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I'm Bored


It was now the middle of June, and May had been a lousy month. It just had not stopped raining, most unusual for this part of the world. Normally the sun comes out at the beginning of May and apart from a very few showers now and again it does not rain again until the end of September. Every one, including me, was fed up and could not wait for summer to finally arrive. However, I am beginning to think that it might just have happened. The sun has been out for the last week or so and at long last the temperature is rising.

Last Monday I was talking to Helen, a local doctor's wife, over a glass of Rosé wine at our local bar restaurant. "You know," she said, "this place is getting more and more boring, and I do not mean just the lousy weather, but life in general. Meeting you for a glass of wine has become the highlight of my day."

"I'm so pleased that I fulfil a function!" I told her.

"I did not mean it like that, Frank. It is always nice to see you but you know what I mean. I seem to have got into a deep rut. I know and I do understand, and of course you are forgiven."

We often had conversations like this, and I guess we are just easy in each other's company.

"These days Jean-Paul just does not want to do anything other than work," she continued. "He is always much too tired to even come out for a drink."

"I know. My wife is just the same. She just wants to sit around the house." I told her.

Then Helen said that there must be something we could do around here other than drink wine - perhaps try something new, naughty and exciting.

"What type of thing do you have in mind?" I asked. "How naughty, how exciting? "

"I really don't know," she replied. "Have you any ideas? "

"Well, if you want to be naughty, how about a trip to Cap d' Adge?" I asked her.

"What?" she said, "To the nudist beach?"

"It's not just a nudist beach - it's the biggest purpose built nudist complex in Europe. It has hotels, restaurants, shops, and the lot."

"I don't know," came her answer. "I've never been naked in public, when I was a lot younger Jean-Paul tried to get me to go to a nudist beach but I was too shy. I'm not sure at my age I could get naked like that. But I did say I wanted to do something different, and this would be really different, and it would definitely be naughty!! Well I guess doing anything is better than sitting around here. Let me think about it."

I thought that would be the last I would hear about it, but that was not to be the case. In fact the following day Helen phoned me, saying, "I've thought it over and although the very thought of getting naked in public frightens me to death, and as I have never ever done anything like it, and because the very thought of it really excites me at the same time...."

"Helen, you are rambling." I laughed.

"Whoops! I'm sorry, but, can we really go? "she asked.

Of course we can if you really want to." I told her.

"Have you been before?" she asked, and I replied that I had been quite a few times. I told her that it was fun and could be a hell of a turn on if you wanted it to be.

She asked me what I meant by that.

I told her that some people dressed or, if you preferred, undressed to be sexy, with everything designed to be seen. I said that those who do dress up are real exhibitionists.

"Oh Frank, you've got to tell me more," she said excitedly.

"No way!" I laughed. "If you want to know more you will have to come and see for yourself."

Her reaction was to ask when we could go and suggested tomorrow. I told her that it was not possible, as I would be very busy tomorrow, but I said that I could make Wednesday if that would be ok.

Her reply was that it ought to be O.K., but that she needed to find an excuse for Jean-Paul." I'll give you a call in the morning to make the arrangements." She added.

I should explain that we are both in our 50's, and neither of us is what you would call fit, but we are both quite trim in our own ways. Helen is what you call naturally slim. She always dresses very well without being over the top, what we would call chique in this part of the world. She likes skirts over trousers and say's they are cooler and more suitable in our climate. Although she appears to have nice tits, they seem to be quite small. I have never seen them so I cannot comment, well at least not yet!!! She is not tall - about 5' 3", and all in all she is very kind on the eye.

As for me, I'm Frank. Although I'm married and still live with my wife we just do not share the same interests any more, and as for sex that is mostly a thing in the past. So I have made my own arrangements in that department for some time. I am 5'9" tall, greying hair, slightly over weight, (a result of too much beer, probably!) It is a problem I share with a lot of my friends, I might add.

