tagLesbian SexI'll Take the Low Road Ch. 01

I'll Take the Low Road Ch. 01


Alexandra Redding, American History and Social Studies Teacher stretched as much as she was able to, given the space limitations of overseas coach flight. The big jet had begun it's slow banking descent into the Glasgow airport. It was her first trip to Scotland and she planned on spending every possible moment touring, looking for evidence of her family's history among the lochs and glens. She allowed a hint of a smile to cross her usually solemn face at her poetic license and stifled a last yawn. Her seatmate was beginning to stir as well so, deciding it was safe now, she pulled her backpack from under her seat and headed for the bathroom to freshen up.

Minutes later, teeth and hair brushed, clothing changed where possible and straightened otherwise, she de-planed. She headed for baggage claim first and then vehicle rental. Making sure she had all her necessary paperwork, from passport and car rental agreement to the maps and trip itinerary she loaded the car, she was careful to put her backpack in the front left seat - getting in to drive on the right. She felt a pang of loneliness, missing her live-in partner, Cliff Montclair fiercely. He was always the more organized of the two of them where she tended to be more impetuous and adventurous.

She checked the car dash carefully, making certain she knew where lights, signals and other important features were located. She made sure the mirrors and seat were comfortably located and glanced again at the exit signs before turning the ignition key. This wasn't her first experience at 'wrong-side' driving but it still made her feel awkward and anxious and the fatigue of the long flight added to her feeling of fuzziness. She knew she wouldn't be able to drive for long but the maps and tour information assured her that the first leg of her trip wasn't far.

She was an experienced enough traveler that she'd planned her arrival time for early in the day and she was fortunate to arrive on a sunny, fair day. Checking in to the small hotel she unpacked the necessaries, calling home and leaving a voice message announcing her safe arrival for Cliff. Showering in the coolest water she could stand she dressed lightly in slacks and sweater, heading out to the patio to sit in the sun to have tea and plan her next several days' scouting.

Despite the time difference, and her fatigue, when evening came she found herself sleepless. Thinking it was probably due in large part to the strange bed and room, she still felt restless and irritable and found herself missing the comfort of Cliff's warm presence in bed, as well as longing for his touch. After trying a warm bath, reading for a while and even watching the BBC news she gave up, getting dressed again and heading down to the hotel bar for a glass of wine or hopefully a beer, thinking that the hops might have a soporific effect.

There were few travelers in the bar, a young couple who looked to be on their honeymoon, and a couple of businessmen were hitting on the young female bartender. Seeing Lexi sitting down at the end of the bar, the young woman moved to get her order. She was a stunning little thing, Lexi thought. Goth-like raven hair framed an elfin face with huge blue eyes. Dressed in a white, peasant-style top under a black, lace up the front, waist cincher, with black jeans and boots she looked like an extra for a pirate movie, and Lexi was somewhat bemused to realize she was being as carefully examined and wondered if she passed muster.

The young girl leaned across the bar, "Now then, luvie, what can I do for YOU tonight?", she asked smiling.

Ahhh, so that's how the wind blows, Lexi thought, smiling back warmly. She knew she was older, but still fit, with firm rounded breasts and buttocks, and taller with lean thighs, hardened by horse and motorcycle riding and that the riot of auburn curls, currently tumbling over her shoulders invited touches. She and Cliff had come to several understandings early in their relationship, not least of which, while they were together they were completely monogamous and committed, but during their separate travels, should opportunities for adventures "arise", they might take them if desired as long as they held their stories until they were together again for sharing. They'd had some fairly exciting story-telling events after one or the other would return from a trip, but she knew one of Cliff's favorite stories had always been the one about her trip to Japan and her interlude with her bi-lingual, bisexual tour guide before they'd met. Looking at the bartender's long fingers with her square cut, French manicured nails and imagining them stroking her nipples or clit made her feel suddenly feverish and she hoped she wasn't mistaking simple good salesmanship for the girl's interest.

Letting the tip of her tongue touch her upper lip and leaning forward herself she confided, "I can't sleep and I miss my bed partner fiercely. I don't suppose you have anything that can help me with that?"

She saw the blue eyes get even bigger briefly before they darted to the clock on the wall.

"Aye, Miss, I think I know just the thing to help you sleep, though it'll be a wee bit yet before we close. Would ye like to try a Black and Tan while ye wait?"

Lexi watched as the younger woman's nipples hardened under her gaze, and nodded her agreement to the suggestion, feeling her own nipples making their presence known through the bulk of her sweater. The little raven-haired beauty fixed the drink, bringing it to her and allowing her fingertips to caress the palm of Lexi's hand briefly. Running her own tongue across her teeth let Lexi see the tongue stud piercing it and Lexi felt a rush of moisture between her thighs imagining the feel of the stud against her sex. During the remaining time they chatted and flirted, exchanging names and some information. Lexi learned that the 23 year old, Maggie, had been a student at university until two years ago when she'd had to leave and find a job to help support her elderly mother. She also learned that the young lesbian much preferred the sexual favors of more mature women - usually looking for single, female tourists who, although they might be bi-curious, had never actually experienced a same sex experience.

