tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI'm a Beast Ch. 08

I'm a Beast Ch. 08


I'm a Beast Ch. 08 The Conclusion

This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Now I add Techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes." I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without Techsan and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

I have no editor so all mistakes are mine. I welcome any and all feedback to improve and appreciate.


The Birthday or 25 Years of Sex

Trista's birthday had arrived and we were finishing supper at the Junction. Taking my hand she asked, "Do you have butterflies in your stomach or do you think it's the food?"

"I think its Chloe and her surprise gift. Why, are you having second thoughts?"

"Oh no. It's a big step for me but I've been working on it for some time now and I'm as ready as I'll ever be. It's kind of like loosing your cherry all over again."

Thinking back to that night twenty-five years ago I said, "I forgot about the wine not agreeing with you when you lost it. I hope we're not going to repeat that."

"Oh no. It's definitely butterflies. So what do you think Chloe's gift is?"

"I'm not sure but I suspect anal sex is involved."

"Maybe a part of it but she seemed more excited than that would suggest."

I lifted my glass in a toast to Trista and said, "To a wonderful twenty-five years and to twenty-five more."

After the glasses clinked and were drained I suggested, "Why don't we quit speculating and go home to find out."

Trista concurred completely and soon we were home in front of the computer. As soon as we logged on we were greeted with an IM from Chloe.

IM translation 3

Chloe: Hi you wonderful people & Happy Birthday Angel.

Optimus: Hi Chloe ... we were hoping you were online.

Chloe: We've been waiting for this all day. .

Optimus: We?

The lover we had watched Chloe with stepped into view.

Chloe: You saw Devin the last time. We needed help for Angel's surprise gift so we invited Peter.

Another man stepped into view completing the trio.

Optimus: We wondered about the surprise.

Chloe: Devin and Peter, 'D & P' for short, are my DP buddies. I know that you are bound to one another but have you ever thought about it?

Optimus: Yes.

I turned to Trista and before I could ask permission she nodded her head in assent. She knew the personal event I was thinking of because it had fueled many subsequent sessions.

Chloe: Yes? ... Can you tell us about it?

Optimus: Yes ... The first time we made love with my cock in her pussy and a vibrator in her ass she screamed, "Oh Ohh Ohhh, I didn't know it could feel so good." I knew that as good as this felt it couldn't match a real double penetration. Although we provide each other with everything, a single partner can't duplicate the dual rhythmic pistoning of hard throbbing flesh.

Chloe: quite insightful.

Optimus: Angel considers it forsaking our wedding vows, permission or not. So I started telling her that after I'm dead and gone she should try it. That she is the complete and total package and it would be a terrible waste of a good woman if she never had another man.

Chloe: WOW! That's one way around the fidelity issue. You've talked about it so this should be an interesting Birthday present. Do you think you will enjoy it?

The look of hunger on Trista's face told me all I needed to know and I replied to Chloe.

Optimus: I don't think we would, I know we would.

Chloe: Okay ... I'd love to see Angel's beautiful ass and tits and I've been holding off these guys all day. I'm turning them loose now.

Optimus: We're waiting too so on with the show.

The camera view changed to a bed. Devin and Peter picked Chloe up and laid her on it, her double D breasts standing as proud as DD's could. Peter was caressing Chloe as Devin moved to the other side of the bed. Chloe was sinking into ecstasy with both of them rubbing her body.

After watching for a few moments Trista commented, "Getting ready for tonight I was thinking, If you did fantasize about her at least it would be something I could compete with. Her body looking a lot like mine levels the playing field. But this ... this is not something I could do. Oh, I can watch it all right but I couldn't do it."

"Funny you should say that," I said removing a silk scarf from beneath the bed. "I prepared a stash like you did for your surprise. Trust me, the situation calls for this." I said as I reached forward and blindfolded Trista with the scarf.

"A little sensory deprivation will keep you from anticipating where I'm going to rub or caress you next. Not knowing increases the eroticism and heightens your response," I said leaving, "to the point of no return," unsaid. When she reached that state she would accept, actually relish rough treatment.

