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I'm Here, Sugar


I won't say I'm not grateful, because I am. But it's harder than I thought it would be. This is my second signing. I'm in Alaska, of all places, and it's freaking cold. Now, I don't mean that it is simply cold. The cold here is unlike any cold I've ever experienced. It gets into my bones and makes my teeth chatter of their own accord.

It's my fault for setting the novel of my book in Kodiak. I needed a coastal town, and I wanted something different, so here I am. I feel like I'm in a foreign country, namely because I've never been anywhere outside of Texas.

The real challenge is that I'm here by myself. My son is in college, and this is finals week. He was devastated that he couldn't come. He's talked about wanting to visit Alaska ever since I can remember. Adam, however, is dogged if he's anything.

He will simply not allow anything or anyone to interfere with his career plan. He can be focused and ruthless (even with himself) when he needs to be, and I respect him for it. So, chin up, son. We'll make our way this way again.

It's just about time. I know this because I've already been ushered to the table, and there are stacks of my books all around me. Surprisingly, my book is selling well. To be honest, I knew it was a good story from the beginning, but whether a story catches or not is always difficult to predict.

This is my first novel, and as ridiculous as it sounds, there are eight more to go with the story. Maybe I'll condense it down to five more. To be determined, I suppose. The next two are all but written.

Writing is my life, and a writer is what I was born to be. I love it. There's nothing I don't love about writing. It's all about me. What's not to love?

But I do have to warn you, I have an unusual imagination. I view the world very differently than most people. I can assure you that at one point or another, you will not agree with me or what I'm doing. So be warned. Read at your own risk.

A pen is shoved into my hand, and the front doors are opened. It's noon, and thank god, there are people shoving each other out of the way to get to me. Wow. I truly am grateful. I wish I could say that I never doubted myself, but that would be a lie.

Thank god I don't have to read today. I'm doing a reading here in a few days. I'm grateful for this as well, but I am nervous. It will be my first reading, and I just hope I don't screw it up. I do get to choose which passages to present, so I suppose that'll make it easier.

Lost in my inner monologue, I am uncertain how many books I'd already signed or what I'd said to anyone when I heard his voice.

"I'm here, sugar." He drawled with a hint of a Texan accent.

His voice cut through everything around me and stopped my heart. I froze, afraid to look up at him. Then everything inside me started burning, and I was hyperventilating.

Next, my hands wouldn't stop shaking, to say nothing of how my brain completely shut down; and finally, to make matters worse, I couldn't remember what I was doing there. Hell, I couldn't even remember my name. All I knew is that I was afraid.

And naturally, he picked it up.

He stepped forward, leaned over the table, and took my hands. His voice was thick with emotion. "It's ok, sugar. Let me come around, and I'll take you to get some water."

I couldn't say no. I knew then that I'd never say no to this man.

I nodded, and without letting go of my hands, he walked around the table stacked with my novels. "Come on, sugar. I've got you. Just do as I say, and you'll be ok."

I stood automatically. He said a few words to someone, and he walked me to a hallway that led to a large kitchen. We never made it to the kitchen. Walking me into an empty conference room, he zeroed in on a clothed table covered with pitchers of ice water.

"Outstanding." He chuckled. "Just what we needed, sugar."

He walked me to a nearby table circled with chairs. "Have a seat, honey. I'll be right back." He nodded toward the table. "Should I hunt you some sugar? You're not going into shock on me, are you?" He smirked at me.

"I might." I almost said sir. "I may, Mr..."

"Jason Cole, Ms. Abernathy." He pulled out a chair, sat me down, took my face in his hands, and kissed me hard.

When I didn't resist, he pulled me to my feet, allowing me a moment to catch my breath.

He slid his hands onto my shoulders then up my neck until he gripped handfuls of my hair. He pulled, and my eyes and lips came up to meet his. "You're such a good girl, aren't you?"

I was instantly wet, and I somehow knew that he somehow knew I was. It made my insides burn again.

"Oh god." I gasped. I've been breathing just fine for thirty-five years.

"Tell me what you need, sugar." He bore into my eyes. How the hell was I supposed to know that?

Everything was too real, surreal. It was as if he were somehow reading my brain. I wish he could just figure everything out because I couldn't breathe again. Then I got scared and wanted to flee. I had to get away from this man, or I'd lose myself completely. I knew this instinctively.

My head started spinning. This was happening too fast. I felt faint. I was going to pass out or lose it or something but then he did the most unexpected thing after a deep, penetrating look into my eyes.

"Ok, sugar. Remember; just do what you're told." He said calmly, as he sat me down. He smiled encouragingly, and I was instantly soothed.

"Good. You are now going to suck my cock until I tell you to stop." I blinked a couple of times to process what he said. Why until he said stop? I wondered. I looked at him questioningly.

