tagGroup SexI'll Show You Mine If... Ch. 08

I'll Show You Mine If... Ch. 08

byMany Feathers©

When we'd heard the knock on the door, we both realized that we couldn't very well hide what it was we'd been doing. It was too late for that. Nervous, hell...scarred shitless even, I'd looked at Kris, that moment passing between us when we'd made the decision to accept whatever consequences came our way because of it.

After that brief moment of surprised shock, which we'd both fully expected, it was the sudden smile that came to mom's face, which we hadn't. For a moment I know Kris and I were more confused than anything else, lying there beneath the covers totally naked, holding hands.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised," mom said closing the door behind her as she leaned against it looking down at us. "To be honest, I've been expecting it, and surprised it hadn't happened before now. I've seen it coming, even though I don't think the two of you did, so I honestly figured it was only a matter of time." Mom then stepped over towards the bed sitting down at the end looking at us for a moment. "I am going to ask you to do something for me though," she then said waiting expectantly.

"What?" Kris managed to ask though I heard a bit of a tremble in her voice as she said it. She was still nervous and more than a bit caught off guard by mom's revelation.

"Although I expected it, and as I said, not too terribly surprised, I know your father will be. So what I'm going to ask you to do, as hard and as difficult as it might be, especially now, is to NOT tell him, not yet anyway. If you can, I'd rather he not learn about this until after the two of you have moved out. Perhaps then we can slowly warm him up to the idea. Not only that, it will give the two of you a chance to think it through yourselves. You might find that in time that this won't work, though you might also find that it will. I think until the two of you know for sure, one way or the other, that it's best to not yet concern or worry your father over it. For the moment at least, I'd ask that you keep this a secret just between the three of us."

Mom stood and headed back towards the door after getting our assurance that we'd do that, keeping our newfound relationship a secret for the time being at least.

"We're going to go for a drive around the lake sometime after breakfast," she informed us. Her smile told us there was a hidden agenda to that as well. "There's a special place we used to go," she hinted. "Thought we'd go up there and spend some time together in the afternoon. While we are, that should at least give the two of you time to enjoy yourselves as well. Just make sure that any evidence," she emphasized suggestively, "is cleaned up and taken care of by the time we return. Other than that, just be careful, and don't do anything stupid or foolish either."

We both knew what she meant by that too. "We won't," I assured her. Mom smiled once again and put her hand on the door knob.

"You're father will be up soon, breakfast is almost ready, so if you wouldn't mind..." she said leaving off, and then stepped back out into the hallway closing the door firmly behind her once again when she left.

The one very strange thing about all this was, I was hard as a fucking rock! I am sure it was a mixture of the intensity of mom's walking in and finding the two of us in bed together, naked as she sat talking to us, basically giving us her blessing at least to continue to explore our relationship. Something I now knew I had every intention of doing. Holding my sister's hand, I now pulled it over towards me, placing it on my hard stiff prick.

"Robbie!" she squealed yanking her hand away, not in disgust certainly, but knowing full well how aroused I was at the moment, though with mom's reasonable warning to us, she wasn't about to go against her wishes either. "You'll just have to wait until after they go for their own little drive," she said coquettishly, "But after they do...you can do with me whatever you want!" She promised suggestively.

Kris hurriedly dressed after that, and then slipped out of my bedroom back into hers to change clothes and head out to help mom with the breakfast. I lay there, my hand once again wrapped about my own cock, more fondling and playing with it than having the intent to make myself cum. There was plenty of time for that later, and I smiled knowing that we were going to share a very erotic, very sensual day together. I soon rolled out of bed, dressed, and headed out into the kitchen. I found that I was famished, walked out, gave mom a kiss on the back of her neck which caused her to giggle almost like a teenager herself, though she shooed me away from her shortly after that, reminding me to behave myself. The three of us were still sharing secretive looks and glances when dad made his way down for breakfast, though mom once again gave us both a couple of warning looks in addition to those.

I felt like a kid about to go out on his first date with the promise of delights in store afterwards. The moment mom and dad had driven off, I grabbed up a large fluffy blanket after having first taken off all my clothes.

