tagToys & MasturbationI'm a Beast Ch. 05

I'm a Beast Ch. 05


This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Now I add Techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes." I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without Techsan and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

I have no editor so all mistakes are mine. I welcome any and all feedback to improve and appreciate. The story is finished and submitted one chapter a day.

Seventh Month

It was about a month later when I saw the advertisement. The next latest and greatest network cameras were coming out and the old latest and greatest was now at the leading edge of affordable. Our house has been fitted with webcams since they were the leading edge. They were dependent on third party websites for viewing on the WWW. Many sites had proven unreliable or unreputable. Couple that with running a program and a computer all the time limited the reliability of 24/7 coverage. The cameras rarely ran anymore and were largely ignored.

These new network cameras have an Http server built into them. The only person responsible for dependable 24/7 coverage was I. I owned and operated all of the equipment. As long as I had a WWW connection and kept the modem, router and cameras operational and powered they were online. I knew I could do that so I placed the fateful order.

When the network cameras arrived I replaced a couple of the webcams with them. Although I pointed them out to the family and explained that they could be accessed from anywhere anytime they were still ignored. Life was just another day with the cam.

One morning Trista was doing her squats in front of the fireplace. The dogs were lying at her feet. This was one of their regular spots so a camera was pointed at it. I happened to have the laptop plugged into the plasma TV so I pulled up the camera. "Trista, look at the TV," I said. She turned her head to look.

"All I see is the dogs and my legs."


She squatted and replied, "Now I see. Not a bad view," and hiked up her nightshirt exposing her ass.

"It's much better now but I bet I can make it better."


I walked to the CAM and unplugged it from it's power cable. The built in UPS would keep it powered for awhile. Then I placed it between Trista's legs pointed upward. The picture on the screen was dark because it was dark under her nightshirt. I said, "Lift your shirt and let in some light." As she lifted her shirt and the picture cleared she said, "Ouh that's better."

"Do you think so? Do a squat."

We watched her pussy lips spreading as she started downward. They where spread wide and her vagina was gaping when she reached the natural balance point at the bottom of her squat. "Honey... it doesn't get any better than that. Can you see why I love you squatting on my rod? It just glides right in."

"Now I do. So ... Are you sure it doesn't get any better than this," she asked as she started to stand back up. We could clearly see her muscles clenching her pussy shut tight.

"Oh my god," I said.

"It may not look any better than that but believe me... that sure feels better. It glides right in and you milk it on the outstroke. It's the whole rhythm I like."

"Well this adds a new dimension to my sexercise. Now that I understand why it's not work, it's practice."

I laughed and said, "I only wish I was under you for every stroke."

She asked, "So ... How did you get the camera set up so quick?"

"I explained before that it's not always on, it's always ready. Any computer on our network can access the camera at any time with a browser."

"Just our network? Not the internet."

"Not now but it's possible. I'd have to configure the router," I replied

"Can you do that?"

"Well, yeah I can do it. It might take a little work."

"I mean can you do it now?"

"Yeah I can do it. Why, what do you have in mind?"

"Nothing. Just a little teasing maybe. Maybe at work. You just never know."

"That could prove to be interesting. Here, sit down beside me. We'll see what we can do."

She sat down beside me as I opened a browser on the Laptop. A few keystrokes later and I was on the security page for the router. It was a simple task to forward the Http port to the network camera. I said, "Okay, our domain name is now pointed to the camera."

"Can anyone see it now?"

"Yes, anywhere in the world for now."

I toggled the browser to the security page for the network cameras and paged to the user name and password section. I asked Trista for a username and password and entered them.

"Now only someone with this username and password can view the camera," I said.

"You're sure it won't end up on some website."

"It would have to be a damn good and damn patient hacker. I'm sure he would view a lot of dull action before he hit pay dirt. The more time on the network the more the chance of intrusion detection. The odds of hitting pay-dirt before detection are very slim."

Trista shook her head in acknowledgment. I'd lived up to my promise to 'investigate the technical end of it' and it was done right. I had the proper equipment and software. Now all I needed was the right people and Trista in the right mood for fantasy fulfillment.

Trista looked at me and asked, "Does this mean you can see me on the Cam from work?"


