tagHumor & SatireI'm a Virgin

I'm a Virgin


His name was Carl. He was 25, looked OK, was quite fit and had a reasonable way with women. He'd had a couple of steady girlfriends but those relationships had only lasted a year or two, mainly because he had a roving eye. It turned out that while his girlfriends could put up with his roving eyes they objected strongly when his hands and, to put it delicately, other parts also went roving. So Carl was currently without a steady girl but was finding it was not a great inconvenience. A lad with a smile and a pretty line in flattery could always find a girl to pass the time with, especially after a drink or two.

Right now Carl was chatting up Donna. She was 22, blonde, looked fit and had a nice figure. Or to be blunt, she was stacked, legs that wouldn't quit, a face to launch a thousand ships framed by platinum blonde hair that almost glowed. Carl had seen her in the pub a few times, always with someone tagging along, but had never approached her himself. Seeing her standing at the bar by herself he thought the time had come to get acquainted.

Michael, a friend of Carl's, had warned him off. "Listen, Carl, I admit she a looker and also a very nice girl but there's two things you should know about her. One. She's not the smartest cookie. When they coined the phrase dumb blonde, she's who they had in mind. Two. She doesn't put out. Ever. She's a virgin, she says, and will remain a virgin until her marriage. She's determined to go to her husband with a clear conscious. So, my friend, if you're looking to get laid, try someone else.

Carl had looked at Donna again. "Looking like that and a virgin at her age?" he wondered. "Doesn't seem possible, but it will be interesting to find out." So Carl had approached Donna and bought her a drink.

From Carl's point of view the night had gone well. Donna was friendly and sociable, willing to please and be pleased and seemed to know most people in the pub. OK, she had proved to be a little dumb, but that was not a great handicap, more than outweighed by her friendly personality and good looks. From the looks some of his friends had given him, Carl guessed that they also knew of her unavailability sexually.

As the night progressed and couples started to drift away Carl asked Donna if he could escort her home, waiting to see if he'd get bounced now. However, Donna and simply smiled and thanked him and said she'd be grateful.

So into a taxi, Donna giving the address, and they departed. Deciding to test the waters immediately, Carl pulled Donna towards him and began kissing her, finding that she was returning his kisses enthusiastically and expertly. A hand drifted down to Donna's breast and squeezed, but no resistance was forthcoming. Carl was feeling slightly puzzled now. Mike and his friends must have been having him on for some reason. As far as he could tell, Donna was quite experienced. He didn't see any hint that she wouldn't go to bed with him.

After a short drive they pulled up at Donna's address and Donna gave Carl a big smile and thanked him for the lift. Realising he was getting the brush off if he didn't act fast, Carl suggested that she might like to invite him up for some coffee. Donna didn't even hesitate. "Of course," she said. "Come on up."

Carl paid of the taxi and then accompanied Donna to her apartment. He knew from their earlier conversations that she lived alone, and as far as he was concerned it looked like his luck and skill with the girls was holding.

Entering the apartment, Donna told Carl to take a seat, indicating the lounge, while she went through to the kitchen and made the coffee. Carl reached out and took her arm, lightly.

"How about a few more kisses first?" he suggested, following words with actions and pulling her towards him again. Again, Donna seemed more than willing, and in a short while they were both on the lounge swapping some very heated tongue tangle. Carl's hand edged towards her breast again, only to find it gently intercepted and redirected. This happened a couple of time, so Carl changed directions. This time his hand wandered down to Donna's legs, again finding her deftly intercepting before he reached his target.

It was time for an explanation in Carl's opinion, so taking a break from kissing her, he asked Donna about the sudden no-go areas.

"I'm a virgin," Donna quietly said, "and I intend to stay a virgin until I'm married. I promised my mother, so I have to keep my word."

Carl nodded, thoughtfully. "I can understand and respect that. What is puzzlingly me is that you let me caress your breast in the taxi, but not here."

Donna blushed as she replied. "In the taxi it was reasonably safe. I liked your touch, but it wasn't as if it could lead to sex there, now was it." (She didn't know Carl very well, but he let that lie.) "But up here you might get carried away and then get disappointed when I say no sex, so I thought it's better not to have you touch me there in case I hurt your feelings later."

