tagAnalImage of Perfection Ch. 02

Image of Perfection Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Looking Forward

She flicked her unashamedly bleached hair out of her face, blinking her lashes at Arial. He simply stood there, dashingly, holding the lighter for her. She leaned in and lit her cigarette without touching it with her hands, and stood straight again. Arial simply chuckled at the sight of her cheeks drawing inward, and flicked the device closed, depositing it back in his coat pocket.

"You look like you're having a good night," he said with a snarky grin. She rolled her eyes, and gave a somewhat convincing false look of offense. Arial shook his head and glanced at the club, and then out at the street. "Can I walk you to your car?"

Now giving him a sincerely thoughtful glance, she bit her lower lip. There was a hint of color that alluded to the bright red lipstick she had worn earlier that night, long since worn off on some bit of skin on some lucky gentleman. "I'm probably just getting a cab," she remarked, following Arial's gaze to the rain-slick road.

Arial shook his head and clucked his tongue. "Not acceptable. In your condition? That cabbie's going to distract you with a comforting monologue and take you halfway across town to run up your fare." He spoke with a distinctly malicious tenor, complimented by a sly wink at the end. "I'm not letting that happen to a young beauty like you. My car's just over this way."

Honey dripped off the thorns of his words, but somehow she seemed more at ease for hearing them. They both stared at each other as they puffed on their cigarettes. Arial's was now finished, and he turned away to coolly flick it out into the light drizzle of rain, resulting in a hiss as the hot ember collided with a droplet of rain mid-arc. Though she hadn't actually answered, Arial began to lead toward his car, fishing about in his pocket for the keys. She followed.

As he reached a particularly sleek silver sports car he withdrew a set of keys and pressed two buttons. The doors clicked to the unlocked position, and the engine turned over. "What's your name?" asked Arial, turning to her. He put out a hand to be shaken.

"Oh, uh. Bella." Her answer sounded more like a question, but she reached out to take his hand softly.

Clasping her hand and bringing it to his mouth for a tender kiss, Bella blinked and jumped a little, reflexively pulling her hand away but not able to break Arial's grip. "I'm Arial," he stated, resonating clearly as he pronounced each vowel sound independently, and released her. He opened the passenger side door and stepped back to allow her to get in.

Bella flushed and looked down, and stepped toward the car. She pivoted on her toe and bent to settle herself into the car seat, sweeping her short skirt under her ass as she did so. With the shortness of her skirt and the lowness of the car she could not help but flash her black undergarments at Arial. He made no sign that he saw, and she likely believed that she had successfully kept herself covered.

Arial closed the door once she was securely within and walked around the back of the car to gain entrance himself. He slid into his seat with an unnatural grace and put the key into the ignition of the already running vehicle, and took it out of park. They began their drive, Arial having not yet even asked where Bella lived.

"That's a cool name. I've never met an Arial before. Not a guy at least."

He nodded. "I'm glad you like it. It's Hebrew. It means the lion of God." He angled his head at her and beamed a broad smile, showing off perfectly aligned teeth with slender, pronounced canines. He added, "I don't think I've met a Bella before, either. Short for Isabella?"

Bella shook her head. "It's just Bella. Short and sweet." And she was, at least beside Arial. She was perhaps five-foot-five, and had a face that would fittingly be described as cherubic. Her eyes were large and vibrant, and had this adorable upward angle to their outer edge as if she was always smiling, reminiscent of an Egyptian painting. They were a soft, crystal blue. She flashed a genuine smile at Arial, broad and pristine, and said, "You should keep your eyes on the road."

He chuckled and obliged her suggestion. They were fine, he knew, but it was only polite to play along. "Where am I going?" he asked.

Glancing about, Bella sighed. "I don't know," came her answer breathily. She leaned back into the sumptuous seat and half-closed her eyes, gazing out sleepily at the passing lights. It didn't take her long to continue her thoughts. "I mean, I need to go home. But he, I mean, my boyfriend... Well, I guess sort of my ex-boyfriend. He's going to be heading there soon. To look for me."

Arial nodded as if this was new information to him. "I can just drive you around, if you like. I wasn't going to do anything special. Just go home and listen to some music."

