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I'm In A Jam


It may be beneficial to read my other stories to have a full understanding of this newest submission.

I'm not really sure how I got myself into what many would consider a real jam, but I did. If you continue to read on you will understand why I'm nervous whenever my cell phone rings. Even though I'm secretly in heat when and getting more hard with each ring, it still has me nervous.

It all started with my friend and business associate Rick. Rick and I work for different companies and always have. We golf together and have often gone to nice restaurants for dinner with our wives. Rick has always been a good friend and confidant.

One day something unusual happened as we were having lunch together, just Rick and myself, at a very nice country restaurant on a beautiful sunny day. This was always a favorite lunch spot for Rick because it was in the country and more importantly they employed the most attractive waitress's!

It was one of those days that you pray for, blue skies without a cloud in sight.

After we finished eating lunch and while waiting for the waitress to bring our coffee Rick hit me with the bomb shell. To say that I was caught off guard would be a gross understatement.

Rick looked at me and informed me that he had a "feeling" about me and did for a long time. He went into great detail of how I looked at him when we were alone on the golf course and even how I held his hand just a bit longer when we shook hands hello or good bye. But even as he was explaining this to me I had no idea where he was going to take this conversation. Well I didn't have to wait more than another minute or so before I was hit with a wake up call that I'll never forget.

As our very young, blonde, and attractive waitress just brought our coffee to the table she smiled and winked at Rick as she asked if there was anything else that she could do for us! As she turned on her heels and left us Rick looked directly at her ass, he just smiled and said "woof".

I smiled and thought the same thing! "Woof".

Rick lost his focus and got back to his thoughts on me and his "feeling'. Our table was isolated from the others so we could talk freely without concern of someone listening to us. Rick looked at me and said that he also noticed that I had looked at him a number of times as we showered in the club house after golf.

Before I could say anything he continued to talk about how I looked at his body as if I was hungry for him. He even mentioned that he was sure that he caught me eyeing his cock on more than one occasion. He finished by saying that he was flattered by my overtures and wanted to move it to the next logical step.

I didn't know how to respond of if I could, I felt like I was chocking and my face was in a full blush. My problem was that he was right, I did look him over all the time and loved the look of his well kept body. For years I've wanted to chance to try and please a man and Rick was always the focus of my fantasy. I just didn't know that I was that obvious about all of it and now I was caught at a loss for words. I decided to just listen and to keep my mouth shut (at least for now).

Rick and I left the restaurant and drove to his private condo on the south side of town. As we drove he told me in great detail all about his man to man experience and that it's been going on for more than 25 years! I learned that he always played the dominant role and his partners the submissive role. He told me that from what he observed of me over the years that I would be a great sub for him.

Because this was all so new to me I asked a few basic questions. What did he mean by the two roles and what was expected of a sub? As he gave me the answer it almost took my breath away, I knew that I had hit the jack pot. My longtime fantasy was about to come true at his condo in a few short minutes. It was the job of the sub to offer his Dom the best blow job that he could, and preferably more than one.

As the I enjoyed the classical music and the smell of the leather seats of Rick's car my mind was racing. I had my pen in my hand and tapped my lips as I thought. For just a moment I put the end of the pen between my lips, lost in thought I guess. Rick looked over and laughed as he told me that it was no fair getting a head start. I looked at him with wide eyes and took the pen from my lips!

As we pulled into a gated community Rick entered a security code that allowed us to enter. As Rick parked pulled his car into the garage and closed the door behind us, he looked at me and reached for my hand which he placed on his bulge!

I looked at Rick as my hand massaged the object of my desire. He eased back in the drivers seat and undid his belt and zipper. I watched every move and hoped that I wouldn't blink and miss something. As he pushed his pants down a bit on his thighs he once again took my hand, this time he placed it on his fully exposed fat cock. As I reached around his shaft and held it like I hold mine when I stroke off, I felt real heat coming from it.

Rick slowly pulled my head to his lap and I took full advantage by licking his shaft and sucking it into my mouth, he moaned. The head was very fat and not at all what i expected. I thought that it would would be hard and slippery, lacking any taste. It was soft, almost spongy and very hot with a salty taste. Rick moaned even more. I ran my tongue over the shaft which was very slippery and seemed very thin skinned, I could feel the blood rushing in and I licked.

Rick turned sideways the best that he could considering that we were in his car. As he did turn I started to suck his cock deeper and loved the feel of his shaft burning my lips as they moved over them so quickly. He was trying to pump his cock in very deep and I was trying to work my tongue on the belly of his very fat shaft. I knew that he couldn't last long like this, I would have shot my load by now if it was me!

I started to french kiss just the head while I held his large balls in my hand. He was beginning to leak precum into my mouth as I sucked just the head. I swear that I could hear his heart beat and feel his pulse on my lips as he let loose with his first load for me, I was stunned and not sure what to do, I swallowed!

I think Rick was just as surprised as I was! He held my head as he came up out of his seat and squeezed his thighs together and made groaning sounds, very loud groaning sounds and he shot a few spurts into my mouth. I loved the taste of his hot, salty liquid.

As he finished and started to pull his cock from my mouth but I resisted and sucked his flaccid cock deeper. I wanted to feel his soft cock very deep and his balls on my chin and I milked the final drops and started him getting hard again.

We have all afternoon he said with a laugh as I wondered why I had waited all these years.

End of part 1

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