tagIncest/TabooI'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 04

I'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 04


I attempted to write this chapter as quickly as I could. I didn't want to leave anyone hanging too long with cliffhanger that I left in the previous chapter. Life is what happens to us as we are making our plans, and I had a personal challenge that I had to deal with immediately. This chapter was delayed about two weeks beyond what I planned and I broke it up into two parts so that I could present it to you quicker.I know that all of the mysteries are not yet revealed, but will be in subsequent chapters.

This story will make very little sense to you unless you read it from chapter 1.


Ellen was sitting on the edge of my bed looking at me when I woke up. Her hand was on my arm and she was smiling at me. It was a nice way to wake up. I suddenly remembered dad's letter and a shadow must have passed across my face. Ellen asked me, "What's the matter, Davey?"

"I'm not sure," I replied while glancing at the clock. It was just after nine, I gasped and said, "I overslept, I never oversleep."

Ellen laughed and said, "Davey, you're on vacation, you can't oversleep on vacation. You'd have to sleep thirteen more days till you oversleep. I'm sure that I can wake you up by then."

Ellen pulled the sheet and blanket down to my knees as she continued, "Let me show you how I would wake you up."

Ellen leaned forward and took me into her mouth. Thirty seconds or so later, she leaned back with a smile on her face and said, "Do you think that would wake you up?"

I looked down, smiled and said, "You got me up already."

Ellen smiled and stood as I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I quickly finished up and went out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. The girls were all dressed, sitting at the counter sipping coffee as I walked in.

"You're so fashion forward," Jen said as she examined my nude form headed for the coffee pot.

We were all laughing as I poured my coffee. I was sipping my coffee as I asked Ellen, "So, what's the schedule?"

Ellen was looking at her watch as she said, "Well, I've already packed for you, so sometime in the next two hours and fifty-one minutes; you have to shower and get dressed. I've got the limo coming to pick us up at noon. After you get ready we're free till then."

I was hurrying to drink my coffee as I said, "I'll go get ready real quickly then."

Suzie came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist and said, "You need to have breakfast first."

Jan said, "We like to have you dressed that way. It's like we have our own personal stripper. We'll let you get dressed before we have to leave... probably."

Jen and Jan went into the kitchen to cook breakfast for me, while Ellie and Suzie pulled me over to the dining room table and sat me down at the chair at the head of the table. Ellie pulled her dress up to her waist and sat down on my lap saying, "Well, I don't want you to leak all over my dress."

I grinned and noticed that all of the girls were wearing dresses. The girls are all, always dressed exceptionally well: however, to have more than one or two of them wearing a dress was highly unusual. I asked Ellie, "What's going on with the dresses?"

Ellie called out to the twins, "He asked about the dresses already."

The twins came into the dining with Jen carrying plate with a large toasted English muffin, a hard fried egg and a slice of cheese made into a sandwich. Jan was grinning as she said, "Can I tell him?"

All the girls were trying not to laugh as Ellie nodded yes to Jan's request. Jan looked at me and said. "We're going to be flying all the way to New York. We'll be in the air for several hours. We'll have a few hours to kill. We thought that we'd all try to join the mile high club."

I was becoming excited by Ellie wiggling on my lap, and the thought of doing something so naughty in public; but, I said, "You girls are going to have to find another hobby before you kill me."

Ellie was giggling and the girls joined her as she said, "Don't even tell me that the idea doesn't appeal to you, Davey. I'm sitting on your lap, and I can tell that either you're excited or you have a couple of rolls of quarters in your pocket... and guess what, no pockets."

She had me and she knew it. I thoughtfully ate my egg sandwich as I considered how to answer. When I finished my meal I finally said, "If you are all good and do as you're told, I may let one or more of you into the club, only if we can do it without disturbing the other passengers on the plane."

I couldn't understand the laughter and giggling that broke out at that pronouncement. It seemed that I was missing something; but, I had no idea what it was. I slapped Ellie's ass to move her so that I could get ready and hurried into the bathroom. I had shaved, showered, brushed my teeth and dressed in the clothes that Ellie had laid out for me. I was done within fifteen minutes.

I packed my briefcase with all of the contents of my letter from dad, except the memory stick and went back out to get another cup of coffee.

