I'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 03


I was left alone for about twenty minutes. I knew it would be a while, so I fired up the computer and surfed the web for some information I had been thinking about for my upcoming PhD. I found some useful information and emailed the references to myself. I was just finishing as Wendy called to tell me that Greg and Junior were on the way in.

Junior came into the office smiling broadly, followed by Greg who wore a similar expression on his face. Jerry said, "I never had any doubt; you passed your dad's test with flying colors. Your dad wanted to make sure that you weren't selfish, and that you'd be sure to take care of your sisters. The test was how you divided the trust. You exceeded all his expectations so now we are free to tell you everything. From now on, I'll be your primary attorney. Dad asked me to take over and if you agree, I'll be sitting in on this meeting."

I nodded and Greg began talking, "JR told me that you'd pass with no problem, I was a little skeptical. I've been working with rich people for years I figured you had a fifty-fifty chance. I'm glad you passed; now I get to tell you the rest of the good news."

Greg took a deep breath and continued, "We misled you. The trust you saw was only one of three. Of the two left, the smallest is yours."

I had totally forgotten about my trust. I knew that everything I'd ever earned had been funneled into my trust; but I'd never even thought about the amount. The more I thought about it, the more curious I became. I knew about what had to be in the other trust. Dad's personal trust had none of the business in it. That was all missing.

Greg had a really big smile on his face as he continued, "We completed the audit of your personal trust Friday. The estimated value of your trust is $88 million."

I was stunned, "$88 million; how did I ever make that much?"

Greg looked at me and chuckled. "Everything you've earned since you first started working was put into this trust. Your dad made the onetime maximum tax-free transfer when he opened this for you within a week of your birth, and annual transfers since then, all at the maximum. The biggest fraction is investment income. The next biggest fraction is royalties from patents."

Greg had pulled a piece of paper from his briefcase and began reading, "You are sole holder, co-holder or contributor on sixty-six patents. In addition, your dad's patent royalties were rolled into this account as well. The written directions your dad gave regarding the investment of your trust were brilliant... Everything worked out just right for you."

"The final trust is the holding entity for your corporation. It is maintained as a zero dollar line item on your dad's personal trust; however, the most recent estimate of your nearly eighty percent share is worth a little over $1.644 billion."

I was shocked. I knew corporation was doing well but Ellen had never mentioned the total value, and I had failed to ask. More than anything else I was embarrassed. I had an MBA. I should have known. You'd think that I'd have stumbled across that information somewhere. I realized that I was much more interested in the science. The reason that dad wanted me to learn about business was so I'd be able to evaluate the people who I would hire to keep track of these things for me, while I kept the company on the forefront of technology. Dad's foresight stunned me.

The rest of the meeting was mostly Greg telling me how he was going to try to disguise the transfers so that no one would notice. I thought back to what I'd heard from Jerry, about living my life in the tabloids and prayed for his success. I told Greg to make sure that he did a good job hiding the transactions.

It was a little after two thirty when a harried-looking Denny joined us, carrying a bulging briefcase. He pulled a chair up and took out several file-size envelopes. Each envelope had the first name of one of the girls on it. He handed me the envelopes and said, "I made sure that all the dispositions were made as you directed. Do you trust me, or would you like to check?"

I smiled and said, "Any mistakes that may have been made can be corrected. You wouldn't risk intentionally screwing up just to test me. It'd cost you your job."

Denny looked at me intently then smiled and said, "Damn, I could make you into a great banker. Enough of the fun stuff let me tell you what you've got there for your sisters. I made the transfers as you requested. A record of the transfer included with each packet. There is a checkbook with an initial cash deposit of 200k each, a Visa check card and a bank MasterCard with a 25k credit limit."

"Greg will take care of paying all the bills for them and you. Any banking or financial service that you need, call Greg and he'll take care of it. He's actually pretty good, I trained him myself."

Denny talked for a little while explaining how the bank would be able to help me and how to keep a low profile. When he got up to leave I said good bye, I liked him and hoped that I would see him again.