"Will you promise me that you and only you will watch from work?"


"Okay if you promise that then I'll promise to squat in front of the fireplace whenever I walk by. See if you can catch me daydreaming about gliding up and down your rod. I'll bet your productivity declines from all of the time spent on the cam."

"Oh you think so. I'll bet my productivity increases from all of the time spent in the office. A lot of paperwork is going to get done."

"You'll just have to keep your eyes open. You never know what you might see."

She looked at the camera still on the floor and asked, "How long can the camera run on it's battery?"

"Thanks for reminding me. I've got to get it plugged back in before its battery backup goes dead. It'll only run about twenty minutes before it dies."

A thought came to me before I got up for the camera. I said, "Do you see this Icon here on the desktop. It's a recording program. You can record the camera with it. You can't record when viewing with a browser. Why don't you go over and do a squat or two while I record it."

"No No. It's one thing to be on camera. It's something entirely different when you're going to save it for posterity."

I've been learning lately to choose your battles. This wasn't a battle but there was resistance. It would be better to push this subject later. I got up to plug in the camera. When I finished I turned and said, "I'm going to the office (our code word for the bar). Would you like to come along?"

"No ... I think I'll stay here and get some things done. Call me if Sue is there and I'll reconsider."

"Okay," I replied as I turned to leave.

There wasn't much going on at the bar so I was back home an hour later. I wasn't home long before I remembered that I'd left an important paper at the bar. I told Trista and left to go back and pick it up.

When I walked into the bar again somebody I've never seen before stepped up to me and said, "You'll have to pay a cover charge." I had been there just a half hour ago and I knew Denny was the doorman / bouncer that night and if there was a cover charge it would be his responsibility to see that I hadn't made it through the door without paying. Besides, there hasn't been a cover charge in ten years and there sure wasn't anything special going on now. I kept walking and said, "The hell I do." The barmaid Liz was waiting for me when I made it to the bar. As I was talking to her the guy that I've never seen before walks up trying to impress Liz and says, "Hey I was only joking. You don't have to be an ass about it." Liz and I are just looking at this guy wondering WTF. My momma told me that a joke is supposed to be funny and I wasn't laughing. I said, "I'm not the one being an ass," and turned back to Liz. I was thinking this guy tries to shake me down, interrupts my conversation with Liz and he calls ME an ass. What an ass! My train of thought is interrupted by, "WHAT... You think I'm an ass?" As I turned back to face him I saw Denny slide in behind him. Denny turned him around and was in his face asking

"Who's being an ass?"

"Iiii ammmaa."

"I thought so. Look; don't come in here and fuck with the customers. I know Joe and Liz and they look annoyed. My advice to you is calm down and behave."

"Oookay. I'm sorry."

The stranger disappeared into the crowd and Denny asked, "What the hell was all that about? I had my eye on him when he started to follow you." Once Liz and I told him the story Denny laughed and said, "What an ass."

"Precisely," I said and we all broke out laughing. Inside I was wondering 'What the hell was all that about? Was I so naive that I hadn't seen the danger? Was the protection that Denny had provided Trista now extended to include me?' As I thought about it I decided that it was much better to have Denny on my side than against me. He hasn't done anything but demonstrate friendship and comradery.

*** Cam Discovery

I had just settled into my office chair after having lunch at home with Trista. As I pulled up the tooling reports for that week I opened a browser on a whim. I remembered our deal with one another and I knew that she would probably be in the living room. The most I expected to see would be a squat. The least would be Trista walking by and not squatting and then I could tease her about reneging on our deal.

When the image appeared on the screen my expectations where shattered. Not simply shattered but blown beyond all belief. The camera wasn't pointed at the fireplace. It was pointed toward the couch and there on the screen before me was Trista dressed in a Teddy with her leg on the coffee table fingering her exposed pussy. She turned and bent over placing her hands on the coffee table thus exposing her muff in all of it's glory.

When I started to collect my thoughts they coalesced towards my fantasy. Trista had taken our talks seriously and she was making attempts towards bringing them to fruition. Yeah, that's what was going on. That's got to be it. Doesn't it?

