tagIncest/TabooI'm Not Sara

I'm Not Sara


My name is Mary. I'm 19, a freshman in college, and on my summer vacation before starting my sophomore year. I have a part-time job at a local restaurant. I also just recently broke up with my boyfriend. We are going to different colleges and while we really liked each other, we both felt a long-distance relationship would be too hard. As far as looks, I'm about 5'8" and 110 pounds. I have long blond hair and my measurements are about 36c-28-38. I always tried to take care of myself. After 15 years of gymnastics, six years of cheerleading, and going to the gym six days a week, I think I do a good job of staying in shape.

Right now, I'm living at home with my parents and my older brother Leo. He is 22 and a Senior in the same college. He is tall and well built. He is about 6'2" and a little more than 200. He is a great guy, and we always got along as brother and sister in spite of being 3-4 years older than I am. He always looked out for me and been a great big brother. I have to admit when I was about 12, I had a childhood crush on him, and I wanted to marry him.

Our parents are pretty cool and my dad has a really good job so we are rarely short of money if you know what I mean. He is an executive with a big company. He travels a lot but he makes up for it by working from home a few days each week to spend more time with us.

It was a Friday night. All my friends were either working or off doing something so I didn't have anything to do. It was nice for a change to have a night in and I decided to make it a pajama and movie night. My parents went away for the weekend and Leo was out with his girlfriend so I had the house to myself.

I ran to the store to get some junk food and stopped by the video store to get a couple of movies I would like. Getting back home, I found the house empty just as I had planned. I went to my room, showered, shaved, and changed into my pajamas. They weren't pajamas really but more of just some short cotton shorts and a tank top. I rubbed lotion all over before sliding my shorts up my smooth legs without putting on any panties. I pulled my top on and over my breasts and noticed my nipples were poking out. My top left my stomach showing which is just what I liked. I rolled the top of my shorts down a little and I was ready to kick back and relax.

I walked into the kitchen, got my junk food and then walked into the living room and popped in my first movie. It was a chick-flick and it had a hot sex scene in it. I usually don't really notice the sex scenes, but I have to admit this one got me a little aroused. Not having a boyfriend, I hadn't had sex for months and I missed it. The guy was doing everything I really liked where he slowly kissed her breasts and really took his time as they made love.

After the movie finished, I took a bathroom break and saw the time was about midnight. I decided I was still quite awake and ready for a double feature so I put in my second move and sat back down. About halfway through the movie, I heard a car pull up but ignored it thinking it was the neighbors. A few minutes later, my brother burst through the front door laughing along with his girlfriend Sara. I didn't really like her. She always seemed snotty and trying to show off. I have always thought my brother deserves someone better.

One thing I always found interesting was how we looked alike. We were both the same height and had the same hair color and length. We could still wear the same clothes and we even wore our makeup the same and often had the same nails. We never really talked about our physical similarities, but it was understood.

"Hey sis, what are you doing home?" Leo asked.

"Just having a movie night. What are you two doing here?"

"The party was kind of lame so we bailed. We decided to come home and drink. You want some?"

Leo knew I had never really drank before but he was always eager to see me drunk. The most drinking I had ever done was some beer at parties and I had three cosmopolitans at a sleep over at my friend's house. I am not the heavy drinker.

"No thanks. I'm good here."

"You're missing out...." Sara said.

"Oh that's okay. You guys have fun."

They walked into the kitchen and I returned to my movie. About an hour later when my movie finished, I got up and walked into the kitchen to see what they were doing. I could hear them laughing and talking from the living room and I could tell they were having some fun. When I walked in, I saw them both sitting at the kitchen table and it was obvious they were buzzed and going on drunk. They had a half-empty bottle of Jagermeister on the table with two empty shot glasses.

"Wow, you are both really having at it. How many have you had?" I asked.

Leo slowly looked and held up seven fingers.

"I've had fff...five." Sara said.

"Woa, you better slow down there or your are going to get sick" I told them.

