tagLoving WivesI'm Glad I Didn't Have To Find Out

I'm Glad I Didn't Have To Find Out


As I look back on it now I don't know if I would have really cheated on Mark, but I do know that I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

For the first 7 years of our marriage I considered our sex life great. Mark was a very tender and giving lover that from time to time would get really wild and just fuck me for all he was worth. It was great.

Then I started listening to the conversations that my friends were having. They were all talking about the men they were fucking. Some of them were single, but most of them were married. The women...including the married ones...were having hot wild sex with men with large cocks. The married women were NOT talking about their husbands. They were having affairs.

They kept talking about how long and thick their lovers' cocks were and how much they enjoyed getting fucked by cocks that big.

They frequently described the sizes of the cocks as being 9, 10, 11, or even 12 inches long. At first I wasn't really interested by the whole thing, but over time the idea slowly crept into my mind.

Let me reiterate that I had always considered my sex life with Mark to be great. Hearing about large thick cocks and the kinds of pleasures that they gave to the other women though made me start thinking about Mark's cock.

I'd never really thought about the size of Mark's cock, I'd only been with a few men in my life and though Mark's wasn't the biggest I'd had it wasn't the smallest either. I'd never really measured it, but I guessed that it was around 5 inches long.

My friends were talking about fucking guys with cocks twice the size of Mark's. I'd never experienced anything that size before and the way that the described the pleasure that the large cocks gave them...well I knew that I'd never felt like that with Mark.

I hated myself for that. I love Mark, I love making love to Mark, but I started thinking about him as sexually inferior. I should have just walked away from my friends and not listened to any more of their conversations, but I didn't. The more I listened the more I started thinking about having a large cock inside me.

I was conflicted though. On the one hand I was excited by the idea of getting fucked by a big cock. On the other hand I knew that if Mark found out I was fucking another man I'd lose him. I also knew that I'd never be able to keep it a secret from Mark. Several times during our marriage I'd done something and then admitted it to Mark right away because I felt so guilty about it.

There was no way that I could go behind Mark's back to have a big cock.

That's when I decided to talk to him about it. I thought that at the very least getting it out in the open would give him the chance to say no and then maybe I could just forget about it.

I sat him down one night and told him that I wanted to experience a big cock and I explained to him how I had come to want to try it.

The first thing he said was that he didn't want me spending time with those friends anymore as they were obviously filling my head with bad ideas. I can't say that I blame him for that. If I hadn't been hanging out with them I'd have lived the rest of my life knowing that Mark was all I needed and wanted.

I was surprised that he didn't immediately say no to me having sex with someone with a big cock. He said that he needed to think about it. He asked me not to do anything until he'd made his decision. I promised that I wouldn't do anything without his consent.

I waited patiently for 3 months without asking him if he'd made his decision yet. I longed for him to tell me...yes or no...I just wanted to know. If the answer was no I could try to forget it...I was pretty sure that I could if I had to. If the answer was yes I was eager to find a man with a large cock to fuck me.

When he finally did give me his answer it wasn't one that I was expecting.

We had just finished making love and Mark rolled off the bed saying that he'd made up his mind. I sat up in nervous anticipation looking at him awaiting what would be a potentially life altering decision.

He said that he understood why I wanted a big cock and that if I wanted to experience a big cock he would let me do it. I was immediately excited, but then as he continued talking I became confused.

He said that if I wanted to try a big cock I could, but he would be providing the big cock. I asked him why he would want to pick out the guy for me...I figured he'd want as little to do with it as possible.

He said he wasn't going to pick out the guy...he said there wasn't going to be a guy. I asked how I would get to try a bigger cock if there wasn't another guy.

That's when Mark walked over to his closet and pulled out the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

In truth it's pretty ugly, but to a woman that wanted to try a big cock without risking losing her husband it was absolutely beautiful.

It was a cock extender sleeve for men. He said he'd done some research and found it online. He slipped it over his still erect cock and it turned Mark's 5 inch cock into a 9 inch cock. Since it had a sleeve that went over his cock not only was it longer, it was also thicker than Mark's normal cock.

I stared at it in awe for a minute. I was so preoccupied staring at it that when Mark asked if I wanted to try it out I jumped. I looked at him and he asked me again if I wanted to try it out. I flopped onto my back in the middle of the bed with my legs spread wide and I beckoned him to come to me.

OH MY GOD!!! I love Mark, and I love making love to him with his cock, but the feeling of having that gorgeous...amazing...wonderful cock extender enter me for the first time...it was incredible.

In that first moment all thoughts of having sex with any other man vanished. My husband the man I loved with all my heart had found a way to give me what I wanted without having to involve another man.

He fucked me hard and deep with that amazing cock extender. I had 3 orgasms in less than 15 minutes. I'd had orgasms during sex with Mark so it wasn't as if the cock extender was needed for that, but it was easier and they were much closer together.

Mark and I kept our eyes locked together the entire time. After my 3rd orgasm he stopped thrusting and stayed over me...the cock extender still inside me. I told him thank you and pulled his face down so that I could kiss him.

In that post orgasmic bliss Mark laid out a few rules that I was happy to agree to.

He said that we would not be using the cock extender every time we had sex so I shouldn't expect it. He said that he would decide when we would use it because he didn't want me to get obsessed with it at the expense of loving him. I immediately agreed as I understood completely. I loved Mark...the man...I wanted to be with my husband. I loved making love to Mark and his cock. I loved Mark all the more for coming up with a way to let me experience a big cock.

He said that when we did use it I would have to suck his cock and make love to him normally before he would put it on. I love making love with my husband so I had no problem with that and I readily agreed.

He also said that I would have to be more open to having anal sex. I'd never been a fan of it, but he was making a sacrifice fucking me with a cock that wasn't really his so I could deal with having anal sex more often.

It has been 6 months since Mark first fucked me with what we have come to call "Super Mark". We've used it 5 times since then for a total of 6 times. I have enjoyed it every time, but what I enjoy even more is knowing that the man I love found a way to give me what I wanted.

I don't know if I would have eventually cheated on Mark to get fucked by someone with a big cock. When I think about it I get a pain in my stomach. If I had cheated on Mark I would have lost him and no cock no matter how big or how much pleasure it could give me is worth losing the man I love.

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