tagErotic CouplingsIllicitly Yours Pt. 01

Illicitly Yours Pt. 01


It wasn't as if I hadn't noticed her. It wasn't that I didn't think she was attractive. She was tall, for a woman anyway. She wore her hair in a short style that just barely covered her neck. She had wide bright eyes, large breasts, and an appropriately full ass. On rare occasions she would dress herself in something other than her typical professional slacks and blouse. Oh, I wanted her, that was for sure, but I was a lonely salesman, she was an executive. Her title may have only been director but she was our in house legal counsel and ran with the CEO, the CTO, and the Senior VP of sales, a boisterous Englishman, the burly, heavy drinking, foul mouthed rugby type. It was rumored they were together, or had been together, or whatever.

I had that distinctly high school feeling she was out of my league. I flirted with sales admins and the payroll clerk who gave me a hard time about my expense reports but still approved them all. I approached the little gaggle of women with trepidation. I had been sent to collect them. Collin, the aforementioned Englishman had sent me. Deborah had told him earlier she wanted to know when the cigars were coming out. When Collin had collected a small group of the men he considered worthy he had started passing out the illicit Cuban stogies. Of the group of men on the patio outside the bar I was the least tenured, and the lowest ranking. I had no direct reports. I was tabbed to fight my way through the crowd to where Deborah sat in a circle with a group of women all managers in one group or another. It was the second day of a week long company kick-off. We had more or less taken over a winery. I was struggling not to drink wine like cool-aide. I was still for the most part sober. I was getting a little old for this. I am not a cigar fan, I would have preferred to retreat to my hotel room, have a last glass of cab and fall asleep watching whatever was on HBO.

"I mean, I like a little pinching, in the right place at the right time, but this fucking bra is killing me." she said. I had walked up just in time and now stood wide eyed and mute as I watched her twist and squeeze firmly at her breasts. "Oh, Hi" she said as she lifted her full right breast.

"Oh my god, Carson is embarrassed." Chirped one woman.

"His face is bright red." Chimed in another.

"I'm not sure I'm all that embarrassed, I just feel like I should offer to help." I offered, an attempt to defer. "Collin sent me to get y'all. It's cigar time."

"Aw-some." She sand. There was a fresh conversation as they sorted out which of them were going to brave the chill to smoke a cigar. Karen from HR was going as was the little marketing intern. Deborah wanted her coat.

"I'll see you out there." I said without much thought.

"Come with me." she said. It wasn't much in the way of an invitation or come on but it was enough. I followed her. We moved through the bar to the little entry area where there had been coat hooks.

It was crowded and we moved through groups of people in that close together frequently bumping into each other sort of way.

"Seriously, this bra is killing me." she whispered at me along the way.

"I feel for you." I suggested the next time we were close together.

"You have this problem a lot?"

"I've been married a long time. She has this problem, I have this problem."

She smiled at me. We were at the door to the entry and as I held it for her I did that silly little thing I always do. The hand to the back. I soft touch just above a woman's ass as you show her through the door. It tells you all you need to know. Does she shy away, shirk, move quickly aside, or does she lean back into it, walking slowly letting you know the small touch is welcome.

She looked at me, pausing. Was she condemning my hand as inappropriate? This was the closest I'd ever stood to her. This was probably the most we had ever talked about anything other than a customer's contract. I found myself surprised my how close our mouths seemed. It was mere inches. Had she paused a moment longer I might have leaned forward to press my lips to hers. She must have known because she stepped on through the door. I followed.

When the door closed behind us it was remarkably quiet. We stood alone.

"I am so close to walking back to my room." She said. This time I truly was stunned into silence. "You know. To change. To change my bra. Oh my god. That seemed awkward." She was the one embarrassed for a moment.

"Take it off." I suggested. It was meant to sound like an off the cuff practical suggestion. It didn't.

"Ha! You'd like that wouldn't you. In this dress!"

I looked at her critically. It was a long dress, one of those maxi dresses my wife bought but never seemed to wear. I thought of how revealing it would be.

"You'll have your coat on. Who would know."

"You know, when you put your hand on my back, I thought for sure you were going to unclasp it."

