tagGroup SexI'm Bored Ch. 02

I'm Bored Ch. 02


"For those of you that have read the first part of this story and either loved it or hated it I hope that you will all now enjoy reading part 2.

I would like to point out that these stories are in the large part true and all of the incidents I have described have actually taken place but not necessarily all on the same day.

For those of you who are thinking about going to Cap d' Agde, I would point out that all these incidents took place during June/July 2008. As the season progresses, particularly in August, mounted Police can patrol the beach and the dunes; and be warned: - it is illegal to have sex in public in France. Often large fines or even prison sentences are given. However, after 6pm when the Police go home, 'Play' starts again in earnest".


My friend Helen, a local Doctor's wife, and I both live the Languedoc region of Southern France. We met at party a couple of years ago and have been firm friends ever since. Ever since then, too, we have seen each other two or three time a week for a glass of wine or, if we have time, lunch.

We are both long-term married and are comfortable with the fact, and neither of us has any desire to leave our respective partners. Up until recently our relationship has always been platonic, but that all changed when she told me that she was bored and wanted to put some excitement back into her life. A week or so ago I took her to the nudist and swingers resort of Cap d' Agde, and what we saw and did together on that day has changed both our lives for ever.

Just over a week after Helen's first trip to Cap d' Agde, she and I were having lunch at one of our normal venues when she said; "Angie has called me a couple of times in the last week. She and Walter are really missing us. I know we have only met them once but we all shared so much that day. I feel as if they are old friends and they seem to think the same way. She called me again this morning to remind us we promised to come to lunch soon, so are you doing anything tomorrow? Can we go? "

"Well," I said, "I really don't have any urgent work at the moment. That is there is nothing that cannot be put off for a few days at least. So, I guess there is no real reason why not. I'll just have to check with my wife that she has nothing planned. Hang on; let me give her a call."

Putting the phone down I said that she had nothing planned and was fine about it. As usual she did not even ask me where I was going. I just muttered something about work and not getting back till after dinner.

"I'm willing to bet, though, that you have already found an excuse for Jean-Paul? " I asked her.

"Yes, of course," she replied. "He is never normally a problem these days. As you know I have to virtually make an appointment to see him. I am getting to be just like one of his patients. I told him that I am going to Beziers, for a bit of retail therapy with the girls. I even told him that we would be having dinner on the way home, so we do not have too rush to be home particularly early either."

"Well, I guess we are all set." I said to her. "You had better call Angie & Walter and let them know we can come and see them tomorrow, if that's still OK with them.

They were of course delighted and we arranged to them meet at Café 1664 on the edge of the Heliopolis Commercial Centre. It is a place to sit, have a drink, see and be seen. It is on a little cross road (path) so people parading in and out of the Commercial Centre, together with those coming and going to the beach can be seen. Altogether it is a true voyeurs' paradise.

After a lovely lunch and a few glasses of the local rosé wine I said my goodbyes to Helen, giving her as always in public a very respectable kiss on the cheek (or, to be precise, three kisses in the French manner), arranging to pick her up at ten o'clock the next morning. Luckily none of our friends have any idea of the other side of our life.

The next morning she was already waiting for me when I arrived, wearing another of her lovely sundresses. This one was sunflower yellow and buttoned down the front, and was quite short. As I could see two sets of fine shoulder straps it was obvious that she was not braless this time, although her little tits still moved gently under her top as she walked towards the car.

As she got into the car the air con played the same tricks with her nipples, popping them out immediately. She has the most sensitive nipples of any woman I have ever known. Chuckling, she said, "You do that on purpose every time I get into this blasted car", and reaching over she turned the air conditioning down a bit, but not too much.

Unusually she was carrying a small shopping bag. "What's in the bag?" I asked.

"My shoes," she said, pulling one out to show me. It was a strappy little sandal with wicked high heels. "I could hardly leave the house wearing these, now, could I? I bought them especially for today, together with the outfit I am wearing under my dress."

