I'm Going Out


A few minutes later a car pulled into our driveway and I heard the engine shut off. I snuck into the other room to look out the window because this window overlooks the driveway and as the lights were out, nobody could see me peeking. I could make out the figures of two persons and I knew that one of those bodies belonged to my bride. They appeared to be making-out and I watched them intently. The porch light gave me the ability to somewhat observe the goings on of the two passionate lovers and I swear that he was fingering Lynn’s pussy. After my wife came they broke their embrace and straightened up their clothing. A few seconds later, my wife got out of his car and gave him another quick kiss before climbing the steps to our front door. I dropped her messy panties and ran for the bedroom as she was opening the front door.

I pretended to be fast asleep when she came in the bedroom. She was undressing quietly and I couldn’t resist watching. I groaned a little to let her know that I was awake and I even acted like I was stretching from a long nap. "High baby, did you have a good time?" I asked. "Yes, we had fun but I lost all my money," she replied. I acted groggy and yawned as I peered at the clock. "You two were out for a while huh," I noted aloud. "Well Cindy was doing great on the nickel machines and I didn’t want to ruin her luck so we hung around for a little longer." I knew right away that she was planning to keep her affair a secret and deny me the erotic pleasure of having her tell me of her promiscuity. She disrobed and I watched as she took her panties and placed them underneath the pile of clothes that she had just taken off.

She complained of smelling like cigarette smoke and that she was just going to jump in the shower. As soon as I heard the water start to hit the shower stall I was out of bed and into the pile of dirty laundry. My penis was sticking straight out as I gazed at the pink thong panties that she had hidden under her other clothes. I briefly studied the crotch area and noticed that the small part that cut into her pussy was extremely wet. Was it his cum or was it her juices that coated the thin nylon material? I assumed that it was both of theirs combined.

Feeling like a naughty child, I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the pink strip of material that covered her vagina. My penis started oozing, as I tasted her panties. It tasted of her but there just weren’t enough juices on the small panty to determine if she had been unfaithful. I then wrapped her dainty panties around my little dick and started pulling on my shaft. I decided to check her tight blue jeans and when I brought them into the light I could see the dark area right away. They were soaked right through the outside and about three inches down each leg. She never got this wet for me so I knew that someone had made love to her. The inside of her sexy jeans was still thickly coated in the crotch and I pushed my fingertips into the slick goo. I looked at my shiny fingertips and then rubbed the head of my little dick smearing the sperm around and around. I came quickly and let my useless cum dribble onto her cum soaked blue jeans. I then took my fingers and once again used them to mix the new coating of ejaculate with the lovers. All of the sudden I found myself eagerly licking my fingers clean of the slick juices.

The water shut off and I quickly returned back under the covers turning out the lights as I did so. I could hear my wife humming happily as she dried off and I wondered if she would allow me the pleasure of pleasing her orally. I acted as if I was asleep as she rummaged through her drawers for a nighty to wear. I peeked as she slipped a pair of lacy, virgin white panties on followed by the top half of the baby-doll outfit. She tied it around her large breasts and then went to check on the kids. She came back and crawled into bed with me and I snuggled up to her tightly. I slid my hard aching dick between her legs and rubbed it along her panty-covered sex. She put her hand down there and pushed my dick away promptly. "Not tonight, I’m too tired and sleepy," she stated.

Lynn quickly fell asleep. I suppose that she was truly satisfied from the pleasure that this "Andy" had given her and that she was totally worn out. I tossed and turned until I too fell asleep. It was about 9am when I was awoken by my wife. She was sitting on the side of the bed gently stroking my hair. I opened my eyes and looked at my bride. She was beautiful. Her hair and make-up was already done and she still was wearing the virgin white, lace baby-doll nighty. Her hard nipples clearly showed through the thin material and it covered her body like an extremely short mini-dress.

