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I'm Going Out


My wife Lynn and her sister Cindy were planning a night out away from the hubbies and kids. I had just arrived home from work and was getting comfortable on the couch when Lynn came and sat down beside me. She had this pouty look on her beautiful face as she dropped the bomb on me. "Will you baby sit while Cindy and I go to the dog track?" She asked. I always give my wife permission to go out without me as it gives me the opportunity to create fantasies about her being a very naughty wife and this time was no different.

"Sure babe, do whatever you like. I’ll gladly watch the kids while you go out and hook up with some single young stud," I answered smiling. Lynn rolled her doe like eyes at me and called me a pervert for wanting her to be unfaithful. Even so, she kissed me on the cheek and pranced away to call her sister to tell her the good news.

Let me explain a little first. I’ve told my sexy, 5’-7" 120 lb, blonde haired d-cup wife about my fantasies. She knows that I write nasty sex stories about her and what I would like for her to do with other men. She begrudgingly puts up with my perverted desires and has on occasion, played little teasing games about "boyfriends" and such when we are having making love. It drives me wild to think about another man being in my place when I’m between her legs pounding away.

Anyway, back to my partially true story. After Lynn hung up with her sister she jumped in the shower. She was in there a long time and I assumed that she was probably shaving her legs as well as her pussy. She keeps her vagina shaved smooth around her lips and leaves just a tiny patch of downy soft hair on her mound. I love to lick at her hairless sex, it’s just so tasty and I often imagine that she is overflowing with the seed of a young stud as I lick away while doing my husbandly duty. So far, she has allowed me to clean my own fuck out of her but only a few times. I think she may have actually enjoyed the experience as well, I know that I did.

The water finally shut off and as I past by the closed door (which was quite often) I heard her rummaging through her bags of make up and stuff. The door opened and Lynn called out to me. I quickly went to her to see what my beautiful bride needed and also to get a glimpse of her nude sexy body. I stared for a moment as she pushed the slut red lipstick tube around her full pouty mouth making her luscious lips ready to kiss and a slight smirk became apparent on those lips as she watched me gawking at her through the mirror.

She continued to sexily apply the slutty color and then rolled her lips together making sure that they were completely covered in the erotic paint. She playfully blew me a kiss and asked if I was enjoying the show. I didn’t answer, I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and staring at her sexy cherry red lips. Her light green eyes darted downward to the small bulge that was growing rapidly in the front of my pants and she said, "I guess that some little thing is enjoying the show after all."

As she carried on with the rest of her makeup, I asked her what she needed from me? Lynn was in a naughty mood tonight because she asked me to prepare her clothes for her to wear. I love dressing her up and she knew that this little ritual would tease and torment me all evening long. She also knows that if I am excited and denied the pleasure of making love to her that I will be a better and hopefully longer lasting lover for when she returns. It would be nice if I could satisfy her with my slightly under average penis but my tongue is usually the winner. She’s teased me before by telling me that I just don’t have what it takes to "do her properly." Yes, it does sting a little but the humiliation really turns me on especially when she makes me apologize for failing.

She was using the black eyeliner when she requested that I get her new low-rise hip-hugger jeans out of her closet and I knew exactly which pair she meant. These jeans were tight (size 3) and fit snuggly around her perfect butt. There was no rear pockets and they displayed her hot little ass wonderfully. The sexy blue jeans also lacked a zipper nor did they have a button; instead, they laced up the front with a leather string. She has to wear thong panties under these way to ass-hugging tight jeans because she likes it when there are no panty lines showing and regular panties would definitely show right through. I neatly laid them on the bed and adjusted my hard penis.

I returned to the bathroom to be at her side and to continue ogling. She was brushing her long blonde hair to where the golden tresses wrapped perfectly around her beautiful angelic face. She looked at me through the mirror and said, "you can get my hot-pink shirt now, and you know the one. It’s kind of a soft stretchy material and fits really tight. It’s also low cut too show off my cleavage and it comes to about here." She had indicated to a point that was just barely above her pierced belly button. I scampered back into the bedroom and took the garment out of her drawer. To give you a better description of what it looks like, it’s the kind of shirt that would fit on a baby doll when not worn then stretch out like a rubber band to accommodate a full grown lusty woman such as my sexy wife. It fits her very nicely; trust me, I’ve seen her in it.