I stepped back to admire her form after lying her on the bed. Lying naked on the bed with her legs now splayed and her arms spread out, I couldn't help but think of Leonardo da Vinci's painting 'Vitruvian Man', better known as 'Proportions of Man' as I relished her. It was as if Leonardo fused his painting with Venus De Milo statue to create a true work of art, 'Proportions of Woman'.

I looked at the monitor and wondered about the life Chloe lead as her lovers caressed her. I started my running commentary of the action on the monitor interspersed with suggestions and endearments,

"They're still caressing Chloe and I'm mimicking the patterns."

In a Teasing fashion I lightly finger-tipped around each breast. She flinched, unable to anticipate, as I gently brushed my hands around her areolas, intentionally avoiding her nipples.

I started sparingly with the mantra, "Disassociate yourself from thoughts. Concentrate on the sensations coursing through your body. Submit to your pleasure and my desire."

We were in the groove and I varied the spots I was working on keeping the anticipation high. She couldn't tell were I would touch next, each and every caress was an exquisite torture in and of itself. It was torture for me to avoid her splayed pussy as I finger-tipped her entire body. It was like a canvass before me and I proceeded to rub her like I was trying to erase each and every mark I'd put on her.

Remembering the commentary I said, "It looks like Devin is working his way up her inner thigh. Oh, oh, Peter's going for the tits. I can't talk for awhile."

I quit my no contact teasing and slowly circled her nipples with my tongue. She squealed when I rubbed her pubic mons with the heel of my hand.

I glanced at the monitor and cajoled, "Devin's eating Chloe and she's watching you. Submit to your pleasure and my desire. Show Chloe your ecstasy."

On queue she started to vocalize her feeling and appreciation as if commanded by Chloe herself. Moaning her contentment, she squirmed and ground her clit against the heal of my hand. I love verbal feedback because it is usually unmistakable. There's no misunderstanding deeper, harder, faster.

When both of her nipples had sufficient and equal attention I ran my kissing lips across her breast and belly on the way towards her glorious bald gash. Trista rewarded my efforts with slow and gentle caresses of my cock and balls.

My cock was rock hard and I couldn't resist changing my position to her favorite angle of attack for maximum pleasure. My tongue rimmed her gash and circled the clit in a figure eight pattern. It wasn't long before she was moaning, "Oh ... Joey, Oh Joey ... yes yes." It wasn't possible but my cock got even harder. Her pussy immediately clenched at the two fingers I inserted, signaling an eminent orgasm.

"Yes," she screamed and I felt the quiver from her inner core.

Peter abandoned Chloe's nipples and moved from the view when the camera started to move. Chloe's cameraman advantage foreshadowing the events to come made my cock twitch in anticipation. He moved the camera in for a close-up of Chloe's luscious pussy complete with puffy lips and prominent clitoral hood. My attention returned to Trista and while saying, "You've got to see this," I moved her head towards the monitor and removed the blindfold.

Devin pounded between Chloe's impossibly splayed legs with a two-inch diameter cock about nine inches long. He was withdrawing his cock until the sensitive rim of it's head peaked from beneath the hood brushing the protruding pea before dipping down and ramming back in.

The head of my cock was now the head in control. I kissed Trista replacing my fingers with my cock and my lips on her clit with my index finger. Trista thrust up pushing her velvety tunnel around my hard shaft. I was back in the saddle again for a long hard ride. Her pussy clenching resumed on my cock signaling that she hadn't lost that loving feeling. She thrashed wildly beneath me forcing our orgasms to the forefront of consciousness. My control was faltering and it looked as though I would come before Trista. She gripped my cock in a massive contraction when hot cum splashed against the back of her pussy. Her cunt continued to milk my rod as I lay upon her.

Momentarily breathless, we watched the monitor. The view alternated between Chloe on her hands and knees sucking Peter's cock and Devin giving it to her doggy style. They reminded me of two lumberjacks sawing away back and forth with Chloe as the saw.

Awestruck I said without thinking, "See how her tits shake in rhythm with her pounding. I wish I could harness those swaying tits to my cock." Realizing my mistake I tried to rephrase, "I mean I wish I could harness it to your tits."

Impishly she asked, "Are mine too small?"

Trying to change the subject I commented, "Look, she's deep-throating Peter."

