tagIncest/TabooI'll Be Home for Thanksgiving

I'll Be Home for Thanksgiving


NOTE: This is an all-girl incest story. This is also the final installment of a trilogy but meant to stand on its own. For Jess and Tabitha's earlier sapphic family adventures be sure to check out I'll Be Home for Spring Break and I'll Be Home for Summer Vacation on my story page!



Tabitha, 19 years old.

Kate, Tabitha's 22-year-old sister.

Sybil, Tabitha's 24-year-old sister.

Kendra, Their 46-year-old mother.

Stephanie, Kendra's niece, Tabitha, Kate et al's cousin, 22


Jess, 19 years old.

Adrian, Jess' 37-year-old mother.

Allison, Jess' 22-year-old cousin.

Brenda, Adrian's sister/Allison's mother, 44.


It had been years, but Kendra was still angry.

The feeling was commonplace. Even after she'd beaten the odds, the anger remained. The painful memories struck without notice and in the strangest of places—like now, during laundry.

She put the basket down to collect herself, not in the mood to be bothered. So when her oldest daughter Sybil walked in, Kendra found another reason to be angry.

"Have you heard from Kate or Tabitha?" Sybil asked.

"I haven't," Kendra replied carefully, "but those girls need to hurry their asses home. They've got work."

"Their shifts aren't until tonight," Sybil said.

Sybil moved toward her, touching Kendra's arm. "Let me help you, mom. Is there any more laundry?"

"I'm fine!" Kendra snapped. Sybil withdrew and put up surrendering hands. Just then, her cellphone vibrated.

"I've gotta go," she said after checking it.

"You've got work tonight, too," Kendra curtly reminded her daughter.

"I'm aware of that, mom."

"Who's this person you keep running off to see?"

"Just a friend," Sybil replied with more annoyance.

"A friend without a name is mighty convenient," Kendra said.

Sybil stormed out.

"Sybil! Sybil, you get back here!" Kendra demanded.

Her daughter was gone. Frustrated, Kendra hammered

out a text to Kate, and then resumed putting away the laundry. She noticed the room was a little warm.

Turning toward the open doorway she thought, stupid girl. Did she turn the air up?


The neighborhood gave way Archton's municipal streets. The well-kept homes thinned. As the summer morning sun beamed through the windshield, a different kind of heat built in Tabitha's car.

Kate's face burned with a darkening red. She opened and closed her thighs and pawed at her braless tits. The fabric touched sensitive skin, sending shivers through her body.

Tabitha struggled to focus on the road. She too felt an itch, as evidenced by her feverish sweat. Her hands slipped on the wheel; her pussy throbbed and her panties flooded.

"Tabs," Kate moaned.

"I see one," Tabitha said.

By the time they parked their breathing was out of control. They shared a quick tongue kiss before running inside. A man noticed the girls and shook his head.

"Where's your bathroom?" Kate asked the gas station's cashier.

"Right behind you," she replied, arching an eyebrow at the girls' obvious frenzied state.

Tabitha and Kate barreled down a candle aisle, giggling, holding hands. Something crashed behind them. The bathroom floor, glistening under the dim light, had just been mopped before they barged in.

The door didn't finish closing before Tabitha had her older sister against the wall, kissing her neck, driving her to a fast orgasm. Their clothing was thrown everywhere. If one were to put their ear up to the door at that moment, they would have heard squeaks and soft moans. There was no rhythm or choreography, just two naked girls kissing and touching. They slammed each other against the walls, tangling in a convoluted knot of tanned and peach flesh.

Petite, raven-haired Tabitha kissed her blonde, taller and older sister's neck, easily jabbing three fingers in Kate's cunt. Kate gritted her teeth. She grabbed Tabitha by the waist, half-hoisting her up, making her squeal. Kate rushed her sister into a corner.

Tabitha slid to the floor; Kate went with her. She kissed Tabitha's neck, her shoulder, all over her barely-there breasts. She suckled one nipple and then the other. She kissed between her sister's tits before continuing downward. Tabitha grabbed a clump of her sister's sweaty hair.

Down her waist, across her thighs. Tabitha wriggled and squirmed. Her legs parted. Kate's tongue teased above her sister's cleft as their eyes met.

"Do it," Tabitha said.

Kate explored the shaven pink with her lips and tongue, taking her time, drawing it out. She wiggled her face and Tabitha hissed. They maintained eye contact.

Kate wondered what she looked like from this angle, and if Tabitha was staring down at the same face she'd known for years or an intensely sexual creature, freed from her confines. Kate held an innocent expression even as her tongue penetrated her sister's folds.