She nodded casually in agreement with his offer. Her eyes closed the rest of the way, and she lazily flopped her head to the other side, facing Arial with closed eyes. "What kind of music do you like?"

"Oh, it's probably nothing you've ever heard of. Weird electronic stuff."

Bella's eyes opened a little. "I like electronica. Do you have any Cataclysm Standard?" Her attention fell on Arial more intently as his interestingness advanced.

He looked toward her with a speculative glance. "Yeah, a little," he said, smirking. "I've got more Caesar DelBourne." He enunciated the name as if it was significant, testing her.

Her face scrunched into a squint, but when she relaxed her muscles her eyes were wider. "I've never heard of them. Any good?"

Arial nodded. "Him. Just one guy, and very good." He left it at that, waiting.

Bella continued to peer at him as her thoughts swam. She fidgeted just a little and folded her hands together. Biting her lip a little, she finally said, "We could go to your place and you could show me your collection." Arial was smiling before she finished her offer.

"Sure," he said. "Yeah, I can do that. And I'll give you a ride when we're done."

They both smiled now, and Arial turned down the street that his flat was on, several miles away. His timing had seemed to be impeccable.


The door swung open and Arial gestured for Bella to step inside. The lights were on and the sweet bouquet of mixed floral aromas drifted on the air. The pair moved in beyond the door. Arial slowly peeled off his expensive-looking coat as Bella's eyes drifted about the open space of his entryway. After both removed their shoes and he had given her an acceptable time to form an opinion about the way he lived, he jested, "I'd offer to take your coat, but..."

Bella swept her eyes back to look at him, and smiled. "Yeah, I think I left it at the bar. I'm sure Terry will take it home for me."

"Terry's your boyfriend, ex-boyfriend?" Arial draped his coat over a chair, followed by his scarf. Beneath these fineries he wore a button-down charcoal grey shirt and some pleated black slacks.

She nodded as he detached his wrist watch and dropped it in a small glass bowl by the door along with his keys. Rubbing his wrist he stepped toward an open doorway and glanced back over his shoulder. His piercing grey eyes looked up and down Bella's body, and he invited her to follow. "Music room's through here," he commented nonchalantly as he left the foyer.

Bella followed his footsteps down a narrow hall. A long tapestry hung on one wall, covered in an intricate symmetrical design of bright colors. It looked silken, but she resisted the urge to touch it. Instead she simply stepped out of the end of the hall and into a room with a low ceiling and sparsely adorned walls. Hard wood beneath her feet had a few carpets on it, where seating had been placed. In one corner there stood a cabinet containing a stereo system, and speakers stood beside it, with smaller ones spread amidst the other furniture.

Arial stood at the disc changer, placing CDs in a revolving assortment. He looked oblivious to her presence, and she wandered toward a tower that held numerous jewel cases to peruse his selection. She was pleased to see that they had remarkably similar tastes. Many of the artists she wasn't familiar with, or had only heard of in passing.

A soft, dissonant melody began to trickle from the speakers. The tinny sound was like bells being rung, with a synthesized piano chord being played behind it. Bella turned and looked at Arial; he still had his back to her, adjusting knobs on the front of his receiver. She walked slowly away from his collection, toward a vinyl sofa near the center of the room. She stood by it, gazing at the seat thoughtfully.

"What did you fight about?" Arial's voice was not expected.

Bella's skirt swished as she turned toward the question. She frowned, and she tiredly sat down. Shaking her head as if it was answer enough, she sighed. "It's always something stupid." Her hands rested on her knees, and she found herself inspecting the floor cautiously.

Arial turned very slowly until he regarded her with his full attention. "Always? You fight a lot?" He stepped toward her slowly like a hesitant swimmer testing the water. His slight form barely made a sound as he shifted his weight.

She shook her head, but her words were agreeable. "I don't know. Not a lot... well, maybe. Couple times a week." She adjusted her position uncomfortably.

Practically gliding down to the seat beside her, Arial turned to regard her with one arm resting on the back of the sofa. He gazed soulfully at her, waiting for her attention to drift to him. After long, painful moments, her eyes flitted to the side and her head followed, and she met Arial's stare. Softly, he spoke. "You don't sound happy."