"We'll see how you do, sugar." He said soothingly, running his thumb over my bottom lip. He brought his face close to mine. "You do want to suck my cock, don't you, sugar? We both know it will calm you down enough to go back out there and finish the signing."

I stared at him astounded, relieved, you know. "Will you stay?" Was all I could manage.

"You expect that I might let you go?" He asked simply.

"I really would love to suck your cock until you come, sir." I said automatically, and he stood so that his cock was directly before me. I waited.

"Impressive." He mused, as he unzipped his jeans and fished out his cock.

I was astounded again. "I can't take all of that into my mouth, sir." I babbled.

"Not yet, possibly, sugar, but with practice anything is possible. Or, I could just force it down your throat and decide that for myself." He said a bit sharper, and I wondered what that would be like.

"I just meant, I mean, I don't want to disappoint you, Mr. Cole." He jerked back as if I'd scalded him.

"Disappoint me." He considered the words, as if he tasted them. "You are lucid. You remembered my name. Perhaps you don't need to suck my cock, after all." He actually looked surprised.

"I need you to get through this signing as soon as possible, now open your mouth, sugar." He said huskily, as he stroked himself.

I smiled up at him and took him as deep as I could.

"Thank you, Ms. Abernathy for your time. We look forward to your reading next week." My publisher's representative, Sean Maron, said to me and shook my hand.

I know I should at least make an attempt to get to know him, but my agent, Jocelyn Garcia, was stuck somewhere in Washington because the weather decided to shut down the airports. Plus, I wasn't particularly in the mood to make new friends at the moment.

"Finally, sugar." He said as he walked me to his vehicle. It was massive and black, and it looked menacing. "Let's go. Climb aboard."

It was ridiculous, really, a lifted Ford Excursion with giant tires, fog lights, front and back guard rails, black tinted windows, and a rack on top. Who was this guy?

That's when it hit me. Who was this guy? I'm leaving with him to god knows where, and I just sucked his cock and called him sir.

"Oh my god." I inadvertently said aloud, and he stopped in mid motion to turn on the truck.

"Are you going to freak out now, sugar?" He asked genuinely concerned. His eyes darkened.

"What's happening?" I asked quickly. I was not going catatonic again.

He sat back on the seat and exhaled heavily. "It's ok, sugar. We can have the talk now or at the restaurant."

Food?! That caught my attention, and he noticed. He looked at his watch. "Have you eaten today, sugar?"

I shook my head briskly. "Too nervous to eat."

"The restaurant, it is then." He turned on the truck, and it literally roared to life. It vibrated such that it shook my body like jelley, as it idled. "Strap in, sugar. You do not get to endanger yourself. Ever."

I buckled my seatbelt.

"What kind of restaurant?" I asked, realizing I was pretty hungry.

"Mexican." He chuckled.

"In Alaska!" I giggled.

"If Mohammad can't come to the mountain..." He trailed off, chuckling, as he pulled onto the main road.

"You're from Texas." I said, turning my attention to the snow that made our surroundings look monochromatic, and did I mention it was cold?

"So are you." He said casually.

I looked at my watch and was surprised to see it was nearly seven. "The signing went that long?" I asked stupidly.

"Damn near the whole town. You've done well, sugar. You've got a nice little story there. I like your characters." He chuckled, as I studied him.

"You've read my book." Then it hit me. That's how he knew me so well.

"I've read your book, sugar." He nodded. "And then I learned that you were coming for a signing and a reading, that you'd be here at least a week. I realized this was my chance." Annoyingly, that's when he stopped talking.

"For?" I prodded.

"To make you never want to leave me." He said.

"I already never want to leave you." I returned.

"Then, to convince you to stay." He held my eyes longer than was safe, as he was driving.

"We're here, sugar." He said cheerily.

I felt a bit nostalgic, as he pulled into the restaurant. It looked like any mom and pop in South Texas.

He parked and came around to extract me from the ridiculous vehicle.

"Come on, sugar. We've got a lot to talk about." He held the restaurant door open for me, as I entered the building.

The heavenly smell of Mexican food hit me hard, and my stomach growled. Naturally, he heard it.

He slid his hand to my lower back and moved me along. "All the way to the back, sugar." He opened a door and walked me through. I froze.

The sight that greeted me took my breath away. It was a deep glacial blue inlet surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It was straight out of an expensive tourist ad or a Thomas Kinkaid, but I can honestly say that I've never witnessed a more serene natural beauty. It humbled me.

There was no way I was coming out of any of this intact.

"Remember, sugar. You never, ever have to leave this place. I'll be happy to give you what you need." He wrapped his arms around me from behind and lightly rubbed his cock against me. I felt myself drip for him.

"Jason!" A man called from the other side of the long balcony that stretched over the glistening water.

"And this is Carl, my brother. He owns this place."

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