tagRomanceI'm Watching You

I'm Watching You


It's been a long week. Deadlines piled up on me, I lost control of old man time around Tuesday, I'm tired, worn out, tense. I pull into the driveway, shutting off the purring motor and sit in silence for a moment, nothing but the slow tick of the engine as it cools off disturbing the air. The house is dark, and my mood slips more. I need you right now. Need to have your presence around me, your scent in the air. Sighing softly, I grab my briefcase, laptop and files and step out into the early evening.

The car was warm, the outside air is not. I shiver slightly as the cool breeze swirls around my bare calves. My skirt has ridden up my legs, mid-thigh now, and I close my eyes for a moment, letting the wind caress me. Unbidden you jump into my mind and I smile slightly.

Opening the door and letting myself in. The house is quiet and still, dark without the sun streaming through the windows. Work gets tossed onto the couch, left for another moment. I've had enough for this week.

Walking into the kitchen. The streetlight casts a soft glow around the room, and shines off a glass of wine on the table. Beside it a note sits, my name on the front. Picking it up I open it and read.

I'm watching you.

I put the note down and glance over the room. Where are you? I begin to smile softly, feeling excitement well up in my body. Do you know how you excite me? How you keep me on the edge of ecstasy with your words? I'm watching you.

The wine is chilled, and delicious. I take it with me, walking to the staircase, wanting to run over the house and find you, holding myself back, determined not to show you how great my desire for you is. Stopping at the bottom, I slip my shoes off, letting the thick carpet soothe my feet. I walk up the stairs slowly, not knowing if you are seeing me, stepping softly in the dimmed light. I reach the top and look around again, giving away my curiosity. I'm watching you. Your words are haunting me.

I set my now empty glass down on the dressing table, the small sound it makes echoing in the oh so still house. A light flickers in my bathroom, the aroma of gardenias wafts out to me. Entering I find candles, illuminating the room, making it dance with light. The cast iron tub beckons me, full of hot steamy water, scented. The tub makes me smile every time I see it, a wonderful memory.

Slipping out of my jacket, I let it drop to the floor. I'm watching you. Soft music begins to play on the stereo in the bedroom. Slow. Deep. Driving beats pound sensuously on my ears. I close my eyes, leaning my head back slightly, letting the music wrap around me. The wine has made me heady, I feel sexy knowing you are near. My fingers slowly undo the silk blouse I am wearing, brushing against my skin lightly, my hands shake slightly, do you see how you arouse me?

The silk falls off my shoulders softly, resting on my arms. I run my hands across my belly, leaving the skin sparking at the touch. I straighten my arms and the shirt slips softly off, landing on the floor. Slowly I unzip my skirt, shrugging it off my hips, stepping lightly out of it. I'm watching you. My desire has increased for you tenfold, and I stretch my arms above my head, turning slowly, wanting you to see all of me.

My lace bra has become confining to me, not the comfortable object it was this morning. I reach behind my back to the clasp, knowing my breasts are thrusting out more, wanting to tease you. It joins the rest of my clothing on the floor, and my hands gently massage my breasts, eyes still closed, smile soft on my lips. I moan softly as my hand circles the nipple, and my tongue licks my lips slowly, leaving them shimmering in the candlelight. Reluctantly my hands stop their touching, and I hook my thumbs into my panties, sliding them down my legs. Bending at the waist I slip them to my feet, straightening in one smooth motion. One foot enters the water and I gasp at the heat. Stepping into the water I lower myself slowly into its embrace. I lean back for a moment, luxurating in the warmth and scent.

Lifting one leg out of the water I rest my toes on the taps and slide the soap against my skin. The soap is silky, smooth, travelling from my ankle to my thigh. A large sea sponge, thick and soft, rubs the soap away, leaving my skin tingling. I repeat the process to my other leg, then my arms, my neck, back, front, my body alive with tingling nerves. Stepping from the tub I stand in the candlelight for a moment, water dripping from me. On the vanity sits another glass of wine.

My eyes widen slightly as I realize you were in the room, yet I did not see or hear you. I try to remain still, but my body betrays me, my nipples hardening and my breath quickening. I am suddenly nervous, and love it. You're dangerous. I'm watching you. I bite my bottom lip.

I stand in the candlelight and let my hair down, feeling it land softly at my back. I brush it slowly, sipping the wine as I do, taking my time, leaving it soft and straight. Walking back into the bedroom I see you lying there, that devil-may-care smile on your face. My knees buckle.