"You know, that is a skill I have." I said. I stepped closer to her. I think when I said I was sober it was an over statement.

"Uh huh."

I looked at her. Her lips were flat and serious but her eyes smiled at me. She was daring me. I smiled at her, a full smile. She smiled back.

I moved slowly but directly. It was only another half step. My arm reached around her and found that spot just below her ribs where I had touched her just a moment ago.

Her smile left her face and her eyes looked almost sad.

I moved my hand deliberately. It was only a matter of inches but it felt as though I was running my hand the full length of her body. My thumb and forefinger found the small folds they were looking for and I pressed down and together. I detected the two small metal hooks. I pressed my finger down lifting them while my thumb pressed down into her back and smoothly and quickly it released. I grinned and slid my hand down and away.

"Well then." She smiled at me. "Hold my jacket over my shoulders."

It was a mid length bright red trench coat style and I held it wrapped around her shoulder as she twisted and contorted her arms first one and then another and then turned to me to reach between her large breasts and pull a deliciously lacy black bra out of the neckline. She was right, the dress clung to her chest in way that revealed her more clearly than would any but the smallest bikini tops.

"We should go. They will be talking." She said as she stuffed her folded bra into my jacket pocket.

"You have to leave first." She said to me. She wasn't whispering, she didn't need to. It was still fairly crowded, it wasn't all that late. Collin, Steve, and Allen were drinking scotch but calling it whiskey. It was the good stuff. I was still drinking red wine but was long past keeping count. Deborah was drinking wine with me. The other two women she had convinced to join us were drinking martinis of some sort. Professionalism had been abandoned. Collin had his arm around the little marketing girl and was doing his best. My boss, Steve, a VP on the sales team had taken an aggressive pass at Deborah and I had slipped away from her to talk to the head of product management. Standing opposite Deborah across a gas powered fire pit I watched the drunken bald man two inches shorter than her take his best shot. I was sure at first I had lost my chance but when our eyes met across the flames she casually moved her hand to her hip opening her jacket and revealed a large nipple clearly defined beneath the thin black soft fabric of her dress.

She said something that sent my boss scampering away and then stood watching me talk to the little Indian man. She gave us an appropriate amount of time and then wandered towards us.

When he left, she proposed getting out of the bar. She told me I had to leave first.

"If I leave you here Steve is going to talk you into another drink and you will get wrapped up with the boys and end up puking in the bushes over there."

It seemed to be decided. "If I leave you here one of them might sneak you off to their room and I'll end up waiting in my room and waking up all depressed and rejected."

"No. You are going to my room." Her hand was in my pocket. It was cold.

It took me a while to find her room. It wasn't a fancy suite or anything the way I had expected. I was the one with the suite, the benefit of frequent travel I had gotten upgraded when I checked in. her room was on the top floor though, there was a nice balcony. I cleaned myself up to some degree washing my face and called down and ordered a bottle of wine. It took some time to convince them to charge it to one room and deliver it to another but they eventually figured it out. It came faster than I thought and was delivered with a corkscrew and two glasses.

There is no male equivalent to lingerie so I sat waiting for her in the charcoal suit I had worn all day. I loosened my tie but left it on. She was longer than I expected. I was pouring a second glass when there was a light knock at the door. I opened it without looking. Laying my eyes on her I hungered for her.

"What if it wasn't me?" she asked. I ignored her. I reached for her and took her just above the hip pulling her in the door firmly. I was kissing her before the door slammed closed.

She moaned. The kissing was desperate and I wasted no time. I pulled at her coat until it was off and moved my hands over her body. Her hand was on my face. I wanted flesh, I needed flesh. Her dress was long and I gathered it up pulling and clawing at it until finally my fingers were on bare skin on her hip.

Her hands rose into the air. We were still at the door. Her dress came up and I lifted it over her head until she was revealed to me, nearly all of her, in the dark room. A dull yellow light from the bathroom was just enough to see what seemed like acres of soft pale flesh. I pressed my mouth to her breast and her nipple, large, cold, and erect filled my mouth. She sighed.

