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I'm A Maid, Get Me Out Of Here


Now I’m not one to speak badly of celebrities but in my line of work you see a very different side to them than they put on display for their many fans and admirers.

And let me tell you, some of them aren’t averse to using their celebrity status to get what they want, especially when it comes to good old sex and satisfaction.

No, I’m not a bodyguard, or a PA or anything like that; I’m a hotel maid, one of those invisible young women who come and go like whips of unseen smoke from a rich man’s cigar throughout every hotel in the world from Bangkok to San-Francisco.

I work in a very smart expensive hotel in Hollywood. I won’t name it because I need my job to see me through school but just let me say it’s the hotel with the white fountain in front of it and it has a real marble staircase in the foyer that is a real bitch to clean.

I make beds and clean rooms, I have no feelings per se about my job other than it is a means to an end. Like I said before I’m putting myself through school; I don’t intend to spend the rest of my life doing a shit job, looking after guests who think I’m just there to clean up after them.

You’d not believe some the things guests get up to in hotel rooms and I might add a lot of those guests are celebrities that we all worship and adore from afar.

I’ve been working as a Maid for two years now, and any admiration I held for those in the public limelight has been mostly reduced to a combination of amusement and mirth mixed in with a greater understanding of the human race and our fascination with celebrities!

Sometimes I feel that I am living in a warped version of one of those Reality TV shows and it’s called “I’m a Maid, GET me OUT of HERE!” Because there isn’t a week that goes by without me getting an eyeful of very naughty and sometimes tasty behaviour of those beloved start of screen and TV.

I’ve watched Leonardo DiCaprio perform oral sex on awe struck 18 year old fan he sneaked into his Penthouse Suite. She was a pretty girl with long strawberry blonde hair and a pair of nubile pert breasts and large blue doe eyes that looked up at her the man of her dreams who was telling her to take her panties off.

She did, she didn’t even hesitate, she whipped them off and seconds later she was lying on his bed, her legs spread so wide you’d think she was in the process of doing the splits and the golden headed God was on his knees and he dived into the shaven crotch with a groan of delight.

“Oh I’ll catch you if I can,” he said and he started to lap at her cunt, his tongue thrusting in and out of her host moist slit.

She let out a little cry of surprise and pleasure, her hands clawed at the silken sheets and she grabbed his shoulders, her body shaking as she did.

Mr DiCaprio’s penchant is for oral stimulation, he likes to be the one in control. He came up for air, his lips moist with her juices and he said in a husky and very sexy voice to the star struck groupie.

“You’re gonna cum and cum baby doll, but only when I tell you too!”

And you know what? She did exactly what he told her do. I have to admit I was very impressed. Leonardo only had to snap his fingers and she creamed herself for him, can you imagine that? Cumming on command? That is the power some of these celebrities have over us.

The girl was so enamoured of Leonardo her body was his to command and she had an orgasm each time he told her too. He made her come so many times I eventually lost count. Very soon she was a heaving mass of throbbing ecstasy, her body thrashing about on the bed as she screeched out her pleasure, and he got to indulge in his cunt fetish with a vengeance!

They were both of course totally unaware that I was standing in his walk in wardrobe where I was putting away his suitcase and I had to wait silently until he had finished with the girl.

Leonardo ever the gentleman had kissed the fawning groupie on the cheek, gave her a $100 and then told her that this would be their special little secret that only they would share. She fell for it hook line and sinker and squeaked out she’d treasure their time together until the day she died!

In fact she was so star struck she wasn’t even aware she had just prostituted herself even if it was with a star like DiCaprio.

Dear Leonardo, he’s been down on everything, including the Titanic!

I managed to slip out of the room when Leonardo went into the bathroom to floss, and I found the girl floating down the corridor on very wobbly legs. She had orgasmed so many times she was dazed and glassy eyed. She was clutching in her hand the $100 bill he had given her.

I don’t even think that Leonardo knew her name, Juliet I think she said it was when I asked her if she wanted help finding her hotel room.

A close friend of mine told me I could make a fortunate out of what I have seen over the last couple of years but everyone is so into kiss and tell already I’d rather kiss and not tell officially if you know what I mean!

In fact I actually find a lot of things quite amusing, occasionally I get turned on, I’m only human of course but each incident, even the ones that make my panties wet often makes me chuckle as well when I think about them.