"Nah! We are fine." Leo said as he poured another shot.

"Come on sis! Why don't you try one? You're in college now. I'm surprised you haven't already tried this stuff."

I turned and looked at them with a curious but cautious look. I was interested in trying harder alcohol but I was scared I would puke.

"I....I don't know. I don't want to throw up."

"You will be fine. You may even like the taste of it." Leo said as he pulled another shot glass from the cabinet and poured me a shot.

I slowly walked up to the table and approached my shot. They continued to coax me for another five minutes and finally I built up the nerve and just took it. It was nasty but the taste soon subdued and I had to admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

"Whoo little sis! Go girl!" Leo shouted.

I smiled as I felt like I impressed him as I took a drink of water to chase the taste away.

"Sit down" Sara said as she pulled the chair out. "Talk to us."

We sat at the table for another twenty minutes and talked about school, friends, work. They also convinced me to take two more shots and I was feeling a little buzzed.

That was when Sara interrupted, "I think I'm going to be sick" and she quickly shot up and ran for the bathroom.

"That girl can't hold it." Leo said as he poured himself another shot.

I got up and followed Sara to the bathroom to find her puking into the toilet. "Disgusting" I thought to myself and it was exactly what I wanted to avoid. But, being a girl, I felt compelled to help her out. I walked in and helped her out by pulling back her long blonde hair and rubbing her back. After a minute, she settled down and then collapsed to the floor. I cleaned up her face and I could tell she was really drunk.

"Thh....Thank you Mary. You are so nice and so pretty." She said as she touched my hair.

"Thank you Sara. You are very pretty too. We look very similar."

"We do look alike huh? You could be my sisssster...You have such a ssssssexxxxy body. You are so hot. I bbb....bet all the boys want to fff...fuck you...huh?" Her hand slowly traced the side of my body over my hip and down my leg sending a chill through me.

She caught me off guard. She was nicer than I thought she was. "No, not all the boys. Are you feeling any better?"

"Oh yesss......much better now" she said slowly licking her lips.

"Do you want to come back into the kitchen?"

"No....I'm...I'm going to sit here for a little while longer."

That was when I heard some glass break in the kitchen and thought Leo was probably drunk and breaking something. I needed to go check on him.

"I'll be right back Sara. Stay here."


I left Sara and walked back to the kitchen to find my brother trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to clean up a broken shot glass on the floor.

"Leo wait. Let me do that."

"Oh...huh..." he said looking at me "Oh....thanks Sara."

"It's me...Mary"

"Hurs the broommmm. Thanks." He said sitting back down at the table with more of a flop.

I cleaned up the glass and put everything away. Leo was staring off in the distance and looked wobbly.

Walking towards Leo, I put my hand on his shoulder, "Why don't you go to bed?"

"Oh. I sss...see what you want there babe." He said standing up. He put his arms around my and hugged me close. His hands traced down my back and he grabbed my ass. His touch caught me off guard and sent electricity through my body. My mind seemed oblivious that it was Leo and just amazing to have someone touch my body in that way. My buzzed mind snapped back into reality and remembered that it was my brother.

"Leo! Stop! I'm not Sara. I'm Mary."

"Let's go to bed babe" as he put his arm around my neck.

"Come on. I will put you in bed."

"I'll put you inntttttoo bed....yeah....I need to....My....phone....huh?"

We walked down the hallway and we walked into his room. I turned on the light and left him standing there while I turned down the blanket on his bed. I turned around and Leo had taken off his shirt. He had a really attractive and muscular body. I'm not sure if it was the Jager I had or not, but he was turning me on.

He started to unbuckle his pants and I stopped him, "Woa. Hold on there Leo. What are you doing?"

"Get....Gettting ready for bed...[hick]...I can't ssssleep in my jeans" he slurred.

Surprisingly, he did make sense and I decided it would be okay to get him to his boxers and put him in the bed. He pushed his jeans off and to my surprise, he wasn't even wearing any boxers! His dick sprang out to life right in front of me, and to add to the awkward situation, his dick was huge!

