tagBDSMI'm Sorry I Lied Daddy Ch. 02

I'm Sorry I Lied Daddy Ch. 02


After Madison hydrated, she returned to Rick's room with the cleaning supplies. Rick was dressed when she returned, and he watched as she cleaned. Madison washed all the toys carefully as if they were her own. She watched her naked body in the mirror as she went about her business and hung up the paddle back on the wall. When she was finished, she walked over to Rick and stood there.

Rick stood up and kissed Madison on the forehead.

"Good job."

Her body got weak as Rick's gentle touch reverberated through her whole body. "Oooh... thank you Sir."

"I want you to sit up on this table." Rick said as he guided her in the direction.

Madison sat on the edge of the home-made gynecologist table wondering what was to happen next.

Rick pulled out the makeshift stirrups. "Lay back."

Madison laid back slowly and was frightened of what came next. She spread her legs wide for Rick as he guided her feet to the stirrups. Even after all that had transpired, Madison felt a little subconscious opening to her stepfather.

Rick put on a pair of examination gloves and put a liberal amount of lube on his fingers. "Just relax."

Madison watched as Rick bent down and slowly parted her labia with his tongue. He encircled her swollen clit gently, then began to suck.

"Ohhhh, my gawdamit... ooo, oh, don't stop."

Rick stood up and tapped her little pussy three times. "Not yet. You will be rewarded when your work is done."

Rick proceeded to spread the lube on Madison's pussy gently. She winced as he slid one finger all the way in exploring her inner walls. He pulled out his finger, then slid two middle fingers all the way in, palm up. He curled his fingers upwards holding them there firmly.

"Oooooooo, right there, aaaaaah..."

He quickly removed his fingers and reached into a nearby drawer. He pulled out a metal speculum. "You know what this is, don't you?"

Madison only shook her head yes.

"Your gynecologist used this on you yet?"


" We won't use this today. I do have a toy for you though," Rick said as he reached in the back of the drawer. "This is Lush by Lovense. This is a little Bluetooth vibrator."

"It looks like a pink gourd." Madison said.

"I guess it kind of does," Rick said laughing as he lubed the toy.

Madison watched as Rick slid the toy up and down between her lips until the larger part of the toy disappeared inside. The tail, or antenna part extended beyond her moistness and pointed upwards.

"So, here's what's going to happen. You are going to clean the rest of the house... and outside. The toy is not to be touched or removed. If it comes out, for any reason, you will be punished."


"Yes... outside! Your friends destroyed that too... remember?"

"But... what if someone comes over?"

"Are you expecting company? Be very careful how you answer."


"No, what?"

"No, Sir."

"If somebody comes over, you will be the one answering the door, naked, in bondage, with a pink toy hanging out of your pussy."

"Oh... " Rick said as he took off his examination gloves. "I have your phone. I will know, if and when someone will be coming over. You will not. This phone is linked to your toy. I can control it. I can link it to music, or set it to pick up sounds, or just tap the screen like this to whatever vibration I want."

Madison felt a short, but strong vibration inside of her. "Oooooh!"

"That was on low." Rick said as he tapped on her antenna.

"You have two hours to clean the house from top to bottom... Oh... and outside too. Every few minutes, the pattern of vibrations will change and get stronger. Do you understand these rules?"

"Yes Sir."

"One more thing. You spend entirely too much time on this phone, Rick said holding Madison's phone. Every time you receive a text, or phone call, you will be punished... and... I am not going to let you know what the text said.

"That's not fair!" Madison exclaimed.

"Fair?" Rick said as he tapped on the highest setting on the vibe, then shut it down.


"One hour, fifty-nine minutes left."

Madison lifted her feet out of the stirrups and stood up. The toy felt weird inside and the antenna would wiggle as she walked. She walked slowly up the steps to the main floor where the remnants from the previous night remained. The shots of Tequila, beer pong glasses and the mirror with the razor blade and the straw, still left on the coffee table. Her heart raced as she began to pick up some of the trash.

"Want some music to listen to?" Rick asked as he held up her phone.

"Yes, please."

Rick picked a song out of Madison's playlist and linked it to the app that controlled the toy. With the setting on low, Rick hit play.

Madison squirmed as every note in the song vibrated at different levels. "Oooooo... shit."

She found that it was very hard to concentrate and clean up as the song vibrated between her legs. Her only break was between songs.

Madison was much too distracted to realize that Rick had left the living room and returned. She picked up the mirror off the coffee table when the mild vibrations between her legs became strong and constant. She immediately dropped to her knees and was rendered immobile.

Rick disabled the toy and grabbed Madison's long dark hair. "Didn't I ask you if there were any drugs in the house? You told me no... another lie?"

"I'm sorry," She said softly.

"Bend over. I believe that you do not think that I am serious about your punishment. This should remind you with every step." Rick had brought up a medium size butt plug that he had lubed. "Hold still."

"Noooo, oh, I never, ow, ow... noooooooo."