"bed." She muttered and we moved backward across the small room. We kissed in a desperate hungry way I was feel the next day in my raw chapped lips. Her body was cold but her mouth and tongue were warm. The bed met the back of my calves and she pushed softly until I fell backward. My mouth, at the level of her large soft tits sucked and nibbled and when I bit her she growled and pulled my head to her.

"Lie back." She ordered. Her long leg lifted from the floor. When she lowered it the sole of her shoe was pressed to my crotch and I felt the uncomfortable pressure in my balls. She leaned forward and began to unbuckle the straps of the heels. Despite my initial desire for her to leave them on, the feel the roughness of her shoes on my back as I fucked her, the way she used them to tease my engorged cock. Wordlessly I watched as she removed the first and then switched her legs and did it again.

"You are fucking gorgeous." I said. She shushed me pressing her hand to my mouth. I smiled beneath her fingers. I watched her breasts sway as she leaned over me. She was nude but for a pair of black panties. I loved her.

She untied my tie and one at a time began on the buttons of my shirt. There is nothing more silent than a dark hotel room late at night and it served to heighten my senses and felt her fingers distinctly as she moved along my chest and then my stomach. Since being quieted I simply laid there and watched her wantonly. At my belt she shivered and pulled away. I presume my face asked her about it.

"It's cold. Stay there." She turned and moved to the thermostat on the wall behind her. For the first time I saw her ass. Her panties revelead nearly all of it. She knew I was watching and shook her hips so that it jiggled. Black lace, more than a thong but less than normal panties highlighted the gentle quake of her ass. I wanted to press my mouth between her soft cheeks. There is something to a soft woman with a pleasantly full body that inspires in me a certain deviance I struggle to contain.

"Did I buy us a bottle of wine?" she asked approaching the tray on the counter. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

"Of course not. I charged it to my room."

"Such a gentleman." She teased.

"I am not thinking gentlemanly things."

"Good." She cooed, turned to me and rolling back her shoulders. In one hand she sipped a glass of wine, in the other she teased one of her large nipples.

"You are delicious."

"Shut up. You like a fat girl."

"There is nothing fat about you." She had full thighs, full breasts, and the gentle swell of a belly but I liked it. I wanted it.

"Shh." She said again, moving toward me. I moved back on the bed. She pointed and ordered me back where I was. I resigned myself to her directions. It was a good decision.

On her knees between my spread legs she opened my trousers but didn't remove them. Expectantly I watched her.

"Lie back."


"Fine." She said and gripped my cock.

"So fat." She muttered pulling hard. It hurt. I liked it.

Her mouth surrounded me.

Her lies locked on mine.

It didn't take long.

Her tongue and lips and fingers worked me expertly, the anticipation already too much I began to come almost instantly. She moaned and I twitched and my back stiffened and she milked it as she sucked and slurped and licked and pulled me deeply into her mouth as I exploded. Groaning she took it, pulling at my balls and swallowing my cock and my load.

"Fuck." She said suddenly.


"No. Fuck. Fuck me. Now."

She collapsed onto the bed beside me. I stood. It was my turn.

"Roll over."

"Yes!" she hissed

I still had on my jacket. My pants fell to my ankels. Standing at the edge of the bed she raised her ass to me and pushed myself into her. She was wet and warm and I recovered a full hardon quickly. "Yes." She hissed again. "Yes. Yes." She repeated until the slapping of my hips against her ass filled the room. "Fuck it. Fuck it hard." She was filthy. "Fuck that cunt." She growled and I did. It was getting warm, I was sweating but there was no premature finish to this round. "Go. Go. Go." She cried out, her voice muffled into the overy thick bedding. "Oh Fuck."

I lost my jacket and then my shirt but I didn't stop. If I would pause she would rock, keeping the motion going. The panties, only pushed aside were pinching and pulling at the side of my cock. It was time to lose them. I needed to lose my shoes. I needed to come. I took her furiously, slapping her wide ass so that it quivered as I shafted her wet cunt. So delicious, so deviant, fuck I wanted me.

"Ahhhhhrrrrrgggh." She groaned. I slapped her again.


Again I slapped her ass. I left a mark.

"Fuck. Harder."

I fucked her harder. I spanked her harder. She grunted, I groaned. Her extended her arms over her head. Chimed filled the room.