We all live in the South of France, in the Languedoc region, about three-quarters of an hour from the Cap d' Adge and the sea. She moved here15 years ago when her husband moved his practice from London. I had sold my business in the UK, and decided to up sticks and look for a better life. My wife and I have lived here for the last 5 years, and I must say that I have not regretted the move once. The people are nice and the way of life is relaxed. The food and wine is (being French) excellent, plentiful and cheap. I keep saying that I am looking for a word that has a similar meaning to "mañana", but does not express that same sense of urgency!

Helen and I met a couple of years ago at a party give by some mutual friends, and have been friends ever since. Hardly a day goes past when we do not meet for a glass of wine. However, nothing else has ever passed between us, although I guess that this could be about to change.

On Wednesday morning I met Helen outside the bar as arranged. She was wearing a thin, lightweight cotton summer dress. It was white and very short with spaghetti straps. It was the sexiest dress I had ever seen her wear, and it was also obvious that she was not wearing a bra. As she moved towards the car her little breasts just swung slightly with the movement of her body. As I opened the door she slid gently into the car trying to keep the hem of her dress from riding too far up her thighs, and as she hit the car's cold air-conditioning her nipples became immediately erect. "Very nice," I said.

She replied, laughing, "What -- me? The dress? Or the effects of the cold air?"

"All of the above and a lot more," I replied. "I have never seen you looking so good!"

"All these compliments so early in the day really do me good!" she said. "What a great way to start the day -- thanks!"

"Are you sure you want to go through with this, Helen?" I asked her.

"Of course," she said. "I would not have dressed like this to go shopping, would I? I figured that if I was wearing the minimum it would be easier to get naked!"

Anyway, for the last two nights I have hardly slept for thinking about today. I have even spent time on the internet finding out more about the place. It appears to be a real turn on, a swingers' paradise, with an "anything goes" attitude. It said that the beach is totally nude and is split into sections, one for families, one for swinging adults, and one for gays and lesbians. It also said that in the swinger section people actually have sex on the beach in front of everyone and that groups of people stand around watching, masturbating and even being invited to join in.

When I asked her reaction, she asked if that was really true.

I told her that it was, end even more.

"Frank," she said haltingly. "Can we go to the Adult section of the beach?"

"If you really want to," I told her, "but why not wait until we get there and see how you feel. Believe me it will all be new and very different."

As we drove I looked sideways at her in the seat of the car; and was amused to see that one of her shoulder straps had slipped down exposing the top half of her right breast, and her nipple was tantalisingly close to popping out as well. "Are you trying to cause an accident?" I laughed, but as she lifted her hand to put her dress back in place the top fell down completely exposing her whole breast. "Nice," I remarked, to which she replied, "Now, calm down and drive. You will have to wait till we get there to see the rest."

"But tell me, Frank," she said. "What are you wearing underneath your shorts?"

I told her that I was wearing absolutely nothing, and that I was going commando as they say.

"But won't you need something to wear if we stop at a bar or restaurant?" she asked.

"Not a thing," I answered. "The whole place is nudist. The only thing you need is a towel to sit on."

Her reply was that she could hardly wait!

When we arrived at the Cap I went to the service office at the gate to purchase two day tickets and a pass for the car. Having acquired a nice plastic card we headed to the entrance gate, swiped the card through the reader, and the barrier lifted, taking us into another world.

Within seconds of driving through the gate Helen, said "Oh my god, look at that!" There was a couple walking along the road. He was naked, but she tottering along wearing "come-fuck-me" high heels, complete with a crutchless bright red butterfly thong, and topped off with rings in her pierced nipples. But her attention was soon taken by an elderly couple wobbling along naked riding their bicycles. This was swiftly followed by a stunning young girl in a totally see-through net dress.

"Wow," said Helen. "I do not know where to look next - it's all so different. Please park quickly, I want to be part of all this."

I managed to find a parking place beside the road not far from the beach. As I got out of the car I simply took off my shirt and threw it into the back of the car, Helen was horrified saying, "You are not going to strip here, are you? There must be a changing room somewhere."

I just laughed, and asked her what I could possibly change into.

"Oh, yes," she giggled. "Aren't I being silly?"

She then just stood there waiting. I slid my shorts off and put them in the car with my back to her. "That's not fair!" she said, "Turn around!"

