I'm Wonder Woman


Going with the flow, I murmured, "Oh, Mom."

"Not Mom, I'm Wonder Woman tonight."

Our lips met. Our first kiss, mother and son, was sweet but deep and passionate. More than a typical mother and son kiss should be. But, she wasn't my mom, she was my Wonder Woman. The tip of her tongue edged its way between my lips. My tongue met hers.

With our lips pressed together, Mom backed off a little in order to grip my lip with her teeth. She pulled it outwards and nibbled on it. I couldn't believe I had gone all these years without appreciating her lips any time my mother kissed me.

I shifted my position so that I was facing my Wonder Woman. Mom still had her one leg lifted over my lap. Naturally enough, my hand went immediately to her silky stockinged leg and along to her blue shorts covered ass. Between the shorts being so tightly moulded to her butt and the innate firmness of her cheeks, I couldn't get a firm grip. That didn't stop me from trying though.

Our exchange of kisses continued. By this time, our tongues were dancing together from one mouth to the other. Every time Mom's tongue slid between my open lips into my mouth, my cock gave a lurch. Mom must have felt it push against her upper thigh as she would moan in appreciation.

After what I supposed she felt were enough pushes and prods of my dick, my mother slid her hand from around my neck, down my body, until it rested on my rod. Talk about lurches! For a moment I was sure I was going to cum in my pants.

Getting myself and my churning balls under control was not an easy task. My hand fell off my mother's ass and I had to pull my face away from hers, halting our kisses.

"Mom," I whispered, "you are making me so hot."

"I'm not Mom, I'm Wonder Woman," she said. "I'm your Wonder Woman tonight."

"Mom," I stuttered. "I mean Wonder Woman, I'm going to cum soon."

My mother pulled away from me at the same time as she pushed me back flat against the couch.

"If you're going to cum, I'm going to make sure it is good for both of us," said my Wonder Woman.

I was speechless watching my mother fall to her knees between my spread legs. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, my dick was still rock hard, still threatening a quick release. My mother must have recognized my need as she wasted no time tugging my sweats and briefs down and tossing them aside.

Spellbound, I waited for whatever Wonder Woman had in mind as her next move. She had my cock in one hand and began to rub her face against it. Watching her and feeling the effects of my very own mother, the woman who gave birth to me, nuzzling my prick was just too much for me to handle.

My eyes, my hands, and even my balls clenched tightly. I felt my prick spurting. Forcing my eyes open, I saw that Mum's face was covered in my cum. In fact, she was still rubbing my cock against her face milking the last drops out while smearing my load all over.

Under normal circumstances, I would have been, should have been softening after releasing such a load of sperm. But, these were not normal circumstances. It didn't make any difference if I thought of this experience as being with Wonder Woman or simply my Mom. Either way, it just wasn't normal.

I couldn't tear my gaze away from the beautiful face still massaging my rod. The face was spattered with my ejaculate. Some of the sperm was in individual drops, some was long trails, and some was smears. Either way, it was sexy beyond belief. Added to that, Mum was using her fingers to gather as much of my cum on her fingers before slowly and sensuously sucking her digits clean.

Without looking away from me, Mom reached blindly to find my discarded clothing. Being the ever helpful son that I am, I whipped off my T-shirt and handed it to her. Smiling her gratitude, Mom used my shirt to clean the remnants of my cum from her face.

"Did my baby like that?" she asked. "Did my baby like cumming on my face?"

I was nodding my head almost frantically in order to convey my approval.

"Did my baby like to see his Mommy, I mean his Wonder Woman, covered with his cum?"

I had not stopped the frantic nodding of my head. Although I did hesitate for just a moment when my mother referred to herself as Mommy and my cock lurched again.

Finished with wiping my spend off her face, Mom decided to clean my cock. Fantastically, she decided to do so by swallowing it whole. If it hadn't been so soon after my previous ejaculation, I was sure I would have come again when I felt Mom's nose in my pubic hair.

With my mother, my Wonder Woman, giving me the first deep throating experience of my life, my cock found its way back to rock hard status. If I had thought Mom's tongue in my mouth was sublime, her tongue swirling around my cock on the upstrokes was simply magnificent.

