tagIncest/TabooI'm in Love with Gentry Ch. 07-12

I'm in Love with Gentry Ch. 07-12


Chapter 7

"Of course, we have the inflatable mattress that we'll put on the floor in your room so it's not like you two will have to share a bed," Mom explained. "Well, that would be a little weird at your age, wouldn't it?" Turning to Gen, she added, "don't worry, honey, it's real comfortable, just like sleeping in your own bed."

"I'm sure I'll be real comfortable," Gen said with a sarcastic tone of voice that was intended for Mom, I saw the sparkle in her eye. It was obvious, at least to me, that Gen was as excited about this as I was.

"Does Dad know about this?" I asked as if I thought this might actually be a stumbling block to Mom's plan. However, I was sure that Mom wouldn't make such plans without discussing it first with Dad.

"Of course he knows, honey. We don't make decisions like this without consulting each other. In fact, it was your Dad who suggested that Gen sleep in your room so Laura could have a bedroom to herself."

"He's out of town all week. When did you talk to him?" I didn't want to give the impression that I was too happy about this plan.

"We talked on the phone last night, just like every other night when he's out of town. That's what married people do when they love each other." Mom delivered that last sentence as if it was the conclusion of a dissertation on marriage.

Changing my tone of voice to sound more accepting of the plan, I asked "so, when exactly is it that Laura will be arriving?"

"I'm not sure. She was on the internet checking flight schedules and didn't have anything final yet but she was hoping to arrive on Sunday."

"You didn't say anything about Larry. Is he coming, too, or is it just Laura?" Laura and Larry had been married since before I was born and I had never seen one without the other.

"Well, that's the bad part. It seems that Larry and Laura aren't getting along very well and they're thinking about a divorce, so Laura is coming here to get away from Larry and have some time to think about things." Mom's face made it apparent that she was upset by this turn of events.

"Wow, what a bummer," I said with sincere concern. I liked Laura but I also liked Larry.

"Yes," Mom said, "you can never count on your friends to be with you your whole life and even spouses sometimes come and go. The only people who you can count on to be with you your whole life are your blood relatives, so that's why family is so important. And that's why I'm glad that you two are so close."

I couldn't resist the opportunity to respond with a sly double entendre. "Yeah, Mom, Gen and I both know that. That's why we've spent so much time trying to keep close to each other."

Gen was positioned so that Mom couldn't see her face, so she felt free to give me a scowl as if to say "why do you have to take a chance and tease her with this?" And, of course, Gen was probably right. I shouldn't have made that comment.

Chapter 8

Unfortunately, Gen had a summer band camp that she had to attend on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. By the time Gen got home every day, Mom was due home in another 15 minutes, so we didn't have any more opportunities that week to enjoy another mutual masturbation session. We did have plenty of opportunities to talk at night. Gen was hanging out in my room every night, sort of getting ready for living in there for a week.

On Thursday night, Gen was laying on my bed while I was sitting at the computer desk playing games. "So, are you excited about us sharing a room again?" Gen asked.

I stood up and walked to my bedroom door, looking out into the hallway to make sure Mom was not within hearing distance. I then returned to my seat and turned so that I faced her. "Gen," I said in a hushed tone, "it's been three days since I saw you naked and watched you cum. I haven't jacked off since then 'cause I'm saving it up for when you're sleeping in here. So I'm pretty much walking around with a perpetual boner thinking about you. Does that answer the question?"

Matching my drama, Gen walked got up and walked over to me, leaning down to place her lips against my ear. "Al, sweetie, the second you mentioned your boner, my panties got so wet that I need to go change them. I can hardly wait."

It suddenly occurred to me that we might not need to wait. "Hey, I've got an idea to see if we can spend the night together tonight, if you're up for it," I told Gen. I quickly explained my idea and sent Gen to talk to Mom in private.

* * *

"Mom," Gen said. "You know, a lot of guys snore in their sleep and that would drive me nuts. It's been a long time since Al and I shared a room and I'm really not sure that would work for a week. You know, I could ask Shelley if I could spend the week with her family. They're going to their lake house . . ."

Mom immediately jumped in to try to squelch this idea. "Oh, no, honey, your Aunt Laura would be so disappointed if you weren't here for the week."