Greg took over the meeting again after Denny left. "I've got a similar package for you," Greg said as he pulled out a large envelope. "I've got a new checking account for you. You'll probably never have to use a check; but don't lose them. There's a Visa check card, a bank issued MasterCard with a 100k credit limit. I also took the liberty to get you this." Greg said as he pulled out a credit card I'd never seen before.

"What is it?" I asked.

Greg smiled softly at me and said, "This card is issued by American Express. They only issue it to their wealthiest clients, with spotless credit ratings. Amex will move heaven and earth to keep you happy. Anywhere you travel in the US or abroad, they'll take care of you. All of your bills will come to my department and I'll pay them. I'll send you monthly statements so that you can verify that everything is being done."

"It's going to take me some time to complete the transfers. The only tricky thing is doing everything quietly enough to keep from alerting everyone. Don't say anything to anyone you don't trust. I recommend that you get out of town for a couple of weeks to a month. Give me a call in a week or so and I'll give you a status report. I've included a dozen or so business cards in your packet, call me any time, at home or at work if you need anything." Greg stood, shook my hand, and started to leave. When he got to the exit he turned and asked one final time, "You're sure that you can't talk Ellen into going out with me?"

I told him, "I can't even talk her into eating chocolate if she's not hungry. She's almost as stubborn as I am."

"Damn shame," I heard him say under his breath as he turned and walked out the door.

Junior, who had done little but listen for the entire meeting, finally turned to me and asked, "Davey, how much of this meeting was a surprise to you?"

"JR, of course I knew that dad had money; but I was thinking mid-eight-figure money. I had absolutely no clue that my trust alone was upper eight figures. I know you'll find this hard to believe; but all of these years, I've concentrated on the science, not on the business. Ellen's been running the business. I never even looked at the net worth of the company before. Between your dad, Ellen the CFO and the COO, I never got around to thinking about it. They all took care of it for me."

Junior looked down, shaking his head and said, "So you came in here thinking maybe $50-$70 million dollars and are walking out with nearly $2 billion? You're one lucky SOB Davey."

"You're done with the meetings we have scheduled. I've got this for you." Junior said as he pulled out the classiest briefcase I'd ever seen. "Put all your paperwork in here and from now on, whenever you have to use this, think of me."

I smiled and agreed, as I put all the paperwork into my new briefcase.

As I was just ready to walk out of the office, Junior said to me, "You need to see my dad before you leave. He has something vital for you from your dad. I don't know what it's about and dad won't tell me. He says that it's his last promise he made to your dad."

I walked slowly out of the office I'd spent so much time in today and headed for the senior JR's office, followed by Wendy. When we arrived, Wendy sat down at her desk, announced me, and then told me to go right in.

JR senior was getting up from his desk. He had a wide smile on his face as he walked over to me holding his hand out. "I knew you'd do well," Senior said as he shook my hand.

After shaking my hand, he directed me to a chair and sat on the edge of the desk in front of me. "So what can you tell me about the meeting?" Senior asked me.

"There was a lot more money than I thought. I've got nearly two billion more or less." I told him, still stunned by the amount. "I'm trying to keep it quiet, so don't tell anyone."

Senior chuckled at me and said, "I've had my green card (Bar Association Membership Card) for nearly forty years. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's how to keep a secret."

"I'm tapering off my practice, winding some things up and not accepting any new clients. I hadn't planned to do this yet, but Jeannine has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We've been married for forty-one years and I love her more now than I did on the day we were married. We caught it real early and the doctor said we can expect anywhere from three to ten years, probably about seven years. I always remember what your dad told me you did for him when you found out about Deborah. How he was so glad he took your advice. He said that if he hadn't taken your advice, he would never have forgiven himself. When the Doctor told us, I thought I'd continue to work for a little while; but then I remembered what your dad told me you said."

Senior looked at me with a slight reflective smile for a moment, then continued, "Davey, the way a man lives his life sends ripples through the people he knows. Many people start living their lives well, but fail to finish that way. The people who are always thought of the best by history are those people who finish well. Your dad knew that and he finished better than most. He wouldn't have done as nearly as good, if you hadn't reminded him what was important.