Tabitha went wild. Her mouth dropped and she swung her head back and forth. "Yes! Yes!" she cried out.

Tabitha soaked under her sister's care. Kate replaced her tongue with two twisting fingers and leaned forward, letting Tabitha taste her own pussy.

Kate dove back into Tabitha's cunt, no longer teasing or careful. She made a mess of saliva and juices, continuing to stare at Tabitha. A chain of moans grew louder until Tabitha screamed, her voice echoing.

They kissed again, swapping their juices. Then Tabitha guided Kate onto her back.

"What? What is it?" the blonde asked.

Tabitha's legs quivered as she bent over Kate to snag discarded jean shorts and fumble in the pocket. She withdrew a silver vibrator.

"That's my, that was in your, you went through my stuff?" Kate asked incredulously.

Tabitha fellated the cylinder. She plopped it out of her mouth to drool on it.

"You bad girl," Kate whispered. "You dirty, dirty little bitch."

The vibrator whirred to life.

Tabitha plunged the toy into Kate's cunt, whose lips yielded with no tension as the vibrator disappeared into her hole. Tabitha moved the toy back and forth.

"Remember when I caught you in the bathroom, Kate?"

Kate kneaded her tits.

"Remember what you were doing with this?"

Kate groaned, using one hand to play with a breast and diddle her clit with the other.

"Were you putting on a show, Kate?"

The vibrator buzzed. Juices eased its passage.

"Did your want your little sister to catch you?"

Kate let out short, rapid fire breaths.

"Come on, Kate."

"Oh shit, Tabitha."

A climax swirled, brewed, built.

"Give it up, Kate. Do it."


Her orgasm climbed with every stroke and filthy word from Tabitha.

"Cum for your little sister!"

Kate erupted with raw pleasure. A merciless Tabitha refused to stop fucking her. Kate sucked her fingers and bucked her hips, convulsing in multiple orgasms.

Tabitha suckled the vibrator. "Kate, this is delicious. You've got to taste it."

Tabitha fed her the vibrator.

"We taste the same!" Kate beamed.

Tabitha giggled."Maybe because we're sisters?"

"Alright." Kate lifted her tired, nude body up.

"We'd better get going."

"Aww, do we have to?" Tabitha whined.

"You wanna stay in this bathroom all day?"

They collected their clothes and decided to hurry along. If they breathed in their aromas they'd return to the floor.

There were stares all around when the girls emerged. Over by the beer fridge, a young man wore a bewildered expression. The cashier's eyes followed the sisters outside.

When they were back on the road, a few moments of silence passed.



"Hurry home. There's lots of catching up to do."

A few miles later, Kate spoke again.

"Hey sis?"


"Your shirt's on backwards. And nice job not buttoning those jeans."


After her husband left, Kendra climbed out of desperation by working at and eventually buying The Downtown Diner. It was a family business, with Kendra as owner and operator. Sybil worked as one of the managers. Kate and Tabitha waitressed. Their cousin Stephanie was a hostess.

Kendra was a strict boss. She expected her employees to show customers the utmost courtesy and respect, and this expectation doubled for her niece and daughters. There were never customer complaints because Kendra nipped problems before they sprouted.

Sybil moved from table to busy table, making sure each patron was happy. She'd inherited the keen sense of awareness from her mother, and one thing she noticed tonight was that her sisters were upbeat and giggly.

That was good for the customers and good for her sisters as far as tips were concerned. Still, Sybil pondered the meaning behind this chipper attitude. Had the girls smoked pot before coming to work? Sybil decided not to bring the matter to Kendra, though she was sure mom would address it later anyway.

Stephanie greeted newcomers and found them tables. As she led an old couple to a booth, she stopped to smile at Sybil, who smiled back. It was almost break time.

Kendra's older sister Marian lived out of state. Her daughter, Stephanie, had attended Hartland University with Sybil for two years, and after that, started her job at The Downtown Diner. She was tall, with a wavy mane of chestnut hair and blue eyes.

Sybil and Stephanie had been in love since Stephanie was a Sophomore and Sybil a rising senior. Kendra, vigilant as she was, thought Sybil was sneaking around with some mystery man. How would mom react if she found out 'he' was not only a woman but Sybil's first cousin?

It was a difficult situation, made harder by Stephanie trying to stay closeted. Her parents were staunchly religious, and if word reached them that their daughter was a lesbian there would be trouble. Sybil understood but also found it frustrating. Stephanie only agreed to meet in places away from her home; they were constantly seeking locations for the trysts.