Lynn sauntered into the bedroom in all her naked glory. She looked at me and licked her hot red lips asking, "do I look ok?" I informed her that she was the sexiest babe that I had ever seen and that I was very fortunate to have her as my wife. She smirked at me and said, "yes, you are." I humbly asked my sexy hot wife if she had any idea’s about what she wanted to wear under her clothes. She said, "let’s look in my lingerie drawer together, surely I have something you can dress me in." I eagerly pulled the sacred drawer front open and exposed her sexy underwear. I love this drawer and sometimes when she’s not home I finger through it feeling her silky and lacy naughties. I sometimes get so hard that I take a pair into the bathroom and masturbate my little dick until I ejaculate. I often let my empty sperm (I’ve been fixed) dribble onto the crotch of her tiny panties, that is if I have the time to hand wash them out before she gets home and discovers the mess. I always imagine that it is her boyfriend’s cum inside the panty crotch. He put it deep inside her belly and slowly his potent virile sperm drained back out becoming trapped by her panty. I really get hard at these nasty thought’s.

We perused her panty drawer until she found what she wanted. She pulled the dainty little undie from under the pile of her other neatly folded and hand washed (by me) panties. She held the tiny nylon garment up and said, "these." I took the delicate panty from her and placed it on the bed beside the rest of her outfit. The panties were made of see thru nylon and of course they were thongs. The front of the light pink panties was in the shape of a butterfly and it was also adorned with little pearl like jewels. The thin side strips of elastic were designed to ride high upon her hips and the thin little crotch and thong would dig into her sex. She liked this pair as the material would split her pussy lips apart and stimulate her clitoris as she walked. I fantasized about fucking her while she wore such sexy outfits but alas, it was only just fantasy.

"Hello," my wife said breaking me from my trance. "Quit playing with your little pee-pee and get me the pink quarter cup bra that clasp’s in the front." I came back to reality only to discover that I was indeed rubbing furiously at the front of my pants. "You are such a pervert," she stated. "You can’t even dress me without thinking of another man satisfying your wife. One of these days I’m going to find a real young stud and then we’ll see what you really think about having an unfaithful wife!" I lowered my eyes as she berated me, "god your such a wimp; look at your little thingy, it’s practically dripping your useless cum already." She was right; I was about to orgasm as she humiliated me. She sent me away as she didn’t feel that I should be watching her dress anymore because I wasn’t a "real man." I obediently left the room and she closed the door behind me.

I didn’t go far. In fact, I stopped and got down on my knees to peep through the keyhole in the doorknob. I watched as she wrapped the pink shelf bra around her chest and fastened the tiny gold clasp. Her large breasts were pushed up and smashed together creating a deep cleavage and her hard eraser sized nipples were left fully exposed. She toyed with her nipples as she posed in the mirror and was obviously becoming aroused. She then disappeared from view only to return a few seconds later. Oh my god! She had the large life-like dildo that I had bought her several years ago.

She lay back on the bed and spread her long slender legs as wide as she could. She was peering into the mirror at her reflection and guided the large latex cock to her vagina. I was slowly pulling at my own dick as well when she slid the huge head of the fake cock into the folds of her cunt lips and twisted. She rubbed the 8" shaft along her sex to fully wet the large phallus. I gawked as she inserted the large head into her pussy about an inch, twisted it around, and then pulled it back out only to rub it along her pussy lips once more. She stuck "him" back inside only this time about 3 inches penetrated her tight pussy before she twisted and pulled it back out. She repeated this process at least two more times before finally embedding the entire rubber cock deep inside her body. I saw that her luscious mouth was partially open and watched as she worked her nipples vigorously with her free hand.

Her hips lifted off the bed and undulated as she fucked the dildo. I had never caught her masturbating before so this was a first for me. It was so damn decadent to watch as my bride drove the huge latex cock deep inside her womb. Was she thinking about me? I doubt it. She was probably thinking the same thing I was that she had a powerful young stud between her legs making love to her. I had already ejaculated but still continued to work my fingers along the short shaft of my penis. She was close to orgasm herself as her undulations had become more erratic and she was pulling harshly on her nips. Her arm never moved, she was now lifting her hips up fucking herself onto the large fake cock. She fucked it hard as her orgasm racked her body and then she slowly relaxed. She floated back into a laying position on the bed and I watched her chest move up and down as she panted, gasping for air.

