tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIllicit Liaison Ch. 02

Illicit Liaison Ch. 02


(I wrote this series of stories without dialogue intentionally as an experiment)

I turn to the cabbie as he drives and explain what a naughty little girl you have been over the past several months that we have been seeing each other. As I tell him about some of our past adventures, I set the vibe onto the lowest setting...the waves of gentle pleasure between your legs are not enough to make you cum, but enough to make you squirm. And squirm you do. It's a long drive, and halfway through you are begging me for release, begging me to turn up the remote so that you can cum again.

But I am cruel. When you beg and squirm I turn it off entirely and make you sit quietly as I explain to the cabbie in careful details the last time you rode my face, while I bathed your delicious pussy in kisses, licks and nibbles and you trembled and gushed over me. Once you have calmed down again (at least on the outside), and promised to be good, I turn the vibe on the lowest setting and regale the cabbie with more tales of our adventures. You bite your lower lip in growing frustration desperate to achieve another orgasm, and silently damning me for my inattention to your needs.

After what seems like an eternity of this exquisite torture we arrive at our destination, a posh beachfront condominium with a rooftop restaurant that faces the shimmering waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The sun still won't set for another half hour at least, and I pay our poor cabbie generously in cash for his services and for his stoic resolve. As he pulls the car into the circular driveway in front of the restaurant entrance, I look down at his long thick erection barely concealed by the fabric of his pants and the wet spot where the tip of his cock must be, and I think he really deserves a more personal gratuity.

I get out of cab and walk around to your door, which the valet has already opened allowing you slide sensuously out of the car. Knowing you the way I do, and judging from his sly smile, I'm sure you gave the valet a good view up your short skirt as you placed your shiny stillettoed heels on the curb. As you turn toward the restaurant entrance, soaking in the gaze of both the valet and the doorman who eagerly anticipates your approach, I call out your name and open the cabbie's car door.

I explain that he needs your tip as well. You cast a worried glance at me, then at our two other onlookers, but I stare straight into your eyes and with a confident smile assure you that they won't mind at all. I gently reach up and slip the spaghetti straps of the slip dress down off your shoulders, and peel down the fabric to expose your beautiful breasts, pert nipples defiantly standing erect, to the three excited voyeurs.

I guide you into a squatting position next to the cabbie, and instruct him to unzip and take out his erection. Your mouth starts to water as the long hard, olive-skinned shaft comes into view. The tip is practically weeping with the clear liquid evidence of his excitement, and you start to lean forward to taste it, but I explain that you need to keep your palate clear for the delicious treasures that await us in the restaurant. Instead, I instruct him to feel your breasts while you stroke him with your delicate hands.

He reaches over first, and his hard hands are so gentle, so tentative that you lean into him to let him know that you want a more manly approach. As he starts to knead your tender flesh you gasp in appreciation and reach forward with your right hand to handle his aching tool. With your left you pick up your discarded red panties, still fragrant from your exhibition in the outdoor changing room, and hold them up to his nose and mouth to breathe your lusty scent.

You roll his fat, slick tip in the palm of your soft hand, lubricating both. You grip his shaft tightly and slide it slowly down the length as he moans in pleasure through the fabric over his face. As your hand draws up again toward the tip you feel his back start to arch, and his rough fingers tighten painfully on your nipples. You press the panties hard over his mouth to muffle his cries and squeeze his cockhead tightly in your fist, feeling the hot, sticky load fill your hand, oozing between your fingers and down his still hard member.

You marvel at the length of his climax, and the copious amount of gooey jism he has ejaculated. He finally relaxes his grip on your nipples, and slumps down in the driver's seat, his body utterly relaxed. The tempting smell of his warm spunk reaches your nostrils, and it takes all your resolve to resist defying my command and wrapping your lips around his softening cock to clean him off and satisfy your hunger. Instead I had you a handkerchief. I've learned in our time together that a good supply of soft cloths is a necessary resource.

Pouting, you clean him and wipe off your hand. I reach down and lift the strap of your gauzy dress back into place. The cabbie holds your red panties out to return them to you as I help you to your feet. You smile at him and tell him to keep them as a souvenir of our drive, and with a wink you ask if we can call him again if we ever need a cab. He nods vigorously, continuing to nod even when you turn on your heel, shoot a wicked smile at the gaping valet and the stunned doorman, and strut your sensuous body into the restaurant's posh elevator lobby.

I'm so glad I found you.

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