"Hi baby," I said groggily. "Good morning," she replied as if she was singing. I leaned forward and tried to kiss her but she pushed me away. I was slightly shocked as to why the rebuff but I was soon to find out. "Jamie, were you looking out the window last night?" She asked. I nodded and shamefully looked down. "What did you see last night as you peeked out of the window?" She inquired. I said nothing, just kept my head down. "Are these yours?" She asked as she twirled the black satin panties on the tip of her manicured finger. I softly whispered yes and watched as she examined the stained panties. She turned them inside out, looked at the cum drenched crotch and pushed them into my face. "Is this your mess?" She demanded. Again I nodded affirmatively. She stood up and removed the panties that matched her nighty. I watched closely as she then started pulling the black satin panty up her long legs and tight against her shaved sex.

"Well I guess my secret is out huh!" She giggled, as she ran a finger over her panty clad shaved slit, wetting herself with my sperm. "I would guess that my little hubby would like to hear all about how naughty his wife was last night, am I right?" "Yes," I replied emotionally. "Well, she continued, I didn’t plan on anything happening at first but Cindy just had to find this hot sexy stud and introduce us. His name is Andy and he’s a local Dj at hot rock radio in the city. He kept going on and on about how hot and sexy I was and all I was thinking about was how good-looking he was." I didn’t tell Lynn about my conversation with her sister last night and that I already knew his name and stuff so I just let her continue. "Anyway, after a few more minutes in which I flirted like a hot hussy with him, he left to go get us something to drink.

Cindy and I started playing the slots and we talked about Andy and how sexy he was. She told me that I was flirting with him like a tramp and was wondering if I was going to make your fantasy come true. I told her that it would be an easy decision with a hot stud like him. Well, anyway like I was saying, we were gambling and stuff when Andy returned with our drinks. He kept standing behind me and I knew that he was looking at my hot ass because my thong was partially exposed. You know honey that those tight little jeans barely covered my butt when I sit and I swear that I could feel his sexy eyes on me. Anyway, we all talked as we played or at least Cindy talked, I just flirted. How is it so far?" I groaned and started to rub myself under the blanket.

"Andy and I started ignoring Cindy altogether and started our own little chat. He asked if I was single and Cindy busted out laughing. Cindy quickly informed him that I was married to a wimp and that you were home baby-sitting. It shocked Andy a little bit that I was married but I told him that it was none of my husbands business what I did and with whom I did it. He smiled at me and I got all wet down here." She pointed to her vagina and started rubbing the gooey panties into her pussy. "Here, rub my pussy hubby," she said. I used my other hand and did as she asked. The panties were extremely wet from the mess that I had put in them last night and I vigorously rubbed the goop into her hairless vagina. She closed her eyes briefly and moaned a little.

"Anyway, I guess Cindy was getting upset because we were ignoring her so she dropped a quarter on the floor and asked me to get it for her. I knew what she was doing though; she wanted me to be naughty. Well honey, you’re hot little wifey slid her hot little ass right off of the stool, bent over and I picked up that quarter. Do you know what? When I did, my hot little ass was pointing right at Andy and he just reached out and pulled on the string that separated my ass cheeks. You know how those panties caress my clitty and he just about made me cum in front of both of them. I let him continue to play a little more with my panties because it was making me wet myself and I was ready to cum. I stood up, turned around and playfully slapped at his hands telling him to behave. Well honey, he grabbed you’re hot little wifey and kissed me right in front of Cindy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and our tongues started touching. He held me tight as we kissed and then he grabbed my hot little ass and made me grind my heated "cunny" against his hard cock. Honey; let me tell you he sure felt huge down there."

I was starting to sweat profusely. I rubbed my hard dick with one hand and masturbated her panty-covered pussy with the other. Lynn pulled the covers off of me and giggled at the little tent that my penis made as it strained in my underwear. "I see that you are getting off on my hot story huh, little man," she stated. She pulled my underwear down a little and my hard penis popped right out. She climbed atop my torso straddling my eager dick and started mashing her panty-clad pussy against all 5-3/4 inches of it. I moaned loudly as she pushed down causing the head of my penis to push the cummy panties into her loosened vagina about a half-inch or so. She also moaned and said, "that’s it baby, push your useless sperms into my pussy. These panties that I’m wearing are saturated in your mess and I want you to force them into my sex. This will be as close as you will ever get to having your useless little "boy cock" inside of me again."