Surreptitiously running a fingernail across one of Lexi's nipples under cover of passing her another drink the young woman admitted, "It makes me so feckin' wet and hot, knowin' I'm their first time."

"I'm not YOUR first time though, I'm thinkin'," she added thoughtfully.

Ignoring the envious men at the end of the bar who were watching them avidly, Lexi drew one of her own, rounded natural nails around the curve of the lass' breast, ending by thumbing the point pressed hard against the shirtfront across from her.

"No," she admitted. "And probably not my last either." She smiled warmly into the blue eyes, running the tip of her tongue over her top lip again, "But memorable for all that!"

The room seemed to Lexi to be heating up, and glancing around, she noticed briefly that the couple that had been quietly toasting each other and necking in the corner had disappeared, presumably to their own room. She also noted that only one of the suited men was left at the end of the bar, but having made eye contact with him seemed to convince him of something and setting his drink down he smiled their way and started down the bar toward them.

"Evening ladies," he said with a slight accent Lexi couldn't place. "Care for a third?"

Lexi arched an eyebrow questioningly at Maggie who shrugged with a slight shake of her head, indicating her preference but leaving the decision to Lexi. Turning back to the man Lexi smiled warmly to indicate no hard feelings and said -

"Thanks, but I don't think you're equipped to meet our needs tonight."

Turning her back to him she asked Maggie, "Are you ready to close?"

"Not quite," she admitted. "There's a bit of a wash up and wipe down yet to do. Maybe 15 minutes?" At Lexi's happy nod she added, "Why don't you take up some wine now and I'll be up in a wee bit."

Seeing the man still standing Lexi turned and asked, "Was there anything else?"

He gestured to the bulge in his slacks saying, "You'll never know what you're missing!"

"Actually," she drawled icily, "I DO. I have one of those at home, but bigger...and it's NOT what we're looking for tonight!"

Continuing to stare at him frostily, she saw him finally redden and turn, muttering to himself and leaving the bar. Turning in the door he finally smiled and said, "Can't blame a fella for tryin'. No worries, ladies - enjoy yourselves. Maybe next time..."

Shaking her head at the man's self confidence, Lexi turned on the stool again, running into Maggie who'd brought the wine and glasses around to her. Setting the things down on the bar, she quickly eeled between Lexi's parted thighs, cupping her face with warm hands and leaning forward to kiss her deeply.

"I've wanted to do that since you first walked in tonight," she breathed against Lexi's mouth.

"And I've wanted you to!" Lexi stated firmly, pulling the smaller woman to her and fondling a nipple as their tongues danced.

"Are there security cameras in here?" she asked, and at Maggie's head shake of denial she pulled the peasant top down in front to tongue one of the woman's salmon pink nipples.

Maggie was simultaneously fumbling eagerly at her zipper and once she had obtained access, slid her fingers down, seeking Lexi's heat. The older woman moaned throatily, spreading her thighs even further apart as the delicate fingers and nails of the bartender parted her folds, sliding down into her slick channel. The younger woman slid the other hand, palm up, under her sweater, flat against her belly, and then higher, seeking the twin mounds outlined against the knitting. As she kneaded one hard raspberry pebbled point with one hand, she felt the heat and wetness increasing against her other fingers. Lexi's clit was a hard, throbbing pearl under her fingers and sliding her fingers down to wet them thoroughly she rubbed at the little button.

"Oh gawd, Maggie, if you don't stop I'll cum right here and now."

"Aye, and THAT would be a shame. You're still dressed and I want to taste more of this nectar," Maggie stated, pulling her hands from Lexi's slacks and licking her fingers pointedly.

"205!" Lexi said, "And hurry!"

"Right behind you luvie!" Maggie smiled and kissed her again, running her tongue stud against Lexi's teeth gently.

Grabbing the wine and glasses Lexi headed to her room, occasionally using the wine bottle to rub herself in the elevator. Gaining her room she'd barely had time to open the wine and pull the duvet off the bed, tossing it onto the upholstered chair in the corner, when a quiet knock at the door alerted her to Maggie's arrival. Opening the door, she pulled the younger woman into the room and into her arms.

"Thought maybe I could wait to clean up till the bar opens," she explained with a grin, as her hands began to eagerly divest Lexi of her clothing.

As Lexi's breasts came into view, Maggie pulled her eagerly toward the bed, seating herself on the edge of the bed and engulfing one of the large, dark nipples with her lips, while stroking and tweaking the other with fingers and nails. Tossing her head back, Lexi groaned aloud with pleasure as the hard round of the tongue-stud flicked and danced across her nipple while the sight of the squared, pink and white nails against the brown of her tits was nearly as pleasurable as the feel of them on her skin. Pushing her hands down the front of the girl's peasant shirt she found the other's nipples as hard and ridged with excitement as her own, kneading them between thumb and index finger until she heard Maggie's breathing quicken. Then, raising her to her feet again, her own hands now the eager ones, she deftly unlaced the waist cincher and peasant blouse, lifting them free. Maggie was struggling from her boots and jeans as Lexi kicked her heels across the room, unzipping her slacks and letting them drop to the floor. She turned briefly to quickly pour two glasses of the wine when she felt Maggie come up behind her, cupping her heavy breasts in her hands while pressing tightly to Lexi's upturned ass. Continuing to fondle a lush nipple with one hand, she moved the other to cup Lexi's mons from behind, pressing firmly with the ball of her hand and sliding her thumb into the hot, wet tunnel at the older woman's core.