Take Paris Hilton (everyone else has!) for example, she is everyone’s golden girl, the person we love to hate and hate to love.

She’s beautiful, rich, spirited, sharp tongued and aggressive.

The press love her and her antics but if they knew what she was really like they’d “have a cow” as Bart Simpson would say.

Paris Hilton has some rather interesting fetishes that she keeps totally under wraps and with good reason, there are some things in our lives that are better kept behind closed doors if you know what I mean?

My friend Toby Thurmond is one of the Bell Boys at the hotel, like me he is working his way through school, but unlike me he panders to the whims of the rich and famous.

I don’t blame him, he gets well paid for it, so well paid in fact he won’t have any student loans to pay off when he finishes school, but then the money is to buy his silence as well as pay him for his time and expertise in the fucking department.

It was Toby who told me about Paris’ fetishes, I believed him because he’s not the sort of guy to lie, also he knows full well that I’m not likely to spill the beans on his little sideline.

He knows that I want a quiet life, and that as tempting as it is, I don’t want to get too drawn into the debauched lifestyle of the rich and famous. It’s one thing to watch, it’s another to join in.

“Paris likes to be spanked,” he told me whilst we ate our lunch in the grubby room in the bowels of Hotel that management provided for its staff, “And she just loves having her feet licked, she practically creams herself when that happens but not as much when she has to do it for others, Paris Hilton is one dirty bitch Rosalina and I mean dirrrrrrrrty!”

I laughed, amused by what my friend was telling me. Toby is a good looking dude; in fact he is as tall as Ms Hilton, just as blonde as she is only his hair is short and smoothed back, just as blue eyed, and he tans real well for a White Southern Boy.

Me on the other hand, I’m the sort of person you’d pass on the stairs and not look twice at. I’m not ugly, far from it, but I’m no stunning blonde piece of ass.

I’m petite in height, long wavy black hair, my Latino mother’s gift to me, rosy skin with a tint of butterscotch, green eyes from an Irish father and a fit voluptuous body with curves in all the right places.

My boobs are my biggest (pun intended okay guys!) assets, no, they aren’t the beach balls that Pamela Anderson has welded onto her chest, they are real, soft and cuddly and though I can’t pass the pencil test, I sure as hell have a cleavage that make men cum by just looking down it!

Toby’s trim athletic body comes from him working out regularly in the Hotel Gym, we can use the facilities when they aren’t being used by the guests, mostly in the early hours of the morning, our perks are few but the ones we have aren’t too bad.

His body is well muscled and lean. He walks like a dancer and he has this husky slow Southern drawl that makes your panties go damp if you think about it too much!

He’s a nice guy, we get on really well, and we have a similar sense of humour, especially when it comes to the Hotel’s many Celebrity guests and their many naughty little foibles.

“So she’s in to group sex?” I said as I handed him one of my boloney sandwiches which he accepted and started to eat. We were sitting on a pair of worn armchairs next to an electric fire we had just turned on, its cold in the basement even in the height of summer.

“Hell yes,” Toby said in his soft Southern drawl, “She’s the gang bang queen of Hollywood; you know butter wouldn’t melt in that slut’s mouth but everything else sure as hell would!”

“I often think nothing else I hear or see will surprise me,” I mused, “But I’m more often than not proven wrong!”

“Paris is coming to the hotel tonight for a long weekend,” Toby said unexpectedly, “She’s asked me to come and see her after she finishes doing her rounds, she’s organising a party for 300 of her closed friends.”

I let out a quawf of laughter at his words

“Three hundred of her closest friends?” I spluttered, “You know whenever I hear something like that in the news I know that the person that is being talked about has no friends at all, not real ones, only sycophants and hangers on, it’s just lucky they never realise it, isn’t it!”

“You’re a harsh woman Rosalina O’Hara,” Toby said but he was grinning from ear to ear, “Hey you want to watch the fun and games tonight?”

I have to admit that I was really curious, people and their odd little ways fascinate me, perhaps that is why I am studying Psychology, I like to know what makes people tick, especially sexually.

I’ve got this theory that we fuck the way we want to live or perhaps we live the way we want to fuck. Either way, it’s an interesting hypothesis!