My hands were wrapped in Mom's long blondish hair. Not forcing her in any way, just along for the ride so to speak. After some time, I left her hair alone to rest my hands approvingly on her shoulders. My mother removed my dick from her mouth in order to take my testicles into it in exchange. Gawd, this Wonder Woman was wonderful. More superb than any dreams I could have enjoyed. As a matter of fact, I was so enthralled by what she was doing that my head, the big one, had never stopped its frantic nodding. My neck was sore.

I began to panic when Mom's oral action came to what I considered an abrupt halt. Wonder Woman left my cock waving in the air while she climbed to her feet, giving me a deep, passionate kiss on the way past. I was definitely fearful, despite the intensity of the kiss, that Mom was done with me.

Nope, my Wonder Woman wasn't done with me or my cock. My head did stop its nodding though while I awaited her intentions. Mom reached behind her and I heard the sound of the hidden zipper on her shorts being undone. A second or two later she began to shimmy her way out of the costume. Underneath it, to avoid panty lines I guess, Mom was wearing a thong. It quickly joined the costume on the floor.

Before me was a site that will be carved in my memory for time immemorial. Her long hair hanging to her waist, Mom's big tits overflowing the top of her costume, her long, toned legs, her silk stockinged legs, her stilettoes, and her clean shaven cunt.

My eyes locked on my Wonder Woman's pussy. She had a cute slit with small, delicate labia framing it. Mom was wet too, indicating her passion and need of more sexual activities. I couldn't resist. I reached forward and dragged my index finger through her pussy from top to bottom.

Of course, I put my damp finger in my mouth in order to taste this wonderful Wonder Woman. Mom smiled at me as she watched me savour her taste. I wanted more and I wanted it directly from the source.

I tried to find my way to my feet so that I could change positions with my Mom. I wanted her on the couch with her long, olive hued legs fully spread and me between them. I wanted her stockinged legs over my shoulders and the silk of them caressing my cheeks when my head was between her legs. Each time my ass left the cushion, Mom pushed me back down while smirking. What was up with this? Was my cock being so hard stealing my strength? Sheesh.

The truth of the matter was that I wasn't going to argue the point, or any point actually, with Wonder Woman. She wanted me sitting on the couch with my hard on waving in the air, so be it. It waved.

But, conceding to Mom's wishes had some advantages. Her hips began to sway in time to some music only she heard. My Wonder Woman began to caress her body running her hands from her upper thighs across her shaved pussy up her slightly pouched tummy to her magnificent breasts.

I was still only seeing whatever boobs escaped the confines of her costume top. I wanted to see all of them so badly. With her hands cupping them and squeezing them, my cock lurched again signaling its approval and desire for more tit.

Mom had ideas of her own though as to how this scenario was going to play out. She danced her way to me and lowered herself straddling my legs. Her new position had my cock rubbing against the outside of her pussy. Naturally, I tried to manoeuver my body in order to gain entry. Just as I was starting to use my hands, Mom took them in hers and placed them on her still costumed boobs.

Distracted by the feel of her tits in my hands, I focused fully on them not noticing Mom moving in for a kiss until her head blocked my view. Her lips were as enticing as earlier. The depth of the passion in our soul kisses was still overwhelming.

I nipped at her tongue catching it with my teeth. I allowed her to pull it back with my teeth rasping along its length. Adding her tits to the picture as well as her naked pussy rubbing against my cock, it was kind of unbelievable.

It was almost as if a lightning bolt struck me. If her front was naked, so was her back. Gawd, I can be stupid at times. Promising myself to return, my hands drifted around Wonder Woman's waist to her ass.

Even without the tight blue shorts of the costume moulded to her butt, Mom's cheeks were still taut and firm. I still had a fight trying to squeeze them. I did win the battle though. My hands clenched her ass cheeks, pulling Mom closer to me further infuriating my rigid cock that she was rubbing with her pussy. I kept moving my hands all across her ass.

"Mom, I want to eat your pussy," I said as we broke our kisses for some breath. Wonder Woman literally took my breath away.

"Your Wonder Woman wants to fuck you," she murmured into my ear. "Don't you want to fuck her?"

What a choice! Fuck my mother or suck on the cunt that spit me out so many years ago. Believe it or not, I couldn't find the right answer very quickly. I was really deliberating the choice. My mother made the decision even more difficult to arrive at by distracting me with her tits.

Wonder Woman released her tits from the confines of her costume top. Her hands had been resting on my shoulders but now she raised them to my head, tugging me up tightly against her wondrous boobs. Again, I was awestruck as I realized the nipple poking my cheek belonged to my mother, to my Wonder Woman.