On your side, propping your head up one arm, you crook your finger at me. I crawl onto the bed toward you, melting inside, devouring your silhouetted body with my eyes. You roll over onto your back, opening your arms to me. I slide my hands along your arms, pinning your wrists above your head as I lean forward and lick your lips. You chuckle softly, knowing you could toss me off in a second. You relax, letting me play my game.

I slip my right leg over your body, resting on my knees, stretched along your length. My pulse quickens and my lips trail down your cheek to your neck. Breathing warmly I whisper the words playing in the background as I bite your earlobe gently, aroused, unknowingly circling my hips against you.

I feel you beneath me, muscles jumping. Your body thrums with an energy that is barely contained, never controlled. My thighs tighten around you, and you groan and thrust upward firmly, deliberately. My body reacts instantly, I envy you, every move you make is planned, bridled with power. You turn your head quickly, catching my bottom lip in your teeth, biting gently, eyes open and steady, gazing at mine. Slowly you release it, drawing me closer, brushing your lips against mine, whispering, I'm watching you, and I shiver.

Unable to resist you any longer I kiss your throat, sliding my body down yours, pressing firmly against you. My hands travel after my mouth, nails scratching down your sides. I roam carefully over your body, making sure I touch every part of you. I smile when I realize you have left your hands above your head.

My hands rest on your hips now, you are hot and hard against my cheek. I pause, only to get my whirling mind back in focus. I feel like im spinning out of control. You groan when I stop, and jump. I look up into your face, see you tossing your head gently back and forth, eyes closed, jaw set as you clench your teeth. I grin widely, now it is I watching you.

Tasting you with my tongue. Like an ice cream cone, one long delicious lick after another, feeling you grow harder beneath my mouth, my breath hot and moist, your thighs trembling. How much control do you have to keep your hands above your head? I am again amazed by you.

I take you slowly into my mouth. My teeth graze you, and I am rewarded by a sharp hiss from you as you arch farther into me. This is what I have been waiting for. The first sign from you that perhaps you are not made of steel. I feel myself becoming wetter, unsure as to how long I will be able to keep myself from taking you.

Seconds seem like minutes, minutes like hours as you move in and out of my mouth. I vary my pace, feeling your body move beneath me, testing you, experimenting, finding the pace that you desire, the tightness you long for, wanting it to be perfect for you.

I start a little when your hands grasp my head, fingers entwined into my hair. That familiar rush of excitement floods me, I know you are close to losing control. Your hands are firm on me, the strength in them evident, barely contained. I lift my head and look at you, expecting to see your eyes closed and am caught immediately by your gaze. You mouth the words. I'm watching you. No longer smiling my own eyes are smoldering, I want you.

No spoken words are necessary. You lift me easily. Agonizingly slowly we meld, I want so badly to push down hard on you, have you fill me completely, but I see how hard you are fighting for control, and the tease in me takes over, stopping my decent, holding myself there, sliding down another inch and pausing, continuing my self-inflicted torture until you are buried in me. God. My eyes close, my back arches, I revel in the moment, lost in a torrent of physical feelings and emotional chaos. So very good.

Your hands are still on my hips, warm, possessing. I place mine over yours, beginning to rise and fall slowly, steadily. Your grip tightens on me, I know you are close. Leaning forward, I press myself into you, loving the way our bodies fit together. I kiss you deeply, capturing your tongue with my teeth, playing it against my own, moaning loudly, finding it hard to breath, my heart is pounding so hard it must soon burst. Suddenly your hands are on me, holding the back of neck tight to you. Rolling us both over you thrust into me harder, faster, deeper. One sharp intake of breath and I'm over the edge, legs wrapping around you, pulling you tight, my nails digging into your back. I feel you tense on top of me, a growl escaping your lips. The animal reaction throws me into another spasm, and I call out your name over and over again. How long do I ride that crest?

Again and again I push against you, completely captivated, coming back to myself slowly, the room whirling, breathing quickly. You lay on top of me, still, breathing heavy, neither of us speaking, no words necessary or capable. Do you know how wonderful that feels? To have a man covering you, to feel his weight on you. My fingers lazily scratch your back, a small smile playing on my lips. I feel your breath, warm, damp, curling around my neck. One foot traces its way up your leg. I purr, and you chuckle softly against my neck, biting playfully. The music playing drifts over us, you make moves as if to roll off me, I pull you back. Not yet. I crave the closeness. In the deepening shadows of the night we lay together, neither of us willing to let go. In a semi-conscious state I lay, listening to you breathe.

I'm watching you.

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