She forced at least an inch of my penis along with the panties into her sloppy cunt. "You want me to deny you my pussy don’t you baby?" "No, please don’t do that to me," I begged. "I’ve got a boyfriend now, I don’t want your little thingy any more sweety. It’s so small and insignificant now that Andy’s made love to me. I just feel that it would be a waste of time and besides, Andy is the jealous type and I’m sure that he wouldn’t allow his new girlfriend to have sex with someone else even it if is her husband." "Oh god honey, please don’t cut me off I’ll do anything just please don’t refuse me the pleasure of your wonderful pussy," I cried. She stopped her downward pressure and said that we would talk about it later but first she wanted to finish her story.

"Well anyway, like I was saying, we made out right there in front of everybody including my very shocked sister. After he released me from his manly grip I told Cindy that I was going go some place a little more private with Andy and that I would talk to her in a while. We walked away and I know that Cindy saw my new boyfriend grab onto and hold my hot little butt tightly. We entered the bar area and I turned around and waved at Cindy and all that she could do was stare blankly at us. We sat in the far corner at a secluded table and talked. The noises from the slot machines made it difficult to hear so I got up and sat my hot little married ass on his lap.

He asked if I was really married and I told him that I was and that you had nasty fantasies in which you wanted me to cuckold you by making love to another man. He then said that I was a very hot-n-sexy beauty and that he would be honored to be the new "man" in my bed. I then told Andy that I wanted to keep it a secret and not tell my hubby because it was nastier this way. We started frenching again and I felt him grasp the thong part of my panties in back then felt him reach into the front of my tight jeans to grab the front of my panty. I willingly spread for him so he could feel around and then he started to pull my panties back and forth and I went wild. Baby, he was sawing those tiny panties into my soaking wet married pussy and dragging my hard little clitty with them. I was in a constant state of orgasm as he stimulated my sex and moaned into his mouth as I came.

I leaned back to catch my breath and we both noticed Cindy standing not three feet from us. Her mouth was wide open in shock, as her little sister was caught cumming on her boyfriends’ lap. Baby, I couldn’t even speak to her because Andy never even stopped pulling on my panties. Cindy finally said that she was going home and as I was cumming again Andy spoke for me. He said to Cindy that he would take me home to hubby after he fucked the ass off of me and stretched my tight pussy open as never before. I could only look at her through my half-closed eyes as she watched what he was doing to me. I heard Cindy say that at least you were finally getting your fantasy of having a naughty wife and she giggled as she turned to leave. I smiled back at her then dove tongue first back into Andy’s mouth as he brought me to the edge of orgasm once again. Shortly after, he stood me up on my shaky legs and walked me to the door.

The valet attendant brought his car around and he held the door for me. Andy then drove us to the other side of the crowded parking lot and turned off the engine. He has a brand new Corvette and it was terribly cramped and uncomfortable for necking so we got out and met at the front. We embraced and our lips made contact once again. You’re not going to cum are you? she asked as she looked down at me." I was rocking my hips at this point in her story and trying desperately to stab my little penis into her through the gooey panties that she was wearing. She reached back between my legs and caressed my swollen aching testicles. I moaned loudly and she told me that I had better stop trying to fuck her. When I didn’t stop, she grabbed my sac and squeezed tightly which made me cry out in pain. She laughed at me as I quickly stopped my little thrusts and then she let go of her grasp and said that she wanted to finish her story.

"We openly kissed and due to the lighted parking lot, anyone could see us if they wanted to. Andy pulled back and asked if I liked to suck cock to which I replied that I loved it. I squatted right there in the brightly-lit parking lot and unzipped his pants. He had to help me a little in getting his cock out because he was so large. His huge man sized cock stood out proudly, I would say it was about 8 or so inches and about this big around. (She formed a hole with her fingers about 3 inches around). My goodness baby he was a real man." She giggled as she looked down at where my hard little penis poked at her panty covered vagina.

"Lets see, as I was saying, Andy stroked his big cock as I stared in awe and licked my lips. He asked me if I did this for you and I told him it was only a very few times. He asked me why just a few times and I told him because you had a teeny tiny pee-pee and you practically came as soon as it touched my lips. Oh baby did he laugh at that statement and I laughed right along with him. Anyway, I looked up into his eyes as I opened my mouth wide to accept his cock. I was lovingly sucking as much as I could but could only get about three inches or so into my stretched mouth. He reached down and stroked my throat telling me to relax and I released his long shaft and put my hands on his thighs for support. He gazed into my eyes and softly stroked my hair with one hand and continued to caress my throat with the other.