"And what is that?" I asked to which she replied that I would have to wait and see. She said that Angie had phoned again yesterday afternoon and told her that she wanted them both to dress up sexily for today.

I was definitely getting the feeling that the two had been up to no good, and asked what else they had arranged?

"You will just have to wait and see," she said. "So turn off the radio, please. I need to talk seriously to you before we get there. I need you to be particularly patient and supportive to me today. I know you always are, but where I find myself in my life now is really all your fault."

"My fault?" I spluttered.

"Yes, naturally. If you had not brought me to the Cap in the first place I would still be the same old bored but fairly contented little housewife that I was. At the Cap last week I was forced to come to terms with a side of me that I have never seen before. A side of me that I am afraid could take over completely, that is if I am not very, very careful. However, today I want you to help me to continue to explore the new Helen. And it goes without saying that I want you to explore it with me. I promise you that today is going to be another journey into the unknown for me. I know you have done similar things in the past but now it's my turn. I fully intend to try and do a lot of things that I have never done before. Please be at my side and whatever happens, don't get jealous and never forget that I will be going home with you."

I reassured her that what ever she did would be all right by me and that I would help her experience anything she wanted. But also I would be there to protect her, but only if she needed me.

She snuggled up against me kissing my cheek and said, "Thanks Frank. I knew that you would understand. Let's hope we both have a lovely day."

It was typically another beautiful South of France day, with the clearest blue skies and not even a hint of cloud in sight. The temperature promised to be 28 degrees, and that going to be just perfect.

The drive to Cap d' Agde took no more then 45 minutes,

On arrival I popped into the security office, paid our entrance fee and acquired the plastic swipe card that got us and the car through the gates and into the complex. It did not take long to find a parking place in the street by the side of the marina. I got out of the car and stripped naked as usual, throwing my shorts and shirt into the back of the car, knowing I would have no further use for either of them until we went home.

When Helen emerged from the car she had already undone the front of her dress, and had put on her new sandals. She turned to face me, opening her dress wide showing me that she was wearing a transparent lace teddy with four silk bows fastening the front, together with a matching minuscule thong that almost, but not quite, covered her pussy. In fact she had to adjust it as it had slipped between her pussy lips leaving them clearly on view on either side of the material.

Just looking at her gave me an immediate erection, and a couple walking by gave us both a very loud "wolf whistle", naturally, also attracting the attention of a bunch of people who were sitting at the two bars opposite.

"Come on Helen," I laughed, "We had better get out of here before we get arrested! "

Throwing her dress in the car after my clothes she tottered off in front of me on her high heals, saying, "I think I should have practised walking in these first"!

I just laughed and offered her my arm which she gratefully accepted. However, after about 200 metres she had got to grip with the shoes. She has a natural grace and balance and had learnt to strut slightly, just like a model on the catwalk. She looked absolutely fabulous, turning heads as we walked, and believe me it was definitely all I could do to keep my cock under control.

As we emerged out of the shopping arcade of the Heliopolis Commercial Centre, Angie and Walter were already sitting at a table in the shade waiting for us.

Walter took one look at Helen and like me his cock shot up without regard for those around us. He had to sit down quickly and cover it with his towel. I was in no better state as Angie got up to kiss me hello. She too was wearing a very sexy outfit. Hers was a matching diaphanous top with peep holes for her nipples and crotchless shorts with a fine gold chain around her waist. The outfit was fantastic and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Again, as with Helen's outfit, she had finished off with ridiculously high heeled shoes.

Sitting down quickly I too had to place my towel in my lap. It is not really the done thing to get a boner in public places - at least during the day when kids are about, although it does happen a lot and very few people take any notice. It has to be said that it is not that unusual for some women in bars to flash their pussies at the guys just to force such a reaction.

That being said, Walter and I calmed down enough to remove the towels and with cocks at a respectable half mast we managed to order some drinks. We sat drinking, talking and ogling the parade for an hour or so when Angie said, "Come on, let's go back to our place and have the lunch I promised you. I have been slaving over a cold salad all morning. Then after lunch, if you want, we can go to the beach."