"Going on break, Aunt Kendra," Stephanie said.

Stephanie found Sybil sitting at a table in the kitchen.

"Busy night?" Stephanie asked.

"The busiest," Sybil lamented." She held a twenty in her hand. "Kate handed me this."

"Kate gave you her tip? Why?"

Stephanie examined it. Closer inspection revealed that it wasn't a $ 20 bill at all. "What Jesus gave you is worth more than any amount in tips!" was printed on the back.

"Cute," Stephanie said.

"Cute to you. Kate's not so amused."

"Was it Reverend Alvin? He's always doing this crap."

"No, his son. Guess it runs in the family."

"Aww, poor girl. And she's been so cheerful tonight."

"Yeah," Sybil said, "I noticed."

Stephanie took Sybil by the hand and helped her up. Then she quietly led the young woman through the back exit and to Stephanie's car.

Sybil's hair was as dark as Kendra and Tabitha's. When she was off duty she wore it long enough that it went to the small of her back. Kendra didn't allow Sybil to wear her hair down in the restaurant. "Tuck that shit away on the clock," was mom's favorite saying.

Sybil's mouth held slightly open, revealing a hint of teeth. Tonight she wore a bra, another absolute rule of Kendra's. Otherwise Sybil never felt she needed one. Her breasts were as small as Tabitha's, lumps of symmetrical flesh with two defined nipples of minuscule circumference. There was no point in bras if they restrained nothing, Sybil figured, except when she was aroused and her tips strained at her shirt. Stephanie's breasts were slightly bigger, but with more of a 'bounce' to their volume. Her tips were more parallel than Sybil's, almost an exact match, and around the same size but flatter.

At Stephanie's insistence, they drove at least a mile from The Downtown Diner before searching out a discreet location. The streets weren't busy at night, but Stephanie was never satisfied until she was assured of privacy. Their romps often happened in dingy alleyways or cul-de-sacs, where there were no lights and potential trouble.

These places almost scared the romance out of Sybil, who was so frightened that she wanted it over quickly. By contrast, Stephanie moved slowly. Sybil wondered if her cousin was turned on by danger.

"Over here looks good," Stephanie said. She drove the car through a narrow passage and stopped at a dead end. The ground was littered with trash; above two dumpsters was painted a gang newspaper.

Stephanie shut off the ignition and killed the automatic lights. She and Sybil moved into the back seat, where they fell into a passionate embrace beneath the window, their mouths and limbs entwining in the darkness.


Sybil broke the kissing to ask, "did you make sure the doors are locked?"

Stephanie answered her lover with more kisses, cutting off fearful protests. She played with a clothed breast while massaging Sybil's pussy through her leggings. Sybil quivered at the touches.

"What if, somebody, hears us?" she gasped.

Stephanie sat up to unleash her bare breasts to the moonlight. Sweat reflected as it ran down her skin. Then she made quick work of her apron and bottoms. She helped Sybil out of her clothes.

Stephanie put their clothes in the trunk. Sybil was amazed at her cousin's bravado. She drove them to sketchy places to avoid revealing their secret but had no qualms about being naked in these pits. They always moved their clothing to safety to avoid smelling like sex.

Each was the others only female lover. They'd taught each other how to eat pussy, and the knowledge they had of their own bodies helped a lot. They were both turned on by shaving, evidenced by the fact that neither had any pubic hair.

Stephanie returned to the car. "Now, where were we?"

Their naked flesh wrestled in a ball of sweat and arousal. They traded kisses and touches like they hadn't orgasmed in years. Sybil and Stephanie sucked each others nipples and rubbed their pussies until they were in maniacal frenzies. Sybil fingered and licked Stephanie's cunt after both lovers had experienced several small orgasms.

Their styles in going down varied. Sybil wasn't a teaser; she swept her mouth over Stephanie's entire pussy while fingering her. This often numbed Sybil's tongue, but she ignored it and pressed on, refusing to spoil her lover's orgasm. By contrast, Stephanie did everything slowly. She teased and toyed until her cousin begged her to hurry.

Sybil used three fingers while her tongue danced across Stephanie's clit and outer pubic region. Stephanie had her legs wrapped around her cousin's head and nursed her own fingers like they were already covered in juices. With a scream she bucked and came; Sybil lapped up the post-orgasmic fluids.