"Leo...oh my god! You're naked!" I shouted. "What are you doing?"

"Yeah...I like to be nakkkeed.....let's get naked and dd...dance down the stttttreet" he stammered.

"I'm not Sara. It's me! Mary!"

"What about Mary?" He asked.

"I'm Mary"

"Shhhh....Mary is ssssleeeeping. Don't...don't...wake her up. Shhhh....we have to be quiet babe."

He pulled me close to him and his lips shot in towards my face as he kissed me on the lips sticking his tongue into my mouth. The taste of Jagermeister almost made me sick but the passion behind his kiss kept me engaged. I resisted at first, but my buzzed mind got lost in the moment and I kissed him back.

His hands groped all over my body and I felt his dick pressing against my stomach. He pulled my top down and freed my breasts. He sent chills down my spine as he moved down my body and kissed my neck and my breasts. My mind was lost. I was thinking no this is wrong but at the same time, I didn't have the will to say no. He knelt down and slowly sucked on my breasts as his hands went up my shorts and caressed by bare ass. I instinctively pulled his head towards my chest, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the moment.

Suddenly, a moment of clarity washed over me. I realized what we were doing and that it was so wrong. Leo was trying to pull my shorts down when I stopped him. I pulled my top back up and pushed myself away from him.

"No Leo. This is wrong. I'm not Sara. We can't do this."

Leo stood up and his dick was still rock hard.

I insisted, "You have to go to bed. Sara is in the bathroom. I'm Mary. We can't do this."

Leo made his way over to me and slowly caressed my arms and whispered into my ear, "Sara. I love you. I want to make love to you" as he kissed down my neck.

My body melted with his soft touch. My resistance to his advances faded away. He grabbed me and pushed me back onto the bed. He moved in over me and started to softly kiss and caress my body. My mind swirled and spun out of control. His dick lightly touched my thigh and I put my arms around him and pulled him close to me as we kissed.

He grabbed the bottom of my tank top and pulled it upwards. I unconsciously cooperated by lifting my arms and letting him pull it off me releasing my breasts. We returned to our embrace with his hands were all over me and mine were all over him.

He slowly moved down my body kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples. His touch was rough and gentle at the same time. He would forcefully caress me, which drove me wild. As his kisses made their way to my belly button, he slowly pulled at the top of my shorts. My mind was battling what we were doing. One part of me was ashamed and wanted to stop. The other part of me couldn't resist. I succumbed to his seduction and instinctively lifted my hips to let him pull my shorts down my legs.

"Oh Sara, I didn't know you started sh...shh...shaving your pussy. I like this."

He knelt on the floor, with my hips on the edge of the bed he started licking my clit. My body tensed and my hips moved rhythmically with him wanting more. My hands caressed his hair as he licked and sucked my clit and pussy with expert precision. After only a minute, I could feel a long-awaited orgasm quickly welling up within me and it didn't take long for me to cum. My legs wrapped around his head. I pulled his hair as my orgasm rocked through my body. My back arched and I tensed as I let out a soft moan and gushed my cum all over his face.

"That mussst have been pretty ggg...good. You don't usually cc...cum that quick babe" Leo said to me as he wiped his lips on the blanket.

He moved up the bed and he wanted more. My mind was spinning from the combination of the Jagermeister and the best orgasm I had ever had from someone. Before I knew it, he was on top of me and he was trying to push his dick into my pussy. I put my hands over my face to try to come to my senses but I unwittingly shifted my hips and gave him the best angle at my awaiting cunt. When I felt his huge dick enter me, it hurt like hell, but the pain quickly subsided and once again, I was lost again in our rapture. In one smooth motion, he slid his full length up into my soaked pussy and I felt him go deeper than I had ever felt anything inside me before. This was amazing.

