tagIncest/TabooI'm My Brother's Slave

I'm My Brother's Slave


It all started about a year ago. I had just turned 18 and my brother, 19, was living at home while he attended community college. My brother and I always got along with the occasional semi-friendly fight.

The people my brother didn't get along with were my parents. Yes he was living at home, but he hated all the rules and restrictions they put on him. So he was out with his friends mostly when he wasn't at class.

Anyways, back to the point. I'm still a senior in High School at this point. I came home from school on a Friday and no one was home, which wasn't an uncommon occurrence. I knew my parents wouldn't be home for at least three more hours and I figured my brother may not even come home today so I went upstairs to my room to rub one out, something I felt I needed after a long week of classes.

I was home alone so it didn't even occur to me to close the door. I just slipped off all of my close and laid butt naked on my bed and just started rubbing. I was having a lot of trouble getting aroused, I didn't know why, but I wasn't feeling much. When I masturbate, I always have my eyes closed, which is why I didn't see my brother at the door.

Faster then I can react, he placed two big strips of duct tape on my face, one over my eyes and one over my mouth. I didn't know it was him at the time, my first instinct is just, oh shit, who is doing this to me.

I tried to get up, but he had more duct tape ready and wrapped my hands. Once that was done he attached my hands to the bed frame and I just flailed my legs to try wiggle free. He grabbed my legs one at a time and taped them to their perspective corners of the bed so I was spread wide across my queen size mattress.

The thing that confused me was that once I was restrained, there wasn't aggressive touching, he was being gentle. He would just massage my breasts or give a slight rub to my clit. After about an hour, I just laid there and enjoyed it and that's when I figured it out.

He said to me, "You're liking this aren't you?"

Mumbling an "uh-huh" through my taped mouth I pressed my hips against his hand to let him know to increase.

This was when I realized it was my brother who was doing this to me, but the craziest thing for me was that I didn't care, I was caught in this moment of near orgasm and it wouldn't have made a difference if it was the dog.

My brother just kept rubbing me until I started shaking from pleasure. I was convulsing with every flick of my clit. Suddenly I exploded and let traces of cum flow all over my brother's hand.

He then took my gag off my mouth and pressed his palm to it. I licked and cleaned his hand of all my cum. When he took his hand away I was still devouring it and followed it as far as I could before my restraints threw me back to the mattress.

He left my mouth gag off and said, "My turn."

It wasn't long before I knew what he meant because his cock was laying on my face. As a reflex, I opened my mouth and he pushed his way in. He adjusted his body so the angle was manageable for me and he fucked my face for more then 15 minutes before unloading in my mouth. He didn't even have to tell me, I swallowed every drop. This is where it took a turn that scared me at first. He put the mouth gag back on and took the tape off my eyes.

He stared at me and saw that I was approving and said back to me, "You should be punished for enjoying your brother's cock that much."

I tried to speak through the gag but obviously couldn't get any words out. He got up off me and walked out of the room. He came back with a Polaroid camera and took all ten pictures on the role of me laying there taped to my bed with my mouth taped shut.

He walked over to me and leaned over my body and whispered into my ear, "You are now my slave. You will do everything I tell you to do or mom and dad see these pictures and so will all of your school and all of our church and anyone else I feel deserves to. Do you understand?" I just nodded my head as I started to tear up.

He brought his hand to my face and showed me a safety pin and unclipped it. He said, "The first part of your training is pain." He brought the needle point to my stomach and started pricking me as I shuddered with every one.

He told me I had to learn to take the pain because it was gonna get a lot worse. He ran the needle point up my stomach to my breast and started to prick them. I started to whimper through my gag and he stopped and looked at me and said, "If you don't stop that and be perfectly silent, I'm gonna go get more pins and pierce your pussy lips shut."

I instantly stopped and just kept my noises to heavy breathing. He didn't pierce my pussy lips, but he did bring the needle over to my nipples. He lowered his head down to my left breast and started sucking and biting at my nipple which started to make it go a little numb.