I paged my secretary and told her that I didn't want to be interrupted. I needed to concentrate on the analysis. This was not an unusual request. My only problem would be producing the results before the meeting. Trista was going to make sure that she was going to win the productivity part of our deal. I knew that I wasn't going to get a damn thing done as I turned my attention back to the screen.

Trista picked up her romance novel from the coffee table and nestled into the crook of the couch. She placed her feet together and spread her legs until her right knee rested against the back of the couch. Her free hand slid under a pillow and retrieved her purple D cell vibrator. The vibrator slid into her pussy as she raised the romance novel to eye level. I could hear the throbbing vibrations as her toy slid in and out of her. I knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be lost in fantasy and her body would follow.

While observing Trista's masturbation technique I noticed that at the bottom of her plunge she would give the vibrator a little twist. A little more twist than I could humanly do. Maybe I could incorporate a rocking motion while spooning and simulate a twist. As I thought of what I would do with Trista I realized that my rock hard cock was rolling in my hand. I thought, "Oh well lets go with the flow," and started stroking with Trista's thrusts.

After a couple of minutes Trista changed her technique. She let the tip ride along her clit before tipping it down and plunging in. She pulled her hand back towards her clit as she withdrew it up her slit with the tip massaging her anus from the inside. Mesmerized at the site I thought, "I can and have done that. The only thing I can't do is vibrate."

A few minutes of this had her moaning, "Auhh ... Ouhh ... Eaa," over and over. Her hips arched and her book dropped. I stroked harder and faster matching her quickening pace. I reached for a tissue on my desk when Trista's moans turned to wails.

Trista pulled her knees against her breasts while screaming, "aaughhhhhheee." The vibrator was ejected from her pussy and was now a projectile. It was a sight to behold. It had taken me years to learn that her knees to the breast routine that usually stopped her current activity wasn't Trista fighting her orgasm. It was her orgasm.

Her pussy would be sopping wet now and I imagined how velvety slick it would feel. That thought brought me over the edge reaffirming that sex truly is a mental game. My balls tightened and I came into the tissue with a force I seldom do. I didn't realize that I was that close as I was lost in our passion. My cock twitched again when Trista gave her final shake and quiver.

This is much better than one of those webcam sites since I knew the subject on such an intimate level. Some of the women on those sites go off line right after coming. They're done and if your not, to bad. When Trista got up and did the same thing I felt fortunate for our mutual timing. Trista didn't do exactly the same thing but she did turn the camera back towards the fireplace and disappear. It was the same as saying, "goodbye, the show's over." I started cleaning with the tissue and reached for another thinking, "this is going to be a long day."

Trista and I hadn't done anything close to this in a long time. The productivity battle had been lost and I could hardly wait until my shift ended so I could get home to some unfinished business.

Trista met me at the door dressed in sweats when I got home from work. I asked her, "What did you do this afternoon?"

"I cleaned a little."

Now there's an answer I didn't expect. I'd thought she'd put on a show just for me. Now I wondered. She was always coming up with these little surprises. I'd expected her to be all bubbly and giggly at the door but she acts like nothing happened.

"Oh ... and what did you do after I left," I asked. The look of apprehension and then relief flickered briefly across her face. The bubbly and giggly Trista returned and she said, "I don't know, a couple of squats maybe. I think it was just about when you got back to work. Didn't you see them?"

I tried to suppress my grin as I thought, "Squats indeed," and it wasn't squats in my mind. With an assured look she continued in a sultry voice, "I saw the light come on and knew you were watching so I decided to tease you. Did it work? Was I a tease?"

This is what I'd been expecting when I first walked in. Something wasn't right but I could not figure out what it was. We were at the couch now and I was remembering the afternoon while thinking about tonight. Trista placed her hand on my crotch as we were sitting and I heard her say, "I guess it worked, you're hard at least."

I realized that I was hard and struggled to cover my lapse, "What? Oh yeah ... It worked. I was just thinking what an understatement 'squats' was. You see what it's still doing to me."

Trista stroked me and giggled, "Tell me about it. What you saw, what you did, what you thought, did you get interrupted. Tell me everything."

When we sat down I told her about getting to work and how I pulled up the tooling report and the network camera.

"I got involved in the report and when I looked at the camera, WOW there was that lovely pussy of yours staring at me. You were bent over the coffee-table."