He started to thrust in and out of me and right away, I felt my next orgasm surging from deep inside of my body. I couldn't take this. My brother was fucking me! It was all so taboo and erotic. The next thing I knew, I was coming...hard! My body tensed and I felt wave after wave of orgasm roll through my body from my toes to my head. My eyes rolled back and I let out a scream, which was unusual, but I couldn't help it. I grabbed onto him with all my strength, wrapping my arms and legs around him driving his dick deeper into my cunt while digging my nails into his muscular back. My pussy flooded as he thrust into me again and again.

After a few more minutes of slow and constant thrusting, he pulled out. He effortlessly picked up my limp body and turned me over on the bed. Grabbing my hips, he pulled me up onto my knees positioning my pussy into his view. He gave me a few licks and then quickly guided his dick back into my swollen pussy.

I buried my head into the blanket and just moaned with the rhythm of his thrusts. I was astonished to feel now my third orgasm. My mind was gone and I had never had such a sexual experience let alone with my brother. Just as quickly as I started to feel it, it was all over me. I let out another scream into the blanket as I pushed back onto his dick and buried him deep inside of me.

As I was coming, he grabbed my hips and started to forcefully pound faster and harder. It kept my orgasm going and my body continued to spasm.

"I'm glad you are on the pill Sara because I can't stop this time. I'm coming! Ahhh! I'm coming in you!"

My eyes shot open but before I could react to his words, I felt his hot seed spurt and fill me up deep inside of my pussy. Each pulse of his dick echoed through my orgasmic body as he emptied his balls. It occurred to me that we were not using a condom and, unlike Sara, I was NOT on the pill! It was too late to stop him.

Once he finished, he slowly pulled his long dick out of my soaking raw pussy and my hips collapsed onto his bed. My body was completely spent and I couldn't move. His cum oozed out of my pussy and ran down to the bed. In seconds, he was next to me fast asleep. I slowly stood up and immediately fell to the ground unable to hold myself up. My legs and hips were so weak I couldn't hold myself up.

Sitting on the floor, I spread my legs and looked down at my pussy. My lips were bright red and puffy. A glob of Leo's thick white cum stuck in between my labia. The thought crossed my mind how I was in my prime fertile period of my cycle and I might easily get pregnant. That would be a total disaster! My last chance was to get a morning after pill.

I managed to get up and stumbled into the hallway. Looking back at Leo, I thought to myself when he wakes up, he may or may not remember having sex. If Sara isn't in there, he may figure out that he fucked his little sister. I thought to myself that it may ruin our relationship and I decided to get Sara into his bed and make it look like he fucked Sara in half and not me. I hope that this doesn't ruin things between us.

I put my shorts and my tank top on and walked to the bathroom to find Sara passed out on the floor.

I shook her, "Sara...Sara. Are you there? I need you to wake up!" She slightly came around.

"Come on, We have to get you into bed."

"Wha...Oh Mary. Hiya sexy babe! Howww...are you doing?"

"Come on. Can you stand up?"

"Sure..." She managed to put her hands on the floor and stand up. I put my arm around her and we walked together to Leo's bedroom.

"Okay, time for bed." I pulled her top off and got her undressed. Once she was naked, I guided her over to Leo's bed and sat her on the side. As a final touch, I even scooped up some of Leo's cum from the blanket and wiped it into her pussy hair and on her leg.

"Why is Leo naked?"

"Because you both just had sex. Don't you remember?"

"No. I don't remember. We did?"

"Oh yes and you were screaming and you came three times!"

"Wow...I have never cum three times. It must have been amazing."

"Oh yes! It was amazing!"

I helped her lay down and she fell asleep before her head hit the bed. I looked back at Leo and thought about the passion we shared. I thought about how wrong but how wonderful it was at the same time. I wondered if we would ever have a moment like that again and I thought to myself, I wanted to.

I staggered down the hallway to the bathroom and tried to clean up as much as I could. Sitting on the toilet, I tried pushing Leo's cum out of my pussy. I doubt it would avoid me getting pregnant but I thought every little bit out helps.

I made my way to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I was fast asleep in seconds.

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