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Illicit Desires


She didn't shut the door to her bedroom as she prepared for bed. She knew her son, Rick would be watching even though they both knew it was wrong. She knew she couldn't stop herself or him. She threw her hair into a ponytail. Stripping her dress, stocking and shoes off, she looked at herself in the mirror now only in her lacy bra and panties. She knew her forty year old body still turned heads, and she loved it, loved the thrill of put herself on display for men, even if that man was her own son. Grabbing a t-shirt out of her dresser and removed her bra, it felt good to free her breasts for confines of her bra. Her hands massaged her breasts and before she could stop herself she begin rolling her nipples.

Her pussy begin to tingle. She didn't need to get her juices flowing if she did she would start thinking about her son and that wasn't right. She slipped on the t-shirt. The shirt barely covered half her panty covered ass. For a second she thought of turning her back to the open door and sliding her panties down off her hips. Show off her creamy white ass, let Rick know she was in bed almost naked. But that would be almost invited him in and she couldn't do that. She never could bring herself to do that but she never turned him away neither, to her shame.

Climbing in to bed and she made herself comfortable. The warmth of the bed and soft sheets caressed her body. In a way, it felt that way he felt, when pressed against her spooning his warm body against her. Again her thoughts turned to him, the tingle in her pussy growing. As she thought of him she wondered "How could something that felt so good be wrong?" but She knew the answer to her question. Sighing she pushed thoughts of her son away to fall asleep.

She had no ideal how long she had been asleep when she was stirred by the feeling of someone climbing in on the other side of the bed. She stirred and moaned lightly as the covers were shifted and the pillows reallocated beside her.

She felt her pussy moisten and nipples harden. Her heart began to race as her illicit desires for her son to touch her swirled through her mind. But even as she caught up in her lustful thoughts, deep down she knew it was wrong but she couldn't help herself.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on blocking her dirty thoughts of her son lying next to her, but she quickly realized that was going to be harder than she could imagine. As she felt her son body press up against her. She felt his hot breath through her hair and on her neck. His left hand rested on her thigh, she could feel his ever hardening cock through his boxers, pressing into her ass.

After several long minutes of pretend to be asleep even snoring slightly, she felt her son move a gently humping of his hips against her ass. Then he whispered.

"I knew you're wake. you so gorgeous mom. So sexy. I watched you tonight, undressing and your rubbed your tits. I watch you and you want me to. Mmmmm." he slowly moaned, burying his nose into the curls of her hair and inhaling.

He pressed harder into her, her erection rubbing against the crack of her ass.

"you shouldn't be doing this." she whispered, trying to offer a protest even as his hand clutched her hips, allowing him to pull her ass against his crotch as his grinding motion increased.

"Why it feels so good, doesn't it Mom?" he countered as he moved his lips to her neck and gently kissed her flesh, his grinding hips continued to press into her, now met freely by movements of her ass. "Isn't this want you want?"

Her body betrayed her. She knew this is want she wanted. She was always teasing her nineteen year old son. Show herself off to him and even his teenage friends, she knew that his friends talked to him about her. Talked about her in a dirty way that guys like to talk about a woman they wanted to fuck. She always want him to make the first move, so she wouldn't be burden by the thought she was seducing her own son. Even though she was and she knew it.

Her handsome, nineteen year old son, soon to be off to college. Soon to have a college girlfriend and a life without her in it. She was jealous, she wanted him all to herself. Wanted him to pleasure her and her him, the way a woman's body could pleasure a man. To live not a mother and son but as boyfriend and girlfriend But she knew she could never have it that way. He needed his own life.

So part of her had to try and stop this, "Rick no....please I am your mother...sto..."

Her word caught in her throat as his hand moved to her chest and began exploring her tits, his fingers running over her rock hard nipples beneath the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

"So hard," he mused as his fingers moved to gentle pinch of nipple, making her moan.

"This is what you want, I know it is." As he spoke her secret desires, she felt her pussy dampen even further.