Jan and Jen came up to me after I sat down at the counter, to drink my coffee. The voice in my head told me I was in for it now. Jen grabbed my hand, thrust it into the low cut front of her stylish dress, to her left breast and said, "I'm really excited about this trip, Davey. Feel how fast my heart is beating."

Not to be out done, Jan came up to me, lifted her dress up to her waist. I noticed that she didn't have any panties on. Jan grabbed my other hand and pulled it to her crotch, trying to stick my finger inside her as she said, "You can tell I'm excited too Davey."

I was tired, cranky and knew that I had to get control of the girls. Either twin, once they started competing with each other would walk naked through the airport if the other one flashed me there. I had to assert some control over them now, or it would quickly get out of hand. I stood, reclaimed my hands, grabbed their wrists and pulled them into my bedroom. Ellie and Suzie followed to watch as I pulled the twins along with me. When I got to the bedroom, I sat on my bed and threw Jan across my lap.

I pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist, clamped a leg over the back of her thighs, grabbed both wrists and held them in the small of her back and began rubbing her ass as I said to her, "I told you both that you had to behave. I need you to listen to me. You're both getting too out of control. I'm going to give you six swats so that you'll remember."

I pulled back a hand and swatted her ass. The loud pop was followed a wail of surprise, a hint of pain and excitement. I rubbed for a few seconds to take out a little of the sting, until I noticed that she was moving with my hand. I pulled back my hand a second time and gave her the next swat. As I was rubbing out the sting, I let my finger tips slide across her vulva; I was amazed how wet she was.

By the time I had completed the sixth swat, Jan's breathing was ragged and her ass cheeks were clenching and relaxing in time with her hip motion. I inserted a finger into her leaking pussy and began rubbing it the right way. I was amazed at how quickly and energetically she came, without any clitoral stimulation. Her grunting moan was long loud and unique to this highly unusual orgasm. I let go of her hands and moved her off my lap and onto the bed beside me.

I looked over at Jen and crooked my finger at her indicating that it was her turn. She was already extremely excited and had her dress front up, digging a hand into her excited sex. I pulled her into the same position and began an identical spanking; but was shocked when Jen began cumming on the fifth swat. The sixth swat seemed to amplify and lengthen the intensity of her orgasm. I was simply dumbfounded by her reaction. I'd never seen or heard of anything like that before.

When the girls recovered I stood over them and told them, "I don't want to have to tell you again. When I tell you something, I need you to listen. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," both the girls said with worship in their eyes for me.

I was more than a little uncomfortable with their reaction as I told them, "Now, you both need to apologize to me, Ellie and Suzie... and be sure to be on your best behavior for the rest of the day."

"We're sorry Davey, we won't do it again, we promise." The twins chorused in perfect harmony. I always wondered how they did that. Nine times out of ten they said exactly the same words at the same time. I never figured out how they knew what their sister would say word for word.

They left to go apologize to Ellen and Susan, who had wandered back to the kitchen when the show was over. I stayed in the bedroom to meditate on what I'd just seen in the twin's reactions. I'll never understand women. I thought about it for about ten minutes, and then I called out for the twins to come back into the bedroom. I hugged them both and then told them, "I love you both and I'll always take care of you."

I went downstairs to the home theater room, grabbed a plastic glass and poured myself a soda. I took it upstairs to the living room grabbed a book, sat in the recliner and read. I was two thirds of the way through the book when Ellen came in and told me gently, "The limo's here."

The luggage was stacked by the door. Ellen took my briefcase, Susan took my laptop case, and the twins each grabbed a makeup case while I moved the rest of the bags outside the front door. The driver and I loaded the bags into the trunk while the girls stood nearby chatting excitedly.

Ellen briefly talked to the driver while I was getting the last couple of bags. I verified that the alarm was set and the door was locked, picked up the last two bags and hurried back to the limo. I held the door for all the girls and I got in behind them. The limo exited the driveway and sped off to the airport.

I realized as we rode along that I had been avoiding the major conflict in my mind. Dad's letter was driving me nuts. How could I find out what I needed to know, without letting Ellen know? Did Ellen know that I knew? She certainly had been keeping a close eye on me all morning. What about the other girls, why would they keep it from me, especially now?