Carl thought that this was an odd bit of sophistry for someone who, while not exactly intellectually challenged, sure wasn't going to challenge the great thinkers of the day. He thought he'd explore her sophistry a little more, seeing where she drew the boundaries.

"I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings or embarrass you, Donna," he said, "so would it be alright if I asked you a few questions regarding your promise so that I can know what I can and can't do?"

"Oh, yes, that would be fine," said Donna, pleased that he was interested enough to determine and observe her limits. It was tiring having to fight off men who just wanted to use her.

"Could you tell me precisely what you mean by keeping your virginity. Forgive my blunt speaking, but do you mean that you have promised you won't let a man put his penis into your vagina unless you're married?'

Blushing, Donna admitted that this was so. "Actually," she added, "Mama said not to let anything there until after marriage."

"So that means a man can't put his fingers in you, or use a dildo or anything like that," murmured Carl.

Donna nodded.

"Now that I know what's covered, let me see if I can determine what's not covered. Kissing is allowed, and a man can touch your breasts as long as he's not likely to expect sex afterwards."

"Yes. That's why I tend to not let men touch me when we're alone. They get excited and I have to fight them off."

"I see. That's quite understandable, and I assume that you wouldn't let a man touch your mound in case he got over-excited. Very wise of you." Carl observed in an approving voice.

Donna glowed slightly. It was nice to meet an understanding man.

"But what can you do, where a man's concerned?" Carl asked. "Are you allowed to actually touch a man's private parts?"

Donna faltered. "I never really considered that. I thought that sort of thing would lead to sex, so I haven't tried."

"Not necessarily," said Carl. "As long as the man understands you're not going to yield your virginity, there's no real reason you can't play with him. You might find it exciting. You could give a man a blow job or hand massage without risking your virginity. It might help you if you do that sometimes as it will leave the man uninterested in going further."

"You're being very helpful, Carl," said Donna with a smile. "I can have more fun than I thought. I just have to make sure the rules are known first."

"That's OK. I'm hoping you will experiment with me for a while. I know I can't have sex with you and I'm willing to observe your rules, so it will be safe for you to play with me for a bit."

"I'm not sure of that. The change to what I've done in the past is bit unsettling."

"That's OK. We'll just go with what you're comfortable with," said Carl with a smile. "There's another little thing that has been worrying me, especially as you live here alone. What if someone was to actually rape you? There are some nasty types out there."

Donna sighed. "I know, and that's why I'm always so careful about who I invite home. I have thought about rape and how it would affect my promise to Mama, and I've decided it wouldn't."

Carl was again puzzled at her logic. How could getting raped not affect her virginity? "Perhaps you'd better explain that to me a bit more."

"It's quite simple," said Donna, surprised that he didn't see the logic immediately. "If a man rapes me, I haven't let him stick himself in me, so I'm not breaking my promise. I am still technically a virgin in my attitude, and that's what counts."

"But other people will assume that you're not a virgin if you're raped," protested Carl. "They'll think your promise now useless and expect you to have sex."

"No-one else would know but me and whoever raped me, and I can't see him running around boasting about it," said Donna defiantly. "I'd still be a virgin and would tell people so."

"You seem to have it all worked out," said Carl. "It's a real pleasure to meet a girl who knows how to keep promises."

After a little more talking, mainly about inconsequential generalities, Carl was again on the couch with Donna. This time when his hand strayed to her breast, Donna raised her hand to touch his but did not prevent it closing upon its target. Carl gently squeezed and cupped her breasts, moving from one to the other, slipping a button undone each time his hand passed between them. With a few buttons undone his hand then strayed beneath Donna's blouse stoking the tops of her breasts and slipping his hand under her bra to find and manipulate the nipple.

At this touch Donna reared back a little, obviously hesitant about the touch. Quietly Carl soothed her, touching was allowed, even a little showing of her breasts as long as he observed the basic rules. His other hand slipped behind her, unclipping her bra which he then slid up and off her breasts, exposing them to his interested gaze. Donna, breathing harder now, was watching fascinated as his hands cupped her breasts, then gasped, losing sight of them as his head moved down until his lips closed around one aroused nipple and gently suckled.