Laughing bitterly, Bella replied, "Of course not. We just had a fight. I told him I didn't want to see him again..." In the background the computer-generated music continued, now augmented by a typical thumping drumbeat, but softer than usual.

One of Arial's soft hands came up to push several strands of Bella's unnaturally blonde hair from in front of her face. She cooed reflexively, and her eyes closed a little. "I didn't mean just today." He spoke as he gently placed his arm on the back of the couch again, his index finger now resting against Bella's shoulder.

By the time her eyes opened she already looked distressed. It was clear this wasn't what she was hoping to talk about, but for some reason she carried on. She answered the question that Arial was hinting at without further prompting. "I guess I'm not. I just don't feel like he pays attention any more."

"It doesn't sound like he appreciates you very much." The sentence was flat and cliché, but Arial felt that it would be sufficient to further her self-discoveries.

A new tear formed in Bella's eye, and gently rolled down her cheek, falling on her stylishly-torn black shirt. "I just don't know what..." She couldn't even complete her sentence before she was cut off by her own body reflexively gasping for air, her eyes welling up and hot lances pouring down her face. Her head fell forward into her hands, and her knees came up. She'd regressed into a breakdown, and Arial leaned in.

One arm draped over her shoulders, the other wove between her arms and rested on the outside of her abdomen, just far enough from the breast so as to not seem forward. His hips twisted to a normal sitting position, and his torso turned at a forty-five degree angle so that her weight was forced to rest just slightly on his chest. It was such a precise and practiced maneuver that he could teach a class on it. "He doesn't deserve you." His words were like a neat little bow that tied up the entire package of what he had been working toward since seeing her outside of the bar.

Bella's breathing slowed, but her heart continued to flutter. She let her hands fall away from her face, and sighed. Arial rubbed his top hand back and forth up and down the bare skin of her upper arm. He rocked just a little, as one would to ease a child to sleep. Bella sniffled and calmly closed her eyes. Her body relaxed and she leaned into the strong arms holding her just a little more.

Arial's first hand moved higher until he came to Bella's hair, and he gently massaged her scalp with her fingertips. He now moved his other hand up and down her side, being careful to remain at a distance from any area she may be uncomfortable with him touching. She wriggled in place against his ministrations, bringing one hand up to rest on Arial's chest. Softly, she pushed away, and sat up a little more.

Lifting her weight off of Arial, she gazed into his eyes, and he returned the look with stoic silence. Her breathing was shallow now, and Arial could feel her pulse where their skin connected. He stopped moving both of his hands, and just waited.

Her eyelids closed softly, and she leaned into him again, her lush lips touching his as a gentle moan escaped her. Arial supported the back of her head as he returned the kiss. He drew closer and slid his arms around her now. Her open hand caressed his chest as he stroked her bare hip, and slid his fingers around to touch the curve of her back and crushed her body against his own forcefully.

Trepidation cast away, Bella swung her leg over Arial's legs and climbed on top of him, her hands bracing her weight on his shoulders, then sliding up to encircle his neck and then run through his light brown hair. Meanwhile his fingers glided up her back, tracing the shape of her bra beneath the thin fabric of her shirt. One hand remained there, while the other drifted around to her breast at the front, cupping it gently before groping energetically at the pliable flesh that lay beyond two thin layers of cotton.

He pushed the back of her shirt out of the way and unclasped the restricting garment, and Bella broke off the kiss to grasp at the base of her top and peel it over her head. As she did so Arial slid his hand under the now loose bra and pinched her nipple between the knuckles of his index and middle finger while his other hand pulled the article away and tossed it to the ground. As her arms came back down she grabbed the back of Arial's head and thrust his mouth over the breast that he was neglecting, which he suckled at gladly.

The long forgotten music ended its soft tempo, and no new melody replaced it. Arial had set the player for just one song, knowing that he would have Bella just where he wanted her before it was finished. Now the only harmony was that of soft moans, and lips exploring tender skin.

Bella's head fell back with a groan of pleasure. She ground her hips against her would-be lovers groin in anticipation of what was inevitable, and he tensed his legs to provide enough resistance for her to sense it. Arial continued to massage one tit while lapping and nipping at the other, and used his now free hand to tug at the top of the thigh-high fishnets she wore. His attention to her garments made her realize his, and she promptly set herself to forcing the small swirled buttons of his shirt back through their eyeholes, exposing his too-smooth chest.