I had always taken care of the girls, done everything in my power to protect them. My mind was swirling with questions that I was unable to answer. I knew that I would have to talk to Ellen about this real soon, but I was unable to come up with a plan.

Ever since I was a kid, everyone had called me a genius. The revelations of the last twenty-four hours had let me know that was a gross exaggeration. The figures that I had seen yesterday indicated that the company had shown phenomenal growth in the last five years. Very little of that growth had anything to do with me. Being brutally honest with myself, I realized that Ellen was much more responsible for our success than me.

I had been protected from the truth, so much so that I had several false assumptions. Any decisions I would have made would have been faulty and doomed to failure. I was finally able to infer what was in the book dad had written for Ellen. I was in awe of dad's genius and Ellen's leadership and intelligence.

The concept of refining gold is simple. You take a large bunch of dirt and rock from a mine and remove everything that isn't gold. I felt dad's hand refining me just as surely as if I was gold. The shocks and revelations that I'd had over the past few hours were burning away all the impurities; it had been designed that way. I knew that in that brief moment I had changed forever. I still had a lot of self examination to do, but I was now prepared.

Suzie and the twins were talking quietly and looking out of the window. Ellie was silently watching me intently. "Are you back with us now?" She asked me smiling tentatively.

I smiled and nodded. I looked out of the window and asked in puzzlement, "This isn't the way to the airport, is it?"

"We're using a different airport this time." Ellie stated cryptically.

When we reached the commuter airport, I was really puzzled when the limousine entered through a gate near a large row of hangers on the far side of the field. The limo drove up to a large pad, and stopped next to a private jet. The driver quickly got out of the car and ran around to open our door.

The jet was a Gulfstream IV; a popular corporate jet. It has long been highly prized by a certain class of CEO's. Its seven-thousand mile plus range makes it the jet of choice for a hurried departure to a tropical destination without a treaty of extradition with the United States. Its size allows travel in great comfort, with a large, hidden supply of contraband items.

When we were all out of the car he told Ellen, "I'll take care of the luggage; just have everyone get into your plane. Take this card, you can call to give us an arrival time when you return and we'll be waiting to pick you up."

I waited for Ellen to take his card and put in her purse, and we walked together to the jet's stairs. The pilot and stewardess were waiting for us to board. The pilot looked at both of us closely. His eyes keenly observed all the details of our interaction. He was a short, extremely fit man, in his mid thirties. Ellen shook their hands, and then went past them to the cabin. The captain looked at me and said, "Now that you're aboard, we can be wheels up within ten minutes."

I nodded and said, "Let's get-r-done."

A slight smile played across his face as he said, "Yes sir." He turned and walked to the cabin.

The stewardess grabbed my arm and took me back into the cabin. She directed me to the chair next to Ellen and bent over to put on my seatbelt. The low cut blouse hung open enough for me to see her heavy breasts, contained by her sheer bra. I finally realized that she had finished fastening my restraint and was watching me stare. There was a slight smile on her face as she slowly stood and asked me, "Did you see anything you liked?"

For the first time in my life, I didn't blush as I replied, "There were a couple of points of interest."

Her smile widened slightly as she turned and walked toward the front of the cabin with her hips swaying. When she turned around she waited until she had all our attention, introduced herself as Allison and gave us the FAA required flight talk. She then took drink orders, served them and then left to sit in her jump seat to await takeoff.

Suzie, who was seated facing us, waited until Allison got out of earshot, and said to Ellen, "Our little Davey is growing up. Not only did he tease her back when she hit on him, but when he was caught looking, he didn't even blush."

The twins, who were seated nearby, heard the comment and laughed with us. Jen added, "Davey, the good news is that we won't disturb any of the other passengers." A hearty laugh followed this announcement as the engine noise grew and the plane took off.

Within a few minutes, we reached our cruising altitude. The captain came on the intercom and told us that we were free to take off our seatbelts and move around. Allison came up to us and explained our lunch choices. When we had ordered, she went to the galley to prepare our food.