"Fuck." She said. I didn't stop. The chimes came again. I was coming. I felt the twitch and the pulsing and the relief and the chimes became a full song.

"Fuuuuuck!" she exclaimed. Slowly I ran my cock in and out of her feeling the wet warmth of cum inside of her.

"You should get that."

"Fuck." She said again. She crawled across the bed. Her phone, plugged into the outlet on the bedside table had gone silent but started again before she got there.

"I have to." She apologized.

"Go ahead." I told her. She scrambled from the bed. She moved like an embarrassed girl as she scurried into the bathroom.

"Honey, Hi!" she said as she closed the door.

Time passed painfully slow as I waited for her to finish her call. I could hear what she said from time to time when she would raise her voice. "Its once a fucking year." She said. I felt a sting when I heard her from the other side of the door deny the very thing we had just finished. I had poured a glass of wine, finished it and now, needing to piss something fierce began to get dressed. Whether she heard something from the bathroom or just realized it had been a while I didn't know but the door opened. She was wrapped in a towel. Her modesty at covering up reminded me again of the illicitness of what had just happened.

It had been brief though - a drunken indiscretion. It was time to go.

"Look, the water is cold. Let me call you back." She was quiet for a moment. "Two minutes. I promise." She argued then brought the phone down from her neck and thumbed the call ended.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"I should go anyway. Eight AM is going to be here before I am ready for it."

"No. Stay."

I stood looking at her. The mature dom that had shushed me was gone, a plaintive girl stood in front of me wrapped in a towel. She looked both older and younger than she had earlier.

Knowing the debate going on in my head she stepped free of the bathroom and dropped her towel. I couldn't leave now if I wanted to.

"Switch me for a minute." I told her. She stepped out of the bathroom and I stepped in.

I closed the door and dropped my pants. I stood in front of the toilet thinking again I needed to leave. My post coital stream finally released itself and a night of beer and wine released itself into the bowl.

"See. I promised. Two minutes." I heard her say from the bedroom. The TV turned on. I knew the movie - something about gangsters and a kitten. I had watched it on a plane. I left the bathroom naked and laid my pants over a chair. She had kindly left her towel on the floor beside the bed. The heater she had turned up had warmed the room to the point the chill was gone and it was now bordering on too hot to be comfortable. I watched her as she talked. She watched me watching her teasing me by running her hand over the swells and valleys of her curvaceous body.

"I have absolutely no interest in him. You are being ridiculous. No. No. Fuck you, Daniel." I wanted to leave again. She pleaded with me with sad wide eyes. Rather than leave I went to her. I crawled over the bed from the foot to a place where I was nestled between her legs. I kissed her thigh first and then bit it firmly enough to leave a mark and she jumped a little and whacked me across the top of my head. I delayed no further and buried my face in her just fucked pussy, my tongue running along the salty cumlined hole. She gasped. She continued to mutter occasionally into the phone. I had her. My tongue moved over her clit until her legs shook and then I gripped her ass and forced my tongue into her. Her voice quivered into the phone.

"I can't believe you would say something like that about me is all."

She was crying. I continued and as I pressed my flat tongue against the firm little fold of flesh I had found she sobbed.

"Daniel. Stop."

My name wasn't Daniel. I wasn't going to stop. With my arms wrapped around the outside of her full strong thighs I moved them up her body until I found her nipples and then pinching, firmly, as firmly as I could I pressed her little clit against my teeth with my tongue and sucked at it, pulling it into my mouth as I pulled at her nipples in a way I knew had to be painful. She didn't stop me, with her one free hand she gripped my hair holding my mouth to her.

Her body shook, her voice quaked. Her sobs were deeper and longer and I rolled the swollen nips I held in my fingers as hard as I could. What could she do. What would she do. She was as helpless as if she were tied to the bed we laid on. I pressed my eyes closed and reveled in the torture and pleasure I was delivering. I alternated squeezing her great round tits with pinching her firm little nipples the hole time teasing and biting and licking at her hole. Her thighs clamped down around my head and she pushed at my forehead as if the free herself but it was going to be of no use. I was too large and too strong and short of her hanging up the phone and asking me to stop there was no way she was going to shake me loose.

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