"Where is your apartment?" I asked.

"Just over there," she said, pointing to the Heliopolis apartment building behind us. We are in the last block near to the sea on the third floor.

We had only walked about 100 metres when Angie grabbed my arm panting and said, "I have to stop for a minute." Her face was also highly flushed. My immediate reaction was that she was not well.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Are you OK?"

Helen came and took her other arm looking most concerned. "I am fine," she said. "I just had a lovely orgasm - that's all. "

"What in heaven caused that?" Helen asked

She replied, "I am wearing my love balls."

"What are they?" Helen asked.

"These," came the reply, pushing a finger into her pussy and retrieving a string which she pulled it out of her cunt, and out popped two silver balls about 40mm in diameter linked by a small chain.

"Wow", said Helen. "They look amazing! How do they work?"

"As you move, so they bang against each other and give you the most incredible feelings. I have been wearing them since I left the apartment this morning, and I must have come at least half a dozen times; I'm really surprised you did not notice, in fact every time I squeezed your hand in the bar I had had another one. "

"They sound fantastic, almost too good to be true. Can I try them later?" Helen asked.

"Of course," said Angie, "but on one condition - you have to let me put them in for you! "

Walter and Angie had a lovely flat with a great view of the Mediterranean. Its main feature was a huge balcony that was really all part of the living area, and could be divided by huge sliding glass doors. Walter ushered us out on to the balcony where the table was already set for lunch.

Angie had disappeared straight into the kitchen, getting the food out of the fridge. She had prepared a lovely salad with a multitude of different meats and cheeses. I was given the task of opening the bottles and pouring the wine.

Helen was leaning over the balcony looking at the view when Walter snuggled up behind her and nibbled one of her ears and then proceeded to kiss the back of her neck. He told her to look down, pointing at a floor below where a threesome were "playing", with each other obviously in the middle of what appeared to be a huge fucking secession - all in plain view of anyone who cared to look down from above. What a turn on!

Walter said,"You always have to remember that unless you open out the overhead sunblind you can always be seen from above, but just like on the beach we don't mind an audience, and in fact it is almost to be expected."

"Oh fuck!" Helen said. "I have not yet had lunch and I am feeling so horny and so turned on. Look!" as she pushed her hips forward, "I'm already so wet my pussy is leaking juice down my legs."

Walter ran his hand up the inside of her legs, and then licking her juice off his fingers he murmured with appreciation, "That's lovely!"

At that moment I came back out and I handed each of them a glass of perfectly cold Picpoul de Pinet white wine, one of the finest wines of the region. They were really spoiling us. Helen took a sip, licked her lips and put her glass down.

She knelt down between us and taking hold of both of our cocks, one in each hand, she proceeded to alternate between us, wanking and sucking our cock's one after the other. She even tried to get both our cocks in her mouth at once. It was the first time I'd felt another guys cock even if it was through my own. I had always been turned off by the thought in the past, and I must say it was not an unpleasant experience. Walter and I clinked glasses together, toasting each other. Excellent wine and a first class blow-job; what more could any man ask for?

Angie came out of the kitchen laughing saying, "Hey Helen, leave some for me!"

Helen also chuckled and kissed each of our dicks on the head, taking a little pre-cum from us both on her tongue. Then, standing up, she kissed Angie hard on the lips, pushing her tongue into Angie's mouth, transferring our juices to her. At the same time Helen ran a finger between Angie's other lips and let it slip it deep into her pussy.

Suddenly, all thought of lunch was forgotten.

Angie said to Helen that she thought that she said that she did not "Play", to which Helen replied, "Ah, but that was last week. A lady is always allowed to change her mind! But then again," she said, still chuckling, "No one has ever accused me of being a lady either! Up until last week I had never before been naked on a beach, let alone seen other people sucking and fucking right in front of me. Today I told Frank I wanted to be a new Helen. So you had better believe me when I say that I have left the old Helen at home, at least for today."