I'd had a lot to absorb in one day, but I did manage to say, "I'm so sorry to hear about your wife, did you tell your son about the Alzheimer's?"

"Yes I did, and then I started loading him up with all my better clients. Junior is the best lawyer in the firm for you. I didn't just give you to him, I thought about it a lot. The fact that he loves you like a brother was just a bonus." Senior told me in his most earnest tone.

I knew he was correct even before he told me, so I just nodded. After a long pause I finally asked, "Junior told me that you had something vital to give me from dad."

The senior McFarland turned around and grabbed a thick padded envelope off the desk. When he handed it to me he said, "This was the last thing your dad gave me the last time I saw him. He made me promise to give you this right after your meeting today. I spoke to him on the phone one more time and he made me promise once again. It was so uncharacteristic of him I knew it was very important to him. I know a little about what's in there, but your dad wanted you to read it, by yourself, when you were alone. If there's anything I can do for you Davey, give me a call. From now on, I'll never charge you for any of our meetings. From now on I'm no longer your lawyer, I'm your friend."

Senior stood with me and reached out his hand to shake mine. I put the envelope into my new briefcase, bid him goodbye and headed toward the door.

As I reached the door I turned around as he said to me. "Give me a call in a month or so and Jeannine and I will have you and your sisters over for dinner."

"Yes sir," I said as I headed out the door.

I barely remember the drive home. I had so much to think about already, and was being driven mad trying to imagine what was in the envelope. The worst part was that I'd have to wait till after I talked to the girls. Keeping them in suspense would have just been cruel.

I walked in the back door and called out, "Is anyone home?"

A thundering herd of running feet greeted my call. The girls met me in the kitchen as I walked in from the back door. "Oh my god Davey, what took you so long?" Jen asked as the girls all hugged and kissed me in greeting.

"There was a lot to go over and dad left me a test that I had to pass. Before I tell you everything, tell me what you did for your meeting." I said to them.

Ellen started talking for all of them, saying, "We had our appointment about an hour after yours. We walked into a conference room and signed a whole bunch of papers."

"They told me how much was in Dad's personal trust. Dad left me a letter asking me to split it all up so that all of you would all be provided for. They evaluated the percentage I gave away to see if I was greedy and I passed. They then gave me my trust account and the business account. The total amount of the assets was phenomenal."

"How much do we have?" Suzie asked.

"I want to speak to each of you, one at a time starting with the twins, then Suzie and finally Ellen. If you two want, I'll do you at the same time." I told the twins.

A nervous laughter broke out when Jan asked to break the tension, "After you do us, will you tell us about the money?"

The laughter died as quickly as it had started. It had been necessary, but everyone was so anxious to learn what was up that the humor was sucked out of the laughter. I took the twins and my new briefcase into my office.

I'd actually meant to see the twins individually; however they wouldn't hear of it. They let me know that they were just one person with two bodies and they were too nervous to wait to have separate meetings.

The girls looked at me fearfully for a moment, after I explained the provisions that I'd made for them and then Jan asked in a quavering voice, "Davey, are you kicking us out?"

I immediately began talking as I got up from behind the desk and went around to hug them, "That's not what I want at all. The longer you stay with me the happier I'll be. I just want you to know that you don't have to be anywhere you don't want to be. You are free to give your love, not trapped because you don't have an option. I'll know if you stay with me it's because you want to, not that you think that you have to."

The nervous energy and fear had brought out the sobs and tears from the twins. I held both of them tight while the rested their heads on my chest. Jen finally stated, "You really love us, don't you Davey?"

"I've loved you both since I first met you. Do you remember the first thing you ever said to me?" I asked the girls.

They shook their heads no so I told them, "You told me, I bet you could learn to play with us. No one had ever played with me before. When I think back over my life, and try to remember any fun I've ever had both of you were there ninety percent of the time. If you ever leave you'll probably take most of my fun with you."