Rick seated the plug all the way in and pushed down hard. "You are running out of time. So far you have two text messages. They could be here anytime."

"Who, what did they say?"

"Don't worry, I will text them back. I would worry more about this mess. No more music. I will control the vibe,"

Rick fingered a wave pattern on the phone with several high vibrations and several low, almost like a pulse. He then set the pattern to loop and to the next highest setting. "And play."

Madison screamed out as the stronger vibrations radiated inside. They weren't bad at first, but now with the plug in her ass, the sensations were different. There were two high points in the loop where she was unable to move.

"Oh... Madison... you do not want that plug to come out of your little ass either. I will find something bigger next time. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir," she said standing motionless holding on to the counter.

Madison figured out the loop and knew she had a small window of time before the two strong pulsations of the vibe would come around again. She would try and hurry, but the plug in her ass limited and fast movement. It made her feel as if she had to go to the bathroom.

Rick opened the front door and walked outside. "Just thought I heard a car. You did get another text."

Madison began to panic. Were they coming over, and who? What time? What was she going to do if they did? If she hid, Rick would only parade her in front of her friends. She knew that she could pull out the toys and worry about being punished later, but the wrist and ankle cuffs were permanent and that left her very naked.

Rick shut off the app and Madison almost collapsed. She sat hard in the nearest chair forgetting about the large plug in her ass. "Ow!"

"You're almost done. It could use some vacuuming, but you can do that tomorrow. You just need to pick up outside, and take the trash to the end of the driveway."

Madison walked out on the deck slowly, looking around. She could instantly feel the breeze between her wet thighs. They lived ten miles from town, out in the country, but there was still traffic that went past the house.

It was now about two o'clock in the afternoon and the temperature was almost eighty degrees. Madison stepped off the deck onto the lush grass. She was nervous, exhilarated, and had never been naked outside before. There was something about being vulnerable, or the thought that she may be caught that excited her.

Rick reset a new pattern for the app that controlled Madison's toy. He then set the vibrations to the next level, second from the highest and turned it on.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Madison screamed, then knelt next to the fire pit in the back yard until the strong vibrations subsided.

She was almost done picking up all the beer cans when she heard a vehicle coming down their road. Even though she was in the back yard, there was nowhere to hide. Anybody that pulled in the driveway, would drive all the way in to turn around.

Madison was having a hard time maintaining with the stronger vibrations inside. It was like she was on the verge of a constant orgasm. As the car got closer, Madison squatted next to a tree as the vibrations grew intense. She squirmed and started to grab at the toy as the car slowly drove by.

Rick shut off the vibe, then tied up the two trash bags that Madison had filled. "Now take these out to the end of the driveway... and stay off the grass."

Madison picked up the two bags and began to walk gingerly on the rock covered driveway. The rocks were sharp on her tender feet and the bags were heavy.

"You better hurry, I think I hear another car coming."

Madison stopped, and listened. She did hear a vehicle.

Rick turned the vibrator on a constant high. "You got another text."

Madison squatted between the bags thrusting her hips uncontrollably. "Fuck! Stop... stop... Nooooooooooo!"

The sound of the loud truck grew closer as Madison's powerless body shook uncontrollably in the middle of the driveway for everyone to see. She screamed and dove to the grass pulling out both of her toys and laid there on her left side in a fetal position with her hand between her legs as the truck drove by.

Madison's heart raced as she watched Rick pick up her still vibrating toy and shut it off. "Roll over on your back."

Hesitantly, she rolled over keeping her legs tight together. Rick grabbed her right wrist and right ankle and connected the leather cuffs together. Madison struggled with Rick as he connected her left cuffs in the same fashion. Madison was now helpless on her back with her legs wide open.

Rick tapped Madison's wet little pussy three times.


"I am disappointed, yet... I anticipated you doing this. I told you not to touch the toy, and what did I say about the plug, remember?"

"Don't take it out?" Madison said softly.

"Yes... and that is, don't take it out... Sir! Correct?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And what did I say would happen if you took it out?"

"Bigger... Sir?"

"That's right. I am going back to the house while you lay here and think about what you have done."

"Noooo... please... Sir? Don't leave me here like this. Please?"

"Oh, I'm not going to leave you like this. First, you are much too distracted. This blindfold will help you concentrate." Rick said as he brushed the hair from her eyes and gently placed the satin blindfold over her eyes. "Secondly, we have to replace your toy and give it new commands."

Rick pressed firmly on the toy and guided it easily into her opening. Madison moaned with pleasure as it slid into place. He opened the app on the phone and configured a new wave pattern. He left it set to the second highest setting and turned it on.


Rick grabbed and rubbed her breasts, then grabbed her nipples hard. "Hold still."

She laid just to the left of the driveway only about seventy-five feet from the road. If someone was to pull in now, there would be no hiding.

Rick tapped Madison on the pussy," You girls have fun. Don't go anywhere."