So I teased her a bit then turned to face her. "Mmmm - nice cock," she said. "Stop that, or I'll end up with hard on!" I told her, "and that would not be nice, or at least it might not be appreciated just here."

It was now her turn, so she took off the dress, letting her shoulder straps goes. It slipped gently to the ground, and stepping out of it she stood facing me in just a very small pair of lacy "boy shorts", totally transparent, and really not more than a very fine mist of cloth that left nothing to the imagination. It was plain to see, too, that she was completely shaved.

"Can I keep them on for a while?" she asked. "It will help me adjust."

"Of course you can." I replied. "A lot of women walk around in sexy lingerie as a deliberate exhibitionist act."

"In that case perhaps I should just take them off then," she said, but I told her to leave them on and also to keep on your high heels. "Let's see what reaction you get!" I told her. "I must say that you look fabulous to me."

She asked what we should do first, and I suggested we had a drink, pointing out a nice bar close by.

"That's a good idea," she said. "It will give me time to cool off."

We walked to the bar via a small shopping arcade, and Helen could not get over the array of shops varying from supermarkets and beach shops to those selling party clothes and lingerie of all sorts. The only common denominator was that everything was designed to show off flesh -- and not just flesh, but the "naughty" bits in particular.

"Frank," she said. "This place just stinks of sex."

"I know. It's why a lot of people come here, as I told you."

"Oh, yes, but to see it in the flesh, so to speak, is very different; it makes it real. This is fantastic and is so much better than I thought."

"You wait until later - you might decide than that you hate the place." I laughed, and then said, "Helen, gently turn and look over there. See that couple sitting over there? They have been staring at you since we arrived. Your "New Look"" is working, and as she turned around she said, "Oh yes, you are right!" And as we walked past them she whispered to me to watch as she bent down with her legs slightly apart to adjust her shoe, giving them a perfect view of her ass.

I jokingly told her that she was a naughty bitch and that what she had done was not fair, but they surely got more than they had bargained for!!

Now for that drink. We found a table with a nice view of the Parade to the beach. Couples in all shapes, sizes and ages strolled to the beach passing us as we sipped our drinks. Some were just naked, some of the women were wearing micro mini skirts, short enough to show their pussies with every step, some with small scarves tied around their waists but with the front open displaying their charms to all.

Helen was amused. "Frank," she said to me, "How come that with all this on display you don't have a permanent hard-on?"

I chuckled, and told her that I just had to try to hold back; reminding her that it was not only me, but that it was the same for all the other guys.

"However, Helen," I laughed again. "I can tell that it is getting to you, though."

"What do you mean?" she grinned.

"Your knickers are soaking wet! I think it is time to take them off, don't you?" With that and without any apparent concern she stood up and slipped them off, at the same time moving her chair to face me. Sitting again with her legs apart she used her panties to dry her pussy, all the time looking me in the eye. By this time my cock was defiantly way past half mast, and I told her that she was a bitch for doing that on purpose.

"I knew it would not be too difficult to get past your "I am so calm", barrier," she grinned.

Leaving the money for the drinks on the table we got up, and hand in hand walked on to the beach. "Can we paddle along the tide line?" she asked, "It's so long since I got my feet wet."

I told her that it was a good idea, so that her wet feet could match her dripping wet pussy, so she retaliated by hitting me and running off, shouting for me to chase her! But though I continued to stroll I soon caught up with her. She grabbed my hand and said that she could not get over the way people were just lying there on the beach with their legs apart showing off to anyone who walks past. No one seemed to care if you stared at them, as if it were a case of really is see and be seen.

We had been walking for about 5 minutes when she said," Frank, what section of the beach is this then?"

"Believe it or not this is still the family section," I told her. "Look down there", and I pointed to a bar at the back of the beach. "Well, just past that is the Adult section." Her response was to suggest we kept on walking, as she wanted to see for herself.

As we continued two women came towards us. One had her nipples pierced, with a gold chain linking them and down to a chain around her waist, which in turn linked down to a ring in her pussy. The other had a long chain that appeared to originate deep inside her pussy with a charm attached to the other end swinging between her knees.