"What are you doing?" Kris asked curiously, seeing me suddenly naked and holding nothing more than the blanket in my arms.

"We're going for a short little walk...naked," I grinned at her. "So come on Kris, take off your clothes, mom and dad might have just left, but I really don't want to waste a lot of precious time either!"

Although hesitant at first, Kris ran back into her room and came out a moment later just as naked as I was. "This feels really...really...naughty," she giggled once again taking my hand as we headed outside into the warm sunshine together.

"Yes, it does, and that's the whole point," I said grinning at her. We didn't walk far, the cabin well within sight as we made our way down towards the lake, stopping just short of it in a small little swell where wild grass grew thick, and the soft sandy beach wasn't so far away that we couldn't run down to it, and from there into the lake for a swim if we chose to do so.

I spread our blanket down on the grass, and then invited Kris to lie down beside me. The moment she did, I rolled over on top of her, where we simply kissed for a very long time, though my cock once again gave away my arousal. Even with it as stiff and hard as it was, I was in no rush to satisfy its want, nor was Kris either. We took delight in the simple playfulness of the moment and of our time together, as a short time later we stood, once again hand in hand and ran down to the lake.

Though the water was reasonably warm from the hot sun, it still took us both a few moments to get used to it. Wading out until we were both waist deep, I stood looking down at Kris's amazing breasts. I saw a flood of goose bumps running up and down her arms, across her chest, in particularly where her twin, now very hard and very erect stiff nipples stood out so invitingly. Reaching out, I traced one of those precious little points with my finger tip, seeing the pleasure in Kris's eyes as I did so, keeping it light, playful but oh so very, very sensual at the same time. She moaned delightedly, moaning again as I brought up my second hand adding another finger to the simple dance on and about her hard puckered areolas. As aroused as she was, and having gotten used to the water now, her goose bumps slowly began to fade, though her nipples remained about as hard and firm as I'd ever seen them.

I was surprised when Kris unexpectedly pulled away, reaching down, and then splashed me thoroughly with water scooping it from the lake throwing it at me. Squealing, she turned almost immediately trying to run away. I chased her, quickly catching her before she could however, now grabbing her from behind, my lips coming down to half bite her neck, hands once again reaching around her to capture her twin full orbs imprisoning them, scissoring her nipples between my fingers as I held her there, pressing into her from behind. I could feel the press of my rock hard dick against her bare ass, just as she could of course, causing her to slowly rotate herself back against it. Letting go one of her breasts, I reached down, quickly finding her slit, which even in the water was slick, allowing my finger a quick teasing penetration of her sex before lifting it to then tease her hard little knot.

Kris turned back around facing me, her hand rapidly locating my stiff prick, stroking it. My hand, once again down between her legs, again worming inside her, feeling her slickness, her heat as I slowly finger-fucked her there in the water as we stood peering into one another's eyes.

"Come on, I want to eat you," I said looking into her depts. Without another word, she reached for my hand, leading me out of the water and back up to the beach, and then on to the blanket we had warming, waiting for us beneath the bright sunshine.

"Robbie, I want you to do whatever you want to do to me, as often as you want, however you want it. I want to experience anything, and everything with you," she told me. "And not just here either, but after...after when we get back, after we return to our friends and to our lives."

I knew there was much we still needed to discuss and talk about, and we would. I think we both knew this was still all too new to make any long lasting decisions about, or commitments regarding. But it was a start, something we'd both now come to accept as something we wanted to explore, even if in the end, it proved to be too insurmountable an obstacle for either one of us to overcome. At the moment however, none of that mattered. Only her sweet succulent lips as she lay down, so wantonly, almost obscenely spreading herself as I stood there looking down at her.

"I love feeling like this when I'm with you," she told me. "I don't know how to explain it or describe it Robbie. Maybe it's wrong, maybe it isn't, but whatever it is, I love this naughty, even dirty feeling I have, I feel wicked, hot...horny, insatiable, all of those things, and I like it. I like laying here spreading myself open, having you looking at me, seeing me as I pull my lips a part, letting you see inside me, knowing you will soon be thrusting your hard fucking cock so deep inside my pussy."