“I don’t want to get you into trouble,” I said.

“You won’t” he assured me, “Paris has had to take the Penthouse Master Suite rather than the Penthouse Apartment, someone booked it before she could get it, anyway, you know how the Master Suite is set out, it’s got that Alcove, with that great big aspidistra in it growing like a triffid, well I will put a stool behind it so you can sit on it, just wear something green so you will blend in, Paris and her groupies never notices the hotel décor, the only thing she ever looks at or in is a mirror and her friends are the same.”

“Self centred and a slut,” I mused as I licked my fingers, “Must be the requisite combination for most of Hollywood’s female celebrities!”

”Harsh but probably true,” Toby laughed, “Well are you up for it?”

”Why not?” I said and Toby smiled even more broadly.

“I’ll get off even more knowing you’re there in the room,” he said making me blush a little, “Paris is worth watching I can tell you, you know she won’t let any of us use condoms, she likes us to come inside her, all ends!”

I was amazed.

“She’s mad!” I said shaking my dark head in disbelief, “She could get pregnant!”

“She has done,” Toby said shocking me even more, “I’ve knocked her up at least twice that I know of, she’s got a running tab with a very famous clinic I won’t name, and she’s takes the morning after pill like its candy!”

“She sure is a ho, ho, ho!” I said making Toby laugh even more, “And I’m not talking about Father Christmas! This I have to see!”

And I did.

I slipped into the Master Suite ten minutes before Paris made her entrance. I got comfortable behind the huge potted plant, I was wearing a green ensemble of clothes, including a green headscarf, I blended into the alcove with ease.

I could see everything in the luxurious room and even if someone stood right next to alcove I was so well hidden they would have to look very closely to be aware that I was even there!

“You won’t have to wait long for the action to start,” Toby had whispered to me as I had settled myself on my stool, “Paris will want to get the party going really quickly, it’s going to be me, her, and three of her studs, she hires them by the dozen normally but she wants an intimate gang bang tonight so there will just be the four of us!”

Well Toby wasn’t joking when he said Paris would be eager to get her private party started. When she floated into the hotel room, I got a waft of expensive perfume, a flick of designer hair, a flash of designer clothes and the hot sultry look of a wannabe actress on the make.

I watched fascinated as she immediately latched her luscious gloss coated lips onto Toby’s mouth and sucked his face like she was a Hoover.

Toby kissed her back, grabbing her $1,000 jeans covered ass and griping both buttocks firmly in his hands and pulling her against his handsome muscular body.

“God!” she said when she came up for air, “I needed that!”

Behind her were three handsome dark haired men, muscled, oiled, and good looking with a probable shared IQ of about three and half, if that much.

“What do you want to do first Ms Hilton?” Toby said to the blonde goddess and she flung back her head and dragged her fingers through her golden locks.

“What would you like to do to me?” the twenty two year old heiress said coyly, her eye lashes fluttering seductively at the handsome Bellboy in front of her.

Toby grinned his lazy handsome grin, “How about starting off with a little romp, with you playing a very important role, that of the mattress?”

Paris let out a sigh at his words, “Oh yes,” she said, “I like the sound of that!”

She looked at the silent three studs who were hovering in the background, waiting to be commanded into action.

“Get undressed,” she ordered them and then she turned to Toby, “They’re brothers,” she confided in him, “Lucas, Lucien and Luciano, obviously their mom didn’t have much have an imagination when it came to their names!”

She could talk, I thought struggling not to laugh out loud. Paris Hilton, what a name to be stuck with. I mean she had the surname of what was now a branded hotel chain!

If you thought about it, it gave new meaning to staying in the Paris Hilton, a place to come, and come again, if you know what I mean…

As the three men began to strip off their clothes Paris made her way to the full length mirror only a few feet away from the potted plant I was hiding behind. If she looked close enough she would spot me, my heart was hammering in my chest but Paris only had eyes for herself as she preened herself and said softly to her glowing reflection.

“Oh I lead such a simple life!”

“I want to be dominated today Toby my Sweetie Pie,” Paris turned around, “My three Amigos are yours to command, whatever you want them to do to me they will do, so will I, make it hot and very, very dirrrrrrrrty.”