I don’t know what he was doing to me but all of the sudden I felt him fucking my mouth deeper and deeper and deeper. He kept telling me to relax as he massaged my throat and he just kept getting deeper. His huge cock started to gag me and he once again told me to relax. He wrapped his hand around my throat and squeezed right below my Adams apple and I felt him fuck his cock deep into my mouth. His pubic hair was tickling my nose now as I amazingly had his entire cock in my mouth. I started to lubricate my pussy as Andy fucked my mouth and I just held still and let him use me. He would pull out almost all the way and then drive back in until his balls slapped my chin.

Are you ready for your cunt stretching he asked? I moaned a yes around his invading shaft as he held his cock deep in my throat for a couple of seconds and then very slowly withdrew.

I stood up and kissed my lover feverishly. I turned around and put my hands on the hood of his shiny red vette and wiggled my ass at him telling him to take my jeans loose. He pressed up to my ass, reached around my trim waist and untied the leather string. He pushed my pants to my ankles and I spread my legs as wide as my jeans would allow. He then stood back up and felt my pussy. He snaked a finger around my thong panties and then pushed it deep into my cunt. I mewled as he fingered me and I heard him say that I was extremely wet. I looked back and practically begged him to make love to me. He pulled his finger out of my pussy and then pulled my tiny panties half way down my spread thighs. Then he positioned his cock at my tight entrance and started pushing.

I reached between my legs and held my lips apart as he pushed inch after inch of his wonderful cock into my body. I gritted my teeth as he forced himself deeper and deeper until he came into contact with my cervix. He pushed my shirt up to expose my tits and harshly twisted them causing me to wince in pain. He withdrew his cock until just the head remained inside and then thrust forward hitting my cervix once again. I moaned and pushed back against him as he repeated the motion a third time. I was so wet that it was making a sexy suction sound as he thrust into me. He pinched and twisted my nipples as he fucked. I lowered my head and looked back between my spread legs and watched as a droplet of my moisture fell from our point of union. It splashed onto the crotch of my panties then fell into my jeans and was soon followed by more.

As I neared my climax our thrusting became more urgent. I felt his cock swell and it caused me to cum. I was still watching between my legs as the violent orgasm hit me and for the first time ever in my life, I sprayed. My cum suddenly squeezed out of me and splattered on his large hanging balls. I opened up like a flower for my lover then and he penetrated me completely. His wet balls slapped at my shaved mound and I felt his cock head enter the opening of my womb. He thrust deeply and held me tight as he shot his sperm into my belly. I counted at least four big pulses as his cum filled my womb and I reached back and held his hips tight as his sperm dripped into my tummy. I wouldn’t let him go until his cock stopped throbbing. When I finally did let him pull out, his cum followed shortly after.

I collapsed against the car hood and felt the warm cum drain out of me. I guess that I should have moved my panties and jeans out of the way because all of our cum ran right into them but I didn’t noticed until I pulled them back up. It did feel kind of sexy to set in my wet clothes as he brought me home to my hubby. He and I were setting in our driveway making out and talking and I had him feel how wet he made my jeans. He asked if he could see me again and I squealed in joy because he was definitely the best lover that I have ever had.

I gave him our phone number and told him to call me today and that I would have you dress me up like a hottie and I would sneak out and meet him again." I was totally speechless as Lynn related her story. She started pushing down on my hard little dick again and I fucked the panties into her pussy. It felt great even though I could barely enter her due to the panties. Cum was rising quickly in my little shaft and as I was about there Lynn said, "Jamie, I think that I am falling in love with my new boyfriend." I squirted my cum against her panties when she told me and she giggled. She crawled up my body and lowered her cum soaked panty clad pussy onto my mouth. "What if I let him give me a baby too, would that be okay?" She asked. I told her that she could do whatever she wants and that I will always love her as I stuck my tongue deep into my hot wife.

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