"Not before I have tasted you," I interjected, now kneeling down between her wide-spread legs, still looking at her glistening wet cunt, the moisture certainly not from the lake as I ran my tongue up her succulent tasting split, the sweetness of her nectar clinging to the tip of my tongue as I flicked it against that tiny hard little nubbin, causing her to cry out involuntarily with pleasure.

There is simply no way to adequately describe how I felt. I was drunk on her cunt. I wanted to turn cannibalistic and devour her from the inside out. I nipped her lips, not quite causing her pain, but enough to cause her to squirm, thrashing beneath me wildly, wantonly, and passionately. Hearing her groans of pure pleasure, the way her nails dug into my back as she soon wrapped her legs around my head, seizing me in a near vice-like grip. I speared my tongue into her as deeply as I could, fucking her with my face, my fingers driving into her tight slippery tunnel. I sucked her clit, holding it, vibrating it, simultaneously walking two fingers inside her against her "g" spot, once again feeling her squirm as a fresh stream of lubrication greeted my waiting mouth.

Hearing her scream, not in orgasm, but in pure unadulterated sensuality and passion was like music to my ears. Being so free out there in the open, not knowing for sure if the sound of her screams might be heard by someone passing by, wondering if upon hearing them if she was being murdered, though the murder of her cunt was done tenderly and with a great deal of enthusiastic delight.

I lost track of the number of times that she came. Twice she had tried to force me away from her, struggling to get out from beneath me, but I pinned her down, wrestling with her even, once again impaling her on my fingers, fucking her into submission with them. Only then would I again dive between her legs, my lips capturing her clit once again where she held on almost spastically, thrashing, and writhing almost in pain, yet moments later crying out again in sheer sweet ecstasy as her female nectar poured from her pussy like syrup from a bottle.

"Enough! Enough!" She finally pleaded causing me to relent. I rolled away from her, the smell of her cunt on my face, the taste of her still thick on my lips and tongue as I savored it, licking myself, smelling my fingers before licking them off. I looked over, her eyes wild, her expression stark in ways I had never seen her look before. Kris had just climaxed a countless number of times, there was no denying her satisfaction, and though her body might have found its completion, her spirit, mind and soul had not. Slithering up between my legs, I felt her hands grasp my cock, squeezing it hard, choking it fiercely. Any other time, it might have hurt the way she did it, but as aroused as I now was, she could have bitten it off and I would have cried out in pleasure long before feeling the pain. I watched as she bared her teeth, jumped as she nipped the soft head of my shaft, and reveled in it as she continued.

"Yes, bite it, suck it...jack it, fuck it...all of it Kris, all of it!"

"You're going to squirt in my face, in my mouth, on my tits, in my cunt, on...and in...my ass," she said hotly. "And then we're going to do it all over again," she seriously demanded. "I want you to cum so much that you can't cum any more, I want to feel each and every squirt of your prick, until there are no more squirts I can even possibly milk out of you, and then...and then, you'll fuck me again. Even then, with no more cum left inside your balls, you'll fuck me again until the last tiny little drop of your juice dribbles out of your sore stiff cock. Maybe then Robbie, maybe then, I'll let you rest. But not...until then!"

Her mouth felt like wonder as she engulfed me, drawing me more deeply inside than she ever had before, even to the point of gagging on it, though even then she still sucked, swallowing or so it seemed, the very head of my prick. Only when she had to breathe, needed to, did she relent, still licking, still somehow sucking, jacking, holding, and kissing my prick stem to tip and then back again. She slapped it, made it sting. And slapped it again before sucking it deeply. She nipped the head, teased the supersensitive crown of my shaft with her tongue, nipped it, and then slapped it again driving me delirious with pleasure.

"Squirt it on me! Squirt it on me!" she demanded, now jackhammering my cock, and then slowing, her torturous tease maddening, all the while talking to me, telling me where and how she wanted it. She rubbed my prick against her breasts, back and forth across her almost too tender nipples, which I had myself ravaged only a short while ago. "In my mouth, on my cunt, in my ass...come on fucker, come on, squirt it, shower me, spray me...spunk me baby, spunk your nasty, naughty, dirty little step-sister!"