Toby smiled and got the show on the road, “Come on fellers,” he said to the three naked studs, “Let’s get this bitch nice and hot, let’s see if she has nine lives to spend fucking this train!”

The three brothers surrounded Paris and started to touch her, their hands moving over her body, gently at first until Toby barked at them.

”That’s not how you treat our slut! Rip her clothes off; we’re about help Lady Paris here get her rocks off in Wonderland!”

They obeyed and I watched in amazement as they tore at Paris’ expensive clothes, ripping her top off and tossing it to one side, yanking off her expensive lace bra so that her tits exploded forth like an unfretted pair of expensive beach balls.

She squealed in delight as one of the studs yanked at the zipper of her jeans and pushing his hand into her lacy crotch whilst forcing his mouth on hers.

Toby was the Ringmaster I realised, the orchestrator of Paris’ willing debauchment. No wonder he enjoyed it so much not to mention he got paid handsomely for his time and efforts.

The studs dragged Paris to the bed and threw her down on it, one of them quickly straddled her mouth and seconds later I watched in amazement as his rippling cock plunged between her perky moist lips and disappeared down the most elastic throat I have ever seen in my whole life.

My crotch throbbed despite my desire to remain detached from the whole situation set out before me.

Paris didn’t even let out a grunt of protest; instead her manicured hands grabbed his buttocks and gripped them securely ensuring that each thrust into her mouth was hard and really deep.

The Second stud who now on all fours between Paris’ legs was dragging the young woman’s jeans off, followed closely by her panties and then he was pulling apart those long slender legs and burying his head into her shaven crotch his tongue, thick and red lapping at a pink pair of swollen eager cunt lips.

She jerked against his face, I heard what I thought was a moan from her but she was too busy having her face fucked for me to be sure.

The third stud wasn’t sure what to do and Toby who was slowly undressing, making sure that I got a good look at his lean muscled body barked at him.

“Start licking your brother’s asshole!”

The stud didn’t even protest, these three men were conditioned to obey the Ringmaster.

If the brother licking Paris’s cunt was surprised when his asshole started to be lapped at, he didn’t show it, in fact he stuck his butt higher in the air so that his sibling had better access to it. I got the feeling that these three bothers did a lot of things together and I mean a lot!

Toby glided over to the mass of heaving, moaning bodies on the bed and barked out an order to the stud licking Paris’ bucking cunt.

”Get your cock inside her! Start riding her now, lift that fat ass of hers up; your brother can fuck her butt!”

The two men changed position’s swiftly, their faces strained and sweating, they were aroused too, and so was I, and my panties were beginning to get hotter and hotter and I was forced to pull up my dress and start fingering my wet crotch.

Paris strained against the cock being forced up her ass, the stud who had been eating her pussy had no problems ramming his rod up her cunt but the stud given the task of doing her ass had to really work to get his meat in side her.

Her hips rolled from side to side, her hands went into spasm on stud’s buttocks she was holding over her face, I heard a muffled strained groan of agony but she didn’t try and stop it, in fact she was bucking even harder.

“You going to swallow every last drop of his cum Paris,” Toby knelt beside Paris head which was hidden from view by the stud pounding his cock in and out of her willing mouth, “You’re going to lap it up and when he pops his empty dick out of your mouth, you’re going to say in a little girl voice, how yummy he tasted and you wants lots and lots more spunk!”

I almost burst out laughing again but at the same time it was also a real turn on which surprised me, my fingers were stroking my crotch harder now, but in slow steady strokes, I wanted to last out and I knew I would have to orgasm quietly but that was not a problem.

The stud that had been pounding her mouth began to increase his thrusts, he was going to come soon, I watched eagerly, as his body strained, heaved and then finally he let out a crow of pleasure.

“I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming!” he came at that moment, I saw Paris’ cheeks bulge with his thick creamy offering, I saw her lap, gulp slurp as it gushed into her mouth, and down her throat, she really had to swallow hard, his balls were banging on her chin and he emptied them completely and then he popped out of her mouth, sounding like a gigantic pea being plucked from a pod.

Paris licked her lips rapidly and said in a little doll like voice as she had been instructed too, “That was really yummy, I want lots more spunk, lots, lots more!”

She meant it too I thought. The stud flopped onto the bed beside Paris and the still bouncing bed, his chest heaving, and his face red with exertion.

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