Lexi moaned again, spreading her legs and leaning forward, chest and arms now supporting her weight on the bed, her swollen pussy throbbing wetly around Maggie's thumb as it moved within her. Maggie dropped to her knees, thoroughly enjoying the sexual responsiveness of the American teacher, and the freedom from shyness or inhibitions that Maggie had frequently encountered with less experienced lovers. She buried her face against the open sex of the woman in front of her, sliding her tongue into her in search of more of her honey, then, unable to resist it's tight rosebud pucker any longer, she first slid the point of her tongue around Lexi's anus, then into the tight sphincter until she felt it give. Tongue-fucking her rapidly while the barbell of her tongue stud popped against her anal rim quickly sent Lexi over the edge and she bit down on a pillow to keep from screaming her pleasure aloud.

Collapsing onto the bed, she rolled and pulled Maggie down with her. The blue eyes had darkened with passion to nearly purple and the ivory folds of her shaved pussy flushed pink. Lexi slid questing fingers down in search of the moisture she knew was sure to be there, while her lips and tongue sought the smaller woman's breasts. Though smaller than her own, they were sweetly rounded, pert and entirely natural and the light pink nubs at their peaks called to her. Suckling at first, like an infant would, drawing nourishment, she then ran the edges of her teeth lightly across the tips, causing Maggie to gasp and draw in a deep breath of excitement. Then with the nipples lightly clasped between her front teeth, she tweaked and twirled at them with her tongue while her fingers continued to stroke and rub at the sweet girl's wet cunt and clit. Fingers sliding into her dripping heat, then back out and over her clit, pulling at the hooded tissue and rubbing firmly with each stroke as the girl's hips began to writhe and buck against her hand.

Pulling Lexi's face back up to her own, Maggie glued their mouths together, pressing closer to Lexi and shuddering in her arms as she came. Gasping aloud with pleasure she held Lexi's face between her hands, kissing her soundly, saying -

"Tonight was supposed to be for YOUR pleasure luvie, and for helping you to sleep."

"Mmmmm, you ARE!" Lexi declared firmly as she licked the woman's wetness from her fingers.

Giggles were the only reply, as the smaller woman moved down her body, only stopping when she reached the juncture of Lexi's thighs. Using her hands to part the short, dark red curls covering Lexi's mons, she took a lingering swipe of her tongue around the edges of the woman's pussy, starting at her clitoris and sliding around the ruffled lips down to the tight pucker of her ass and back again, before settling in - darting her tongue in and out of the honeypot in front of her. Sucking her thumb briefly to wet it she used it to feather stroke Lexi's clit, sliding two fingers inside her seeking her G-spot. Finding the thickened patch of tissue she stroked it in counter-rhythm to that of her thumb, continuing to glide and flick her tongue around and over the sensitive tissues. Finally opening her mouth and sucking Lexi's clit in she began to flick and rub at it with the ball of the tongue stud she wore.

Adrift on the rising tide of her pleasure Lexi moaned and tossed her head thumbing the turgid peaks of her nipples, until finally she couldn't stand it any longer and grabbing her thighs she pulled them up and away from her, splitting herself as wide open as possible, crying out hoarsely as she came again. Sliding back up against her, Maggie wrapped her own thighs tightly around one of Lexi's, sliding forward and back, rocking their two bodies together. Riding each other, the slick evidence of their mutual arousal wet on their legs, they clung together, tongues battling wildly as they humped until they came again, collapsing into sleep, still curled around each other.

When Lexi woke in the morning she was alone in the bed, covered with the duvet she'd left in the chair. A tray with muffins, butter and preserves and juice was on the desk, a thermal carafe of steaming coffee had a note leaning against it, written on the hotel stationary -

"Lexi Luv - Thanks for a night, as sweet for me as I think it was for you. Hope you find all that you're looking for in Scotland. P'rhaps you'll have a chance to stop back in Glasgow before you return to the States. Kisses! M-"

Lexi ate, enjoying the coffee and rolls and appreciating the thoughtfulness of the young woman who left them for her. Showering and dressing she checked out, noting absently the presence of a few love bites and bruises she hadn't been aware of receiving. Tossing her bags in the little car she realized she was humming and as she pulled onto the road she placed the tune. Speed-dialing home she sang onto the answering machine -

"....Ye'll take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye. Where me and my true love were ever want ta gae, on the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Loooooomond..."

And chuckling happily to herself she turned the car onto the Loch Lomond road...

# # #

To be Continued...

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