The girls must have been feeling better because they were giggling when Jen said, "You're such a liar Davey, but you're so sweet we're not ready to get rid of you just yet."

"I thought that all of you girls liked bad boys." I said teasing them.

"Davey, you're a really bad boy, you just don't know it yet." Jan added.

"You're the only man we've ever made love to, and the only one we want." Jen said to me.

I was stunned, and said, "You were virgins when we made love? I couldn't tell."

Jan looked embarrassed as she told me, "We had opportunities before, but never took advantage of them. We bought a double-ended dildo and got rid of our cherries ourselves."

Jen said, "That's when we picked up those coffee cups."

Jan looked at me closely and said, "Davey, you know about us, you know that we don't need you for sex. Sex without love is just exercise. With love, sex is a thousand times better. Every time we go out, we get asked for our number at least half a dozen times."

I thought about that for a moment and then said, "When I get done with Suzie and Ellen I'm going to wear you both out."

The twins both started giggling when they heard me say this. "Promises, promises," Jen said.

"I'll see you as soon as I can after I talk to the others. Send Suzie in and tell her it's a good thing. I don't want to scare her like I accidentally scared you. You might want to call and activate your credit cards, that way when you want to use them they will be ready." I told them.

I watched the girls walk out and my thoughts immediately returned to my envelope from dad. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was both curious and fearful. The things in that envelope were the last things that dad had to tell me. He knew that when I received it, all his finances would be open to me; there was nothing left for me to know on that score. Whatever was in that envelope was both personal and confidential. It was so important to dad that he had repeatedly insisted that his friend make sure to give it to me. I was suddenly not sure that I wanted to know what was in there. I decided to sleep on it and get back to it later.

While I was considering these things, Suzie walked into the office wearing a tentative smile. "Hi Davey, the twins told me to come on in."

I put a wide smile on my face and asked her to sit down. I went over her new financial position and was surprised and horrified when she began crying. I immediately went over to her, held her and asked her, "What's wrong?"

"You're kicking me out," she wailed, crying uncontrollably.

I held her tight as I soothed her and said, "Suzie, you are the most important person in the house. I'd never kick you out. I'd leave before I'd make you leave. The longer you stay with me, the happier I'll be."

Suzie's tears had stopped and her cries had changed to irregular sobs as she asked me, "Why am I so important to you?"

I looked into her eyes as I told her, "Suzie, you are the source of all the love in this house. The twins are the spontaneous jokers, Ellen is the responsible one, I'm the fool and you are the love that binds us all together. Without you, there would be little reason for us. Your love is what makes us work."

Suzie hugged me hard and held me like that for a long time. She finally said, "Davey, you're no fool."

"Baby, I've just made three of the four most important people in my life cry. I was trying to make them happy by giving them good news. If I was so smart how could I have ever done anything so boneheaded?"

Suzie giggled, gave me a peck in the cheek and said, "You better smarten up, you still have to talk to Ellen and if she thinks that you're kicking her out, you'll crush her even worse than me. When you're done, I'm going to fuck you silly. Meet us downstairs at the hot tub when you're done."

Suzie took her envelope and walked out of the door and went to get Ellen. Ellie was in the office within a minute, looking at me intently. I wasn't going to make the same mistakes I'd made with the other girls, so I took Ellie's envelope with me and sat down on the sofa. I pulled her onto my lap and explained the financial arrangements I had made for her while holding her tightly.

Ellie didn't cry, but she stiffened up for a minute while I launched into my explanation. "Ellie, everything I have and everything I am is yours. I could start at dead broke and would be well off inside of a year; but without you by my side it wouldn't be worth anything to me. I told you that the first time we made love. We're two halves of one person, I feel that way now even more than I did then. I don't need any other women in my life. I've loved you since I first met you. As I grew to know you I loved you even more. You understand me better than anyone else, Ellie. You know I always keep my word. I give you my word, I'll always take care of you, I'll always stand by you and I'll always love you for as long as I live."

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