I'll Try Anything Once


Kiefer groaned and loosened his grip on Sean’s wrists, and Sean didn’t waste any time. He pulled the jeans all the way down Kiefer’s legs and away from his feet, so that the man standing in front of him was now completely naked. He then quickly unzipped his own jeans to ease the pressure on his cock and balls.

Both men were breathing heavily. Sean sat back on his heels for a moment, staring up at Kiefer’s naked body. His tanned skin shimmered in the soft light from the fireplace, and beads of sweat were glistening on his chest.

His erect cock was right in front of Sean’s face, begging to be touched. Sean wrapped his hand around the thick shaft, looking up as he did it. He saw Kiefer wince slightly, his eyes closed and his mouth half-opened as he moaned softly. He reached down to bury his fingers in Sean’s hair, and Sean started to gently stroke up and down the cock.

Immediately he could feel it growing even harder against his palm, the blood pulsing through it. He moved one hand down to cup Kiefer’s balls, squeezing them lightly, while his other hand was rubbing the shaft more rapidly. He wet his lips and lowered his head to take the cock head into his mouth. He felt the heat of it against his tongue as he started to suck, his hand still working on the shaft.

As Sean kept sucking him, gradually taking more of the now rock-hard cock into his mouth, Kiefer groaned and his body jerked. His hands again went to Sean’s head, but only to press it against him. Sean was licking up and down the shaft, circling the cock head with his tongue and pressing against the sensitive slid at the tip. He was rewarded with a loud gasp from Kiefer, who had now moved his hands down to clasp Sean’s shoulders.

He held the base of Kiefer’s cock, lifting it up against his stomach, and started licking the tight balls with long, slow strokes. He took first one and then the other into his mouth, sucking hard and swirling his tongue around it. As he kept licking and sucking, all the time shifting from balls to shaft, his other hand pulled out his own cock from his jeans. He began stroking it, lubricating his hand with the pre-cum dripping from the head, but soon he had to stop as he felt he was too close to cuming.

Sean took the head of the cock into his mouth again, closing his lips firmly around it, and grabbed Kiefer’s ass with both hands, pumping his own head back and forth, making Kiefer fuck his mouth and throat. He could feel Kiefer’s fingernails digging into his shoulders. He sucked harder, trying to take even more of him into his mouth, but he wasn’t able to reach the base of the shaft without gagging.

Kiefer stood with his head thrown back against the wall, his eyes closed and his breath coming in rapid, shallow bursts. His heart was pounding and his head was spinning as fire raced through his body. Then all of a sudden he felt Sean’s hands and mouth leaving his body, and he heard the soft sound of fabric sliding over skin. He stood silently waiting, goose bumps forming where Sean’s warm hands had been a moment ago.

Sean had rapidly shed his jeans and now stood up, taking hold of Kiefer’s cock again and gently rubbing at it. They kissed hungrily, and Kiefer’s hands were sliding down Sean’s back to clutch his buttocks. Then one hand moved forwards and Sean felt a feathery touch on his own cock.

He sighed against Kiefer’s mouth, ”Yes! Stroke me!” The hand grabbed his cock more firmly and started moving slowly along the shaft. ”Oh God, your hand feels so good!” Sean sighed as his own hand cupped Kiefer’s balls, stroking and squeezing them.

As they stood so close their cocks were just touching. Still holding Sean’s ass cheek Kiefer pressed his hips lightly against him, increasing the contact as the cock shafts were stroking against each other.

Sean again began kissing all over Kiefer’s upper body. With his mouth close to Kiefer’s ear, he whispered, ”Please, will you fuck me? I really want you to be the first ….” The words stuck in his mouth, he held his breath and the seconds seemed like hours as he waited for a reaction. Then Kiefer turned his head to look deeply into his eyes, nodded and lifted his hand to gently caress Sean’s face.

Sean bent down to snatch one of the condoms in the pocket of his jeans. As he did it he felt Kiefer’s warm hand sliding over his ass and up his back. He knelt in front of Kiefer, again grabbing his cock and carefully slipping on the thin, lubricated rubber. He kept kneeling there for a few heartbeats, lowering his head to lick at Kiefer’s balls and at the same time squeezing his own aching cock.

Kiefer took Sean’s hand and lead the way to the other side of the room. There Sean climbed onto the bed, waiting on hands and knees, his head bowed and his heart racing as he felt Kiefer following him, kneeling behind him and placing a hand lightly on Sean’s lower back.

Kiefer looked down at the man in front of him. His eyes traveled from the bowed head, the long, dark hair flowing over his shoulders, down the slender, but muscular back to the firm buttocks just a few inches from his own throbbing manhood. He let his hands slide from Sean’s back to his ass cheeks, gently parting them to see the virgin hole waiting for him there.