After playing and teasing her breasts for a while, Carl sat back up, smiling at Donna. "See," he said. "No harm done. Why don't you try playing a little now." Taking her hand he pressed it against his erection and waited. Donna just left her hand there, staring at him, indecision plain on her face. Not pushing, Carl just reached over and stroked one of her breasts, letting his delight show on his face. He felt Donna close her hand, clasping his erection through his trousers, not trying to stroke it but just getting a feel for it.

"If you undo the zip," he suggested, "You will be able to feel it more easily." He let the suggestion lie there while he continued his manipulation of her generous breasts, sliding her blouse and bra down her arms and deftly extracting her arms from the sleeves. Not seeming aware that she was now naked to the waist, Donna had started gently stoking his cock through the cloth. He heard her take a deep breath and hold it, then felt her fingers move to the top of his fly and start pulling the zip down.

Donna now had both hands on his cock, sliding them up and down, seeming fascinated by this creature she was teasing. Carl slipped his hand to the side of her skirt and deftly unbuttoned it, edging the zip down.

"Stand up for a moment, Donna," he coaxed her, quickly sliding skirt and panties down when she did so. Now there was a hint of panic about Donna, as she seemed to realise that things were going too far. "It's all right, honestly," Carl assured her. "I'm just looking. Not touching, I swear."

Talking softly, continuously, Carl soothed Donna back onto the couch, letting his erection bump against her, pleased when she seemed to take hold of it almost automatically. Carl started sliding his hands over Donna's stomach, straying low but never going quite low enough to panic her, just letting her enjoy the sensation of those softly wandering hands.

Carl could soon see that Donna was in a state of high arousal, her pussy swollen and coloured, her lips starting to flower and spread of their own accord. He gently pushed her back, leaning forward until she was lying on the couch. He stood up and swiftly undid his belt, dropping his trousers, and then moving back down and over her.

"Wait," cried Donna, starting to panic again. "What are you doing?"

Carl was moving quickly, slipping one of Donna's legs to the side while at the same time reaching up between her legs, his hand reaching for and finding her lips, with his fingers quickly easing them apart. "I'm taking you now," he said, smiling. "It's time."

"But, you can't!" Donna cried. "I said no. You said you wouldn't."

"I know," Carl said, positioning the head of his cock between those swelling lips. "I've changed my mind."

"St-stop," came the wail, "I've said no. You can't -- OH!"

Carl drove firmly forward, intending to break Donna's hymen quickly, but found no obvious barrier as he slid deeply into her vagina, hearing her protest break off with a small scream as he neatly pinned her to the couch.

Carl held himself in position, looking at Donna, holding her eyes with his own. She was breathing deeply and didn't seem to know what to say. "It's all right. Just relax and move with me. You'll find that it's not too bad," he soothed. He started moving gently within her, seeing her blink at the first withdrawal and re-entry, but continuing to stare at him entranced, while he slowly pumped into her.

Pressing forward he soon felt the first tentative answering pressure as Donna raised her hips to meet his thrust, quickly graduating from an inquisitive hump to an eager acceptance of this cock that was doing such wonderful things inside her. Donna watch Carl's face as she felt him repeatedly educating her body in the ways of a man, taking strength from the smile on his face, adapting her movements to suit him.

Donna matched Carl, but found she could no longer see him. Her eyes were closing as her attention shifted from the external to the internal and that wondrous sensation that was starting to riot through her body. She felt him speeding up and found she could still meet him, still feel that heat curling and expanding within her. Then she felt him hesitate for a split second, followed by an extra heavy thrust and something wet and hot splashing against her internal walls. Petrol on the flames of the fire inside her, causing it to flare up and overwhelm her, leaving her screaming as she was consumed, only to slowly emerge from the fire, gasping, dazed.

Carl looked down at Donna as she stirred again, recovering from the orgasm that had wracked her. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"I told you no," she said accusingly.

Carl sighed, a picture of contrition. "I know, and it was wrong of me to take you like that. I don't know how to apologise."

"That was rape, you know," said Donna, pressing her point.

"I know," mourned Carl. "I am so ashamed of myself."

He paused for a second, and then asked a question that had been puzzling him. "Forgive the intrusiveness of this question, but have you been raped before?"

Donna sighed and looked at the floor. "You're the fourth this month. It's not fair. Why's it always me getting jumped?"

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