Trista hugged me and rolled on top. She moved to the classic woman on top 69 position. Her pussy was over my chest on it's journey to my face when I said, "I'm Gumby Dammit," followed by the command, "laugh!"

On queue, Trista burst out laughing. Jake is not the only one with a few Pavlovian tricks. Her thoughts of cum dripping from her pussy made her laugh more than I did. Regardless I was always rewarded with a contracting pussy pushing my deposit from within. As intended it flowed down her slit and across the clit before dripping onto my chest. Better to wear most of it than eat it I thought. There was no doubt I was going to eat it but I could minimize it. Meanwhile I enjoyed the oozing site before me.

I impaled my nose into her gooey hole while furiously licking her clit. I gently exhaled as her labia resonated around my nose. Playing a few tunes on my new kazoo combined with the clit licking had her enthusiastically sucking my cock. The tempo increased in sync with the tightening of my balls. My orgasm was building when suddenly Trista spun off of me and began to give me a hand job. My mind screamed 'No, how could she sacrifice her own orgasm to avoid having me come in her mouth,' and I fought my orgasm with all of my control. She only gripped harder and stroked faster in response.

Sometime when we win we lose and at what cost. My cock started to wilt before I could tell her about the pain in my prick. She gave up in frustration and I begged, "What are you doing?"

"You won't come."

"Not from a hand job I won't."

That was all of the explanation and encouragement she needed. Her lips on my cock soon reduced me to a quivering, begging wreck. I had no idea what she was doing or how and so the begging commenced.

"Oh please, please, if you do nothing else please remember what you are doing. Oh baby baby please. Concentrate and remember it, augh I've never ever felt anything so good. Remember oh please baby please."

She took me from the brink of cock wilting pain to the point of eminent release in the space of sixty seconds. The trifecta of Trista sucking me, Chloe sucking Peter and Devin pounding her from behind drove me over the edge. It felt like she was sucking my cum through a soda straw. Every long suck would pull another stream. I was not giving her my seed; she was taking it. My cock remained hard after she finished. This blowjob had all of the intense pleasure with no after effects. Kind of like Bud, I mean BlowJob Lite, feels great, less wilting.

Trista coyly stated as a fact, "So, you liked that."

"Oh yeah! Please tell me you remember."

"Of course I do."

"You'll have to practice that to get it perfect and second nature."

"I'm not sure I have to."

"Okay, just don't forget. For the love of God don't forget."

When we looked back to the monitor Peter was adjusting the view to cover the bed. Chloe was flat on her back now and placed his cock in her mouth when he climbed onto the bed beside her. Meanwhile Devin never missed a beat in his assault on Chloe's plundered pussy. Her breasts were rolled to each side as they oscillated between her belly and shoulders.

Trista rolled onto her belly and continued watching. I straddled her ass with my cock rubbing in her crack and scratched her back. I must have done a good job because she was reacting like she had an orgasm. If only it were that easy.

Then Chloe got up on her knees moving to one side while Peter lay where she had just been. Chloe straddled him and placed his cock into her gaping cunt. She lay on Peter and Devin, who was now behind her, positioned himself for anal entry. Chloe rocked back to meet his thrusts. Slowly but surely Devin's cock gained entry one slow inch at a time.

Trista simply raised up her ass for me to take her doggy style and said, "Get the vibrator." I thought this shit doesn't happen in real life, why this position now and I realized that we were feeding from Chloe. I had the vibrator from my stash beneath the bed and into her hand in a flash. She ran it up and down her slit until it was coated with her moisture. The plunge to the back of her pussy and her reaction was magnificent. I stroked my erection watching the vibrator gliding back and forth.

My revelry was broken when she requested, "Put some KY on my butt hole." My stash proved again to be well stocked and Trista's asshole was soon dripping with Ky. What happened next was truly astounding as I had never seen it nor even contemplated it. There before me was the love of my life sawing a vibrator in and out of her pussy with one hand and plunging two fingers on the other hand deep into her anus.