My hands remained glued to my mother's ass. The strength in her muscular cheeks simply invited me to keep working her cheeks. I pulled her cheeks aside and managed to stretch my fingers until they were resting in the crevice between them.

I was able to turn my head enough to lick the diamond hard nipple that had been previously been poking into my face. I sucked it deep into my mouth until my lips were on her areolae. My tongue twizzled it around and around.

While busy with my Mom's ass and tits, Wonder Woman removed the Hobson's choice I had been deliberating. Whether to fuck my mother or eat her pussy. She lifted herself higher, giving me more access to her boobs, which I thought was her goal, until she took my rod in hand.

Before I could react, my cock was immersed in the warm fluids filling her cunt. I gasped. I fought to take in breaths. Mom sank onto my cock. All of me was in Wonder Woman. Breathing wasn't getting any easier. Slowly, my mother raised herself up until just the head of my cock was lodged in her pussy.

She knew I was struggling to breathe and I now realized she was in the same condition, also working at breathing deeply. Just as I was getting my thumping chest under control, my mother's cunt swallowed my cock whole one more time. Slamming her warm, tight pussy down so quickly took my breath away again.

As she raised herself back up, Mom tightened the muscles in her pussy almost milking me. This was such an extraordinary experience, I couldn't understand why my father would forego fucking this woman, opting to get drunk instead. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

Hands on her ass, mouth on her tits, cock in her cunt, I fucked my mother. Perhaps, more accurately, Mom fucked me. I mean Wonder Woman fucked me. And, she fucked me good. I mean great! Oh shit, I don't what I mean. It was just fabulous no matter who was fucking whom.

And, it didn't last long enough. It was soon at the point that Mom was slamming down on my cock. I was shoving my cock up as high as I could. Slam down, thrust up. Our breathing picked up and we both began to moan. Moaning growing in intensity.

Mom's ass was getting to be very difficult to hold on to. She was sweating so much that her cheeks were slippery. I could taste the saltiness of her sweat on her voluptuous tits. The fluids from her pussy were dripping down my cock and trickling onto my balls.

We both sped up our movements. We both increased the tempo of our breathing. We both moaned around the tongues sharing each other's mouth. I could feel the cum churning in my balls on its pathway to my dick. I could feel Mom's muscles tightening up, struggling to hold my rod still inside of her.

It was almost as if we were on automatic and some unknown entity was controlling the throttle. Wonder Woman was using all of her Amazonian powers on making me cum. I knew it couldn't last much longer.

Mom's cunt was too tight, too wet, too hot for me. I couldn't hold back. The pressure was becoming too much. I was able to feel the base of my cock starting to swell as the sperm rushed in. Wonder Woman was able to feel it as well.

She dug her fingers into my shoulders like claws. The pain was exhilarating. My fingers still fought to hold onto her beautiful ass cheeks and a tit was jammed into my mouth.

Wonder Woman began to shriek, her yips and yikes filling the room. My moaning and groaning reached a crescendo as I felt her cunt locking down on my cock one more time.

She screamed her way into her orgasm. I yelled out "Wonderrrrrr..." as my cum began to spurt into her orgasming pussy. Our movements continued as much as we could while rope after rope of my cum exploded into her pussy.

Eventually, all spasms passed. Wonder Woman collapsed onto me. I held her in my arms, breathing in and out past her ear. She was gasping for breath as well.

She whispered into my ear.

"Tonight you fucked Wonder Woman. Tomorrow, you can eat Mommy's pussy for breakfast."

I hope y'all enjoyed my Halloween inspired story. Please share your thoughts with us, I try to respond to all comments. And, please vote. Once again, my goal is to be above 4.5. Thanks.

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I had over 100k views of this story and less than 2% voted period. That is pretty much the average for my stories. I would be surprised if you get any better results. I don't see anything wrong withmore...

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Good story. Literally lost a star for blatantly asking for a good rating. =p

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by petskunk10/25/17

Chapter 2


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Thanks for the comment. I always dress my women in stockings.

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by leglover1310/23/17

Linda Cater

Loved it. Just long enough that kept you interested. Linda Carter was always one of my fantasies. Use the nylons more since the son loved her legs nylons and heels. They are also my fetish.

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