Ellen told us, or mostly me, of our plans for our visit to the city. We'd be arriving late and be checking into the hotel suite. The next day was planned as a relaxing day, with only one scheduled appointment. She'd planned museum trips, sightseeing excursions and Broadway show as well. She giggled as she told us, "I've always wanted to see Central Park. I never understood what the big deal is with a park."

Allison came over with our lunches; a gourmet sandwich with a fabulous potato salad. I hadn't realized until she brought my meal, how hungry I was. I wolfed down my food. The meat was sliced so thin that I could have read a newspaper through it. I had ordered the honey wheat roll for my sandwich with tomatoes lettuce and white cheese. The lettuce was very fresh and crisp, the cheese was a great addition, but the tomatoes were absolutely perfect. They tasted like home grown tomatoes, ripened on the plant and picked just in time to be sliced for the sandwiches. This was the best meal I'd ever had on an airplane.

Allison was there to refill our drinks. We all stuck to soft drinks as Allison cleaned up and brought us our desert; small but delicious hot fudge sundaes. As she was taking our newly empty desert dishes, Allison said to Ellen and me, quietly, with a twinkle in her eyes, "Why don't you go over to that divided section over there? The sofas are a lot more comfortable than the chairs and there's a little privacy in case there's a club you want to join."

I watched Ellen's face as she struggled not to laugh. I smiled, got up and walked back toward the divided section. When I looked back, Ellen was talking to Allison quietly. I deduced from the nods and smiles that there was some type of agreement, as Ellen turned and walked over to where I waited.

The curtain Ellen closed behind her provided very little in the way of real privacy: and I was too excited to properly focus. Ellen sat down beside me and said, "It really turns me on to see how hot for you that she is, especially knowing that you're mine. Fuck me now Davey, I can't wait."

Ellen was undoing my belt, and fly as she was talking. She tugged my pants and boxers to my knees and then straddled my lap. Ellie pulled up the front of her skirt, lined me up with her pussy and inserted me into herself. She let the skirt fall back down, covering us as she pressed all the way down on my hard cock.

Ellie began to slowly bob up and down as she leaned forward to whisper in my ear while watching the curtain, "It really turns me on to have other women watch me while I'm turned on. I don't have to be naked, or have it be too obvious, but just for them to see the heat in my eyes or expression, and know that I'm getting closer and closer to orgasm. It makes me cum so much faster and sometimes I have multiples. I invited Allison to watch, I hope that's okay with you."

I saw Allison peek into the curtained area as I whispered into Ellie's ear, "Ellie, I'll always take care of you."

Allison walked in with a tray of damp, heated towels and sat down right beside us. She rested her hand on Ellie's skirt near the top of her thigh as she looked into her eyes. Ellie was moaning excitedly and watching her closely as Allison said, "That is so fucking hot."

Allison kept her hand on Ellie's thigh as she pulled up her own skirt and pushed her other hand into her panties. I was being somewhat ignored as Ellie and Allison locked eyes. I put my hands on Ellen's hips and began thrusting harder and deeper. Ellie's eyes closed as she froze in place and began cumming. Ellie was biting her lip to keep from crying out and fell forward, placing her head on my shoulder.

I felt the strength of her contractions begin to die down, and then she began to move once again. "Fuck me hard Davey, I'm going to cum again." Ellen said.

I looked over at Ellen as she leaned over and began kissing Allison. Her hand went to Allison's breast and began squeezing. Allison rolled into me as she came, trapping her head between my chest and Ellen's large, thinly covered, bouncing boobs. Ellen's next orgasm was too much for me. I began cumming nearly silently as I felt her internal muscle movements pulling on my cock.

Allison looked at us smiling and she said to Ellen, "You're right, he's really good at that. You said that I could clean you both up. Can I start with that now?"

Ellen grabbed a warm moist towel, pressing it to her crotch as she climbed off me and said, "Go ahead, start with Davey."

Allison smiled and got to her knees in front of me. I was shocked when her mouth began cleaning my semi hard cock. Allison's oral attentions quickly re-grew my erection, from semi hard to rod of steel. My total shock at Ellie's attitude seemed to turn her on as much or more than watching Allison's actions. I rapidly overcame my initial reluctance, due to Allison's amazing oral talent. I was completely surprised when it took almost no time for me to add another load for her to clean-up job. She easily managed to swallow everything without spilling a drop.

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