They kissed, Stephanie enjoying the flavor of her own pussy before she shoved Sybil down. Stephanie swung around, aligning her mouth with Sybil's pussy while pushing her own in the cousin's face. They locked into a 69. Stephanie applied her own sensual brand of pussy eating while Sybil licked with wild abandon. Their eyes had adjusted to the dark and they admired each others folds, slick with arousal.

Already worked up, Sybil came in an explosion that hazed her senses. The orgasm increased her appetite, and as soon as her climax receded she pushed back, begging Stephanie without using words. The ensuing passion increased her desire for Stephanie's pussy. She ate as if starved; the added lubrication helped her tongue cover areas quicker.

Stephanie's legs quivered, her clitoris swollen and vulnerable. Sybil swiveled around it in a cyclone, giving the hood and shaft more attention. When Sybil finally gave the clit her full power Stephanie screamed. Seeing the effect on her lover enhanced Sybil's pleasure and she climaxed a second time.

They exchanged flavors. They savored this for a few minutes. Then Sybil and Stephanie looked at each other; their lustful gazes indicated that they weren't quite satisfied.

They moved so they faced each other; Sybil wrapped her legs about Stephanie's waist and Stephanie did the same. One slid her fingers into the others pussy and they masturbated that way. They'd been mostly silent up to this point. Aside from the occasional yelp or moan they remained that way.

Their pussies were well swollen, distended and wet, allowing easy access. Their probing created sucking sounds. They started at a medium pace, synchronizing rhythms.

Sybil started worrying again, about the dangerous place they were parked but mostly what her mother's reaction might be if she caught on. Although they'd locked their clothes in the trunk their mixed scents filled this tiny space, making Sybil wonder if it would still cling to her skin.

Her attention return to what was being done to her and what she was doing. Their fingering sped up as they neareed mutual orgasms. They pushed their digits deeper and worked harder until they came in gasping bursts.

They embraced as fingers gradually redrew; then they took a moment to survey the aftermath. The seat was a mess, saturated in sweat and juices. The windows were fogged. Their pussy scents filled the interior.

"What time is it?" Sybil asked.

Stephanie fumbled for her cellphone with an arm that hardly worked.

"Oh shit. We're gonna be late soon and we still haven't eaten."

"Maybe we should just go back and bear it," Sybil said.

"Fuck that, I'm hungry. Let's find something quick.

The cousins dressed outside, mindful of approaching cars or strangers. Then they drove to the closest fast food joint. The whole way there and back to the diner, they kept the windows rolled down to air out the car.

At the restaurant, Kendra marched up to them with a scowl and a deep, frustrated sigh. When she didn't speak, Sybil and Stephanie looked at each other uneasily, wondering if Kendra really did smell sex.

"Your time stopped ten minutes ago and you've been on mine ever since," Kendra finally said. Your ice is thin. Get your asses back to work."


A week passed. Whenever Kate and Tabitha weren't working, whenever they weren't around the family, anytime they were alone for even a few minutes, they fucked, wherever they could imagine. They woke up at the same time and brought each other to several glorious orgasms. They reenacted the fateful evening where Tabitha had walked in on Kate masturbating, except in this version Tabitha had her naked sister pinned against the wall while working her with the vibrator.

Kate referred to herself as Tabitha's 'Summer Jess,' a name Tabitha didn't care for but was too entwined in passion to protest. They fucked in the bedroom, the shower, the bathtub, the kitchen, the living room, the backyard, and, well-aware of the risk involved, the diner's supply closet.

Tabitha reported these happenings back to Jess. Her only expressed concern was that "I hope there's some left over for me in the fall!"

The sisters went to bed naked. Wake up sex was the norm. Sometimes Tabitha went down on Kate, sometimes the opposite. One day Kate had instantly awakened Tabitha by sliding three fingers into her already wet pussy. On another, Tabitha awoke to the steady sound of the vibrator and a fast approaching climax.

On this particular morning, Kate woke up to her sis painting an orgasmic canvas between the elder's legs. Tabitha was still half-awake herself so her licks were sluggish and nonrhythmic. But what she lacked in speed and awareness she made up for in creativity.

Kate brushed Tabitha's dark hair. "Mmm, morning to you too, Tabs."

Tabitha grabbed both legs and dove in. Kate begged her to keep going, stay steady, don't stop. This desperation continued as Kate's body tightened in an orgasm.

Tabitha open-mouth kissed Kate, sharing her pussy flavor, a ritual Kate called 'breakfast in bed.' Tabitha lay back while Kate twisted her vibrator into the 'on' position.

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