He then plunged the needle through my left nipple and I started to scream through my gag. He left the pin in and closed it up and went to the bathroom to get a tissue to wipe the little drops of blood. He wasn't as patient with my right breast, he just rammed another pin through it and it hurt like crazy.

Now these pins are not the biggest at all and he then pulled on my nipples at the pins and pinned the pins together locking my nipples in an extremely painful position.

He then left the room and came back with the cordless phone. He stood outside the door so any noise I could make wouldn't really be heard, but he knew that I could hear ever word he said.

He called mom at work, mom and dad work together so he didn't have to worry about making two calls. I was so dazed by the pain that had trouble concentrating on what he was saying over the phone. I caught him telling her there is a suite at the Marriott and that they had it for the weekend. He already moved clothes into the room for them and all toiletries and necessities and that he felt he owed them a present for letting him live at home.

I now realized this means I'm alone with him all weekend. He then left the room and left me laying there for about two hours. Besides all the pain, I was starting to get really cold and I had to pee as I usually do after I cum a lot.

When he came back he had a big cup and some handcuffs. He undid my arm restraints and moved my hands behind my back and cuffed them to the bed post so I was now in a seated position instead of lying down. He took the gag off and painfully took the needles out of my nipples.

I was tearing now, but I was beyond crying. I didn't even say anything when he took the gag off, I honestly had the mind set of being his slave and I didn't want to say anything that would put me in more pain. I started shifting around to try and keep myself from peeing all over the bed.

He then asked me if I had to pee and I said "yes". He picked up the big cup and said, "Well, that's what this is for."

He moved the cup under my pussy and told me to pee in the cup. This was a huge cup I'd say one of those 32 oz cups, so luckily it didn't overflow, but I was cutting it close. He then brought the cup to my face and told me to drink.

I didn't fight, I just lowered my mouth to the brim and started drinking. He pulled back the cup after about half was gone. It was disgusting and I almost puked. He then undid the cuffs from the bedpost and left me with my hands cuffed behind my back.

He lowered my face down on the bed and bent my knees so my ass was pointing in the air. He started to spank my ass hard, with every whack I could feel the redness appearing. I started to make little noises of pain but after the tenth whack I started to enjoy it.

"Are you enjoying this?" He asked.

"Yes" was all had to say.

He then picked up the cup of piss and poured a sip on my ass hole. "Well see if you like this." He said. He moved his cock towards my ass and started to massage the piss into my hole with his piece. He then plunged his cock up my ass as I let out a scream of pain. He just fucked my ass harder and harder until I stopped making noise.

"Not liking it now are you?"

"No" I said.

"No sir! Call me sir!"

"Yes Sir."

"Beg me to keep going." I hesitated and he said, "Bitch, if I have to repeat myself this will feel like the spa."

That was more then enough of a cue for me, "Please keep fucking my ass, it hurts so much and I love it, please sir, never stop fucking my ass." I pulled out all the lines, whatever it would take for him not to get mad.

He fucked my ass for another ten minutes then he came inside me. He got up and walked around so he could look me in the face.

"Here are the rules, Mom and Dad aren't gonna be back until Monday night. You are not to leave this house. I will be here the whole time so I'll know if you leave. You are to be butt naked at all times, no exceptions. Unless otherwise stated, you are to shower twice a day, morning and night and they are to be with me. When ever I'm watching TV, your mouth is to be on my cock. No matter how many times I cum, you just swallow and continue. You are going to make my meals and you will be sucking my cock the whole time I eat. You will sleep with me every night and I don't mean just lying down next to me. You are not allowed to eat food. The only things you are allowed to eat is what I give you which will consist of cum and piss. I will have you drink your own piss as well. All trips to the bathroom to pee are to now happen in my presence in a big cup and only with my permission. You may not touch yourself in any way sexually. You may not cum without my permission. And Lastly, most of these rules do not stop after this weekend. Do you understand?"

I nodded and he undid my cuffs.