Madison struggled with her bindings as the vibrations inside of her started to build. "Rick? Rick?... Sir, are you still here?"

Rick didn't answer. There was only silence. Madison could hear traffic on the highway over a mile away. There were birds chirping and the neighbor's dog was barking. She was so wet, that when the stronger vibrations of the toy were produced, she could hear it. Without her sight, all of Madison's senses were heightened.

Without any doubt, Madison knew that she was going to cum. She flailed from side to side as the vibrations grew, and there was nothing that she can do about it. Madison had built up so much pressure, the toy was pushed out as she gushed. She lay there shaking. as the breeze made her quite aware of what just happened.

Madison screamed when she heard Rick's voice.

"Having fun?"

Her heart was still pounding as Rick's fingers rubbed her wetness up and down. "Did you cum?"

"Yes Sir."

Rick shut off the toy that was still vibrating in the grass. "Naughty girl. This belongs in here," He said as he eased it back in.

Rick reset the app on the phone to sound, and set it to high. The toy now, would only vibrate to any ambient sound. He turned it on, then set down the phone.

Rick whispered in her ear, "Your toy will activate with any sound. Careful."

He eased two fingers in Madison's tight pussy, just above the toy. As Rick began to move his fingers in an up and down motion briskly, Madison began to scream. As she screamed, the toy vibrated at its highest level

"Aaaaah, oh fuck... ahhhhh, oooo, ooooooooooo... Oh my Gawd, Ahhhhhhh!"

Rick pulled out his fingers and the toy as Madison squirted. She was still convulsing when Rick slid in the toy and his dripping fingers back in.

"Noooooooo... oooh, Gawd damn you... shit... ahhhh, fuck, ahhhhhhhhhh!"

Madison squirted again when he pulled out the toy. This time he waited until her legs stopped quivering before he pushed it deep into place.

Rick uncoupled Madison's wrist and ankle restraints as quietly as he could, then stretched out her legs. He gently licked and sucked on her hard nipples as Madison lay limp. He then clipped her two wrist cuffs together and laid her arms above her head. "Roll over."

The sound of Rick's voice activated the vibe and Madison woke from a deep dream.


"I'm surprised you friends aren't here yet." Rick said as Madison was in the middle of rolling over.

"Shhh... shhhh, nooo."

Madison rolled over on her stomach as Rick smacked her on the ass making a loud sound.

"Hands and knees."

The vibration from the smack on her ass, and Rick's voice made it impossible to move. When the deep tremors stopped from within, Madison moved carefully to her hands and knees.

Rick had brought out a small tube of lube, and began to rub it in around Madison's ass.

"Nooooooo." She whispered.

Rick slapped her ass again. "Quiet... Remember?"

"Ow... ooooo."

Rick fingered her tight hole until Madison relaxed enough for two of his large fingers. She wanted to scream out, but couldn't.

Madison panicked with the realization of what Rick was now inserting in her ass was his large cock. A little at a time, he eased it in.

Madison began to squirm because of the pain. Without thinking, she screamed out, thus activating the vibe.

"Ow... Ow... Oooooooh..."

Rick continued to slide his cock deeper and deeper into his stepdaughter's tight forbidden hole. He would moan with pleasure with every stroke setting off mild vibrations. He could feel the toy inside of Madison as it vibrated. Madison too, felt new found pleasure that she had never experienced. With every thrust, Madison moaned loudly, causing the vibe to tremble.

Rick continued to slowly take his stepdaughter, "Oh... Fuck!... Someone's coming!"

"Noooo," Madison shouted. "Not now... I'm coming!"

Madison collapsed on the ground with the full weight of Rick on top of her. Rick was now all the way inside of her.

"Your friends are here!"

"Oooooooh Gawd... Ahhhhh... Oooh, ooh ooooooo... " Madison shrieked as she came.

Between Madison flailing underneath him and the strong vibrations, Rick made three final pumps, then collapsed motionless on top of her.

The vibrations had finally subsided and there was nothing but silence. Rick reached for the phone carefully and turned off the app.

Madison lifted her blindfold and looked around, "Where did the car go?"

Rick's cock slowly slid from Madison's tight hole. His hot cum oozed from her as he stood up and laughed. "What car?"


"Yeah... there was no car. Oh... and I don't think that your friends are coming over either. You only got one text message."

"What... you lied?"

"Yes, I did. It hurts when people lie to you, doesn't it?"

Madison rolled over and Rick helped her to her feet. Her body was covered with sweat and grass. She could feel the immense amount of moisture that had been released from her, and Rick's cum seeping from her ass.

Rick unhooked the clasps that held her two wrist cuffs together. He pulled her body close and kissed her softly, then gently brushed the hair from her eyes, "Madison... finish taking out the trash, then come back in the house. I will take off those cuffs, and you can clean up the toys, then yourself. I drew you a nice hot bath.

Madison wrapped her arms around Rick's neck and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry I lied... Daddy."

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