His hands were freed as Bella yanked the extricated front of his shirt apart and dragged it backward down his arms. For a moment, Ariel sat there in hushed nostalgia. His arms held at his sides, unable to liberate themselves, his body pinned down to the sofa, incapable of motion. A tremor of pleasure shot through him at the utterly exposed situation he was in. He felt his loins throb, and cravings of his mind and body that he had not fulfilled in a long time ached for satisfaction.

Struggling against his own visceral desires, Arial hefted his body forward with tremendous effort. He twisted his body, forcing the shirt that had served to momentarily immobilize him down to his wrists, where he could wrench his hands free. With a primal growl, tinged with resentment and genuine anger, he flung it across the room. Shifting his attention to Bella - who had been oblivious to what had happened in Arial's thoughts - he grabbed her arms and rolled to the side, placing her back on the cushions of the sofa, he now pinning her down with his weight.

She looked slightly shocked, but not the least bit upset. More insistent now, Arial tucked his fingers into the elastic band at the top of both skirt and thong beneath and tugged them down. Bella curled her lower body up to allow this, and as he passed her lingering stockings he made certain to rid her of those as well. And there she lay, bare and susceptible beneath Arial's hungry gaze. He supported his weight on his arms and gradually lowered himself to her.

A gasp escaped her lips before he even touched her skin. She arched her back, offering her naked flesh to him for inspection and enjoyment. As their bodies connected, he entwined her in a tender embrace. One of her legs lifted to snake around his back; his arm to the outer edge of the sofa curled beneath her and pulled her weight up slightly; their lips and tongues found each other and danced. Bella ground her bare and now dripping vagina against Arial, his slacks impeding her from getting what she truly desired.

With casual poise and elegance he pushed back up from the sofa, still clinging to Bella as she clung to him. He made a short quarter-turn and set her back to rest, now sitting upright on the plush surface with Arial kneeling before her. He released her and set his hands to work at removing his pants, which was accomplished easily. They slid down his legs to his knees, where they were stopped by the floor.

Bella hardly suppressed a giggle as she saw that Arial wore no undergarments, and for the first time they were each able to inspect each other on equal ground. Bella smiled approvingly at the hairless scrotum that he sported, his penis throbbing as it slowly grew to a full erection. She on the other hand trimmed her hair into a short, sharp wedge that pointed to her cunt like a guiding arrow. Arial would have preferred that his partner were groomed in the same way as he, but was not entirely disappointed. All of his conquests couldn't be perfect, after all. At least she was consistent; the fine muff matched her bleached hair perfectly.

Taking his pulsing, hardening member in hand, Arial leaned into Bella and forced her head back with an aggressive kiss. Her groans sounded half like she was attempting to say something, perhaps resist, but he did not relent. The head of his cock touched her, and she melted into consent. Forging ahead he went, Bella's sex hot but at the same time cool, her moist flesh exposed to the open air. She was already convulsing as he slid his tip inside, first an inch and then two.

Rooted within her, he let his hand go. Both palms found her breasts again and flexed around them. He found both of her nipples and placed them each between thumb and forefinger. Urging in another inch-and-a-half with swift pressure, he pinched her sensitive points. Her face contorted, she groaned against Arial's tongue as it probed her mouth, but she was unable to protest against the pain while he also made her feel such pleasure.

Perhaps a little over half his total length pressing into her, Bella was unable to keep herself under control any longer. She linked her legs at the ankles behind her lover's back, entrapping him, and braced her body by clutching at the cushions behind her. She bucked her hips forward, wanting to be utterly filled with his pulsating muscle.

This was more than Arial was willing to allow. If she wanted him so badly, she had to pay. As another quarter of his shaft disappeared into her pussy, becoming more swollen with desire by the moment, he drew his tongue away from hers, and bit down on her lip. For a moment he felt he had been too rough, tasting a faint hint of blood in her saliva when he continued the kiss, as if nothing had happened.

She twisted away from his mouth and forced her words to be released. "Oh fuck... fuck... fuck me..." The small wound at Bella's lip - the proof of their encounter - did not seem to concern her nearly as much as the need for fulfillment.

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