After resting for a brief minute, Lynn sat up a stared directly at the door. Did she know that her peeping hubby was there? A crooked smile crossed her lips and I knew that she knew that I was there. She picked up the butterfly panties and carefully stepped into the flimsy little garment. As she stood up pulling the panties with her she once again looked right at the keyhole. I was trying to be quiet but a small moan escaped my mouth when she covered her shaved pussy up with the sexy panty. I watched her eyes close and flutter when she pulled the panties up tight to her bare cunt. The protruding lips of her sex hung down on each side as the thin strip of material cut sharply into her soft flesh. She reached behind her and grabbed the thong guiding the string between her sexy butt-cheeks. Lynn brazenly pulled back and forth using the thin strip of nylon to stimulate her already protruding clit. She let go of the panty and turned to look at her sexy ass in the mirror. She continued to turn until she was showing her hot little ass to me, her peeping little husband. I was in heat for my sexy wife.

Being a bitch, she stepped out of my narrow view taking her jeans with her. I new that the show was over so I shamefully left my position and went into the bathroom to clean myself up. I had heard a car horn in the driveway and I went to see whom it was. Cindy had arrived and I motioned for her to come in while Lynn finished her "primping." Cindy said that she was going to drive them in her car because it being Saturday night and as the place is usually packed, parking would be difficult. We chatted as we waited for Lynn to finish dressing.

Cindy is as equally attractive as her little sister but she doesn’t dress as sexily. She is about 3 years older (37) and just a tad heavier but still she can be sexy when she wants to be. She to has long blonde hair that frames her pretty face and I know that she could use a good sexing from a young stud also. Although I’ve never seen her husband naked (nor would I ever want to) he probably isn’t packing as much as myself. I get along fine with my sister in-law but as my wife has told her of my fantasies, I wonder what she really thinks of me? It’s somewhat humiliating that she also knows that I’m a pervert but it also kinda turns me on as Cindy glances at me, I mean with her knowing my secrets and all.

The click of Lynn’s heels signaled us that she was coming. I stayed on the couch as my lovely wife sashayed into the living room and my little penis filled with blood immediately. She was beautiful, she was sexy and she was extremely hot. Cindy was gawking also as she noticed how her little sister had dressed. Cindy looked at me and our eyes met. Without saying a word, Cindy’s eyes asked me this question. "Are you going to allow your wife to go out dressed like a tart?" I squirmed under the silent humiliation as Cindy stared at me. Cindy smirked at me, as I said nothing. My guess my silence must have given her my answer. Once again it felt as if she was saying, "You’re such a wimp."

We again looked at my wife. Lynn had poured her sexy little body into the way to tight jeans and the tight stretchy mid-rift top. The nipples of her large breasts were the first attention grabbers. Her hard nipples made deviously sexy bumps in the soft material of the tight shirt and the half-cup bra pushed her tits up and out showing a lot of cleavage. Her belly button was decorated with a pink dangling jewel that hung down on a silver chain that really emphasized her bared tummy. The dangerously low-rise jeans did not hide the fact that she was wearing thong panties because you could plainly see the thin side straps. My eyes followed those sexy straps around her waist to her back where they then disappeared into the partially exposed crack of her hot married ass. I was in lust for my beautiful bride.

Lynn had slid her sexy feet into a pair of pink stiletto heeled ankle boots. I guessed that they were at least 4" high and the sharp heels also had metal tips. Each pink boot had a small silver chain that draped around the top of her foot for decoration purposes and if Cindy hadn’t been there I would have dropped to my knees and kissed her sexy boots. My eyes slowly traveled back up to her pretty face. She had tied a sexy little pink ribbon around her long slender neck and had placed large silver hoop earrings into her pierced earlobes. She also had a little pink jewel in the piercing that she had in the top of her left ear. I was proud of my wife. The girls whispered briefly to each other and giggled. Cindy told her baby sister that she looked slutty and Lynn returned her sisters sarcasm by saying that she should dress up like this the next time they have a girls night out. "You know that your thong is showing don’t you?" Cindy said sarcastically. Lynn looked right at me, put her hands on her hips and brazenly replied that she knew and that she didn‘t care. Cindy grasped the elastic waistband of Lynn’s panties and snapped it playfully. Once again both girls giggled. "Were going out now Jamie, don’t wait up, we might be out for a long time," my wife said with a impish snicker on her face. They laughed loudly as they both strutted their hot little butts out the front door.