It was Trista that usually begging for anal but now I was the one at that point. The begging died on my lips when Trista commanded, "Mount me Joe. Fuck your dirty little bitch." I was momentarily taken aback and she repeated, "Fuck your dirty little bitch." I didn't have to be told twice. Well actually I did but it was soon rectified in her rectum (sorry for that). My cock slid one exquisite inch at a time into her gloriously tight hole. Trista matched my pushes by backing onto my cock. The vibrations resonated through our groins and in a distraction attempt I said to Trista, "Look at Chloe. She's so beautiful like that." Chloe would prove to be a poor distraction if the intent was to stem an orgasm.

Peter's camera angle was perfect and it showed both cocks alternating in and out of one of the most beautiful pussies you will ever see. Words cannot begin to describe the site we were witnessing. The carnal ecstasy evident on Chloe's face, her mouth open in what could only have been a scream.

I thought that I would never come for the third time but the steady throb of the vibrator wouldn't be denied. Trista was shaking beneath me like the California earthquakes we shared and my vision narrowed. I've heard of women seeing stars and passing out during an orgasm but I've never heard of men.

I was flying through the stars just like in the screen saver we've all seen. Then came the verbal and visual explosions of celestial proportions. I felt my body slipping into a glorious peace and a feeling of Nirvana. When I regained consciousness I found Trista beside me with the vibrator still throbbing at her feet. I panicked at first thinking I'd hurt her somehow. I remembered the earthquakes and explosions and I knew that she too felt the peace. When I remembered Jake's statement about simultaneous orgasm not being over rated, I thought how much better this was.

I glanced at the monitor to see Chloe and friends huddled around their monitor in rapt concern while I turned off the vibrator. Trista is my first concern so I placed a hand on her thigh to gently shake her awake. Amazingly I could feel the spasms that still continued. When she hadn't responded after the second nudge my concern spiked but she moaned after the third one. With concern evident in my voice I asked, "Trista ... are you okay Trista?"

"What ... huh ... happened?

"I'll tell you after you tell me you're okay."

"Yeah I'm fine." She lightly stroked her crotch and mewed, "In fact I'm better than fine."

"Do you remember shaking like an earthquake? I think you passed out shortly after."

"Yes I remember that. It was right before I saw the stars. I can't remember anymore ... Hey, what do you mean you think?"

"Did your vision narrow before the stars?"

"Yeah," she said and realizing the implication queried, "You saw them too, didn't you?

"Damn right baby, damn right. You know we have an audience that's probably wondering about us."

"I totally forgot. Maybe you should tell them we're okay."

While heading for the keyboard I said, "They can see that now but I'm sure they'd like some details." There was an IM waiting for us on the monitor.

Chloe: You scared us! Are you two okay?

Optimus: Yeah, absolutely awesome. I never believed I could orgasm three times at fifty much less pass out.

Chloe: viagra?

Optimus: No, and Angel passed out too. We both saw stars!

Chloe: What we witnessed was extraordinary. I can still see you with your lovely cock up your darling wife's ass.

Optimus: and I can still see Devin's cock up your darling ass and Peter's peter in your pussy. Did you pass-out or see stars?

Chloe: No, but I had a fantastic orgasm dreaming of eating her pussy while you were fucking her ass.

Trista could not stand on the sidelines any longer and took over the keyboard. She logged as Angel and sent her own IM.

Angel: I'm glad we could help but I don't think I could've taken anymore. Like Optimus said I can still see you three. I also wondered what it felt like but after this I can't see how it could be better.

Chloe: It's like Optimus said, dual rhythmic pistoning of hard throbbing flesh can't be duplicated but it's just another way to get where you got. All I can say is it's different but it doesn't get any better than that.

Angel: Thanks, that helps a little with what's it really like.

Chloe: I was going to suggest some steps to DP like thinking of someone you'd want to possess or possess you. Relax and picture the differences in your mind. Then set your rules of engagement but ...

I was thinking this sounds eerily like the talk I gave to Trista before I revealed Jake as our network intruder.

Angel: Thanks ... I think???

Chloe: I think you are very lovely and it pleases me that you two are so happy. Keep what you have and forever be happy as well as faithful.

Angel: Back to better, my husband says his orgasming four times at age thirty with me beats five times at age nineteen with his slut ex-girlfriend. He probably thinks this is a new record.

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