Sean found himself shaking with a mixture of fear and desire as he spread his legs wider, licking at his fingers and reaching between his thighs to rub the spit onto his ass hole. He whispered, ”Come on, Kiefer. Fuck me! I want to feel you inside me!” and when he felt Kiefer’s thumb gently massaging the area around his anus, lubricating it with more spit, he almost lost his breath.

Sean lifted both hands from the bed to spread his ass cheeks as wide as possible. Kiefer hesitated for just a few seconds before grabbing his cock with one hand, letting the cock head graze the hole. He pushed forward carefully, feeling the sphincter muscle gradually give way. He started to make slow progress into Sean’s ass, and the welcome was so warm and tight that he moaned and had to wait for a moment with his eyes closed, before he started moving again.

When the head of Kiefer’s cock penetrated him and the first inches slid tortuously into his ass, stretching out his muscles, Sean let out a small yelp of pain and fells forwards to rest his hands on the sheets again. But soon the pain was mixed with pleasure, and Sean had a chance to let his muscles relax when Kiefer paused, at the same time reaching down to gently stroke Sean’s cock.

Kiefer started pushing against Sean again, holding him by the thighs, as he forced himself into him an inch at the time, until he came to rest buried deep inside him. He then began moving in and out, slowly at first, but then with more force and speed, reaching forward to let one hand caress Sean’s back and buttocks.

Sean closed his eyes as Kiefer’s initial thrusts took his breath away. Fire shot up his spine and the feeling of the cock deep inside him, rubbing against his prostate gland, made his own cock spasm and jerk. He reached down between his legs, starting to stroke himself. He moaned and whimpered, feeling Kiefer’s cock burrow into him over and over again, balls slapping against his skin as Sean was thrusting back to meet him.

Both men were covered in sweat, breathing raggedly, and Kiefer leaned forward to hold onto Sean’s shoulder with one hand, all the time ramming his cock deeply into him. Sean felt dizzy, overwhelmed by the fantastic sensation of being filled up completely, then an empty feeling for a few heartbeats, only to be filled again.

”Wait!” Sean panted. ”Let me turn over. I want to look at you!” Kiefer withdrew from him and helped him turn to lie on his back, pushing a couple of pillows under him to raise his buttocks. Sean lifted his legs towards his chest, allowing free access to his warm hole.

Quickly Kiefer was inside him again, clasping Sean’s ass cheeks with both hands as he was pushing forcefully into him. The feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced before. The tight anus squeezing around his cock, the fantastic sensation of being able to pound himself all the way in until his pubic hair touched Sean’s skin. His head was bent forward, his eyes shut tight as he grunted with the effort of thrusting back and forth.

”No, Kiefer. Look at me!” he heard Sean panting. He lifted his head and opened his eyes to look at the young man lying underneath him. He let go of Sean’s buttocks with one hand to caress his abdomen instead, then stroking up and down the inside of his thighs and squeezing his balls, while he kept driving himself in as deeply as possible.

Sean was still rubbing at his own cock frantically, staring up into Kiefer’s face that showed as much pleasure as his own. A tingling was spreading from his balls to his whole body and his cock was throbbing against his palm. He groaned and threw back his head, feeling his cock pulse as he came, his cum shooting out over his hand and stomach.

He continued to slowly stroke his cock for a while, milking every drop out of it, but then he moved upwards in the bed, forcing Kiefer to withdraw from him. He got to his knees, placing a hand on Kiefer’s chest and pushing him down to lie on his back on the bed. Sean rapidly removed the condom and bent down to take the engorged cock head into his mouth one more time. He held it firmly between his lips, sucking at it as hard as he could, while his hand flew up and down the shaft.

Suddenly he felt the cock jerk hard in his hand, and as he looked up for a moment he saw Kiefer lying with his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth open in a silent scream, his hands clutching at the sheets. Quickly he bowed his head again, closing his lips tight around the cock just as the first spurt of cum exploded into his mouth.

Kiefer lay moaning softly as Sean sucked him dry, holding him in his mouth until the cock stopped pulsing and started to go soft against his tongue. Sean slowly let go of it and instead began kissing his way up Kiefer’s body.

Kiefer lay quietly, his eyes still shut and his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. He reached down to gently stroke back Sean’s hair before taking his hand, pulling him up to lie beside him. Sean was leaning on one elbow, looking down at Kiefer’s flushed face and letting his fingers brush over his face. Finally he bent down, placing a soft kiss on Kiefer’s lips.

Kiefer looked up, his beautiful green eyes glowing in the dim light from the fireplace. Sean slowly let himself slide down until his head was resting on Kiefer’s chest. He lay for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of Kiefer’s heart beating against his cheek. Then he closed his eyes, sighed deeply and whispered: ”Thank you ….”

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