It was then that he left the room and I just sat there thinking about what just happened. He came back with a doggie collar and a chain. "Oh yeah, you will have this on the whole time and only stand on two legs to take a shower, otherwise you are on all fours." He snapped it on me and walked me to the kitchen.

I crawled down the stairs and went under the kitchen table. My brother finds me there and like he would to a normal dog he whistle to come over to him. He does a turning motion with his hand and I turn away from him with my asshole and pussy pointed right at him. I then feel something enter my asshole. It's big, but I can't see what it is. Every inch that he pushes it in hurts more. He pushes it deeper in deeper until a start to whimper.

I turn to look back and see what it is, but he snaps at me and I quickly return my head to looking away.

It was then that I felt another one of whatever it was in my ass rub against my pussy. He didn't take as much time with this one as he just rammed it into me, deep. I shook from the shock, but regained my balanced.

I hear my brother pull more duct tape off and feel him wrap some in between my legs from my stomach to my back. There was no way that whatever was in my ass and pussy was going to be coming out any time soon. Suddenly I hear,

"Are you hungry?" I think it was rhetorical because he moved to my face and rammed his cock down my throat.

I didn't seem enthusiastic so he pulled out and said, "Fine, you don't want to eat, then you don't get to eat."

He grabbed my chain and pulled me into the den. He sat on the couch and pulled me around in front of him so my ass was pointing straight at him. He turned on the TV and started to watch SportCenter. I got a little excited thinking I was gonna have a break, but then I felt his cock rub against my ass and lower against my pussy.

"Do you know how long it takes to cycle through SportCenter until you start to see the same episode again?"


"Well now you'll find out, 'cause I'm gonna fuck you until the cycle completes." With that he rips off the duck tape, and if that didn't hurt enough, the two objects inside of me come bursting out quickly. He pushed his cock inside me and started fucking me. I could hear him making comments about how "open" I felt, I think he was proud of his handling of me. I found out that the SportCenter cycle was only about 2 ½ hours that day.

He sounded disappointed when an episode he had already seen came on. He had cum at least four times, maybe even more, and his cock was inside me, but it was flaccid and not any good to him for at least a few more hours.

"Well since I don't think I can cum anymore until tomorrow, I guess you just lost your dinner to your pussy, slave." I didn't respond.

"But if you're thirsty..." he pulled my head around and told me to open my mouth. I kneeled facing him and dropped my jaw. He started to pee into my mouth and as he did he told me to swallow as much as I can.

He also said that if I miss any, I would be punished. When my mouth got full I closed it to swallow and a little got on my face. I finished him off and he told me he was very disappointed and that I was going to be punished.

He walked me up to his room and pulled out what looked like an electric strap-on. He positioned it in my ass and turned it on all the way. He taped it to my ass just like the object before so that it wouldn't fall out and he took another dildo out of his closet and tapped it standing up on the floor.

He told me I had to fuck the dildo with the vibrating strap-on in my ass until he told me to stop and reiterated many times the fact that I need to ask permission to cum. He then sat on his bed and turned on his TV.

He pretty much ignored me for the next couple of hours while I fucked myself on his floor. My pussy was starting to hurt from the constant bombardment of the dildo. I grew more a more desperate to cum because not only should I have come about ten times from the dildo, but the extra lubrication would have felt very nice. I kept asking and asking and he wouldn't let me.

After three and a half hours he told me I could cum on a few conditions, and those were that I lick up my cum off the dildo, lick my shit off the strap-on and fuck him from the top position and speak to him like she wants it while they fuck.

I wasn't in any position to haggle, I came with force and tensed my ass. It started to shoot the strap-on out so I had to get the tape off fast. I didn't care about the pain I was getting that strap-on out. I instantly blew the dildo and next the strap-on and climbed in bed, I was ironically very horny. I had just had this explosive orgasm and couldn't wait to fuck my brother some more.

He climbed in next to me and we started fucking and I screamed out how much I was enjoying it and craved it. After a few hours (remember he had already cum four times today) he finally came again and we fell asleep exhausted next to each other. I was looking forward to the rest of the weekend and that was just the first night.

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