All this time Helen still had a finger deeply buried in Angie's pussy, as she continued, "And today I want to be a day of firsts. For a start I have just sucked two cocks at the same time, and now I want to kiss your pussy, Angie, if that is all right. "

"Oh, yes please," begged Angie, sitting back onto a chair and pushing her pussy forward over the edge and spreading her legs wide as she sat. Helen, still with her finger buried deeply, sank down on the floor in front of her and gently, hesitantly even, leaned forward as if first taking in the smell of another woman's essential scent. She then placed a small kiss just above Angie's clit and let her tongue flick out and swirl it around the growing bud which instantly popped out of its protective hood.

Angie started to squirm in her chair, and her breathing becoming very ragged. Helen was now not only getting well into her task but obviously enjoying it! Removing her fingers from Angie's cunt she parted and pulled on her very pronounced pussy flaps, sucking each one right into her mouth. Angie by now was thrashing around screaming in German, her hands clamped on Helen's head pulling her tight against her cunt as she spasmed again and again.

I poured Walter another glass of wine as we both drank and gently masturbated as we watched the show.

By now Helen's ass was sticking up in the air wriggling around, her cunt continuing to leak, with her pussy juice flowing down the inside of her legs. I have never seen her so wet before, and that includes last week when I was finger fucking her on the beach in front of an audience, and boy, was she wet then!

Walter turned to me and asked if I would mind as he pointed to Helen's ass. "Be my guest," I said.

He put down his wine glass and getting on his knees behind her he took his cock and rubbed it purposefully up and down her slit, putting his fat cock head just at the entrance to her hole as if readying her for his rock hard length, when, without hesitation or bothering to look who was about to fuck her, she pushed back fast and hard taking his cock in one thrust.

By now it was me that was beginning to feel left out. I was in serious need of attention myself, and my balls were beginning to feel as if they would burst if I did not get some relief very soon. The only available unused hole was Angie's mouth so it seemed a shame if not a waste not to fill it!

I walked round to her head, stroking my cock and offered it to her, rubbing it over her lips. Her mouth opened almost in an involuntary action allowing me to slide straight to the back of her throat. Boy, could she suck cock! At one point she was also fondling my ball sack, and at the same time had a finger up my ass massaging my prostate gland. What a feeling, and although I tried very hard, believe me, I really did not last long.

I filled Angie's mouth with squirt after squirt of my creamy spunk, but rather than swallow it immediately she lifted Helen's head from her lap, kissing her and swapping my come from mouth to mouth between them. The sight of this was just too much for Walter and with a loud grunt he shot his load deep inside Helen's cunt, then pulling, out allowing his spunk to mix with Helen's cunt juice as it ran down the inside of her legs. The insides of Angie's legs were in no better state, either. Angie said we should all go and get in the shower to clean up.

Helen replied that she could go if she wished, but that she wanted to wear her juicy covering with pride when we walked down the beach. Angie said that she guessed that that would mean no shower for any of us, and forecasted that we should make quite a sight! At least we had licked the guys clean!

As we broke apart to calm down there was a polite ripple of applause from the balcony above, and on looking up we could see an elderly couple who must have been well into their 70's. As they turned away he was pulling at her surprisingly firm nipples I can only assume, and hope, that they had fucked as well.

Helen now said, "Well, after that I am now definitely hungry, and we cannot let all this food go to waste, can we?"

Over lunch I asked Walter how long they had the apartment, to which he replied, "For ever." He said that his parents had bought it when Cap d' Agde was first built, and that when his father died it had been passed on to him in his fathers will.

"I can never remember not being here," he said. "When I was a child we always came here for our holidays. My parents came a lot more often than I did - in fact several times during the summer and normally with friends of theirs. Often quite a party of them would come together, the others renting extra apartments. On those occasions I was never allowed to come and I always had to go stay with my grandparents. It was years later after my eighteenth birthday that I found out that my parents were swingers, as were the all the friends they brought with them, and finally I was allowed to join in. It was my parents who introduced me to the "Adult" part of the beach.

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