

I heard Laura reflexively suck in a breath of air through her nostrils as our kiss became more passionate with each passing second. Feeling her lips parting slightly, I took it as an invitation and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She tasted amazing, all wine and spices. We hadn't bothered to dress from the pool and as I leaned in more, our naked breasts pressed together. God had graced me with a rather large pair of my own and as I moved my body closer to hers, our tits mashed together. I could feel her nipples pressing into the soft flesh of my breasts as I never let go of her hand and caressed her arm with the other.

Finally pulling back, I watched Laura's face for her reaction. Her eyes were still closed, her lips glistening in the sunlight with a mixture of mine and her saliva. She licked her lips again before opening her eyes. Our gazes locked again as a smile appeared on her face. Rising off of the loveseat, I bent over, gripping her other hand and pulling her up. Laura bit her lower lip, the look on her face a mixture of apprehension and anticipation as I embraced her. My hands began to roam over the naked flesh of her back and shoulders. Laura gripped my arms and closed her eyes. My hands finally rested on her ass as I leaned in again and kissed her hard on the mouth. Our tongues began to wrestle as she let out a low, throaty moan. I started rubbing her butt, enjoying the soft fullness. Laura wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer.

We finally came up for air, each still holding the other. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing. Hoping that Laura was ready for the next step, I pulled out of her arms, grabbed her by the hand and led her to the opening of my bedroom. She hesitated for a second at the doorway and I watched her eyes as her gaze flickered between me and the queen sized bed that dominated the darkened room. I didn't push it, letting her cross the threshold herself. She bit her lip again and then slowly approached the bed. Our hands never lost contact as Laura sat down on the edge of the bed, casting her eyes up at me. Smiling down at her, I maneuvered her body so that she was laying down in the center of the mattress. Letting go of her hand, I stripped off her panties before removing mine and just took a moment to feast my eyes at the beauty that lay before me. Flawless skin, breasts that had not yet succumbed to the passage of time, well defined legs that hid treasures in the valley between them, the well trimmed hair on her mons, the same blonde as that on her head.

After a second that passed as an eternity, I climbed onto the bed, straddling her body. Lowering myself down, I kissed her again, briefly this time, before trailing my lips down to her neck. I could feel her pulse racing as I showered her neck with little kisses and nibbles. Laura couldn't help herself and let out a cute little giggle. She was lying there passively on the bed as I slowly made my way lower. Then I reached her breasts. Taking her right nipple into my mouth, I started suckling, feeling it harden. I was gentle with my ministrations until I heard her whisper "Harder." So, I complied. A quick bite followed by more intense sucking, I felt Laura's hand on the back of my head holding me in place. She gasped and let out a little moan as I bit down again, this time holding the bite longer. I pressed her tits together with my hands and then switched off to the other nipple, treating it the same. Laura let out another moan and gripped my hair tightly as I roughly bit and sucked on her sensitive nips.

I knew she was getting worked up as was I. I really wanted to taste this beautiful creature writhing in lust below me. Giving her nipple one last little bite, I started making my way lower down her body, my tongue leaving a trail of saliva all the way to my destination. Laura didn't hesitate this time, throwing her legs wide open for me. Dismounting her, I laid down between her legs and gently blew cool air on her overheated pussy. Using my fingers, I spread her lips wide. A heady aroma of womanly arousal wafted from her body. My mouth began to water from the scent but I wanted to tease a little bit. Taking my right hand, I started running my index finger all throughout the folds of her pussy, feeling it's wetness. I heard her gasp when I gently scraped my fingernail on her clit before plunging both my index and middle fingers deep inside her hole. The warm, slick walls of her vagina gripped my fingers tightly as I began to pump my arm in and out, curling my fingers up to press against her g spot. Laura screamed out and arched her back as my talented fingers quickly brought her to orgasm. Her fluids coated my hand but still I didn't let up. Quickening my arm thrusts, I added another finger inside her. I glanced up to look at her face. Laura's eyes were screwed shut, her face twisted with lust, her lips in the shape of an O. She screamed out again as another wave hit her, her body collapsing back onto the bed. I felt her pussy spasming against my fingers as I withdrew them. Brining my hand to my mouth, I licked and sucked each digit clean of her orgasmic juices. I could hear Laura breathily whisper "Oh God! It's been so long." as I finished cleaning my hand and then lowered my head to her sopping pussy. She let out a whimper as I began to lick her clean. Her fluids tasted even better straight from the source. I took her clit between my lips, teasing her twitching morsel with my tongue. Laura's body gave another tremble as a third orgasm coursed through her and then she went limp. I decided at that point that I would let her rest, not wanting to hurt her.

Rising to a kneeling position, I wiped my face with my hand before maneuvering my body so that Laura's head was cradled in my arms. I began to lightly stroke her body, starting at her neck and ending at her hip. Her breathing started to calm down and her eyes fluttered open. Our gazes met and her mouth twisted into a huge grin. I returned the smile before leaning in a kissing her hard on the mouth. This time, Laura's tongue slipped between my lips, caressing my tongue with hers. Breaking the kiss, I rolled over onto my back, pulling her close to me, our breasts touching, our breathing in sync. We stayed like that for I'm not sure how long. Then I felt Laura's hand on my thigh.