There wasn't time to warn her, I couldn't have anyway, there wasn't time. The first massive spurt from my cock hit her on the side of her face. I watched the streamer of cream ricochet off her cheek, hitting her ear, then settle obscenely in her hair as she laughed wildly, deliciously. Her mouth suddenly coming down to surround my prick, catching the next equally forceful shot.

"Don't swallow! Don't swallow!" I called out, "Let me see it, let me see it dribble, drool out of your mouth onto your tits!" She surprised me then standing, though more stooping really, a mouth full of cream, her cheeks bulging as she held it inside. She squatted over my dick, more spurts still coming, watching them shoot up, hitting her red swollen cunt, splattering against it. I then watched as she opened her mouth, purposely letting the string of thick sticky cum literally pour from her mouth, hanging suspended in a long dangling rope back down towards my prick where she dangled it, wrapping and swirling it about the head of my prick as she stood above me, smearing the last of my essence against herself, masturbating, pleasuring her hot heated cunt once again.

True to her word, long after the last spastic climatic pleasure had left my prick, she continued to milk it, working it, squeezing it until nothing else came from it. Even this she licked, sucked, hoping for more, her hands still down between her own legs, now frigging her clit unabashedly until the sweetness finally over took her. She rolled away, onto her back, her legs bent back nearly behind her neck as she slapped her cunt with more force than I'd ever seen anyone do, screaming out...cumming, screaming out, and then suddenly spurting.

It was the first time I'd seen her do that, and as I would later learn, the first time she ever had.

I wanted to drown myself in her fluid, but I could only lay there trying to find breath, watching her cunt gush a geyser of clear fluid high into the air, drenching herself along with the blanket as tears rolled down her cheeks, her hand now soothing the nubbin of her sex, fingers stroking it, though a tiny thin streamer of liquid continued to occasionally pulse out of her pussy like the beating of a heart.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Was all she could lay there and say...over and over again.


We fell asleep there together for a short while, waking up, gathering our blanket as we headed back to the cabin not wanting to overdo it and get too bad of a sun burn though we'd risked that already. Drained, even somewhat exhausted, it was interesting to feel the sudden renewal of desire manifest itself as we neared the cabin.

"Fuck me in every room!" Kris suddenly said releasing my hand, sprinting off. Hindered to some extent by the blanket, I trailed behind though reaching the back door only a minute after seeing her disappearing inside. I stepped in, tossed the blanket off to one side, Kris was lying down on the kitchen table, her legs bent at the knee, her pussy once again wide spread and open as she lay there toying with herself. "Fuck me!" she said wantonly. "Come over here and fuck me on the table, fuck me hard, fuck me deep...and then take me and fuck me again, in another room!"

I felt my previously satiated cock rise, it swelled rapidly upon seeing her lying there the way she was. The table was at the perfect height as I stepped towards her, grabbing her legs and dragging her half off the edge until the tip of my prick skewered her without any preliminaries. Kris cried out, "Yes! Yes! Fill me! Fuck me!"

I drove into her, impaling her with a single solid thrust, the head of my dick pressing against her cervix as she shuddered clamping her legs around and about my ass. Her eyes looked glazed over as she stared up into mine, "fuck me!" She hissed. I fucked, held still, looking back at her. "Again!" I fucked in...and then out of her, once again holding still. "Fuck me you bastard!" she now screamed out. "Fuck my cunt!"

I slammed into her several times, as hard as I could. To my surprise, Kris suddenly scooted back and away from me, sliding and then turning to slip off the end of the table. She stood looking like a wild-woman, and then sprinted up the stairs into our parent's room. I ran after her, chasing, reaching the room only moments after she had. Perhaps it was the fact it was their bed, which is why she wasn't on it. But she had prostrated herself over the arm of one of two large oversized chairs.

"Fuck me," she said once again the moment I came in. I leered at her, stepping over, holding my prick like a spear in my hand as I did so. I saw her look change however as she looked back at me. "Fuck me...in the ass!" she then added, surprising me when I heard her say that. "Take my ass cherry Robbie, fuck my ass, fuck me for the very first time...in my ass!"

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