"But, Mom, I don't want to wait until Sunday night to find out that Al snores like a pig or its just too weird sleeping in the same room with him. You know, it has been a long time since we shared a room and it might not be the same. And, if it is a problem, I don't want to be discussing it with Laura around. No need to make her feel bad about me getting kicked out of my room." Gen sounded rather convincing with her arguments.

"Well, I'll tell you what," Mom began. "Why don't you try sleeping in Al's room tonight and we'll see how it works. If he snores like a pig -- and, by the way, I don't remember ever giving birth to a pig -- but if he does snore like a pig, then you can't get up in the middle of the night and go back to your bedroom and we'll try to work on plan B tomorrow. Is it a deal?"

"I guess so," Gen replied, trying not to sound too enthused.

"Al!" Mom yelled for me. She didn't sound like a drill sergeant but her tone of voice left no room for doubt; I needed to respond immediately.

I found Mom and Gen in the family room, sitting on the sofa. As soon as Mom saw me, she started.

"Al, your sister is worried that you might snore -- 'like a pig' was her words - or sharing the bedroom with you might be too weird, and if there's a problem, I don't want to have to deal with it in front of Laura. I don't want to make her feel like she's inconveniencing us. So, instead of waiting 'til Sunday night, I want Gen to sleep in your room tonight to see if that's gonna work out okay. So, I want you to get the inflatable mattress and set it up on the floor in your room and Gentry can sleep in there tonight. That's okay with you, isn't it?" I clearly wouldn't have had a choice in the matter but I was secretly delighted that my plan had worked so well.

I got the inflatable mattress out of the hall closet and put it in my bedroom. The pump which had been bought just for the purpose of inflating this thing could not be found, so Mom instructed me to just blow the thing up by mouth.

I had the mattress just about one-third inflated when Gen waltzed into the room with a sly look on her face. It looked like she might start laughing any second. I looked up and acknowledged her presence with a raised eyebrow.

"Gee, Al, I didn't know you were so good at blow jobs," Gen said, quite proud of the stupid joke she had made.

"When I finish blowing this thing up, you just might owe me a blow job for all this effort," I shot back in her direction.

"Only in your dreams," she replied. I couldn't tell whether she was seriously telling me to forget it or if she was merely trying to tease me with her answer.

Chapter 9

At about 10:00 o'clock that night, Mom announced that she was going to bed. "Gotta get up for work in the morning, you know," she said to both Gen and me. "Now, remember, Gen, that you're gonna sleep in Al's room tonight."

"Yeah, okay," Gen answered Mom. "I'm gonna go change into my pajamas now."

Mom retreated to her bedroom for the night and we both heard the click as she locked her bedroom door. I went to my bedroom and quickly stripped down to my boxers as I waited for Gen to appear.

When she appeared, she stopped in the doorway and leaned against the door jamb, as if posing for a picture, and then cleared her throat to get my attention. As I turned and saw her, I gasped.

"Holy cow!" I exclaimed. Gen was wearing a baby doll nightgown that had me hard in an instant. It was 100% white and created the appearance (obviously an illusion) of absolute innocence. The panties were a skimpy thong that was sheer enough that I could see the outline of her depilated pussy. The gown hung from her shoulders by spaghetti straps and it was also sheer; I could clearly see her nipples and her belly button and her flat abdomen. The effect of this baby doll was immediate; it screamed out 'here's an innocent young girl who wants you to bend her over and fuck her 'til she screams.'

"Wow," I said as I attempted to regain my composure. "I hope you have something else to actually sleep in, just in case you need to get up in the morning while Mom's still here."

"Don't worry, sweetie. I actually do have some pajamas that I put in here a few minutes ago while you were in the bathroom. And a bathrobe."

"Most excellent," I commended her. "Come on in and shut the door behind you."

Gen closed the door, locked it, and then sat down on my bed. "Al, I caught your comment earlier about the blow job and we have to talk."

'Oh no, oh no, oh no,' I thought. 'We have to talk.' Those are the very last words that I wanted to hear.

"Al, you're my brother and I can't fuck you and I can't give you a blow job. That would be way too far crossing the line. Watching each other masturbate is weird enough but we've already done it and, to tell you the truth, I've never cum so hard in my entire life. So, I guess we can do that again, but nothing any further than that. Okay?" Maybe Gen was asking me to not try to go further and maybe she was warning me to not try to go further. But maybe she was just trying to reassure herself that this wouldn't go any further.