Helen muttered that she had never seen any thing like that. She said that she had often wondered about a nice little ring in her nipple, and thought it might be a turn on, but she had never imagined that she would see something going even further than that, let alone on a public beach.

"You wait. You will see a lot of piercings, and even men with big cock rings. I told her. "Now they do look painful!"

We were getting close to the adult section when Helen stopped said, "Is that what I think it is?" At the edge of the water a girl was standing there playing with a very erect cock!

"Oh yes," I said, "and it will get even better yet!"

We moved towards the centre of the area. The beach was packed, with couples and groups lying so close to each other that it was difficult to navigate between the towels. On any other beach it would not have been considered comfortable having others so close but here it was all part of the game. Finally we saw a space, but we virtually had to step over bodies to get there. We spread out our towels and sat down.

Helen nudged me to point out a girl giving a blow job, whilst nearby was a guy finger fucking his girl, and beyond that was a woman playing with two cocks at once! Wow!!!!!

I told her, though, that it was still early yet, and that the action really had not begun, and that this was just a light aperitif to get people in the mood.

"I don't know about that," she confessed, "but I am definitely in the mood, If you thought I was wet earlier I am positively dripping now."

"Fantastic! You are pleased you came then?" I asked her.

"Oh yes," she replied. "This is the most exciting thing I have done for years.

The atmosphere is so full of sex I have never known anything like it. You're right again, though. This is not just for the young and fit, it is for people of all ages. That couple over there must be in their 70's and by the look of him still well up for it! I do hope I feel the same way at their age."

"Will you be telling Jean-Paul, about this then?" I joked.

"Not likely," she said. "Are you going to tell your wife?"

"What, that I came here, or that I came with you?" I teased. Then I said more seriously, "She knows I come here now and again, but she definitely does not need to know about you, does she? Any more than Jean-Paul needs to know. "

I then told her to turn over as she did not want to get burnt by the sun, and that I would rub some cream on for her. She handed me her cream, rolled over onto her tummy and I started to apply it between her shoulders, slowly working down to her bum, and not forgetting her sides with my hands just brushing the sides of her breasts. All the time she was quietly making small mewing sounds. When I reached her buttocks I stopped and moved down to start again at her feet.

She murmured, "You bastard! I was enjoying that!"

"Don't worry," I said. "There's more to come."

I slowly applied the cream to both her legs working my way up her thighs. She was spreading her legs wider as my hand climbed higher, so that I and those around us had a clear view of her dripping pussy as my fingers brushed her now prominent lips which were blushing red with obvious excitement. She gave out a loud sigh, and again I moved my attention, but this time to her bum. All the time I was rubbing, squeezing and spreading the cheeks of her ass, and was even applying the sun cream to her tight little ass hole, murmuring something about her not wanting that t be burned, too!

I slapped her ass firmly and then told her to turn over while I did her front. As she rolled over on to her back she saw that a number of people around her were watching intently. In fact, the couple next to us, an attractive 40 something pair, were mutually masturbating each other. She was gently sliding her hand up down his shaft, his cock not too long but very thick, while he had two fingers deeply buried in her pussy with his thumb rubbing her clit. She said, (in German, I thought), "Don't stop now!"

"Helen," I asked, "are you comfortable with this? Do you want me to carry on?"

"Oh yes, please," she cried. "This is getting better and better!!"

"You don't mind the audience?" I asked.

"No. I have never been so turned on in my life, so don't you dare stop now, you bastard."

I started again with her hands and arms, massaging them and applying the cream as I went. After her arms I started on her chest, paying particular attention to her lovely small tits, squeezing and pulling at her nipples which were now at least an 1" long and very thick. She was starting to pant, and was obviously close to an orgasm, so I stopped playing with her tits to keep building the tension within her all the time, and moved down to her belly. Again she called me a bastard but this time loud enough for all to hear. It engendered small ripples of appreciation. I kept up the massage till I reached the top of her pussy, just brushing her mons, She was now pushing her hips up to force my hands towards her pussy, but again I stopped, starting on her legs once more.

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