As soon as they were out of sight, I went straight to the bedroom and pilfered through Lynn’s panty drawer. I picked up a silky pair of black satin panties and stuffed them down the front of my pants. I wrapped the panties around my hard little dick and then pulled my hand out. The silky panties caressed my aching swollen balls and penis as I walked down to the basement to check on the kids. I soon had the children in their beds and I was now all-alone. I was ready to play.

I hit the computer and surfed all the hotwife/cuckold sites that I knew off. I read dirty stories about promiscuous wives and their tiny dicked hubbies and thought of how lucky the cuckolded husbands of these hotties were. I was naked below the waist except for my penis, which was wrapped in my bride’s black satin panties. I pulled at my little penis with the tips of my fingers as I read each fuck fantasy. The feel of her silk panties had me cumming in no time flat and another reason was that I kept picturing Lynn as the hot wife in these naughty stories. I would use the crotch of her dainty panties to wipe away the small amount of goop that would drip out of my penis and then get another erection as I fantasized that it was another man’s sperm that had oozed out of her vagina.

I had been online for about two hours and was well on my way to a second small but nice orgasm when the phone rang. I ran for the phone hoping that it didn’t wake the kids and actually got to it on the second ring. "Hello," I said slightly out of breath. "It’s me," said Cindy. I asked if they were on their way home because I needed time to wash the cum out of Lynn’s panties. "Well not exactly," she said. "I lost all of my money and decided to leave because (she paused) well because I felt that I was just a third wheel." I didn’t understand what she was saying so I asked what she meant by being a third wheel? "I’m not quite sure how to tell you this but (she giggled) I’m by myself, I mean that Lynn is not with me." Another giggle came through the receiver and into my ear.

"What do you mean that she is not with you?" I asked with a quivering voice. "Well when we got there, we ran into a guy that used to go to the same high school as us. He is a couple of years younger than we are but we knew him because I dated his older brother." "So what’s this got to do with Lynn?" I nervously asked. "Well the three of us started talking and your wife was blatantly flirting with him. Oh by the way, he’s a DJ for a popular radio station in town; you’ve probably heard him on the radio. Anyway like I said, we were talking and you know how hot she was dressed (another giggle) well Andy just couldn’t take his eye’s off of her. They practically left me out of the conversation so I started gambling and when I turned back around they were gone." "Gone? What do you mean gone," I asked. "Well after losing all my money I went looking for them." "Did you find them and what were they doing?" I asked jealously. Once again my sister in law giggled as she explained the situation.

"They were in the bar and (another pause) well, well let’s just say that they were talking." I was shaking as I listened to every word closely. Cindy didn’t know it but at the time I was aiming little spurts of cum at the crotch of my wife’s panties. "Go on; tell me what happened next," I told her. "They were talking and I asked if she was ready to go and she said that Andy would give her a ride home and that’s that." "What else Cindy? What other things were they doing," I begged. "Hey! I probably shouldn’t have told you this much but I didn’t want you to get worried if she doesn’t show up tonight or something and also I just thought that you should know what you‘re wife was up to," she said with more giggles. Cindy knew that she was exciting my fantasies.

I dropped the receiver to the floor as Cindy said goodbye. My knees became weak and I turned out all of the lights and went back to the computer to sit down. I was so turned on by sis’s conversation that I feverishly worked my flaccid penis with Lynn’s cummy panties. It was now after midnight and Lynn still wasn’t home. Fantasies were running rampant throughout my mind as I pictured my wife having and adulteress affair. Was she fucking the young stud right now? Or better yet, was she sucking his large cock into her throat giving him something that she had only given me a couple of times since we’ve been married. All these naughty thoughts were working and my tiny member became hard once again.

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