"Gen, you're my sister and I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you. Never ever. But you also get me incredibly turned on. The second I saw you in that gown, I just wanted to rip it off your body and stick my dick in your pussy. I know that's not going to happen. But I've just gotta tell you how it made me feel, okay?"

"Al, I understand the part about being horny. When you say you want to stick your dick in my pussy, I get all wet between my legs, like I want you to stick your dick in me, but we just can't do that."

"Okay, okay, I understand, but can you let me undress you and feel your tits again?" I asked. I hoped that Gen would let me undress her; this was a fantasy I had harbored for a long time.

"I guess that would be okay," Gen replied. "But nothing else," she said as a final warning.

"Okay, stand over here in front of my closet door, " I directed her. My closet doors were completely covered with a mirror and being able to watch Gen as I undressed her was a part of my fantasy. She did as I requested.

I pulled down my boxers so I was totally naked. I stood behind Gen so that my chest was against her back. I reached both hands around her and firmly grasped a boob with each hand. What exquisitely firm tits she had. Each tit felt like a hard orange and I briefly imagined what it would be like to suck the juice from these luscious fruits. "Your tits are so firm. I'd love to be sucking on your nipples," I whispered.

I grabbed both nipples between my thumbs and index and middle fingers and started rolling her nipples between my fingertips. "This isn't undressing me," Gen said gently. I didn't take it as a complaint but just an observation. Within a few seconds, each nipple was standing up erect, proud, and obviously excited.

"You asked me to do this a few days ago and it really seemed to get you off," I said. "I just thought I'd get a head start on your first orgasm."

"Well, then, go ahead and undress me," she requested.

I placed my right hand on her abdomen and slowly moved it up until I had her bare right tit in my hand. I again massaged the nipple and heard a soft, quiet moan escape from her lips.

"Take my gown off now, please!" This time, her request was a bit more insistent.

I placed my left hand on her abdomen and allowed it to migrate north until I also had her left boob firmly in the grasp of my left hand. Her breathing became more irregular.

I then removed my hands from her boobs, grabbed the bottom hem of the gown, and gently lifted it up and over her head, pulling the gown over her head and then letting it fall to the floor.

Gen stood in front of me now wearing only her thong. I could feel her butt cheeks against my groin and I could see both nipples in the mirror. They were a pinkish-brown color, about the size of quarters, perfectly proportioned for her smaller but firm tits.

"Is your thong wet?" I asked seductively.

"Yeah, sweetie, my pussy is all juiced up and flowing now. I'm so fucking hot I need to cum." Hearing Gen talk like this really turned me on and got my rod as hard as steel.

"Okay, I'm gonna pull your panties down now," I said. I got down on my knees, still behind her. I reached both hands up and grabbed the strap on the side of her thong and slowly peeled the garment from her sweet naked body.

My mouth was just inches from her bare butt crack and that tiny puckered hole that I had seen a few days earlier. When the thong reached the floor, she lifted one foot and then the other so that I could remove the thong and toss it aside.

I was still on my knees and Gen was totally naked and inches away. I placed my face directly behind her cute little ass and stuck my tongue out, very gently beginning at the bottom of her crack and lightly running my tongue up until I reached the small of her back.

Standing up, I placed my lips at her right ear and whispered "you taste so delicious, I want to eat you until you scream."

"Oh, fuck, Al, what are you trying to do to me?" Gen pleaded. I could tell that my seduction was working exactly as planned. I was a virgin but I was being guided by instinct and seducing her by doing exactly what I would want her to do to me.

As Gen uttered these words, I used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart so that my pulsing dick could rest between her cheeks. As soon as I removed my hands, her buns closed in and squeezed on my throbbing member. Oh, what a heavenly feeling that was. How wonderful it would feel to have my dick against her tight and tiny ass!

I then placed my hands on her tits once again and commanded her to begin the next act of this performance. "Play with your pussy. I want to watch you in the mirror while you play with your pussy," I directed her.

Without question and without hesitation, Gen placed her right hand between her legs and started rubbing around her clit in small circles. Watching this in the mirror had my dick throbbing. "I could cum just watching you play with yourself," I said to her.

"I want you to cum while you have your dick against my ass," Gen said longingly.