We broke the kiss and I watched as her hand crept closer to my pussy. I'd been turned on by this beautiful woman ever since I'd first seen her and the realization that we were in my bed having sex hit me at that moment, causing my whole body to shiver. I turned my head slightly, glancing at her face. Laura had a look of calm intensity about her. As her hand finally brushed against my sex, I reached out and tilted her head down to mine, kissing her deeply as I spread my legs apart. Little mewling sounds escaped my throat as Laura's fingers, tentatively at first, explored my vagina. We continued kissing, Laura's soft lips pressed against mine as her finger movements became bolder with each passing second. Then I groaned into her mouth as she finally pressed her finger into my hole.

We stopped kissing as Laura raised up to her knees, one hand in my pussy and the other trailing her fingers down my body, cupping my tit, tweaking my nipple. I closed my eyes, just enjoying the sensations as she added a second finger to her vaginal exploration. She picked up the pace, curling her fingers to rub against my inner wall just as I had done to her. That's when I felt Laura's velveteen lips wrap themselves around my nipple and begin to suckle.

I could tell that Laura hadn't had much experience in pleasuring another woman. But, what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for it with enthusiasm. I could feel the pressure of an impending orgasm building as her she started to rotate her hand, touching every nerve deep in my pussy. She stopped sucking on my right breast only to move to my left one, sucking on my nipple hard while giving it little nips with her teeth. I started to buck my hips to match her thrusts as the pressure in my loins intensified. Laura stopped sucking on my breasts and I opened my eyes a little. She was kneeling on the bed, intently watching my face as she brought me closer and closer to release. Then it happened.

Laura curled her fingers just right, scraping her nails right against my g spot. I saw stars and let out a scream as my orgasmic fluids sprayed out of me, coating her hand and arm. She never stopped with her fingers and I held my breath, clenching down as another orgasm shot through me. The pleasure was intense as my whole body shook. Laura relented and withdrew her hand from my pussy after the second orgasm finished. Through half lidded eyes, I watched as she brought her fingers to her lips, tentatively stuck her tongue out and tasted another woman's juices, I assumed for the first time. A smile lightened her face. She must have liked the taste because she then proceeded to enthusiastically clean her fingers and hand with her tongue and lips. "First time?" I breathily asked, trying to calm down.

"That obvious?" she asked. I nodded, letting out a little giggle. "Um...how'd I do?" She looked a little nervous, biting her lower lip again.

"You did wonderful, my dear." I said, pulling her down on top of me. Laura grinned and then leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the nose. Our breasts were pressed together as my hands caressed her back and sides. Her sky blue eyes looked into mine and this time when she leaned over for a kiss, is was slow and sensual, our tongues entwined. She pulled back, our gazes locked again as she rolled off of me, laid on her side and just trailed her fingers along my body.

After a while, Laura and I rose out of bed and went to the living room to finish our light lunch. I asked if she would like to be my dinner companion tonight. Laura readily agreed and she and I lounged around the bungalow until she left around 2 to get ready. Evening meal was the only time that formal wear was required if one wanted to dine in the ballroom. Plus, it was a time to show off to all the other women at the resort. A kind of secretive, informal fashion contest judged by ones peers. And every woman in that room took it very seriously. I admit I was just as bad as all the other women there in wanting to look as gorgeous as possible while at the same time seeming to not care what others thought of me. It was a delicate balance that we maintained to be sure. Rich without gaudy. Elegance pushed to the limit without being ostentatious.

I decided tonight, however, to keep it simple. Elegant sleeveless black dress, matching pumps, silver jewelry, makeup and hair tastefully done instead of spending the afternoon in the salon, preparing myself. Dinner was at 8 so around 7, I started walking up the path to the main resort hotel. The summer sky was bathed in a beautiful red and orange with just a hint of night's darkness playing on the eastern horizon. Entering the ballroom, I saw some old friends, ladies who'd been coming as long, if not longer than I and we chatted for a few minutes just catching up. All of the women in this small gathering had enjoyed each other's company several time and we just stood in our own little world, eyeing the fresh faces, judging those who were newer and trying their best to stand out. That's when I heard Catherine, a stunning brunette from England, gasp. Turning around, a smile spread across my face as I saw what she was looking at. Laura had arrived.

The use of clichés is unfortunately necessary here as mere words could not describe the stunning beauty that casually entered the room. Dark blue sequined evening gown which showcased her ample cleavage contrasted magnificently with her long, flowing blonde hair and creamy skin. Feminine beauty was all around me but everyone only had eyes on her. Laura, simply put, dominated the room. Casual confidence flowed from her as she stood in the entrance, observing the room. I knew that I would be the subject of much gossip and speculation for the rest of my time here but turned around to the assembled group of women, all of whom had hunger in their eyes. "Ladies, if you would please excuse me. My dinner guest has arrived." Turning on my heels, I could almost feel the daggers being mentally shot my way as I strode over, smiling all the while.

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