She had an eager yet concerned look on her face. As I continued the story she relaxed and enjoyed my rendition of the day's events. When I had finished my story I was going to ask for her version but before I could ask she asked, "So the first thing you saw was me bent over the coffee-table? You missed everything before."

"Well ... Yeah, I guess. What did I miss? What did you do?"

She hesitated as though she was trying to think of what to say. I sensed something but dismissed it as her trying to think about where to start. She answered,

"I prepared for this surprise. Everything was stashed under the couch so I got the Teddy and held it up to the camera. I was hoping you would understand and play along. I stepped out of view and dressed. When I stepped into view I did a pirouette to the middle. Then I didn't know what to do. It had all started with squats so I did a couple of them long and slow. Then I thought that it was kind of lame. I thought it would be easy, that it would come natural. Then I realized not come natural, be natural. So I bent over and looked at the camera through my legs exposing myself the way you like. For some reason the blood rushing to my head made me dizzy so I sat on the coffee table with my head at my knees. It was to collect my thoughts as well as balance. The spell passed so I stood up and put a foot on the coffee table. I fingered myself then to get us going. I wish I could've seen the look on your face. That's when I bent over for you again only this time I kept my head up over the coffee-table."

I broke in with, "I think this is where I came in. It was a shocked and didn't know what to do except role with it."

"It looks like you saw the good stuff. I'm glad you made it."

At this point something started gnawing at my subconscious. Trista continued her version and I continued trying to grasp that fleeting thought. The rest of her version pretty much agreed with my memory enabling me to continue chasing that thought. It was a difficult task because my memories and her rendition were keeping me hard. When she finish with, "So I turned the camera back towards the fireplace and got dressed," it came to me.

She couldn't have squatted, gathered her toys, her outfit and changed in time. I knew it had only been a minute between bringing up the browser and seeing Trista. Even if it had been a few minutes it still wouldn't be enough time. I couldn't have triggered her little exhibition when I pulled up the camera, but if I didn't then who did. "Hackers," I questioningly thought, "no ... couldn't be," but I looked at the camera on light just to make sure. Later I would have to check for network intrusions but for now we were out of the camera's field of view. I had been in a state of arousal all afternoon and this evenings events had only heightened them. To top it off Trista was sitting in the exact spot where she masturbated. We have never made love on her new couch and I decided to rectify that.

I got down on my knees between her legs like I've been so many times before. The grin was pasted on my face left no doubt of my intentions for Trista. She edged closer to me and I grasped her by her ass to help. When I was comfortable I leaned forward and buried my face between her breasts. Trista giggled when I shook my head between them like dog shacking water. As I kneaded her ass I worked her sweats down as far as I could. Trista lifted her bottom and I slid them down to her knees while I continued nuzzling between her luscious breasts. I could not get them to her ankles in my present position so I nipped each nipple before straightening up. Her response was as expected, "Ouch! Take it easy on them."

My pat response was, "You know there is a fine line between pleasure and pain."

"Yeah but let's start with the pleasure before the pain."

Taking a page from my Dale Carnage training I replied with an enthusiastic, "I can do that," and slid her sweats to her ankle as I buried my face into her luscious mound. Trista wiggled out of the sweats at her ankles as I licked the length of her slit. Trista relaxed and was moaning from my ministrations. This feedback only intensified my efforts, which intensified her moaning as well. We were lost in our passion and oblivious to our surroundings. Being on my knees with my ass in the air and face buried in Trista's pussy must have excited the dogs. This was our first time on the couch so they had never seen us in this position. My attention to Trista's pussy was broken when I felt something on my ass. It didn't take long to realize that our Black Lab, Butch was nuzzling my ass and Trista was close to orgasm. 'Why now?' I thought as I raced to her orgasm. I move my ass a little to dissuade Butch and it worked for a short time. When I was totally involved in pussy once again Butch returned. Trista screamed as I moved side to side trying to get away from Butch. It was obvious that she was very close to orgasm so I concentrated my licking to her clit sending he over the edge. As her body started to shake Butch zeroed in on my asshole (tangy) and slurped loudly. Fearful of being mounted and fucked I laughed and straightened up between he legs. Trista asked why I quit eating and I told her.

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