"I'd rather cum in your mouth or your pussy or in your ass," I said with emphasis, "but first I want to hear you cum, and I want to feel your naked body against mine when you cum."

Gen started working two fingers in and out of her pussy, finger fucking herself while giving a short respite to her aroused clit.

"Just imagine that your fingers are my dick" I said, inviting her to share in my fantasy. "My dick is fucking your pussy, baby! My dick is in your pussy and it's gonna cum in you."

Gen's body immediately began to shake and quiver in uncontrolled bursts of sexual release. "Oh, fuck yeah, oh yeah, oh gawd, oh, oh, Al . . . I'm cumming . . . I'm gonna . . . oh, fuck, oh yeah!" Gen was moaning so loud I thought Mom might hear it. Her ass cheeks were tightening up and relaxing in sync with the waves of her orgasm, massaging my dick and making it feel like the king of all dicks.

I reached down and grabbed Gen's right wrist. I pulled her hand away from her pussy and towards my mouth. "I want to taste your juice," I begged. "Stick your fingers in my mouth so I can taste your pussy."

She did as I requested and I began sucking on her fingers like I was giving them a blow job. Her fingers did not have a strong taste but what I could perceive tasted earthy and just a bit salty. "You taste like heaven," I said. "I hope to taste a lot more of your pussy soon."

"Let's lay down," Gen suggested. I got in bed first and laid down on my back on the far side of the bed. Gen laid down next to me and then rolled over on her left side so that her right tit was on my chest and her right leg was draped over my right leg. Her face was next to mine.

"This isn't just watching each other, Al. Two or three months ago, I would have said that this is sick and disgusting, but . . . how can anything that feels so good be wrong?"

"Gen, I've never wanted anything in my life as much as I want to be with you. I want to have sex with you and I wanna cum in every hole on your body. I want to make you cum and feel you cum and hear you cum. I want to be the guy you want." I never expected to hear myself saying those words but I meant everything that I said.

"Al, I want you but we can't have sex tonight. I'm not on any birth control and don't talk about condoms because I don't want our first time together to be like having sex in a raincoat. When we do it, I want to feel you inside me, I want to feel every vein standing out on your dick, I want to feel you inside me and not a latex thing."

"Gen, honey, I know what you're saying and I can't tell you that you're wrong but I want you so bad that I think I'll explode if I don't have some relief." I felt desperate for Gen to know that I really needed to have an orgasm with her.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I didn't say that we couldn't do anything. All I'm saying is that I can't let you put your dick in my pussy. Now, just lay right where you are and I'm gonna take care of you."

Gen raised up and repositioned herself so that her knees were by my head and her head was by my knees.

"Now, slide down in bed just a little, sweetie," she told me and I did as I was told.

To me, Gen always sounded like an angel. But as she said this to me, obviously concerned with my needs, she now sounded even more like an angel. How could anyone be sweeter than this delectable morsel of teenage femininity?

Gen again raised up and placed her knees so that she was straddling my head. She then leaned forward and lowered her head towards my waiting dick. I was a virgin but I knew that she was preparing to give me a blow job. As I thought about it, I briefly thought about what an ugly term that is for such an affectionate and passionate act.

And then, her lips made contact with the head of my dick and all thinking ceased. I have never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. Her lips were full and sweet and just the thought of having her luscious lips on my horny dick had me as hard as steel. The warmth and wetness of her mouth made my dick slide into her like a hand sliding into a well-fitted velvet glove.

For a few seconds, I was so preoccupied by the physical sensations emanating from my dick that I absolutely forgot about the obvious. Gen's pussy was only two inches from my face and the slightest effort would bring my tongue to bear upon her most intimate feminine recesses. My breathing was already becoming hot and forceful and Gen's pussy was enveloped in the warmth of my expirations.

"Oh, Al, suck on my clit, please!" Gen said, almost begging for attention to her sexual needs.

I needed no further prompting. I kissed the inside of her left thigh, then I kissed the inside of her right thigh. Her pussy juice had already begun to seep down her leg and I could sense the distinct taste of her pussy on her legs. I then placed my mouth directly on her pussy lips and kissed her lips with mine. I pushed my tongue into her pussy, parting her lips with my wet and warm probe. I sent my tongue oscillating up and down her slit, not too rapidly, probing slightly deeper with each pass over her love canal.

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