"Rick...please." she moaned not knew if she wanted more or for him to stop. As he moved between nuzzling into her hair and kissing her neck, while continuing to rub his rock hard dick against her ass. His quick hand moved under her shirt and massaged her breasts as her breath quicken.

"We can't, we....shouldn't." she managed, still trying to put up some form of verbal resistance. She turned slightly hoping that if she looked at him that she have the strength to stop this, but as she face him slightly her lips were met with his. His hand continued to caress her breast and his cock continued to rub against her ass. Their kiss was brief as she pulled away, her head falling away from him as he whispered in her ear.

"Are you wet, Mom?"

How could he ask that? She was his mother but she didn't she want him to talk to her that way? How could she answer him? Should she answer him? Wasn't it to late to stop now? Her head was spinning as question bounced around in her head. Not wait for an answer she felt his hand leave her tit and move downward, stopping only when his fingers slipped under her panties and touched her soft curl covering her most private place.

"Do you want me to rub it?" he asked, his finger softly stroking her curls.

She ached for his touch between her legs. She wanted to reply, but she knew shouldn't.

"Tell me what you want, say it, be dirty mommy. You want to?" he asked again as he rubbed her hard-on against her ass.

Hearing his voice sent a tremor through her body, nearly sending her over the edge. She knew she shouldn't say what she was about to say, a mother shouldn't never say this to her son, but she was desperate to have her private place touched.

"Rub my pussy, son." she whispered, "finger mommy's cunt. I fantasize about your touch all the time."

With that, a thrill washed over her, triggered by her reveal her desire for her son touch. Rick's hand slide down onto her mound.

"You're so naughty fantasizing about your own son. You like a slut in heat" he breathed in her ear as his index finger brushed against her pussy curls and pressed against her soft cunt lips. "Tell me how slutty you are, mom."

She inhaled shapely as his finger pressed between her lips, She let out moan as his finger slid up and down between her wet lips. He rubbed her clit with his fingertip, and then continued to glide his finger down her lips, all the way to her asshole.

Craving the orgasm that she knew her son touch would bring she was willing to say anything he wanted to hear.

"Oh Rick," she whimpered "I'm so slutty. I think of you ever time I undress wanting you to watch me strip. I think of you in the shower I use the massage shower head on my clit. I think of how good you touch me....I ache between touches....It's...wrong....but I want you in me, your fingers...your tongue...your cock...make...mommy... cum...please... son."

As he suddenly jammed his finger deep into her pussy, making her moan deeply. He stroked his finger in and out of her wetness slowly, his thumb now rubbed her swollen clit. Her began finger-fucking her harder and faster, his finger sliding back and forth furiously, his thumb circling her hard clit. Rick worked his fingers stroking and strumming her pussy working hard to bring her to orgasm. He craved the release as much as she did. Rick slid a second finger into her twat and began making a 'come here' motion inside her, gently stroking his fingertips across her sensitive G spot, as his thumb continued playing with her clit.

He breathed in her ear, "that's it cum for me mom. Cum for your son."

Her legs convulsed and she grabbed hold of his wrist, increasing the speed at which his hand moved.

"Yes," she moaned, "yes make me cum." her hips were bucking against his hand in search of her orgasm.

"That's it. Uses my hand, fuck yourself." he said watched as she pumped her cunt. "you want to cum mom? You want to cum slut?"

"Please..." she begged. Frantically she humped against his fingers.

"Tell me who you belong to? Whose pussy is this to use? Tell me you'll do anything I ask and beg for more. Tell me you're my slut."

"it's yours!" she exclaimed. "It's your slutty pussy. I do anything you ask...just don't stop...fingering your ...slut....of ....a...mother....YESSSSSSS." with that declaration, she clamped her thighs together, her pussy locked around her son fingers as her body jerked vigorously in the throws of a powerful orgasm.

She rolled on to her back and looked into his eyes. No matter how wrong her actions were, she couldn't lie to herself...she would gladly do anything her son asked of her, She was his slut.

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